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If you are a keen cook or even an overtly carnivorous one, you probably do appreciate the flavorful contribution that herbs bring to the table. And you also may be used to taking them off the shelf at your local grocery store rather than growing them yourself. But have you ever considered growing them yourself?

You do not have to be particularly keen on gardening to realize that you are probably better off growing your own herb supply as opposed to buying them over the counter. First off, in the long term, it is the more cost-efficient method and the most convenient. You do not have to pay for your supply of herb besides the initial investment on seeds of course. But after that, all you have to provide is water, soil, and light, and the rest will take care of itself. You will not have to worry about stocks at grocery store running out and you can be assured that the herbs you are consuming are totally fresh.

But first, you need a garden, one that will grow and store the herbs preferably close to the kitchen without taking up a whole lot of space or causing too much of a mess. Well, that was precisely what our list of indoor herb gardens is all about. Each product tends wonderfully to fast and healthy growth not only for herbs but other small plants as well. Now you can maintain your very own supply of fresh flavorful herbs at arm’s length and not worry about replenishing them at the grocery store. So let us get right into that list.

Adams Manufacturing Deluxe Garden Planter

Product Info
  • High-quality plastic material is lightweight and weather-resistant
  • Strong and sturdy; rated to hold up to 150 pounds shelf rated to hold 15 pounds
  • Removable legs and shelf for easy winter storage; easy open drainage hole
Why we like it: Great for multipurpose gardening and relieving you from working too hard to get good results with the plants.

Editor’s rating:

At first glance, you may have already decided that it is made from wood, but no. It is actually made from plastic. Of course, if it were actually composed of wood, you would risk getting it all wet and crumbly. Not only is this planter great for herbs but additional plants as well. Its construction is incredibly strong, able to bear at least 150 pounds. So growing anything from herbs to flowers, vegetables etc. is possible with it.

It has also been ergonomically designed and engineered for the gardener. Thanks to its very own stand, it does not need you to have it suspended from above or bend down to reach it. That makes it a whole lot easier on your back and leg joints. It also saves you the trouble of removing an excessive build-up of moisture thanks to a built-in drainage hole. All on its own, it weighs just 11.7 pounds. Its versatile sense of purpose will make a great addition to your gardening collection.

Nancy Jane Stacking Planter

Product Info
  • Our planters stand alone: our patented Self-Watering system is the pioneer of the stacking planter industry!
  • Multi-tier set: set consists of three tiers of planters, three patented Self-Watering grids, tray (for stacking), chain...
  • Self-watering benefits: don't worry about overwatering! C these pots can self-regulate so plants stay healthy and...
Why we like it: Has its own patented self-watering system and great versatility in planting options.

Editor’s rating:

Ever heard of a self-watering system in your planter? Of course, not. That is because there has never been one before, not until the Nancy Jane Stacking Planter showed up with the patented feature and free patented grids to go along with it. It really is a thing of genuine beauty to behold, a miniature of the Hanging Gardens, really. Of course, you would have to water them initially but afterward, the planters will take over letting the water trickle down to plants below.

Planters sporting the stack design are intended either to stand on their own or be suspended from above. There is no shortage of plant options you can grow in them. From herbs to veggies and berries, anything goes. Being a stacking planter, it is going to need some space though, not so much that a small house could not manage but certainly not as little as you can manage with a vertical planter. But we think it is a fair trade-off considering how beautiful it is and how easy it is to manage.

 AeroGarden Classic 6 – Black

No products found.

Why we like it: Start a small herb station right at your kitchen window with minimal cost and effort.

Editor’s rating:

This compact planter comes packed with everything you need to grow your herbs right on the counter. Thanks to a pocketed design, up to six different plants can be grown at any given time. Hydroponics-style water-to-roots contact keeps plants constantly hydrated and healthy without the need for any actual soil. A builtin control panel gives you full access to the settings for this planter’s full-spectrum 20-watt lights and more.

To give novice gardeners a bit of a boost, this particular planter features a simple display panel to remind you when your plants need nutrients added to their water. Plus, this planter actually comes with a special seed kit full of delicious herbs like basil, parsley and dill, so that you can get started with your garden immediately.


Invigorated Living Pocket Vertical Garden Planter

Product Info
  • indoor grow stystem
  • indoor grow stystem
  • indoor grow stystem
Why we like it: Uses a minimal amount of space to set up and facilitates very healthy plant growth.

Editor’s rating:

As living accommodation gets more and more cramped up, gardening in the traditional sense is starting to lose its space in the big city. So the general solution to that now would be, instead of growing out, consider growing up. That is precisely what vertical gardening has been developed for. It is a way to keep your gardening hobby alive and well without getting bogged down by a lack of space or a pet that might lay waste to every plant that springs out of the pot.

That brings us to the Invigorated Living Pocket vertical garden planter. It is a waterproof facility for growing plants that can be put either indoors or outdoors depending on which is convenient. It goes without saying that it will be particularly suitable for the kitchen if it is herbs you intend to grow in it. The material may be waterproof but it is still very breathable. You can count on it to produce fresh, flavorful herbs and other small plants ready to go from soil to cutting board just like that.

Alternate Roots Grow Pots

Product Info
  • ✓ SAVE YOUR PLANTS – Grow pots are designed drain water, allowing your plants to not die from over-watering!
  • ✓ GROW BIGGER AND BETTER – This potting bag allows your roots to air prune and breath – This means not more root...
  • ✓ EASY TO MOVE – These plant containers feature HANDLES – Move them easier than ceramic or plastic pots!
Why we like it: More efficient functionality than a generic pot and easy to use thanks to strong and lightweight properties.

Editor’s rating:

This is a cute one. While the main reason you would buy this pot has to do with its ability to facilitate plant growth for a very reasonable price, it is a cool bonus to know that it has good looks on its side as well. After all, if it is going to be in a place where it will be exposed to the light, it had might as well look good while staying there. But why do they call this thing a grow pot?

How is it any different from a regular pot? The answer is simple. It facilitates noticeably faster and healthier growth in plants. It does so by sustaining moisture in the soil for an extended period, thereby alleviating the risk of overwatering the plants. As you can see, it is also made from fabric, but not just any fabric; fabric that will last for a very long time and enables automated pruning of the roots. Other benefits are that it is very light and very strong.

Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Grow Kit

Product Info
  • Visit our store for GREAT GIFTS! - Click on the blue Window Garden link at top of page*** ATTRACTIVE RUSTIC PLANTERS –...
  • SLATE MARKERS– Real slate markers with soapstone so you can write the names of your herbs on the markers. It’s an...
  • FIBER SOIL – Plants thrive and live longer. The unique natural fibers provide abundant oxygen which reduces root rot...
Why we like it: Aesthetically pleasing and designed to support maximum growth and health for your herbs.

Editor’s rating:

You really can save yourself a lot of trouble by having your favorite herbs fresh and at your disposal whenever you want. As it turns out, you do not have to grow them in a pot that looks like it has seen better days. It can, after all, be a thing of beauty and an excellent facility for growing lush flavorful herbs. Enter: the Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Grow Kit. There are plenty of reasons why you would want to buy it.

First off, it comes with a germination bag for maintaining a moist and warm environment for your seeds. And for those gardeners who tend to overdo it with the watering, there is a special kind of fiber potting soil that prevents overwatering. It also lets in an ample amount of oxygen to nourish the plants at the roots. The one responsibility you will bear with it is to add fertilizer since it carries a minimal supply of nutrients on its own.

CobraCo Expandable Window Planter

No products found.

Why we like it: Wooden construction makes it very attractive. It is also adjustable to offer different levels of space.

Editor’s rating:

After looking at it, you might think it looks like wood but is actually made from plastic. But no, this really is made from wood. That makes it a very attractive purchase indeed. But thankfully, it has plastic liners to help protect it from water damage. It will look nice on any shelf or window you care to place it on. It is just the right size too at 24 inches long. Its smart design takes up as little space as possible but still ample enough for plant growth.

It is easily adjustable too so you have more control over how much space you want to provide for your plants. And if you happen to not be using it for a while, it folds up easily for storage or transportation. If it is herbs that you intend to grow, we reckon you will be using it all year round. And since it is so adjustable, you will certainly be able to find a spot for it in your kitchen.

Living Gallerie Hanging Planter

Product Info
  • 8 Pocket Design for a proportionate garden for any space
  • Made of durable, eco friendly material, for a non toxic habitat for your plants
  • Free Root Wrappers included to make inserting plants into pockets hassle free
Why we like it: An elegant solution if you lack sufficient space for gardening and easy to work with for novice gardeners.

Editor’s rating:

You might gradually warm up to the idea of rearing plants all on your own and then realize your home does not really facilitate that too well. Perhaps the space on the balcony is inadequate? Perhaps you already own a dog that would tear apart any piece of vegetation in sight? The Living Gallerie Hanging Planter is an elegant solution to all of those obstacles. It is a vertical garden planter with no less than 8 separate pockets and fits conveniently on the wall.

Even better, it is composed entirely out of recycled material, and when we say ‘entirely’, we mean the full 100% here. It will hold up against any climate it has to deal with and is a safe place for plants to grow in. You will also find it an easy gardening apparatus to deal with on a daily basis thanks to root wrappers being included in the purchase. It has a year’s worth of warranty attached to it as well.

L’Eclectic Home & Garden Vertical Garden Kit

Product Info
  • INDOOR PLANTING SOLUTION Includes 2 hanging waterproof indoor planter made with eco-friendly materials & one liter plant...
  • CREATIVE GARDENING Boost your creativity with your beautiful plant pots indoor on a wall or for a hanging plant...
  • BEAUTIFUL WALL MOUNTED GARDENS regardless of space use the plant hanger & mister bottle to grow an indoor herb garden or...
Why we like it: Waterproof, breathable, and convenient for those who lack proper space for gardening.

Editor’s rating:

Are you struggling to find space to grow all your favorite herbs in? Perhaps you are yet to be introduced to this vertical garden kit from L-Eclectic Home & Garden. It is an apparatus you can set up either indoors or out so long as you have a little wall-space to spare. It goes on as easily as it comes off and it really does add a lot of life and color to an otherwise plain looking slab of concrete.

But of course, what we are more interested in is how it facilitates plant growth. The first thing to note about this vertical wall fitting garden is that it is actually waterproof. Yet it remains soft and breathable. It has up to 4 pockets for different plants to grow in. It is made from eco-friendly materials and is remarkably easy to clean and maintain. To keep your plants well hydrated, it comes with a 1-liter garden sprayer with a stainless steel rod and copper tip for drip-free spraying for two minutes at a time.

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