Best Outdoor TV Antennas

The biggest Con in the cable TV or Satellite TV services is that you have to pay a fairly high monthly subscription. What if you could watch almost all of your favorite TV channels for free? The modified outdoor TV antennas are the best option for you if you are hungry for a strong and powerful signal but you live a bit far from the DTV stations. These antennas are amplified to gain a clear signal over a reception range of 60 miles and you can use these to boost up the existing signals too. Some of the best Outdoor TV antennas have wireless remote control features as well. With the involvement of cutting edge technology, the outdoor antennas offer you the ability to view the TV channels in high definition quality. When buying an outdoor TV antenna, one has to concentrate on so many factors including, but not limited to, price, reception range, durability and weather resistance. The following comprehensive list of Best Outdoor TV Antennas in 2017 is made considering all those factors.

1. 1byone Amplified HDTV Antenna


Being on the top of the best outdoor TV antennas list is the Amplified HDTV Antenna from 1buyone, a versatile and extremely powerful modern TV antenna. This has a signal range that goes up to a range as far as 50 miles. 1buyone HDTV Antenna is designed to be very slim and compact to ensure that it fits virtually anywhere you want. The device is lightweight and the design is also soft. You can place it on a table, hide it behind your TV or simply stick it outside on a window. The durable shell makes sure that the antenna can withstand the moisture and the rough weather and also the extreme sun rays. Whatever the weather condition, it will offer you a crystal clear HD video experience. The connecting coax cable is 10 feet long and this is to ensure the ease of placing anywhere in your home to obtain the best and uninterrupted reception. The installation procedure is made convenient due to the simple and easy-to-understand setup process.

2. RCA Compact Outdoor HDTV Antenna


RCA Yagi outdoor antenna is designed in the USA and it is made with heavy duty material that is durable. The design is proved to withstand heavy weather conditions and the antenna has a strong reception range even the device is mounted in your home’s attic. With this high-quality antenna, you can enjoy HDTV channels without having to pay any subscription. This Yagi compact outdoor antenna has become one of the best Outdoor antennas, because it supports 1080i HDTV signal broadcasts, offering you 60 miles of reception range to receive high-quality audio and video. The compatibility with both UHF signals and VHF signals is a plus and you can fold the UHF reflector if you don’t require that feature. The antenna comes to you pre-assembled and it includes the antenna mast, 75R transformer, mounting hardware and mast locking clamp.

3. Antennas Direct ClearStream Outdoor HDTV Antenna


If you are worried about the signal coverage of your antenna, this is the ideal solution. This outdoor antenna has a signal range up to 60 miles and it guarantees the best performance out of all the outdoor antennas in the same category. You can receive almost all the important free TV shows like Fox, MeTV, ABC, NBC and Univision without any extra hassle. An important feature is that this antenna allows you to view all these channels, including so many others in 1080p Full High Definition. The location of your residence and obstruction may vary the signal strength but it has a mulita directional element including UHF and VHF dedicated to giving you a wide range of reception, thus enabling you to use this independent of your location. With the product, you get a mount with 20-inch length and another mounting hardware that can withstand all the rough weather conditions. This has become one of the best in relevant product range due to the lifetime warranty that is offered by the company.

4. GE Attic Mount HD Antenna


GE introduces you the High-powered outdoor HD antenna which is ideal for the locations where you get very poor reception. It has an enhanced coverage of 60 miles range and this offers you an optimized full High Definition reception. The antenna is designed to be compact and small and it is compatible with High Definition TV, VHF, and UHF. As the name itself suggests, it can be fit in the attic or in outdoors to receive excellent reception. The design is weather resistant and you can keep it out of sight while maintaining the perfect TV viewing experience. This outdoor antenna is equipped with a universal connection that makes sure that it fits with almost all the TVs and boosters. With every purchase, you receive a complete instruction on how to assemble the mast and the complete device. Also, the durable and rugged mounting bracket is included in the package.

5. MediaSonic HORMWORX HDTV Outdoor Antenna


The HW-560AN HORMWORX is a powerful antenna that involves cutting edge technology to give the user an unparalleled experience. It has the ability to support both digital frequencies as well as the conventional analog frequencies. The involvement of the modern technology offers you the 1080p high quality and High Definition video viewing experience as well. It has a strong signal strength with a range of 60 miles of reception and the design is made to be very compact for the ease of the installation. The frequency range varies from 470 MHz to 862 MHz and it has an antenna gain of 9dB to 11.5dB. The impedance of this outdoor antenna is 75 Om and it has a length of 33.5 inches. You can install the device and fix it up on a mast or a pole conveniently and the device is strong and rugged enough to withstand the weathering as well.

6. Tree New Bee Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna


Installing the outdoor antennas can be relatively easy, but setting up the right direction can be a hassle at times. Being one of the best Outdoor Antennas in the market, the amplified HDTV outdoor Antenna from Tree New Bee has a motor that rotates the whole antenna in 360 degrees to increase and identify the proper reception. The antenna is equipped with a wireless remote controller to control the rotor on the device. It supports VHF, FM, and UHF with a signal reception range of 120 miles, making this outdoor antenna outstanding among the other products. It offers two built-in outputs for TV and also it has a built-in amplifier. The amp device doesn’t make much noise, so it does not affect the viewing experience in any way. With this product, you receive a 40 feet long coax cable, a power supply adapter for the control box of the rotor among other basic components.

7. Winegard HD7694P High Definition Antenna


Most of the outdoor antennas fail due to the inability to withstand weathering conditions. This device is made out of steel and the outer shell is plated with zinc to enhance the corrosion resistance. The connections to the antenna box are also covered with flexible polyethylene and this makes the wires and the connections are secure. It also has double boom braces for increased strength and the girder is built using durable ABS. the antenna uses the satellite feed of HDTV and it has gained up to 14.2 dB. The design of the Winegard HD8200U Outdoor Antenna is made to be very compact and durable with a width of 110 inches and a height of 33 inches. Assembly of the device is convenient with a 75-ohm coupler and it easily snaps into the place you want it to be. You can mount this powerful HDTV outdoor antenna on poles with diameters up to 2 inches.

8. ViewTV Outdoor Amplified Antenna


This outdoor antenna is a powerful and versatile with a strong signal strength, having a reception range of 150 miles. It can receive TV signals that are free and digitally broadcasted in High Definition. With this handy device, you will watch almost all the free channels that are allowed in you region without paying a cent. The antenna supports 720p, 1080p and 1080i to offer the viewer a unique full HD experience. This ViewTV Outdoor Antenna is amplified to work with a range of frequencies, including 40 – 300MHZ in the VHF range and 470 – 890MHZ in the UHF range. The antenna is designed to be weather resistant and it can withstand rough weathering due to the sun and heavy rain. You have the freedom to control the antenna with a wireless remote controller so that you can adjust it better to receive proper and strong signals.

9. BoostWaves Amplified Outdoor Antenna


Boostwaves introduces this advanced and pre-amplified outdoor antenna with UHF, VHF and HDTV compatibility. This antenna is controlled by an IR remote controller and that gives you the ability to rotate the antenna remotely for best reception. This antenna supports full 360-degree rotation and the motor used is a compact, lightweight and durable device to ensure the lifespan of the antenna. It offers you an antenna gain of 20 – 28dB. The first channels from 01 to 12 are VHF and the rest of the channels from 21 to 69 are UHF. The antenna is equipped with a coaxial cable with a length of 50 feet. You can easily install the component and to make your life easier, BoostWaves offers you 25 cable clips and 20 cable safety ties. The durability of the antenna is increased due to the waterproof technology and also, this handy device has a powerful signal strength up to 125 miles.

10. Lava Electronics HD – 2605 HDTV Antenna


Making its way into the best Outdoor TV antennas in the market in 2017 list, HD – 2605 is a high-quality device from Lava Electronics. This outdoor antenna has a perfect reception range that makes it ideal for urban houses and offices to gain the clearest signals from the satellites. This outdoor antenna is equipped with dual TV output and it is compatible with both UHF and VHF. It has a durable heavy duty motor to rotate the antenna receiver part and this can be conveniently controlled by a wireless remote controller. The reception is highly sensitive and it offers the viewer a unique and unparalleled High Definition video experience throughout the day, regardless of the weather conditions. All the information is packed together with the device and you can easily carry out the installation with the aid of the FCC guide and the easy-to-understand user manual.

11. Xtreme Signal HDB8X-NI Bay Outdoor Antenna


While many other outdoor antennas suffer from poor reception, Xtreme Signal’s new high-quality outdoor antenna is guaranteed to have a strong signal receiving capability. It has a UHF reception range of more than 60 miles and a long and strong VHF signal reception range of 25 miles. The device is designed and engineered to be rugged and durable. The wide wing-like design increases the signal reception range and the blade design used in the antenna is a high-end component with an impressive gain. The antenna is made to be waterproof and the direct coax cable connection together with the built-in 75R transformer ensures the antenna can be hold up in almost any weather condition. This antenna has a unique bow tie design that pulls in maximum signal and it ensures the ability of the antenna to withstand the small impact loads as well.

12. Jeje Amplified HDTV Outdoor Antenna


This HDTV Outdoor Antenna is a powerful device for almost all the locations because it has a reception range of 150 miles and it is made out of premium heavy duty material for enhanced weather resistance. You can fix this outdoor antenna under any weather condition. It works with the 40MHz to 300MHz range in VHF and with 470MHz to 890MHz in UHF. It has an antenna gain of 28-32 (VHF) and 32-36 (UHF). The device supports full high definition video rendering and you can enjoy all the TV shows in 720p, 1080i or in 1080p with no interruptions. The antenna can be controlled by the versatile wireless remote controller and with this product, you don’t have to pay for any satellite or cable service for TV. The Jeju Amplified HDTV Outdoor Antenna is an ideal and one of the best reception devices for the people who live away from the DTV stations.

13. 1PLUS Outdoor Amplified Antenna


This antenna is equipped with modern technology and gives crystal clear audio and video output to the user regardless of the weather condition. With this amplified high-quality antenna, you will not need to pay a monthly rental to enjoy your favorite TV shows. This enables you to watch full HD videos of 720p, 1080i and 1080p. The device has a reception range up to 150 miles and it supports both VHF and UHF signals. The UHF signal range varies from 470MHz to 890MHZ and the VHF signal reception varies from 40MHZ to 300MHz. this outdoor antenna is designed to be weather resistant and can be fixed virtually anywhere outside your house. 1PLUS Outdoor Amplified Antenna has an enhanced motor to rotate the wings smoothly and it has a rotation angle of 360 degrees as well. You can control the rotation and direction with its powerful wireless remote controller too.

14. Mohu Sky MH – 110585 60 TV Antenna


With the brand new MH – 110585 60 Outdoor TV antenna, you are guaranteed to have a free TV experience for life. It has a reception range up to 60 miles and it gives you full access to all the free TV channels in High Definition. Once the antenna is installed, you can enjoy channels like CBS, NBC, Fox and ABC without having to pay a monthly fee. This antenna is equipped with the CleanPeak Filter technology to filter the FM and cellular signals in order to offer you a crystal clear video and audio output. It comes with a 30 feet long coax cable and the antenna can be mounted safely outside on the roof or on attic conveniently. The cable is high end and efficient with the ability to be powered by both USB and power cube. With the purchase, you receive a warranty of 1 year to certify the quality of the product.

15. Getlink HDTV Outdoor Antenna


This outdoor antenna has an optimal reception range of 60 miles and it supports not only UHF and VHF but also FM radio signals and Digital signals. The antenna uses enhanced technology to support 1080p full HD reception, 4K ultra HD, and 3D reception. The device has a cross phase design to ensure the ruggedness and durability against rough weather conditions. Also, this unique design ensures that you receive both horizontally polarized as well as vertically polarized signals. The design is made to be rigid and it offers a perfect sealing. This antenna is rated to be one of the best outdoor antennas due to its Low noise Amplifier and it enhances the image resolution as well. Getlink HDTV Outdoor Antenna comes with a 12-month warranty.

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