It is easy to tell a boy from a man, simply by his scent. There is no denying that a man who smells great will draw attention to himself the moment he enters a room. Considering the power of fragrance, it is no wonder that everyone spends a lot of time and money on their perfumes.

Of course, as you yourself have witnessed, finding the right scent can be tricky. You need something unique and distinctly masculine but also something that will not overpower the senses. Not to mention, it should be perfect for a business meeting, date, or casual hangout.

Considering this list of demands, it is no surprise that men can have a lot of trouble finding their signature scent. Well, you don’t have to worry any longer because these troubles are behind you now. We’ve done the research and compiled a list of all the most delicious and memorable perfumes for men. Here they are:

1. Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male By Jean Paul Gaultier For Men. Eau De...
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Why we like it: Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is certainly one of the most classic scents around and has proven that it can stand the test of time.

While Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier is undeniably a classic scent that has been around for quite a while, you can’t say that there is anything nostalgic about it. In fact, it is the perfect scent for the modern man, even though it has been around for quite a while. One of the reasons for this is that the fragrance is both comforting yet professional. So, you will find that you can wear it in most instances as it will not be overwhelming by any stretch of the imagination.

The other thing that is great about Le Male is that it appeals to everyone. The hints of vanilla are just soft enough to draw others in while the spiciness adds an edge of masculinity to the fragrance. There is also the fact that this is a gentle smell rather than something that will burn into your nostrils. Although it works well in all seasons, you will find that it is particularly comfortable during the summer time. The very masculine perfume bottle also adds a nice touch to the whole thing.

2. Paco Rabann 1 Million Eau de Toilette

Paco Rabanne 1 Million Fragrance For Men - Fresh And Spicy - Notes Of...
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Why we like it: The Paco Rabann 1 Million eau de toilette really is the fragrance of the younger generation and works well with a young crowd.

There is a good chance that if you are under the age of 30, you really can appreciate the Paco Rabann 1 million. This is because it really is the scent of youth, with its equal parts of sweetness, spiciness, and flowery fragrance. This is an eau de toilette that hits all of the right notes from the first whiff. The good news is that it is also quite popular. This means that you can be sure that it is well liked by all and that it is a crowd pleaser, even amongst people you don’t know.

The 1 million is masculine without being overt. So, while you are going to definitely get the attention of the ladies, it will be for all the right reasons. Now, this is a potent formula that is bound to last you quite a while, should it be used sparingly. This is the kind of fragrance that you want accompanying you on a night out of the town. This is because even with all of that partying, you can be certain that this scent will still linger on your skin after all that time.

3. Aqua Pour Homme by Bvlgari Eau De Toilette

Bvlgari Aqua By Bvlgari For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Ounces
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Why we like it: The Aqua Pour Homme eau de toilette offers a crisp and clean scent that will linger for hours without being overwhelming.

The Aqua Pour Homme’s main goal is to trap as much of the scent of the ocean into a bottle as it possibly can. And guess what, it has succeeded – with just a whiff of this eau de toilette you will be transported to a sandy beach, catching hints of aquatic plants. The top notes are vibrant yet subtle, fading over time to unleash a crisp and clean fragrance. This is why this is a scent that works for the whole day and in most situations as well.

This perfume also lasts just the right amount of time. It is mostly medium to long-wearing although the scent is never too strong, even when it is just out of the bottle. This means that you continue to get a whiff of it throughout the day but it is not unpleasant or overpowering. This eau de toilette will go well with someone who is modern and wants to move from one event to another effortlessly. It really is a great fragrance for someone who is always on the go.

4. Tommy Bahama St. Kitts Eau De Cologne

Tommy Bahama St. Kitts Men Eau De Cologne Spray, 3.4 Fl Oz
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Why we like it: The refreshing scent of the Tommy Bahama St. Kitts Eau De Cologne is the perfect addition to any men’s wardrobe. Its clean and airy scent is as charming and relaxed as the brand itself.

There are so many different men’s colognes that offer a nice and refreshing scent. But with many being significantly priced, it can be difficult to find the right perfume for you to use. That is where this next selection on our list comes in. The Tommy Bahama St. Kitts Eau De Cologne is one of the best scents to go with if you are looking for something refreshing, clean, airy, and affordable. The popular brand Tommy Bahama is known for creating some of the best tropical vacation necessities. Their latest scent, the Tommy Bahama St. Kitts Eau De Cologne is no exception. With just a couple of spritzes, you will feel like you have been whisked away to some tropical location. Unlike many other perfumes, the scent is not overpowering at all. And a small whiff of it is enough to have others sniffing out the sent in order to pinpoints its source. Currently, the Tommy Bahama St. Kitts Eau De Cologne is only available in one sizing option, the 3.4 oz bottle. Before you go on your next beach vacation, be sure to pack this refreshing scent along.

5. Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men

Dolce and Gabbana The One EDT for Men, 3.3 oz
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Why we like it: The Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men has a lot going for it including the fact that it transitions beautifully between each note.

What really sets the Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men apart from many of its competitors is how well balanced this scent is. It hits all of the right notes combining more popular fragrances such as citrus and spice as well as those slightly more masculine options such as tobacco. In fact, what is really impressive about this particular perfume is just how well it manages to pull off using tobacco in its formula. Few other formulas work as well as this one does.

While the The One for Men comes out of the bottle swinging, it quickly settles down into sweeter tones with a hint of crisp spiciness. This actually makes it more alluring so that even if someone else leans in, they are going to be able to get the whiff of something truly delicious. The other good thing about this perfume is how well it settles on the skin. This is a great daytime fragrance, especially if you are planning on meeting new people and want to make an impression.

6. Versace Man Eau Fraiche

Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni For Men Edt Spray 3.4 Fl Oz
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Why we like it: With the Versace Man Eau Fraiche, you get the opportunity to bring the outside indoors with you, wherever you go.

The Versace Man Eau Fraiche really does smell like nature in a bottle. It is just the right mix between aquatic and woodsy, ensuring that each note is highlighted with every base note. There is no doubt that this perfume brings to mind thoughts of a crisp day at the beach. This soon gives way to a feeling of being in the woods, surrounded by masculine and spicy scents. If you are looking for something fresh, then you will certainly not regret choosing Versace Man Eau Fraiche.

This is definitely a fragrance that should be worn indoors, particularly during the daytime. It has been designed to be very light and will not be overpowering even if you in a small space with lots of people. While the perfume does last a while, it is meant to fade so that the top, middle, and base notes are all given equal attention. If you want to smell clean, sharp, and like you have just come in from a walk in the woods, then this is the fragrance to choose.

7. Acqua Di Gio Eau de Toilette Spray

Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani for Men, Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Fl...
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Why we like it: The Acqua Di Gio never fails to make a good impression which makes it the easiest fragrance to fall back on when in doubt.

There is no denying that the Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani is one of the most recognizable scents around. Most people at some point or another in their lives have experienced this fragrance. This shouldn’t put you off from this spray, though, not by a longshot. The reason that this eau de toilette is so famous is because it does its job – it is pleasing and alluring all in one. It is almost impossible to offend anyone with this scent.

This is what makes the Acqua di Gio such a great option for an everyday scent, particularly if you have to meet or deal with a large number of people. Regardless of where you go, the reaction will be the same and everyone will be enamored by this fragrance. So, if you want to choose a go-to scent that will be a crowd pleaser, then this is the one that you should stick to. It is certainly not going out of fashion anytime soon.

8. Cool Water by Davidoff for Men

Cool Water By Davidoff For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 4.2 Fl Oz (Pack...
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Why we like it: The Cool Water by Davidoff for men is an oldie but goodie. It really is one of those scents that just gets better as it gets older.

Cool Water by Davidoff is one of those fragrances that have probably been around you for most of your life. Even if you have never worn it, there is a good chance that an older family member has worn it around you. What’s fascinating about this scent, though, is that it doesn’t get old. This is because, even after all these years, the smell is still as fresh as ever and puts a spring in your step. There is also the advantage that you can wear this perfume around practically anyone and not offend them.

What’s interesting about this perfume is how well the fragrances balance each other out. The softer scents like jasmine are steadied by earthier musk tones. This means that while you will still be quite alluring to the ladies, there is something undeniably masculine about the fragrance. So really, you get the best of both worlds when you wear Cool Water by Davidoff. It is quite difficult to go wrong by choosing this scent as your main option, especially during the daytime and for work.

9. Nautica Voyage Eau de Toilette Spray

Nautica Voyage Eau De Toilette for Men - Fresh, Romantic, Fruity Scent...
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Why we like it: The Nautica Voyage eau de toilette spray is a great mix of an oceanic perfume and a clean fragrance that can be worn almost anywhere.

Nautica has made a name for itself in creating fragrances that remind you of the ocean and sailing. It does it again with great success with the Voyage. It is quite easy to imagine yourself setting sail on your nautical adventures when you spray this perfume on. While it is quite sophisticated and appropriate for your workplace, there is also no doubt that there is something quite exciting about this scent as well. So, if you are looking to have a fun break from your everyday schedule, check out this spray.

What’s great about this eau de toilette spray is that it lasts just the right amount of time. While it will see you through most of your day, it will not linger longer than necessary. This means that there really is no chance of you or others getting fed up of this scent anytime soon. Then there is the fact of just how much value you get out of this spray. The price is more than reasonable and you get a considerable stock for it.

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