Keep your baby out or keep him in, when you need to go about doing your household chores, you can’t have your baby lose crawling about to reach whatever it is that catches his fancy. The world from one foot high is a very dangerous place. Light sockets, Vases waiting to topple over, racks about to lose their center of gravity, all when your little one is just under it. Things happen in just a flash, things you and your child might regret, so why give it a chance. Why leave your toddler alone to crawl about like a ticking time bomb. But when you have work to do, how can you possibly keep an eye on your little one; and if you do, how much can you actually get done. It is hence prudent to leave your toddler in a safe environment where you know he will not or more likely cannot come to any harm. This way you can get a lot covered for the day with the worry out of your head. This is where the playards come into play. They are the things that keep your toddler enclosed in a safe place.