Best Portable Air Compressors

Air compressors have been an essential utility in modern day life. If you’re traveling by a vehicle and if one of your tires need to be refilled with air to adjust the proper pressure, finding a refilling station could be difficult. If you have an air compressor that is mobile, that would solve your problem once and for all. Air compressors used to be bulky and heavy machinery but thanks to new technology, now you can carry a portable compressor in your luggage compartment. Even though the compressor is mobile, it can easily convert power into the high pressurized air with few button adjustments. Also, a portable air compressor can be useful in a number of days to day occasions. It could be either inflating a tire in your car or domestic cleaning purposes. Whatever your requirement is, the following are the market’s best Portable Air compressors/Inflators in 2017.

1. VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor


This is a precisely designed small portable air compressor which is powered by 12V supply. It has a built-in LED light to increase the effectiveness of your work at night. This unit is equipped with 10 feet long power cord. What makes this simple yet effective compressor so attractive is that it has the ability to inflate heavy duty tires, up to 31”, by plugging this unit to your smoke lighter port in your vehicle. It draws a maximum current of 14.5 amperes and you have to start the engine before powering this air compressor up. This has an accurate gauge on top of the compressor to observe and monitor the tire pressure during inflation. The maximum working pressure of this portable air compressor is 60 PSI and has a perfect and unique performance rating. This has a discharge pressure of 1.26CFM when the pressure is zero, i.e. at free flow.

2. Porter-Cable UMC Pancake Compressor


Porter-Cable C2002-WK gets its name because of the interesting and effective design of the tank that has a pancake style, this shape gives the unit more and optimal stability. The tank contains 6 gallons of capacity and the device comes with a complete 13 piece kit. Maximum pressure in the tank is 150 psi and discharge pressure is 2.6 SCFM. This allows quick recovery time for the compressor and this complies with ISO1217 as well. The compressor can be started in any weather due to the 120V and low amperage. The pump of the air compressor is oil free and very durable. The plug and the air coupler are installed on the air hose from the factory to ensure the system has no leaks. Unlike the other portable air compressors, this guarantees a longer performance in air tools.

3. EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor


This is another engineering masterpiece that is very convenient in using. You can connect this portable air compressor to the cigarette lighter port on your vehicle and start using. It is powered by 12V and 10 AMP current. The compressor gauge shows the pressure in four different units, PSI, KPa, bar and Kg/cm. This compressor can help you household cleaning purposes as well as inflating tires on SUVs, Bikes etc., and also has an adaptor to inflate playing balls. The Portable air compressor has a bright torch that will enable you to work efficiently at night. This device is useful due to the safety precaution that auto shuts off when the pressure inside the tire is reached to the desired level. The power outlets of the device are 9 feet long and the air hose is 20 inches long. This has a maximum pressure rating of 100 psi and the compact design makes it very convenient to carry.

4. P.I. AUTO Store Premium Digital Auto Air Compressor


An electric portable air compressor to make your life easier. This device is a 12V DC Auto compressor and it has a maximum rated pressure of 150 psi. Improved design of the compressor, together with the carrying case makes it easier to carry anywhere you want. This is equipped with a bright and clear LCD display gauge and 8 LEDs that signals different settings, flashing red, off mode, and emergency SOS. Compressor measures the pressure in the tires by a microprocessor and it shuts off the air delivery automatically when the desired pressure is reached. This has the ability to inflate a normal car tire to a pressure of 30 psi under 4 minutes and capable of supplying a maximum pressure of 150psi. An extra adapter is included with the air compressor for inflating sports equipment as well. This compressor can be directly plugged into your car’s smoke lighter port. With every purchase, you receive eight spare dust caps, an exclusive Tire Care Digital guide and a Presta valve for free.

5. Kensun AC/DC Rapid Performance Air Compressor


This device supports both your home voltage, which is 120V AC and 12V DC from your car, making is easier to use at anywhere. The flow rate of the air compressor is 30 liters per minute. This is equipped with digital presets and a wide variety of nozzles to suit and inflate any type of tire in the market. It has an LCD display that displays the pressure levels and is capable of unit conversion. This can deliver a maximum pressure of 90psi and has the ability to continuously supply a pressurized air of 35psi for 30 minutes. This comes with a bright white LED working light and 3 different attachments of nozzles that enable you to inflate not only tires but also other sporting equipment as well. The power code is over 5 feet for AC and over 10 Feet for DC. The hose is 60cm long.

6. JACO Superior Products Premium Air Compressor


This is a fast and convenient portable air compressor that is ideal for inflating any size or type of tires in your day to day life. It has a continuous flow rate of 35 liters per minute and it can inflate tires up to 45-100 psi. The design is compact and the body is made out of metal to increase the durability. A rubber foot is attached to reduce the vibration and has a built-in gauge that is visible in the dark as well. Air hose of the portable air compressor is 25 inches long and is reinforced and the nozzle is designed to be secure with a twist connect. The power cord is 10 feet long and you can plug the compressor into a 12V power supply. This compressor can inflate not only tires but also various other household and sporting equipment. Also, this is equipped with a safety LED light as well.

7. LifeLine AAA 300 PSI DC Air Compressor

LifeLine AAA compressor is a heavy duty emergency car inflator and is powered by a 12V power supply. This air compressor can supply compressed air pressurized up to 300psi. This device takes only 8 minutes to inflate a standard car tire from 0psi pressure to 35psi pressure. The compressor is equipped with 3 different nozzle attachments to ensure that it can be used with any type of tire and the power connectors make the connection very secure and easy. This portable air compressor comes with a pressure gauge and the length of the heavy duty power cord being 10 feet. The air hose is designed in a way such that it can be connected to the compressor in seconds.

8. Black & Decker ASI300 High-Performance Inflator


This air compressor is built to be ideal for tire inflating process and comes with a two years of warranty from Black and Decker. The Air compressor can be used to inflate not only the tires in your vehicles but also the lawnmower and sports ball as well. The design is carried out to be very compact, so this device saves up your space. Black & Decker ASI300 is equipped with EZ Air dial that offers the safety for your operations by automatically shutting off the compressor feeding lines when the desired pressure inside the tire has reached. This is light weight, weighing only 6.1 pounds and once you buy the product, you get three nozzles including the needle nozzle and extension nozzle.

9. Suaoki DC 12V Portable Mini Air Compressor


This is a compact and portable air compressor the weighs only 0.33kg, ensuring the capability of carrying it with convenience. It comes with 9.84 feet long power cord and can be directly plugged into the smoke lighter port in the car. The device is easy to use with a single click of a button and the air hose connector is 4 inches long to ensure the ease of handling. This is equipped with 3 nozzle attachments, a needle, valve adapter and a bicycle valve type adapter. The display of the compressor offers you three different units of pressure including psi and kPa.

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