Best PlayStation 4 Stands

If you own one of the next generation consoles such as the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, it is important that you maintain it well if you plan on extending its lifespan. Regardless of whether you use a console or a PC for gaming, the device will tend to heat up when you play hardware intensive games for extended periods of time. Sometimes the components in the device may tend to overheat and result in a noticeable frame rate drop in the game. This process is known as throttling. To prevent this, the console does come with a built-in fan to cool the hardware components, however, it is always better to be on the safe side by getting an additional cooling fan for the exterior as well. Most stands for the PS4 do come with a cooling fan. Here are some of the best PlayStation 4 stands.

1. Kootek Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS4


This is probably the best PlayStation 4 stand out there. The stand is quite attractive in design and comes with a built-in cooling fan which can cool your PS4 console. Apart from this, there is also a dual shock charging station for your controllers. As a bonus, Kootek also gives you an extra USB hub and controller thumb grips when you purchase this. It still only costs you less than $30 for the entire package, making it an incredible value for your money spent. The cooling feature of the stand is quite effective as it has two fans which can effectively cool the console. The console must be placed vertically on the stand as there is no way to change the orientation of the stand to support it being placed horizontally. Since it also comes with a USB hub, you can use the ports to charge devices other than just your controllers, such as your mouse or phone.

2. Ortz PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan


This is another one of the best stands that we found for the PlayStation 4. The design isn’t as attractive as the stand we featured by Kootek, but it still does look good. The price of the stand is also quite cheap, falling under the sub $30 price mark. The stand does come with a cooling fan as well, so it can effectively prevent your console from heating up. This tends to be a lot better for your console than directly placing it on a table. The stand also has a charging station for charging your dual shock controllers. The stand will require that you place your console in a vertical orientation, just like most other stands for consoles. The design of the stand does match that of your PlayStation 4 console, so it blends well with it. The fact that it has a charging station, USB ports and a cooling fan, makes this another one of the top picks for a PlayStation 4 stand.

3. Zacro PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan


The Zacro PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan has an advantage over most of the other stands out there with its low price. This stand is quite different to the other two that we reviewed, in that its design is not as good as the previous two stands that we reviewed. However, the stand does come included with a cooling fan as well to prevent your console from overheating. There is also a charging dock within the stand to charge two controllers simultaneously. There is a USB hub on the device which you can use to connect three different USB devices simultaneously for charging. The fans used in the stand are effective as they feature a dual-fan system for more effective cooling. So, the only real aspect that this stand lacks in is the design. It should also be noted that the stand is only compatible with the normal sized PlayStation 4 and not the newer slim models.

4. Doubi PS4 Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan Charger


The Doubi PS4 stand is quite different to the other stands on our list, as it has a slot for storage of games as well. The stand itself comes with a charging dock for charging your controllers and there is also cooler built into the stand. The storage section of the stand can store up to 14 games, which may not be sufficient for storing all your games, but you could use it to store games that you frequently play. Though it comes with the added storage compartment, it is still priced under $30, giving it great value for money. As a bonus, the package comes included with eight thumb grips which you can replace on your controller once they start to wear out. The fans on the stand are quite efficient as well and can prevent the console from overheating. Another great feature with this product is that it comes with a 45 days’ money back guarantee and a warranty for four years.

5. URPOWER 3 in 1 PS4 Vertical Stand


The Upower is slightly cheaper than the other stands on our list as it costs only $22 for a brand-new stand. It differs in design as well, as it features a game storage section as well. The stand itself has a cooling system built-in to it to prevent your console from heating up. This uses two fans inside which can run at a very high speed to efficiently cool the console. There is also a charging dock for charging two controllers at the same time. The stand also comes with three USB ports which you can use to charge other devices such as your cell phone or tablet. The game storage compartment isn’t the best however as it is a slotted storage compartment which could store 14 games. But considering its price it is quite good. The only reason we didn’t rate the Urpower stand a lot higher is due to the design and build quality of the stand. Regardless, it is still one of the best PS4 stands out there.

6. Lvl99 PS4 Stand – Playstation 4 Console Vertical Stand


If you don’t really want a stand with a built-in cooling system, then you could spend about half the money as one with a cooler and go for the Lvl99PS4 Stand. This stand costs only $10 and its purpose is just to provide a stand for your console. The stand is made of high-quality material and the design looks quite sleek. Another great feature about the stand is that it prevents the console from topping over. Installation of the stand is extremely simple and doesn’t even require an instruction manual to figure out. Though it doesn’t have cooling fans, the stand is designed with vents located on it to allow for heat ventilation from your console. Just like all other stands out there, it only supports the console placed in the vertical position. However, this does allow you to save a lot more space than keeping the console horizontally aligned.

7. Keten Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim


If you own a PS4 slim, then a lot of the previous stands may not be compatible with it. For this reason, you could go for the Keten Vertical Stand for PS4 Slim which is designed to be used only with the slimmer models of the PlayStation 4. The only real reason why was slightly put off by this fan is its high price of $50. However, this is made up for with the features and quality of the stand. The fan comes with a cooling system which has built-in fans which feature very quiet operation. Setting up the stand is simple as it only involves plugging it via the USB cable provided. The stand has dual controller charging docks so you can charge your controllers using the stand as well. The game segment extension on the stand allows you to store up to 14 games. The package also comes with thumb grips for your controller which are in different styles.

8. Blimark PS4 Vertical Stand


The Blimark PS4 Vertical Stand is the cheapest stand on our list which also features a cooler. The stand costs only $13 but doesn’t have any real shortcomings apart from its design and build quality. The stand has dual cooling fans which do a good job of maintaining the console at a proper temperature. The stand is built for the older versions of the PS4 and not the newer slim versions. Though the stand is quite cheap, it surprisingly has a charging dock as well for charging both your controllers. There is also a USB hub on the stand which thereby makes this stand a 4-in-1 stand just like the high-end models we featured on our list. If the design and quality of the stand itself aren’t too much of a deciding factor for you, then we highly recommend getting this stand as it is quite cheap.

9. AmazonBasics Vertical Stand for Sony PS4


The AmazonBasics line of products has always been well reputed for its quality and great value for money in their products. This PS4 stand by AmazonBasics has been licensed by Sony as being compatible for use with the PlayStation 4. What we didn’t like about this stand is that it is slightly on the expensive side as it costs almost $15 for just the stand alone. The stand does not come with a cooler or charging dock like some of the other stands that we featured, however, the standout feature is in the build quality of the stand. The stand features four non-slip feet which will protect your console from toppling over or accidentally pushed over. Though it does not come with cooling fans, it does have multiple vents which allow for efficient heat dissipation from your console. This will do a good job of cooling the console compared to just placing the console on a desk.

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