Often times, setting up an antenna and testing it out is not a fun-filled activity itself. As a customer, you are likely to be brimming with uncertainty about your purchase, whether it will deliver as promised, or if it will set you back on your investment. However, our selections for the best outdoor antennas are bound to lighten the mood and the tension doing precisely what they are designed to do.

For many people, entertainment is a valuable release from the struggles and strains of everyday life. And despite the overwhelming influence of the internet in recent years, the television is still very much an effective entertainment medium. It will be no good, however, without an antenna to pick up tv signals and broadcast them with clarity. And that is where our list comes in, featuring carefully selected outdoor antennas that are commercially available and at the cutting edge of performance. If you live close to broadcast towers and receive great signal strength, you might want to consider an indoor tv antenna.

We have compiled our HD antenna list based on the capabilities concerning range, broadcasting, adjustability, durability, and, of course, resistance to the weather. So let’s get right into it.

1. ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna

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Why we like it: Unless you literally live at the ends of the earth, this outdoor directional antenna should serve you nicely with very long-range, HD quality, 360-degree rotation, and an extra-long coax cable.

As its name suggests, the View TV outdoor antenna has a gain amplifier. Usually, its VHF gain is 28 to 32dB and UHF gain is 32 to 36dB. It can pick up signals from up to 150 miles away, which is about as good as it gets with modern outdoor antennas. It also comes with a rotor that can turn it the full 360 degrees, so it can stake out and face the best direction for receiving signals. So yes, that means your cable and satellite bills no longer exist for HD quality viewing, in case you were wondering.

Similarly, you are not that limited when it comes to placing your television set either. This antenna comes with a coaxial cable longer than most, almost kissing 40 feet. So placing your television while finding the best place to set up your antenna is made that much simpler. Any weather conditions are unlikely to trouble it as long as they are within -10 and 50 degrees Celsius. We assume living at either of the poles are well beyond 150 miles from the broadcast towers anyways. We believe this is the best outdoor digital tv antenna.

2. Winegard Platinum Long Range Outdoor TV Antenna

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Why we like it: It is built well enough to last a very long time, and is backed by some superb performance and weather-beating protection.

So what do we have here then? Well, some say it is by far and away the best outdoor TV antenna you can buy right now, and there is some evidence to support that. For a kickoff, this antenna is a Platinum HD8200U digital HDTV with a much higher gain than most other commercially available antennas. And it has an excellent durability record. If you want to make a one-time purchase with your antenna, you have got to look this one up.

The range of this antenna easily extends to over 65 miles and can pick up 4k ultra-HD signals if there happen to be any around. You also get a cartridge house for the download module with 75 Ohm coaxial connectivity. Also, it will shrug off the weather even on its worst behavior. The weather won’t be getting in the way of you and your tv channels! The hardware components are composed of steel with a zinc plating for reinforced resistance to corrosion. Also, the connecting bits are protected by a polyethylene boot, which is adequately flexible. Not only is it well suited for the outdoors, but we also believe it is the best long range outdoor tv antenna.

3. Vilso Digital HDTV Outdoor Antenna

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Why we like it: Easy to assemble, highly adjustable, broadcasts in premium HD quality and provides a huge relief from those bills.

If you are looking for an outdoor antenna that has very long-range signal reception, an easy assembly, high adjustability, and puts a slam dunk in your cable and your cable and satellite bills, be sure to look this one up. The Vilso TV antenna also has a motorized function that enables it to rotate 360 degrees to seek out the best direction for receiving signals with minimal or no interruption. It is also quite easy to set up, easily manageable in minutes.

As promised, the range is about as good as it gets at 150 miles. And it can broadcast your favorite television networks in sweet HD quality ranging from 720p to 1080i to 1080p. VHF gain is between 28 and 32dB and UHG gain between 32 and 36dB. It is about as resistant to harsh weather as any other antenna you will find on the market. The pole you need to mount it on should be an inch wide. However, it does not come as part of the package.

4. 1byone Digital Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna

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Why we like it: With an 85-mile range, this antenna easily busts most cable and satellite bills with ease, and comes with added assurances like a month-long money-back guarantee and a year-long warranty.

Ever dreamed of a time where having to pay a bill for cable or satellite connectivity is a thing of the past? Well, it is now with the 1byone outdoor antenna. Once set, it can access all of the local channels in high-quality resolution with nothing to lose from your wallet. Exactly how good is that quality? We are talking high-definition sound and visuals up to 1080p, 4K, or even 3D. Just make sure the signals are within this antenna’s 85-mile range.

However, obtaining free reception is not all down to the specs of the antenna. It is also subjective in part to the specific area in which you are using it. Not that you should worry about it because you can have this antenna with a 30-day money-back guarantee. That way you can test your local conditions and make sure if the antenna is compatible or not. The construction overall is tough enough to endure hard weather conditions. And of course, you get a comprehensive 12-month warranty as well.

5. Mediasonic HOMEWORX HDTV Outdoor Antenna

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Why we like it: Very capable and durable and most of all, cheap! This was a bargain we could not ignore.

This Mediasonic outdoor antenna is good value for money for what it delivers. It is well made from materials that make it durable and able to withstand unforgiving weather conditions. As a customer, you can trust it to work with no glitches in urban and suburban neighborhoods. It can pick up signals within a range of 80 miles, which is more than enough to suit the environment it was designed for. It comes as a fairly compact set and is a simple device to set up.

This outdoor antenna can broadcast both in standard and high definition. Its high definition broadcasting is good for 1080p resolution. It supports both UHF and VHF frequencies. It comes in a compact package that is easy to unpack as well as install. What is most striking about it is that, for all its capabilities, it goes for roughly half the rate as similar models in the market. And from where we are standing, it is quite difficult to work out why.

6. AILUKI Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna

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Why we like it: Receives signals from up to 150 miles away and can be rotated 360 degrees to scope out only the best directions to which to point.

The Ailuki outdoor antenna has an impressive range of 150 miles from which it can pick up FM signals, as well as UHF and VHF signals. Plus, it can broadcast channels in both standard and high definition. And we do mean high definition, as in resolution up to 720p or 1080p. This antenna also has a motor that can rotate it 360 degrees so it can be pointed in the optimal direction for picking up signals. That said, it is not a very cumbersome thing. It is made of lightweight materials such as aluminum and plastic.

Setting it up is a breeze. It is mounted on a pole that is an inch wide, and the most suitable height for it is around 30 feet above the ground. However, it is important to note that the mounting pole is not included in the delivery package. What you do get is the main unit, a 33-foot long coaxial cable, one rotor, one power box, one remote controller, five directors, 14 screws, and an instruction manual. Oh yes, you also get a 40-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty period.

7. pingbingding HDTV Antenna Amplified Digital Outdoor Antenna

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Why we like it: Excellent ability to pick up signals, thanks to a very long-range and rotating motor, included remote control, and puts a decisive end to your paid cable and satellite subscription.

A 150-mile maximum reception appears to be the new benchmark for modern outdoor antennas, and this model from pingbingding hits that mark with a sledgehammer. It can pick up FM/UHF/VHF signals from so far away and broadcast channels in premium HD resolution. And it completely spares you of cable and satellite bills in the process. It is also highly adjustable, thanks to an integrated rotor, which can rotate it a full 360 degrees with the use of an infrared remote control.

The excellent rotation properties of this antenna make it ideal even in secluded rural neighborhoods since, with any direction the signals come from, it can adjust and pick them up. It is safe to say this is the best outdoor tv antenna for rural areas. And with a handy 33-foot long coaxial cable, it will not hinder where you choose to place your television. Nevertheless, the manufacturer remains humble with their product and makes some strong assurances available to you. Easy installation.

8. ROCAM Amplified HDTV Outdoor Antenna

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Why we like it: You get all the usual perks of any well-built outdoor antenna and permission to watch television in even the worst thunderstorms!

You may be familiar with the usual procedure for when a thunderstorm pays a visit to your area. You have no choice but to turn off your TV and pray for the storm to end before your favorite show does. With ROCAM outdoor antenna, however, you might remember that it has full ABS plastic shell technology to keep it unreachable to lightning. So now you can get right back to it and enjoy your TV show, regardless, and congratulate yourself on being stupid for not having remembered that sooner!

While increased insulation from the weather is a huge plus for the ROCAM over other antennas, it does not just stop there. It also features a remarkably simple setup, which gives nothing away concerning streaming quality, range, and adjustability. It can pick up signals up to 150 miles away, broadcast your favorite channels in amplified HD resolution, and has an integrated motor that can rotate it a full 360 degrees in search of the ideal direction to exploit the range to pick up additional signals.

9. UraLeyeon Outdoor Antenna

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Why we like it: Spans a good 150-mile range that does wonders to your cable bills, and high build quality helps it to continue for a very long time.

The UraLeyeon antenna can function as both an outdoor antenna and an indoor tv antenna. Some of the main talking points about it are its range, which covers 150 miles, and an excellent reception capable of receiving 1080p 4k tv signals. It is about as good as digital TV antennas get these days. Usual gain is 32dBi with an amplifier. The long-range ability of this antenna means you can access popular tv stations and HD channels and without being required to pay an extra fee for them.

Also provided is a 33-foot long detachable cable, so you have some considerable range to work with when finding the best spot to place the antenna. After all, you want to make the most of that 150-mile signal range and avoid any interference from other signals. The quality of resolution and sound you get is undeniable. And you get the added assurance of a 12-month warranty. So this antenna is durable, nicely spec’d, and cuts the bills enough to make you smile. This multi-directional antenna will satisfy all of your needs and make you very happy!