Have you ever worried your outdoor gathering might be ruined by.. the outdoors? A patio umbrella can shield your guests from the sun and provide cover from the rain.

Besides protecting you from damage caused by too much sunlight, a patio umbrella provides a cool place to sit and relax. Patio umbrellas come in many shapes, colors, sizes and materials. These features are important because they affect how long the product will last and how useful it will be. With so many options, deciding which patio umbrella to purchase can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve prepared this helpful list for you, with some of best patio umbrellas you can buy!

1. Blissun 9′ Patio Umbrella

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Why we like it: This optimal protection patio umbrella is sturdy, durable, and easy to operate. Not to mention, it’s large and will provide sufficient shelter for all your guests.

Blissun truly provides bliss for customers with this product. The Blissun Aluminum Patio Umbrella is packed with great features that will ensure you get the protection you need to enjoy your time outside. The patio umbrella provides a generous 9 ft amount of sun protection and can easily shade your tables and chairs. This umbrella is also very durable, being made out of a polyester fabric material that is highly waterproof and UV-resistant. You will be able to get great usage out of this product as it is assured to last for many years. This stable patio umbrella also features 8 aluminum ribs for extra strength, allowing the umbrella to withstand wind gusts.

Want a patio umbrella that’s easy to setup and use? Not a problem! Just like many of the umbrellas we’ve featured on this list, this patio umbrella comes with a crank operating system for easy and quick use. As normal, the patio umbrella also features a tilt option for you to use as you wish. Sadly, you won’t get to choose from a variety of color options as this patio umbrella only comes in gray, dark green, and ivory white. However, in the product’s image, it appears as though there is the possibility to choose other colors, despite not being featured in the purchase options on the page (we know, also weird). What isn’t weird is the product’s affordability. So if you like this product’s blissful features, we certainly recommend checking it out!

2. Sundale Outdoor Solar Powered Patio Umbrella

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Why we like it: Who wouldn’t love an umbrella that provides shade and lights up at the same time?! Did we mention it’s also solar powered?

The Sundale umbrella knows how to make a patio umbrella in style with this product. The Sundale Outdoor Solar Powered Patio Umbrella comes in a variety of cool colors! Such colors include: black, blue, green, red, tan, and yellow. Not to mention, you can truly host your backyard party in style as this umbrella even lights up! The umbrella contains 4 LED lights on each of the umbrella’s ribs (a total of 8). Don’t worry about breaking out the extension cord to plug this umbrella up. The patio umbrella requires no electricity, as it contains a square solar panel at its top which powers the LED lights.

Let’s move onto the umbrella’s build. The patio umbrella is made of solution-dyed polyester which makes it fade resistant. This durable umbrella also features color fastness to light, making it UV resistant as well. The umbrella is also constructed to guard against water and mildew. You won’t have any problems setting this umbrella up either with its crank system that makes it easy to open and close. Naturally, the umbrella also features a push-button tilt which will help keep the sun at your back. The umbrella also comes with a wind vent to prevent wind from flipping the umbrella. This product does not include a base however. For its outstanding features and cool design, we definitely find this product to be a worthy purchase.

3. Abba Patio Aluminum Table Patio Umbrella

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Why we like it: Who wouldn’t like a patio umbrella that is easy-to-set-up, large in size and is made from high quality, fade-resistant material?!

We kick off our list with this high-quality umbrella made by Abba Patio. The Abba Patio Aluminum Umbrella proves to us it’s ready to endure the hottest weather and rain storms with its quality design. The patio umbrella is made from 100% polyester fabric that is fade resistant. The material of this umbrella also makes it water-repellent and provides UV protection. You can say goodbye to harmful sunrays and pesty rain and say hello to shade and dryness. The patio umbrella’s dyed polyester even comes equipped with color fastness that can last for up to 1000 hours. How’s that for a durable patio umbrella?

The patio umbrella comes in a generous, 9 ft. Diameter size. This will allow you to have optimal shade for your decent sized table with 4 to 6 chairs. The patio umbrella is ideal for both residential and commercial locations. Not to mention, this patio umbrella is built with a rust-free, powder coated aluminum pole and steel ribs. The 1.5″ aluminum pole provides stronger support than other poles, showing this patio umbrella is built to last. The umbrella is easy to use, with its push-button tilt-and-crank system which allows it to easily open and close. The umbrella also features a vented canopy designed to facilitate air flow and prevent inversion in windy climates. We will say though, that this umbrella is a little expensive. For this product’s great features (and also cool color options!) we would gladly accept the expense.

4. TropiShade 9 Ft Bronze Aluminum Market Umbrella

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Why we like it: A powerful and rust-resistant patio umbrella made with ultra-durable fiberglass ribs. It’s safe to say, you’ll get much usage out of this tough umbrella.

With a name like Tropishade, you can guarantee this company is all about providing you with the ultimate coverage in the heat. The Tropishade Aluminum Market Patio Umbrella comes in a generous 9 foot size big enough to cover you and your guests during your backyard events. Not to mention, this patio umbrella’s color fastness enhancement and polyester canopy is UV and weather-resistant. Whether it’s hot sunshine or pouring rain, you won’t have to stress about nasty sunburns or damp clothing with this umbrella. This durable patio umbrella also comes with a wind vent design that deters wind gusts from lifting or tipping the umbrella for ultimate stability.

Let’s talk about this product’s impressive design. The patio umbrella features 6 flexible fiberglass ribs for extra strength to hold it down. The umbrella is also easy to use with its 3-position dura-tilt and crank lift system for easy opening/closing. The umbrella also features a simple, push button coupling and has a 1.375” pole that’ll fit almost any patio furniture and base. You can select one of four colors (beige, green, canvas white, or rust) but this product also varies slightly in budget depending on the color you choose. Also note this product does not include a base so you will have to purchase your own. Nevertheless, if you like a product that’s dedicated to providing shade and standing tall through the wind, then we recommend checking out this product.

5. Abba Patio 11-Feet Offset Cantilever Patio Umbrella

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Why we like it: A long-lasting patio umbrella that’s definitely built to guard against weather and elemental conditions, while providing optimal shade and UV protection.

Abba Patio makes a comeback on our list with this outstanding product. The Abba Patio Cantilever Patio Umbrella is surely the biggest umbrella we have yet to feature on this list. The umbrella has a tremendous size of 11 feet. We can guarantee you that you and your guest won’t have to worry about any possibility of sun damage when under this product. This huge umbrella can shade square dining tables and 72-inch oval and rectangular tables with 6-8 chairs. The umbrella also features an aluminum pole and 8 steel ribs that are bronze powder coated to prevent chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion. We can assure you this product is certainly built to last.

The durable patio umbrella is made of a polyester fabric for extreme sun resistance. The umbrella’s fabric is made to be long lasting, fade resistant, easy to clean, and guarantees 98% UV protection. We can assure that you won’t have to go purchasing a new umbrella anytime soon with this quality-made product. The patio umbrella, like the other umbrellas we’ve reviewed, is easy to open and close with its crank lifting system. This umbrella features a 5-position vertical tilt function, making its tilt function a little more advanced other products. The umbrella also includes a storage cover though weights aren’t included. The downsides, however, are that it only comes in two colors (tan or red) and it is the most expensive product on our list. If you like a good investment and want a high-quality umbrella, then we recommend checking this one out.

6. Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor 7 ft Beach Umbrella

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Why we like it: It’s a quality umbrella made by none other than Tommy Bahama. Not to mention this umbrella is beach ready and super sturdy!

Tommy Bahama is a brand well-known for its clothing, but also its up-scale furniture. Tommy Bahama shows us that quality is something required for all of their products with this umbrella. The Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor Beach Umbrella is designed with premium-grade, special aluminium undercoating that protects you against the sun’s harmful rays. This well-made umbrella even comes with an integrated sand anchor that secures your umbrella with just a simple twist. You’ll be able to seamlessly use this umbrella through the windy days on the beach due to this product’s durability and convenience. Speaking of wind, this sturdy umbrella also features a wind vent for additional stability.

Thought this umbrella could only be used at the beach? Think again. This versatile umbrella can be used wherever and whenever you need protection from sun (no sand and water required). This umbrella also provides a good amount of protection, being 7 feet and 2.13 meters in size. The umbrella is available in a few different colors such as green/blue stripe, red stripe, and blue and white. Do note that depending on the color you pick, the budget will either decrease or increase a little. Additionally, some customers have expressed concern with how well the umbrella holds up against harsher weather (i.e. heavy winds and rain). Nevertheless, if you simply want to be protected during a hot day or from milder winds, then this could be the product for you.

7. Trademark Innovations Deluxe Solar Powered LED Patio Umbrella

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Why we like it: A solidly built patio umbrella complete with sun-prevention features and cool LED lighting. What more could you want from an umbrella?

We won’t lie. We adore these patio umbrellas that light up! That’s why we just have to include the Trademark Innovations LED patio umbrella on our list. The Trademark Innovations Deluxe Patio Umbrella features 3 LED lights on each of its 8 ribs. Just like the last product, you won’t have to worry about plugging up this product due to its square solar panel at its top which provides sufficient LED lighting that can last up to a whopping 9-12 hours! Unlike the previous product (and other products we’ve reviewed thus far) this patio umbrella features a unique, scalloped-edge top design that is sure to protect you from the harsh sun rays.

Speaking of design, this patio umbrella contains a fabric made with 180 grams of polyester and a pole built with black steel coating. The umbrella is 7’ diameter in size and features an easy to use crank operation feature that makes opening and closing this umbrella an effortless task. The patio umbrella, as usual features a tilt option, allowing you adjust what areas you want your umbrella to shade. The umbrella comes in four colors including blue, red, tan, and light green, but do note depending on what color you choose, the budget will increase or decrease. The light green color (the one we selected for this review) is unfortunately the cheapest color option you can get. Nevertheless, if you want a quality umbrella that’ll light up your backyard, you may want to consider this product.

8. Giantex 9ft Patio Umbrella

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Why we like it: A giant-sized umbrella that provides all-in-one protection against a plethora of weather conditions and acts as the perfect sun tent and rain shelter.

The Giantex brand shows that versatility is of great importance with this product. The Giantex 9ft Patio Umbrella can double as a sun tent and a rain shelter. Having a party in the backyard when it suddenly starts to rain? Not a problem. Just move yourself and the guests under this large umbrella and enjoy your fun while you stay dry. Speaking of “large umbrella,” this patio umbrella comes in a 9 foot size and has a pole diameter of 38mm. Customers have raved about how sturdy this patio umbrella is, saying it is very stable and excellent for the outdoors. Customers also love this umbrella’s tilt and crank feature, making this umbrella easy to open and close.

The patio umbrella is made from durable steel and a polyester cloth material, so you won’t have to worry about this umbrella being easily torn down by heavy winds. The umbrella is both wide and tall, making it a perfect sunblocker. Do note, the patio umbrella does not come with a stand, so you will have to go out and purchase your own. This umbrella is available in three simple but pleasant colors including beige, burgundy, and tan. Keep in mind that the budget varies slightly depending on the color you choose. Some customers have taken slight issue with the umbrella’s true size, stating it’s closer to 8 ft than 9 ft. Nevertheless, 8 ft is still enough coverage and this umbrella is rather reliable, making it suitable for our list.

9. COBANA 9 Ft Outdoor Market Aluminum Umbrella

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Why we like it: A patio umbrella that’s easy to open and is resistant to physical damages including chipping and rust (meaning it’s built to last).

Corbana knows how important it is to have a product that gives reliable protection from harsh weather and is built to last. The Corbana Aluminum Patio Umbrella features 8 “ribs” for extra strength and a powder, rust-resistant coated 1.5″ aluminum pole that holds up against various elements such as rust, corrosion, chipping, and peeling. You can use this patio umbrella for a while without worrying about it deteriorating from nature’s elements. With the elements of nature in mind, this sturdy umbrella even comes with a vented canopy that is designed to facilitate air flow and prevent inversion in windy climates.

Like many of the other umbrellas we reviewed, this umbrella features a push button, tilt and crank system that allows you to easily open and close your umbrella. The umbrella also includes a tilt function which allows you to set your umbrella to the perfect angle for maximum shade. This compatible, 9 foot diameter patio umbrella will shade your 42″ to 54″ round, square, or rectangular table and 4 to 6 chairs. There are 4 color options for this umbrella including beige, red, blue, and red/white striped. Aside from this product’s great features and reviews, it has been noted to feel a bit “flimsy” and some customers have cited the handle on the umbrella broke after a few months. Nevertheless, the company has been noted to replace broken umbrellas swiftly so we definitely recommend giving this customer-service backed umbrella a try

10. FiberBuilt Umbrellas Terrace Umbrella

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Why we like it: If you are looking for a simple and easy to use patio umbrella, then the FiberBuilt Umbrellas Terrace Umbrella with Push-Button Tilt is a great option to go with.

When the warmer months start coming around, you want to make sure that you have a patio area that is set up and ready for all your spring and summer moments. For many homes, the FiberBuilt Umbrellas Terrace Umbrella can be the perfect addition to any patio ensemble. You will find that you have ample room away from the sun’s rays thanks to the 9-foot diameter durable canopy that it is made out of a spun acrylic that will not allow the UV rays permeate Throughout. Adjusting the height of the FiberBuilt Umbrellas Terrace Umbrella is super simple thanks to the crank style lift too. The highest the FiberBuilt Umbrellas Terrace Umbrella will rise is 96 inches in height. This versatility is perfect to accommodate all types of families. You can raise and lower the FiberBuilt Umbrellas Terrace Umbrella as many times as you need to without worrying about your umbrella pole bending or breaking thanks to its outer powder coated aluminum construction.

The stability of this umbrella is unmatched as well. Whether it’s a windy day or a sunny day, you can be sure that the FiberBuilt Umbrellas Terrace Umbrella will withstand the elements of the outdoors. The FiberBuilt Umbrellas Terrace Umbrella has been wind tested at 50 MPH and has proven time and time again that it is up for the challenge of being a dependable addition to your patio set.

Lastly, you can find the right color scheme for your patio set because the FiberBuilt Umbrellas Terrace Umbrella comes in a wide range of color schemes that are sophisticated and modern enough for any household design.