Best Pasta Makers

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What is life without food? Over the years, the world has been blessed with an abundance of culinary marvels from all around the world. Thanks to globalization, we can now enjoy most of these right at home. As technology improved, so did our gastronomic possibilities and as a result, we can make many different types of food. Pasta, a sublime gift from Italy is known and loved globally. There are types of pasta you can choose from and you can also make various delicious combinations. Did you know, though, that now you can make your own pasta from scratch? No more buying packs off the supermarket shelves; you and your family can enjoy the benefits of home-made pasta at any time. To do this, though, you need the right equipment such as a pasta maker machine. Here are some.

Gourmia One Touch Automatic Pasta Maker


This one is great for those who would like to exert less energy. The typical pasta maker machine needs manual working which can be a tad tiring. Offering a solution to this, Gourmia presents their one-touch automatic pasta machine. Best of all, you need not spend time kneading, sifting, and mixing; it does all of that for you! It also comes complete with 13 shaping discs (including for dumplings) and a free recipe book for you to try out exciting new dishes. Plus, it allows you to make up to 1lb of pasta at a time. You can whip up spaghetti, ravioli, fettucine and macaroni which everyone loves! Though this machine is easy to operate, it is quite advanced and uses the best mechanisms to make its job possible. What is more, they are ETL certified which means that you are investing in nothing short of a quality appliance. Even better, it can also make sausage so you have an addition to your pasta. It really is an all-in-one product.

Homdox Zucchini Spaghetti Pasta Maker


This pasta maker machine by Homdox is a fantastic option to consider for your pasta creations. It is constructed out of heavy-duty stainless steel and as a result, is durable. You can look forward to making a host of different kinds of pasta whenever you need. It also comes completes with 2 stainless steel cutting blades and allows for 6 different positions depending on what you want. The lowest is 2mm, which is designed for vermicelli. Furthermore, there are an additional 6 settings for your pasta kneading and rolling. This is important, seeing as how the wrong dough will never produce the right pasta no matter what you use. The crank handle is removable and is smooth to operate which makes it incredibly convenient. You also have the added security of immovability thanks to the table-top clamp which keeps it in place. Since the handles can be dismantled, it makes for easy storage so you can easily pack it back in.

Philips Pasta Maker


Philips has long been a reputed, trusted name and they do not disappoint with their automatic pasta maker. You heard right; automatic. So if you have been using the crank method all this while and are looking for an easier option then this would be it. It happens to be quite an advanced appliance too compared to its contenders. There is an auto shut-off function, along with a shaft that is detachable and non-slip feet. It also has a LED display as well as an on/off switch for easy operation along with a cooking function. Plus, it alerts you when it is done which is great for busy, stay-at-home moms who cannot spend all their time in the kitchen. There is a safety lock too which is great for your peace of mind. It consumes 200W of power so bear that in mind. Additionally, they have included a cleaning tool making cleanup easy after you are done, along with a measuring cup and recipe book. Best of all, it comes with a full year’s warranty.


Magic Mill Automatic Electric Pasta Maker


True to its name, this really is a magical contraption as far as pasta makers go. It is an automatic machine to begin with, which probably perked up your interest. Secondly, it kneads, mixes and rolls out well-combined dough offering you the right base for your pasta. It has a capacity of 35lb (around 500grm) which will help you calculate quantity if you have guests over. There are also 8 different types of shaping discs so you can make many different types. If you are bored of the same old recipes, try out the 10 recipes included in both pasta and noodle dishes for a change. Furthermore, it also comes with 2 measuring cups, as well as a pasta cutter. The locking key is great for ensuring safety especially if you have small children around, and the cleaning brush helps you clean up easy. It will set you back approximately $100 however, is quite a worthwhile buy.


Cestari Kitchen Ultimate Pasta Machine


While there are several options when selecting a pasta maker, Cestari Kitchen happens to be one of the best. It is a professional pasta maker, complete with a suction base that is patented. This means that you can safely use the machine without the risk of it slipping. Seeing as how they are quite heavy, this is important. The structure consists of chrome plated steel that has been polished to a mirror-finish. Plus, both the rollers and cutters have been made out of anodized aluminum. You have the flexibility of choosing the thickness of your pasta since it has a 9-position dial. It ranges from 3.5mm – 7mm. It is extremely efficient, giving you well cut, smooth pasta in the process. As far as price is concerned, you are looking at spending around $100 for this product. Its sturdiness assures its durability so you can relish fresh pasta for years to come.

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 Pasta Maker


Amongst their other products, Marcato does a great job with their pasta maker. This is a manual one, though, so do bear that in mind. You will need to prepare the pasta mix and feed it into the machine whilst using the hand-crank to pull the strips out. It is built with chrome plated steel and its rollers and cutters are anodized aluminum. You can also choose between both narrow and wide cutters depending on your requirements. Plus, if you need some inspiration you can always turn to their instruction book which also contains recipes. It is sturdy and well-built so it does not slip on the surface. What is more, it is easy to use and also a breeze to clean. If you have spent way too much time making pasta by hand, this type of machine should make things easier. For a pasta machine, it is quite well-priced so do consider it.


Metro Fulfillment House Italian Style Pasta Maker


Metro Fulfillment House gives the conventional pasta maker machine a twist with its bright red color. This one is the cheapest here, however still offers some great features to get the job done. So if you are looking for something on a budget and do not require too many advanced services, consider this. It also incorporates adjustable rollers which offer you multiple thickness levels along with a double-cutting head. The latter will be useful for when you make either fettucine or spaghetti. Both the crank-handle and clamp come with handles made out of ABS plastics so you have nothing to worry about. You use the clamp to safely secure the pasta machine to your counter-top. Make sure you tighten it well so it cannot slip. If you worried about setting it up or have never used one before, there is an instruction booklet you can follow. Plus, there is also a set of recipes included for new ideas if you ever run out!

Cucina Pro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set


‘Cucina’ in Italian means kitchen; so technically, this one is a kitchen pro! It is a more lucrative buy than others because of its comparatively affordable price. It features a solid chrome coated steel build, which ensures its durability and thereby long-term use. You can even out your dough to your desired thickness with the seven settings built into it. Furthermore, it comes with attachments included which you fix onto the grooves of the machine for your desired type of pasta. You also have to attach the crank in yourself though it is quite a simple job. It enables you to churn out a variety of pasta styles offering you variety. However, you will need to make sure it stays in place since the pads underneath are made of hard plastic. Your machine can move about when you use it which can make the job twice as hard. Do remember that when making your purchase.