Best Planters for an Indoor Herb Garden

If you are a cooking enthusiast or someone who appreciates good food, you know that the best ingredients are the ones that are the freshest. This is why having an herb garden right in your kitchen is such a great idea. Whenever you need a particular herb, all you have to do is simply pluck a few leaves. It does not get any fresher than that. This means that you are going to need the right planter to encourage the growth of these plants. Even if you do not have a particularly green thumb, here are a few indoor planters that can help you:

1. Living Gallerie Hanging Planter


This wall planter is ideal if you are living in a small space and do not have much room to spare. Made from recycled fibers, this hanging planter is actually quite light and you do not have to worry about hanging it on walls. You do not need great gardening skills to be able to use the Living Gallerie garden planter. Instead, a spray bottle will be just fine to help you grow your herb garden. This planter comes along with root wrappers that makes it easier for novices to tend to the herbs as they grow. The material is breathable, preventing unnecessary accumulation of water and averting any mold growth. This is definitely the planter for you if you are looking to make only a minimal effort with your indoor gardening. With very little work, you will be able to grow healthy and delicious herbs.

2. Adams Manufacturing Deluxe Garden Planter


This planter may look like it is made from gorgeous wood but it is actually composed of plastic. This means that you do not worry about your planter getting wet and moldy. The Adams Manufacturing planter is perfect for those who would like to grow some other plants in addition to the herbs. This can be done due to the two tier ledges that make up the planter. The planter is quite sturdy and can take up to a 150 pounds. This planter comes with its own stand so you do not have to bother hanging it up or bending down when gardening. However, it is detachable so you can hang up the shelf if you want to. It also comes equipped with a drainage hole so that you do not have to deal with excess collection of moisture in the planter. It is a great multipurpose planter.

3. Invigorated Living Pocket Planter


This pocket planter already comes with grommets installed. You can quickly and install the planter on any surface that you want. This makes it great for small areas or when you do not have a lot of space in your home or your kitchen. One of the best features of the Invigorated Living pocket planter is that it is waterproof. You will not have to be concerned with whether or not water is going to seep out of the planter and stain your walls. Another great aspect is that it has a slow water releasing element. This means that your plants only get water when they need it. If you are not particularly good at gardening, this prevents the possibility of you drowning the herbs before they grow. They also come in several different colors so you get to choose which ones will suit your home the best.

4. Sue’s Garden Stackable Planter


If you do not want something bulky or that will take up too much space, then this stackable planter is definitely for you. As you stack it upwards, you have the opportunity to plant between fifteen to twenty different kinds of herbs or plants. If you are worried about maintenance, this is incredibly easy as well. You do not have to water the plants individually. Instead, just enter the water into one place and all of your herbs will get just the amount of water that they need. This also helps to avoid that pesky problem of root rot. The overall design of this planter is quite intriguing and it looks great no matter where you place it in your home. Growing fresh herbs will never be quite as easy as with this stackable planter.

5. Alternate Roots Grow Pots


It is easy to be deceived by these grow pots. After all, they essentially look like bags that you use to store supplies. One of the reasons that these grow pots are so great is that it requires very little expertise or experience on your part. All you really need is some soil, seeds, and water to get you started. The grow pots pretty much take care of everything else. The pots are designed to ensure that the soil retains water for a longer period of time. In addition to ensuring that your herbs remain healthy, it also means that you are less likely to overwater the plants. This grow pot also enables root pruning to automatically take place. The roots will not get bundled up together. Furthermore, these grow pots are incredibly portable – you can just pick them up and move them around.

6. Robert Allen Herb Garden Set


If you are planning on setting up an herb garden indoors, you are also going need to consider the décor. After all, you are going to need it to look pretty as well as be functional. These gorgeous steel planters can be purchased in three different colors. Of course, these are not just for looking pretty. They allow you to grow some great herbs as well. Each of the pots come equipped with a drainage hole at the bottom. While the planters are made of steel, they come with a finish that is designed to keep rust out. Even though you will watering your plants on a regular basis, this will not have a negative impact on the planters. The tray that is provided with the planters’ looks great and also works to catch any excess water that may drain through. All in all, they are beautiful and useful herb planters to have around.

7. Nancy Jane Stacking Planter


With an herb garden, one of the things that is nice is to have lots of options regarding just how many plants you can plant. Furthermore, each of these herbs are going to be different sizes, so you need an adequate amount of room. With the Nancy Jane stacking planter, you can have all of these things without having to be concerned with how many room the plants are going to occupy. Best of all, this planter is self-regulating in terms of moisture. This means that water is evenly distributed throughout the planter, depending on how much water is needed by each herb. This also means that your plants will always get enough water, whenever they require it. Last but not least, you can hang this planter if you need to! It comes with a chain that allows it to be suspended from a height.

8. CobraCo Expandable Window Planter


This is definitely one of the more unique designs for a window planter. This planter manages to take up as little space as possible while still allowing plenty of room for the herbs to grow. In addition, the CobraCo planter looks really great as well. You can choose how much space to give each of your herbs as the planter is easily adjustable. The planter is made out of wood but comes equipped with plastic liners. This way, you have the advantage of a great looking planter but also have the means to protect it from moisture. You will be able to set this planter up by a window and grow all of the herbs that you need. Also, when it’s not in use, the planter folds up to a compact size which makes it easy to store. It is a great addition to a small household.

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