Sometimes, your at-home weekly poker game can feel a little… lacking. This, in turn, can make the game lose some of its wow factor and make it less interesting and exciting for everyone involved. Well, one of the reasons that this could be happening is because it doesn’t actually feel like the real deal.

Before you book your flight to Las Vegas, just know that you can create a more casino-like environment at home. And you don’t even need neon signs and slot machines. What you should be considering investing in, however, is a good set of poker chips.

The more lifelike your chips are, the better the game looks – and feels. You really will feel like you are seated around a casino table where the stakes are much higher if you get the right poker chips. Here are some of the best ones that the market has to offer:

1. Cardinal Industries 200 pc Poker Set in Aluminum Case

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Why we like it: The Aluminin case makes it  sturdy and easy to carry anywhere

Take this poker set to any event. Ante up with Cardinal’s 200-piece dual-toned Poker chips. This high-quality set includes one deck of poker cards, a dealer chip and 200 poker chips. All kept in a stylish and sturdy aluminum case.

Cardinal is a great gift to give to any poker enthusiast. You are going to want to give this Cardinal poker set a try. This set is excellent for an average-sized game. You can invite up to six people and get a great game going. Due to small parts, it is a possible choking hazard please keep out of reach from children under the age of three.

2. Claysmith Gaming “The Mint” Poker Chip Set

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Why we like it: The Claysmith Gaming poker chip set looks good, feels good, and are chips that are meant to be stacked and played with.

With poker chips, the actual structure of each one is quite important. This is because poker chips are meant to be stacked and pushed forward. Therefore, you need chips that are nearly flat so that you can place one on top of the other without them falling over. These poker chips are so well built that you can even push them forward when stacking up and not have them topple over. There are also markings on the edges, which makes it a lot easier to count all of your chips when they are in a pile.

It is easy to tell straight away that these chips are of good quality. Their weight feels great and the chips are made from clay composite material. This brings you as close to authentic casino chips as possible. It also provides you with that satisfying sound as you shift your chips around. One thing is certain – these are some stylish and unique-looking chips, which is great for making a statement. It also comes in a handy and professional-looking case, allowing you to cart it around easily.

3. LANSCH Poker Set

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Why we like it: You get a complete set with this LANSCH poker collection, so you can host all types of card games, on the go.

The LANSCH poker set has just 300 chips, which works well for anyone who wants smaller-sized card games. However, this set has everything else you may need for a variety of casino card games. Along with the chips, there are two decks of cards, dice, as well as blind and dealer buttons. If you want a game on the go, this is the collection that you need to take with you. In just one case, you will be able to find everything that you need.

At 11.5 grams, these poker chips are perfectly weighted, so as you are playing, you will be able to feel the heft in your hand. While the chips themselves are made from composite resin, there are inserts inside them to make them feel like the real version. They also resemble authentic casino chips well too, which makes it a more realistic experience. The case is strong but compact, so you can easily carry your chips and the rest of the parts of the game with you.

4. JP Commerce Monte Carlo Clay Poker Chips Set

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Why we like it: The poker chips are made from clay composites, which helps to give them the look, feel, and sound of real casino chips.

Sure, metal and plastic may last longer, but there is nothing quite like holding clay chips in your hand. The unique feel and sound of these chips will instantly transport you to a real casino scenario. This is precisely what makes this JP Commerce poker chip set quite so fun to have. At 13.5 grams, these chips are a little heavier than the chips offered with most other sets. This makes playing with these chips an even more realistic experience for everyone involved.

There are 500 chips in the case, which is great if you want to host a game with a greater number of players. You should be able to invite up to six people and still have plenty of chips to go around. The entire case looks very professional too. The case is a hard shell with a soft sponge lining. You can be certain that your chips are going to be well protected while they remain inside. This is quite important considering how well made they are.

5. Kovot Dice Style Poker Chip Set

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Why we like it: The Kovot poker chip set is perfect for games with fewer players and is easy to carry around with you.

Do you like only playing with a handful of people? Or maybe you are someone who likes to set up spontaneous poker games wherever you go. For both of these cases, this set is perfect. First of all, there are only 300 chips, which is just enough for about three or four players. So, if you like having intimate games, this is the set for you. Also, because there are fewer chips, the case is more compact and it is a lot simpler and lighter to travel with.

The chips have a dice-style pattern on them, which makes them look very professional. Also, the weight and the size of the chips add to the authenticity. The dual-toned chips weigh an ideal 11.5 grams, just like the chips in many casinos. The case is hardy but lightweight, allowing you to easily store and protect all parts of the set. You can take this travel-sized case with you wherever you go. As a plus point, this set is very affordable as well!

6. Da Vinci Poker Chip Set

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Why we like it: The poker chips in the Da Vinci set look and feel real but have the advantage of being a lot more affordable.

If you want your chips to mimic the real ones as much as possible, but don’t really want to have to pay too much, these are the chips for you. The chips are made from clay composite resin but they have been modified to be heavier. So, weight-wise, it will feel like you are holding casino-grade chips. Although they are not made from clay, the chips look quite good too. There are five hundred chips in total, more than enough for an average-sized group.

This set also comes with three dealer buttons, several dice, and two packs of cards. This gives you a greater choice of casino card games to choose from. All of the items come with a large silver case to house them. This lets you carefully organize all of the components and to even carry your set around with you. The outer casing is quite hardy, while the interior is soft and padded. This means that the chips and the cards will be protected.

7. Bryberry Heavyweight Poker Chips

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Why we like it: The Bryberry Heavyweight poker chips are as close to the real deal as you can get. Also, there are a large number of chips in the set.

Do you like having large poker games or want to have the occasional tournament every now and then? If so, the Bryberry heavyweight poker chips will be perfect for such an occasion. You will get 1000 chips in all, which means that you can invite as many people as you want! These chips also have just enough heft to them, as well as a little more weight than most other chips. However, this comes in handy for more professional-type game nights.

These chips also look as though they are of high quality, which makes them perfect for entertaining. They have laser graphic features, which really does add a sparkle to them during the game. Since they are made from casino-grade clay composite, you will be barely able to tell the difference from authentic poker chips. The chips can be placed in a transparent casing that makes it easy to organize them and transport them around. This is a good choice for serious players who want to make an impression.

8. Fat Cat Poker Chip Set

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Why we like it: The Fat Cat poker chip set has everything that you need to set up a Texas Hold ‘Em game by yourself.

If you are looking for poker chips with a bit of an old-school feel to them, you should consider the Fat Cat poker chip set. The chips are sturdily built and are just the right weight for professional games. There are 500 chips, which means that there is more than enough for an average-sized weekly game. In addition to the chips themselves, you also get big blind, little blind, and dealer buttons. These will certainly add authenticity to any game that you host at home.

The chips can be easily fitted inside a hard-shell casing to make them easy to store and transport. There is a padded foam lining inside, which makes sure that the chips and any of the other contents are well protected. This set makes it easy for you to play as many classic casino games as you want. You have the cards, the chips, and even the accessories. The only thing that you need aside from this set is people willing to play with you.

9. Trademark Poker Dice Style Poker Chip Set

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Why we like it: The Trademark Poker chip set has an old-fashioned but realistic look and feel, adding authenticity to any home poker game.

This is definitely a nice-looking poker chip set. The chips have a distinct dice-like style to them, which really makes them look like traditional poker chips. These chips are made from composite resin. However, they also have heavy inserts that help to add heft to the chips and make them feel like the real deal. They are the perfect diameter and feel quite natural to play with. In addition to the chips, you also get two decks of cards and buttons for big blind, little blind, and dealer.

The chips have been made well, which makes it simple to stack them up. Since they are level, there is no danger of them falling over and messing up the game. All of the chips, cards, and buttons can be neatly stored inside the case that is provided, with individual storage spaces available. The felt interior ensures that all of the parts of the game will be properly protected. This is an affordable yet quality poker chip set for all to use.

10. Goplus Poker Chip Set

Why we like it: The Goplus poker set is a good-quality, good-value set that is perfect for games and tournaments at home.

If you are looking for a poker chip set that will hit the mark but also be affordable, you will be more than happy with these chips. The chips are made from a different material but do have a clay-filled center. They have been built so that they are the perfect weight for casino chips, which really adds to the playing experience. These don’t just feel authentic, they look so as well. The colors are bright and the stripes really do help to make them look genuine.

There are 500 poker chips, which lets you choose whether you want to have a small or mid-sized game. There are also dice, cards, and dealer buttons, which are a part of the set. This means that you can play poker, blackjack, and even roulette if you want to. With this set, you can set up a mini casino right in your own home. The set comes in an aluminum case, which is complete with proper interior padding that lets you store and carry this set.