Before humans learned how to read and write, they got by with paintings. As we all know, some of the earliest records of man and his escapades were found on cave walls. They were works of art in their own right and provided us with a great many clues. Thanks to these little sketches, we were able to trace back many years and understand how our earliest ancestors lived. Needless to say, this practice stuck around and today, art has flourished into a multi-million dollar business. It is also one where artists themselves are not appreciated until after their death which, though strange is true. History has seen some of the marvelous pieces of work thanks to the lies of Monet, Picasso, DaVinci and Michael Angelo. And unlike a few decades ago, today artists have many tools to depend on where painting easels are an important part of it all.

1. Tri-C Aluminum Field Easel

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If you are okay with not having a typical wooden easel, then you can look at this aluminum version. For an easel that size, it is extremely affordable seeing as how it is also more specifically a field easel. However, that is because it is made of aluminum as opposed to wood like other convention easels. So if you are a painter on a very strict budget yet need to invest in an easel, consider this by Tri-C.

Though it does not have the grandeur of a wooden easel, it still gets the job done which is what is important after all. It is quite lightweight so you need not worry about having to carry it around. You can comfortably fit a 32” canvas within its frame. Conveniently, its tripod legs are adjustable on any ground. So no matter what sort of terrain you are on or whether it is just for home use, it fits it all. It also comes with a free nylon bag with a comfortable shoulder strap for transportation.

2. American Easel Oak Yazhi Easel-Golden Finish

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Quite a majestic option as far as easels go. This one by American Easel stretches up to 60 inches in height offering you plenty of flexibility. Although a tad expensive, it is not as expensive as some easels can get. The structure is built out of a beautiful Northern red oak which has been given a lovely golden finish. Aside from being able to hold canvases that are up to 44” in height, it also comes with a back leg for additional support.

Made in the USA, it is of extremely high quality making it quite a dependable choice. If you travel a lot, then the fact that you can fold it up for easy portability is a definite plus point. Wherever and however you like to paint, this easel is a must-have. Its sophisticated demeanor gives off a professional vibe even if you might not be one! It also makes for a great gift for a budding artist.

3. Zen Art Supply Desktop Artist Easel

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This one is perfect for those who are just starting off or are studying art. Since it is easy to use and is also both a desktop and stand easel, it covers everything. Much like many other easels (at least the good quality ones that are), this is also made out of beechwood. It also comes with a spacious interior compartment that is neatly divided for easy storage.

There are also removable dividers if you want to re-arrange things from time-to-time. It is quite versatile as well seeing as how it can be inclined both horizontally and vertically. The carry-handle it includes is comfortable and makes for easy transportation. Canvases that are 21” high can fit in quite well. If you are more of a painter on-the-go, then you should consider investing in this. Since you can keep it on any surface, you can even use if on long train rides.

4. US Art Supply Coronado French Style Easel

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Your first thought upon seeing this easel is that you absolutely must have the full painter’s kit to go with it! And that is because this is what is known as a French Style Easel. It is perfect for professional artists in particular and for artists transitioning from beginner easels to more advanced ones. It is a completely adjustable easel that can be used on the field complete with a storage unit.

Most impressively, its construction is beech wood that has been sanded by hand. It also includes a 12” sliding drawer with separate compartments and a wooden palette that can be removed. For easy transportation, there is a shoulder strap which you can adjust, together with a hardy leather handle. When completely setup, it stands at 71” whilst being able to hold canvases that are 34” large. You can basically set this up anywhere you want and comfortably store your precious art supplies.

5. Mont Marte Floor Easel w/Tilt Beech Wood

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Mont Marte is one of the most popular names in the world of art. They have been the leaders of art supplies for years and with good reason too. Their beautiful packaging coupled with high-quality products have made them a favorite amongst artists all around the world. This A-frame floor easel is no different. Stately, hardy and light, it is perfect for use anywhere one wishes. It is especially suitable for home or studio use.

Made out of beech wood, it also comes with a handy ledge to store all your pencils, brushes, paints and the like. The easel is also easily adjustable until you are comfortable with it. It is able to hold canvases that are around 47” high and also folds flat so you can transport it around. Although a little expensive, it is definitely worth the investment since it is durable and easy to setup. Great for beginners just learning their way around an easel.

6. Juvale Painter’s Picture Painting Portable Easel

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This is a very interesting choice mainly because these easels by Juvale are tiny. They are mini-easels so to speak. Although they are not much use if you want to get a full canvas painting done, they are great for unique ideas. For instance, their small stature means that they are quite popular at weddings and other events as part of the décor. You can prop up pictures or miniature paintings for a personal touch.

This six piece set though little is built out of good wood and is therefore quite sturdy. You can also use them as a keepsake if you wish. You could organize Polaroid pictures to be taken and let your guests take them home for memories. These easels also pose a challenge of sorts to artists seeing as how it can be quite difficult to get a painting done on them. They are quite cheap though so it is worth trying them out for size.

7. Art Alternatives Marquis Artists Desk Box Easel

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Another unique and intriguing choice as far as easels go. It is definitely not your conventional easel. This option by Art Alternatives is actually a miniature desk that is portable and is able to convert into an easel. Two-in-one basically. What is more, it is also able to transform into four different positions for more flexibility. Despite its deceiving size, it consists of a drawer complete with three compartments where you can store all your equipment.

Though it designed to be lightweight for portability, it is actually sturdier than you would expect it to be. So if you are the kind of painter who likes to travel a lot as well, this is a great addition to your luggage. It can accommodate canvases that are 11 x 14 inches in size. Although you are restricted to size, you do have the option of sketching on a flat surface and then viewing it in full form then and there. It is also quite affordable so do consider adding it in.

8. Mabef Inclinable Lyre Easel

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This easel is affordable for the value of the product. Mabef easels are manufactured in Italy since 1948, by craftsmen who are skilled in perfecting the art of making easels. The craftsmen make each Mabef easel with a simple, functional design that is strong, solid, reliable, and long-lasting. That is why a lifetime warranty backs all Mabef easels. Mabef easels are crafted from oiled beechwood; this easel accepts both vertically and horizontally positioned canvases.

What’s more, artists can lock the easel in any position between vertical and horizontal, allowing greater flexibility while painting. The easel’s sturdy base has four lockable casters and is fitted with a storage area below the canvas ledge for tools, brushes, and paints. The M-18 easel measuresments are 147½”H × 26½”W × 29½”D. It weighs 52 lb.