If you are a keen cook or even an overtly carnivorous one, you probably do appreciate the flavorful contribution that herbs bring to the table. And you also may be used to taking them off the shelf at your local grocery store rather than growing them yourself. But have you ever considered growing them yourself?

You do not have to be particularly keen on gardening to realize that you are probably better off growing your own herb supply as opposed to buying them over the counter. First off, in the long term, it is the more cost-efficient method and the most convenient. You do not have to pay for your supply of herb besides the initial investment on seeds of course. But after that, all you have to provide is water, soil, and light, and the rest will take care of itself. You will not have to worry about stocks at grocery store running out and you can be assured that the herbs you are consuming are totally fresh.

But first, you need a garden, one that will grow and store the herbs preferably close to the kitchen without taking up a whole lot of space or causing too much of a mess. Well, that was precisely what our list of indoor herb gardens is all about. Each product tends wonderfully to fast and healthy growth not only for herbs but other small plants as well. Now you can maintain your very own supply of fresh flavorful herbs at arm’s length and not worry about replenishing them at the grocery store. So let us get right into that list.