Don’t you sometimes find yourself wishing your phone had at least a little bit more juice? Most of us are familiar with phones and digital cameras going completely dead right before you need them the most. Modern gadgets are useful beyond the imaginations of even the best sci-fi authors of the past. However, there’s one area where nearly all gadgets tend to fail, and that’s battery power. Luckily, we have portable power banks to fix that problem.

A portable power bank is like a little battery that you can carry wherever you go. The power bank can be charged at home, just like the smartphone battery. When you are on the go, plug in your smartphone or music player to the power bank to recharge your device. Essentially, you can get more battery power when traveling with one of these gadgets. Power banks, like battery chargers, come in a variety of sizes. Unlike wall outlets, these devices don’t carry unlimited amounts of electric charge.

You can buy a relatively small power bank that can carry about half the power of a standard smartphone battery. Some big power banks can carry a charge big enough to power up a laptop. The size of the power bank corresponds to the size of the charge it can carry. Let’s look at some of the best power banks that will make your life convenient without breaking the bank: