So you’re getting ready for that hiking trip. You gather your backpack, hiking boots, dri-fit jacket, and some food items (of course). Remembering it’s an overnight trip, you grab your sleeping bag and some extra clothing items and then suddenly you realize you don’t have one of the most significant items for such an outdoor event. A tent.

With tents in general, you can receive the appropriate amount of shelter you’ll need for your outdoor event. Pop up tents, however, are much easier to set up (requiring very little assembly) and provide you with a shielded space to sit under or sleep in. Pop up tents can be quite useful for camping and hiking trips, or any outdoor event for that matter!

Now, you’ll want to make sure you get the one that fits your needs. There are various types of pop up tents, coming in different sizes, styles, and with different features. Because of that, choosing the right pop up tent can be a tedious task. Nevertheless, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best pop up tents out there that you can choose from.

Coleman 6-Person Instant Cabin

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Why we like it: This sturdy tent can be setup in just under a minute and features a “Weather Tec System” to keep out water.

Coleman makes a comeback on our list with this feature-loaded pop up tent. Coleman shows why it’s here to stay in the tent industry with the Coleman 6-person Instant Cabin that we must say, is quite impressive. The tent (or cabin as they call it) comes with pre-attached poles for a quicker, simpler setup. All you have to do is just extend and secure the poles, resulting in an instant setup of just about 60 seconds. Not to mention this large tent is 10 x 9 ft. 6 ft. in center height and has size dimensions of 72.01 x 107.99 x 120 inches. This attributes to the tent’s large capacity to fit up to 6 people! Yes, you heard that correctly.

Not only that, this tent gives you enough room to stretch out on two queen-sized air beds, and nicely comes with two storage pockets to help keep your small items organized. This reliable tent also includes the following items: Ground stakes, a storage bag, and even product description information. In the event that it rains, this tent has you covered (get it?). The tent contains a WeatherTec system as well as patented welded floors and inverted seams that will help you stay dry. The tent also features an integrated, vented rainfly for extra airflow without any extra assembly.

Coleman Pop-Up Tent

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Why we like it: A generously sized, pre-assembled pop up tent that comfortably fits 4 people and will keep you dry while you lay inside.

We kick off our list with this pop up tent by Coleman. Coleman proves it knows how to meet your camping needs (or outdoor needs in general) with this nice-sized tent. The Coleman Pop-Up Tent can comfortably fit up to four people with its dimensions of 9 ft. 2 in. x 6 ft. 6 in. and 3 ft. 4 inches in center height. That’s right! You and your crew will only need to setup this one tent, which provides a convenient sleeping space. Speaking of setup, this popup tent features pre-assembled poles for an easy 10-second setup. You won’t have to worry about the hassle of manual assembly with this easy-to-use pop up tent!

This pop up tent comes with some great features. It comes with taped floor-seams to help keep you dry while inside and prevent moisture from seeping through. This pop up tent features a multi-position rainfly to provide the perfect balance of protection and ventilation. This convenient pop up tent also comes with two storage pockets to organize your gear and other items and packs up flat for easy storage and portability.For its generous size and easy setup, we find this product worth recommending!

CORE Equipment Instant Dome Tent

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Why we like it:

Spend less time setting up your campsite, and more time exploring the outdoors with the CORE Equipment Instant Dome Tent. This easy to set up pop-up tent is a must-have if you are someone who loves exploring the wilderness but hates taking the time to set up camp. With the CORE Equipment Instant Dome Tent, outdoor enthusiasts can look forward to setting up an incredibly durable and comfortable tent that sleeps up to four people and easily accommodates a queen sized mattress. The popularity of the CORE Equipment Instant Dome Ten all starts with an impressive 30 second set up time. There is a unique Integrity frame system with the CORE Equipment Instant Dome Tent that lets you set up your tent with ease and break it back down in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is unfold the tent, adjust the legs, and then extend the poles out until you hear them click. Even the most novice of outdoor enthusiasts can set up the tent without a hassle. You do not have to worry about nuances like pitching your tent to the ground or dealing with stubborn legs and rods when setting it up. 

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When you are out in the wilderness, you can look forward to a dependable and durable tent that will keep you protected from the elements. The CORE Equipment Instant Dome Tent uses a special H2O Block Technology that allows it to be virtually waterproof. The durable polyester fabric will repel water so that you never have to worry about any leaks. And with the seams, you can look forward to all of them being sealed so that water does not leak in that way either. For additional support, there is a fully taped rainfly that allows you to stay protected even further.

While being waterproof is great and all, you do not want to be cooped up in a tent that is stuffy and not well ventilated. With the CORE Equipment Instant Dome Tent, that is not a problem at all. This tent was specially designed to keep you comfortable all season long thanks to the advanced venting system that is in place. This venting system allows cooler from the outside and from the ground to make its way in your tent all while hot air is able to escape from the mesh ceiling. This unique ventilation system allows you to stay in your tent for extended periods of time without feeling stuffed or cooped up. 

Lastly, although going outdoors means disconnected from the digital world, you don’t necessarily have to with the CORE Equipment Instant Dome Tent thanks to the easy to use electrical access port. This access port allows you to connect devices and other electrical appliances so that you are not left to fend for yourself. If you do not plan on using it you are able to close it up so that it stays out of your way. The CORE Equipment Instant Dome Tent features a green and gray color that is super modern and sporty. If you are someone who is looking to get outdoors with practicality in mind, then the CORE Equipment Instant Dome Tent is certainly a great pop up tent that you should consider. 

Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent

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Why we like it: A durable pop up tent that pledges it can be setup in just 2 seconds and taken down in 5! It also nicely blocks out harmful UV rays.

The Genji Sports brand treats pop up tent assembly like it’s a sport with their tent’s record setup time! The Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent proclaims to set up in just 2 seconds. No joke. Apparently, just 2 seconds is all it takes for this tent to be up and ready to use. Additionally, the tent is also apparently able to be taken down in just 5 seconds! We think the Genji Sports tent has other tents beat when it comes to fast product assembly and disassembly. The weight of this tent is only 4.5 lb. and it nicely comes with a carrying bag, making this tent very portable.

This tent (along with its floor material) meets CPAI-84 fire retardant standards, meaning you won’t have to worry about your tent going up in flames. This sturdy tent is made of durable, UV 50+ protective-coated 190T nylon material, which effectively works to block harmful UV rays. The tent also features a durable yet lightweight fiberglass frame, an instant push up design, and a waterproof PE floor which makes this beach star tent suitable for all outdoor activities. The only downside is that the product isn’t very wind-resistant, not holding up well in very windy weather. If you’re looking for a product to use as a great sun shelter or for an outdoor trip with clear weather, this could be the tent for you.

GreEco Kids Pop Up Tent

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Why we like it: This trendy, kid-focused pop up tent comes in various styles to appeal to many children and is made out of safe materials.

We come to another product on our list that is kid-oriented. Unlike the SueSport brand, GreEco delivers a tent that is intended for all children (yes, the tykes are included this time!). The GreEco Kids Pop Up Tent is a play tent packed with great (and safe) features for children. The tent is CPSIA compliant and lead, phthalates, and ASTM soluble heavy-metals free. This responsibly-made tent meets all federal safety requirements outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as well as the strict requirements of California Proposition 65. We’ll take it that this product is indeed safe for kids to play in!

Now let’s talk about its features. The tent features patented twist-and-fold technology which allows for instant set-up and easy storage. Simply remove the tent from its carrying case, and the tent will activate the spring frame that allows the tent to pop open when unfolded. Children can get in on the fun and help assemble the door and roof with the velcro patch attached. This tent is super lightweight and portable with its included carrying bag. This tent comes in many different styles such as: Pink (what we selected for the review), 3pcs mixed color, gray bear, and yellow tiger.

LingAo Automatic Pop-up Cabana Beach Tent

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Why we like it: This versatile pop up tent can be used for various outdoor activities, requires no assembly, and provides adequate sun protection.

Lastly, we come to LingAo with their unique product. The LingAo Pop Up Cabana Beach Tent features an innovative pop-up design that requires no assembly. The tent’s patented structure allows it to pop up and down in a matter of seconds. The tent can also nicely fit up to 3 people. This trendy looking tent can be used for many different reasons. Use the tent as sun protection for all-day shade at the park, beach, or a sporting event. You can also simply use this tent just to relax in the backyard (we recommend bringing a good book). The pop up tent also comes with its own carrying case making it very portable and great for travel.

This pop up tent may have a relaxed look, but it has a strong structure. The tent features double type-b, dense interwoven mesh for enhanced ventilation. The tent is also made with durable polyester, special silver-coated fabric. Speaking of which, the tent contains SPF 50+ in its material, is water repellent, and protects you from over 99.5% of UVA and UVB rays. We’ll go out on a limb here and say the manufacturer loves the color blue, as this product is available in three colors: Blue, sky blue, and dark blue. For its unique look and great features, we recommend the product!

Outsunny Compact Portable Pop-Up Tent

Why we like it: A pop up tent you’ll be sure to get a decent night’s rest in. This pop up tent features an air mattress and is elevated to keep moisture and bugs out.

Outsunny steps onto our list with a tent that’s dedicated to making your overnight trip comfortable. The Outsunny Portable Pop Up Tent is extremely versatile being a pop up tent, sleeping cot, air mattress, and sleeping bag all in one! This nifty pop up tent even comes with sheets and a pillow! How’s that for convenience? Speaking of which, this pop up tent is easy to setup and also comes with a heavy duty bag that allows you to store everything away neatly in just a matter of minutes. The overall weight of the tent is 320 pounds, but after storing it in the large carrying bag, the weight becomes just 25 pounds.

The pop up tent can be detached to form a separate tent and cot. This efficient tent also features a large, zippered door for entry and exit. The tent is made out of durable materials and is also water resistant. You will be warm and cozy in this tent by sleeping on its elevated platform that keeps you off the ground and away from moisture, rodents, and insects.This heavy duty tent comes with some great features and we recommend checking it out!

SueSport Girls Pink Princess Play Tent

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Why we like it: A cute, princess-themed pop up tent, that’s super portable and light in weight, and makes the perfect play area for children.

We now come to a tent made by SueSport that, this time, is all about the children. More specifically, this tent is targeted at little girls (sorry little tykes!). The SueSport Girls Princess Play Tent makes it known that having the perfect play time area is essential for girls with its trendy features. The pop up tent features an easy, “pop open” design that allows for fast set up. Speaking of design, this tent comes in a cute, light pink color and has stars and hearts imprinted on its exterior (aww, how lovely!). Best of all, this tent is super lightweight making it easy to carry and is ultra portable as it even comes with its own carrying bag.
This princess pop up tent can be easily folded flat to place in storage when it is not in use and is conveniently easy to clean (a damp cloth will do). The tent’s dimensions are 47″ X 43″ x 35,” making it large enough to fit about 2 to 3 small children (the manufacturer suggests using this tent for children ages 3 and up). Even though the tent is easy to setup, it does require some light assembly (which, of course, children couldn’t do), so an adult will be needed. This product is a great play area for little girls and we’re happy to recommend it!

The Northblu Portable and Comfortable Pop Up Tent

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Why we like it: This pop up tent comes with excellent ventilation, nicely fits you and a partner, and can even fit two sleeping pads!

The Northblu brand is next on our list with their pop up tent. Northblu understands that getting a quality tent at a great value is of utmost importance. The Northblu Portable and Comfortable Pop Up Tent features durable 190T polyester fabric! This pop up tent is also quite easy to setup with no ground tarps needed and even folds up in just seconds! The pop up tent comes in the size dimensions of 87″ x 60″ x 43″. Its dimensions are also collapsible, with the tent being able to fold into a 30″ diameter carrying bag, making this tent super portable. The tent is great for using on backpacking or camping trips, and for other outdoor activities.

Although the tent is only big enough to fit two people, it’ll fit them quite comfortably. The pop up tent provides enough room for you and your partner’s sleeping pads as well, allowing for both of you to get a decent night’s rest. The pop up tent also provides excellent ventilation, with the tent having 3 ventilation holes and 1 inner side bag. The sturdy tent nicely comes with durable fiberglass poles and hook stakes and even includes the carrying bag! The tent also contains an entrance hole with mosquito net to keep the bugs from entering. Just note, though the tent can withstand light rain, it won’t hold up so well in heavy or consistent rain conditions. Nevertheless, for its great value and features, we recommend looking into this product!

Winterial Portable Instant Pop Up Tent

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Why we like it: This durable pop up tent can be set up in a matter of seconds, has room for two sleeping pads, and is perfect to use for many outdoor occasions.

Next on our list is the Winterial brand’s pop up tent. The Winterial Portable Instant Pop Up Tent proves it’s a tent for many occasions with its great features. The pop up tent is great to use for camping, festivals, and overnight trips. The tent contains the size dimensions of 90″ x 50″ x 42″. Its dimensions are also collapsible, making it easy to fold into the carrying bag of 25″ in diameter. This makes the pop up tent ultra portable and perfect for taking to your outdoor destination. The pop up tent is easy to setup, unfolding as it comes out of the bag and folds in just 4 easy steps. No ground tarp is needed for this pop up tent!

There’s more to like about this pop up tent! The tent is made of durable 190T polyester fabric. Though the tent can only fit two people, but it does have enough room for two sleeping pads. The pop up tent also makes for a great beach or backyard tent. The pop up tent provides you with a great amount of access, featuring 2 windows and 1 large door. Also note that this pop up tent isn’t waterproof, so it’s best to use this product on a clear day. Nevertheless, for its versatility and good features, we find this product worth checking out.

Zomake Automatic Instant Setup Pop Up Tent

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Why we like it: AThis pop up tent can fit around 3-4 people, comes with 2 doors and windows for ventilation, and blocks UV rays.

Next up on our list is the Zomake brand with their tent. Zomake makes it known that for a tent you need two things: versatility and efficiency. The Zomake Instant Setup Pop Up Tent is spacious enough to fit around 3-4 people. The versatile pop up tent can be used for many events such as general camping in clear weather or a sun shelter while outdoors. It also makes a great gift for kids as a playhouse. The pop up tent contains a size of 95 x 71 x 39 inches, making it suitable to fit even a queen size mattress! Not to mention, this efficient pop up tent sets up in seconds! You literally throw the tent and it pops up automatically, making it super easy to set up.

The pop up tent comes with adequate ventilation with its 2 doors and 2 windows, and features a a top/skylight area. With the amount of ventilation you get, you will have views all around! This sturdy pop up tent also features durable, round fiberglass poles which allow for easy setup and fold up and Hogan hook stakes for staking the tent to the ground for ultimate stabilization. The lightweight pop up tent is weather and UV-resistant (although there is a warning that the tent may not hold up so well against heavy rain). This tent has also been noted to be a little difficult to repack, but besides that minor flaw, this tent is a great product!