Best Organic Skin Care Products

A good majority of skin care products on the market contain an astounding number of chemicals that are harmful to the body. For example, manufacturers use sulfates in soaps and shampoos so the formula creates a rich lather and suds. However, sulfates are bad for human skin, as well as the environment. Consumers usually do not recognize the chemicals in products, and do not understand the harm they can do. Perfume is another such popular chemical. It sounds like fragrance, but it is really a concoction of dangerous and unknown chemicals. If you want to keep your skin clean as well as healthy, it’s best to avoid commercial skin care products. Here is a list of organic skin care products that are largely free of harmful chemicals.

1. African Black Soap


This soap is made from a 100% pure, raw, organic and unrefined formula. It’s suitable to clear up acne, dry skin, minor scars, rashes and (caused by conditions like eczema). It’s not a medical soap, though; this formula is perfectly suitable for everyday use as a face and body wash. The soap is made from ingredients such as unrefined Shea butter, palm oil, and coconut oil, based on a West Ghanaian formula. The soap is very gentle on even sensitive skin. Harsh chemicals in commercial products can make skin conditions like acne far worse. Non-organic soaps also have a drying effect on skin, which exacerbate dry skin. This formula will have no effect. Instead, it will be soothing. African black soap is comparable to other types of homemade soap. It doesn’t emanate a strong odor and smells like unscented homemade soap. The formula is hypoallergenic, vegan-friendly and fair trade according to the manufacturer. Also, each package contains a generous 5 lbs of soap.

2. Viva Labs Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil


This unrefined, cold pressed coconut oil is perfect as a chemical-free moisturizer. This product also uses extra virgin coconut oil to ensure the best quality. This product has been certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). It’s also kosher and gluten-free for use. The coconut is extracted from non-GMO plants free of beach, pesticides, and hexane. All Trans’ fat has been removed from the final product. Because the oil is extracted at low temperatures, most of the nutrients of in the coconut have been preserved. This makes this oil ideal for cooking too. You can actually use this oil to consume or use on skin. The oil is great for moisturizing, clarifying, cleansing and deep penetration into the ports. It’s suitable as both a facial and body moisturizer. Also, the oil can be used as a hair mask to treat frizzy or particularly dry hair.

3. Puracy Natural Body Wash


This organic body wash is free of harmful sulfates. It leaves the skin feeling cleaned and moist, so you won’t have to use lotion later. Sulfates found in regular body washes and shower gels strip away all oil on skin that keeps it naturally moist. As a result, skin tends to dry and crack after constant use. You will not have such problems with this body wash. It’s not greasy and doesn’t leave a film after rinsing. Also, you can use this on hair as well, and experience similar results. The formula for this body wash is a mix of cleansers, essential oils, and emollients intended to clean and soften. The formula is suitable for all skin types. Ingredients include such luxurious items as pink Himalayan sea salt, which naturally exfoliates and hydrates the skin, and Coco Glycinate, which creates soap foam without harming the outer layers of skin like sulfates. If you have sensitive skin, this sulfate-free cleanser will feel very soothing.

4. Alternative Bath Bombs


These all natural bath bombs are a lush alternative to the usual ones filled with chemicals. Instead of bad ingredients like perfume, these bath bombs contain essential oils and organic ingredients to induce relaxation, relieve stress and make your skin feel all better. The bath bombs come beautifully wrapped in a tin box. So it’s perfect for a gift as a luxury item on a birthday or Valentine’s too. Each bath bomb is 2 ounces and is individually wrapped. Each has combinations of ingredients with tempting titles like Garden of Gods (lavender, geranium and lime oils), Yoga Sunrise (lemon, lime, orange and bergamot oils) and vanilla surprise (essential vanilla oil). Other blends include Sinus Congestion Relief (eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, pine and cypress oils) and Stressed Moms (lavender, marjoram and ylang oils). These bath bombs are fun to use. Each bath will leave skin feeling very moisturizing. They fizz in the bath, swirl, and twirl.

5. Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Liquid Soap


This is one of the best-known chemical and toxin free soap products out there. Dr. Broneer’s liquid soap is vegetable based and is completely soap free. It’s called the “Swiss-army knife of cleaning,” mostly because you can use this liquid soap for just about anything. Use it as a body wash, shampoo, face wash, hand wash, or even as a dish washing liquid, laundry detergent and pest control (some insects hate the smell of peppermint). The uses are endless. (You will have to follow the instructions and dilute the soap to the right concentration for each use). It’s, however, mainly a skin care product containing saponified coconut oil, hemp oil, olive oil, peppermint oil and Vitamin E. You can use the soap for everyday body washing and not experience dried or damaged skin. The soap creates a rich lather that leaves the skin feeling moist and cleansed. This product is USDA-certified organic and vegan-friendly.

6. Art Naturals Organic Arabica Coffee Scrub


This artisan and naturally exfoliate is perfect for scrubbing without worries of irritation, drying out and inflaming sensitive skin. The manufacturer says the product can visibility reduces common skin annoyances like cellulite (on legs, arms, belly or butt), varicose veins, stretch marks, and even eczema and acne. This product does not contain any chemicals. The scrub contains Kona coffee combines with all natural Dead Sea salt, Shea butter, olive oil, grape seed oil, coconut extract and sweet almond oil. This aromatic concoction can exfoliate skin removing impurities, deep cleanse and moisturize. It also promotes the growth of healthy skin cells in place of dead ones. Caffeine on the skin can act as an antioxidant and fight off free radicals. The blend is powerful enough to get rid of harmful bacteria on the skin to reduce swelling and puffiness, especially those experienced by sufferers of chronic acne. The product is made of plant materials and is vegan-friendly. The product free of parabens, and have been produced without causing harm to animals.

7. Foot Soak with Tea Tree Oil and Epsom Salt


It’s very hard nowadays to find a good foot soak without sulfates, parabens or perfume. This is an excellent organic alternative completely free of toxic chemicals. The main ingredient in this foot soak is tea tree oil, a natural and organic compound that can ease and eliminate fungal infections, calluses, and corns on tired feet. The soak blends tea tree oil with Epsom salts, which are known for their natural ability to soothe pains and aches. In combination, these ingredients can make your feet feel amazingly refreshed. The tea tree oil is known to have antibacterial properties that can fight off bacteria that makes feet smell bad as well. Soak in a warm bath to get rid of uncomfortable corns on feet. The minor ingredient peppermint oil can reduce symptoms of fungal infections, swell, and constant itching. Also, this potent blend is perfect to keep the skin on feet moist so drying and heel cracking is prevented.

8. 100% Natural & Organic Vitamin E Oil Unscented


This product contains all natural Vitamin E oil, not the synthetic version found in most commercial skin care products with the “enriched with Vitamin E” label. Nearly 80 percent of the product is Vitamin E. It’s not 100% Vitamin E, but that well enough to keep the oil from being too thick and sticky. The other 20 percent are also all natural oils. (If you are confused about the 100% label that refers to the organic and natural nature of the product.) This product is perfect to keep skin on any part of the body moist to reduce and prevent skin damage, smoothens out fine lines, make dark spots fade away and fix sun damage. Vitamin E naturally keeps the skin well hydrated so dryness, cracking and other issued are avoided. Other ingredients in the product include organic avocado oil, jojoba oil and rice bran oil. The ingredients help the skin repair itself and prevent future damage.

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