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Owning a swimming pool can be great for not only swimming but as a source of recreation as well. The only real drawbacks with owning a pool are that it could take a large amount of space and are quite costly to construct and maintain. There are several accessories available which you can use to help improve the comfort of your pool. One such item is getting a pool float, which you can use to recline on the pool without even having to wet yourself. It can be used as a mat, which you can use to lie on while you enjoy a good sun tan, or it can even be used for lounging. Pool floats come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the quality could also differ based on the float that you are getting. Here are some of the best pool floats available.

1. SwimWays Kelsyus Floating Lounger


This is one of the best pool floats that we could find, as it offers a very good quality and has the good customer feedback on the product. The float costs close to $40, which is quite affordable considering the usual prices of high-quality pool floats. The float comes in the form of a chair, which makes it suitable for relaxing whether it is used on a lake or a pool. It is covered in fabric, allowing it to be kept dry and to protect the outer surface of the float. The float is quite comfortable to sit on, as it is having a mesh covered seat which allows you to sit on it comfortably without having to submerge yourself underwater. There is a cup holder on the seat which allows you to place your beverage on the float as well, without it tipping over. Another notable feature about the float is the backrest, which is something you don’t find in most other pool floats.

2. Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge


Intex is one brand which we found to make high quality and affordable swimming pool products. This float by Intex is one of their best in the line of pool floats that they have available. It is quite cheap compared to some of the other products out there as it costs less than $30. This float looks quite like a recliner sofa, as it does have a very similar design. There are a backrest and armrests on the side of the float to maximize its comfort. It uses two different air chambers and has two cup holders on both sides of the float. There are two heavy duty handles as well which makes it easy to carry the float to and from the pool. At its extremely affordable price, this is one of the best pool floats you can get for such a low price.

3. Pink Flamingo Pool Float & Tube


If you are willing to spend a fair bit of money on your pool float, then this is another great option to have. This pool float comes in the form of a flamingo, which makes for an attractive accessory to include in your pool. What makes this float so special is that it is quite soft, compared to most of the other pool floats out there. It uses a very high-quality material for its build and is painted with vinyl for added protection. The float is large enough for you to sit on it comfortably, without having to wet yourself in the water. The vinyl coating on the float is long-lasting, so you it will not fade away too easily. Apart from just adding a protective coating, it also prevents the float from deflating too easily. It will stay afloat no matter where you place it, whether the beach, pool or lake. The float costs a little less than $40 to purchase, so it is still quite affordable to purchase.

4. Inflatables Giant Donut Pool Float


This is one of the more expensive pool floats out there as it costs close to $50. One of the main advantages of this float is that you can choose the color of the float as it comes in two different colors. There is a Strawberry colored version and a Chocolate colored version, both of which are priced the same. The float is suitable for use by people of all ages and sizes. The float comes in the form of a donut and it does a very good job of resembling an actual donut with some level of accuracy. The donut has a strawberry frosting design on it if you pick the strawberry version of the float. The donut is coated with a vinyl coating which is quite resistant to fading away due to the sun’s rays or the water in the swimming pool. The float measures about four feet in width and two feet in thickness. This makes it spacious enough for an adult and two children to sit on the float quite comfortably. Deflating the float is quite simple as the nozzles are specially made to be able to inflate and deflate with ease.

5. Intex King Kool Inflatable Lounge


This is another one of the best-selling pool floats all there and another product by Intex. This pool float is a lot cheaper than the other products available as it costs a little over $10. It may not offer the design and build quality as some of the other pool floats out there, but it is still quite worth its extremely cheap price. The float features a transparent design with multi-colored I-beams which will give it a very contrasting look on your pool. There is a drink holder on the float which lets you conveniently place a drink on the side of the float while you recline on the float. There are a backrest and an armrest which lets you makes yourself comfortable on the float. The float comes in the variety of colors, but you do not get the option of picking the color that you prefer.

6. Kelsyus Floating Water Hammock


The Kelsyus Floating Water Hammock is quite unique in design as it resembles a hammock. The float cost almost $40, and though it is not very thick, it is quite spacious enough to lie on comfortably. The float is made mainly of polyester but contains PVC and Steel as well. This gives it a very comfortable, yet strong build quality which will be guaranteed to last. The float can be used for floating in the lake or pool. Apart from just offering comfort, it does offer great stability as well due to its buoyancy. There is a mesh bed on the float which you can lie on, but since it is not the thickest floats out there, you may experience a few splashes of water. Another advantage of this float is the ease in which it can be folded, allowing you to conveniently store it away when needed or giving great portability if you need to carry it around. There are side clips on the float which lets you dock the float to a boat or the side of the pool, to prevent it floating away.

7. BigMouth Inc Gigantic Donut Pool Float


This is another product which is quite like the previous donut float that we reviewed. There are two different colors of the float as they come in the Strawberry or Chocolate models. Both resemble actual donuts and depending on the model of the float you choose, they vary accordingly. It costs a little less than $20 but is still quite worth the price. The float measures over four feet in width, which makes it one of the bigger floats that are out there. It is made of a high-quality material and has a coating of vinyl on it. The Vinyl coating of the float offers improved resistance against the sun’s rays and does not fade away as it has adequate UV protection. There is a patch kit that comes with the product, which lets you patch the float in case it gets punctured. The float has been featured in several TV shows so it is quite a popular pool float.

8. Texas Recreation Sunray Pool Float


If you don’t mind spending more than $50 for your pool float, then you might want to consider the Texas Recreation Sunray Pool Float. This float comes in several different variants, each of which has different thicknesses and design patterns. Apart from just offering you a choice in models, you also get to choose the color of the float based on your preference, with six different colors that you can choose from. The float supports adults who are average sized, allowing you to comfortably lie on the float. It is made of a very soft and comfortable material which offers durability as well apart from just comfort. It is vinyl-coated to allow it to be preserved for a long period and offer a long-lasting protection. The float can be used on the pool, lake or beach, without experiencing any problems.

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