Best Organic Laundry Detergents

Most of us are mindful of harmful chemicals in skincare products that we use every day. But there’s another product that constantly gets in touch with our skin that we don’t really think about laundry detergent. Commercial laundry detergents can contain harmful sulfates, parabens, and other toxic chemicals as well. Not only do these cause harm to skin on the long term, they can make the fabric in our clothes degrade faster as well. It’s good for your health, the longevity of your clothes and the environment to use organic, largely chemical free laundry detergents. Read ahead for a useful list of such organic laundry detergents.

1. Puracy Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent


This bestselling sulfate-free laundry detergent comes in highly concentrated amounts to wash your clothes without causing harm. This detergent is safe and highly effective in getting dirt and minor stains on clothes. The liquid is 10 times concentrated and will need to be diluted as instructed in the packaging. For a large load, you only need to use two pumps. The detergent is made from organic plant material and natural minerals. These organic ingredients are known to clean just as well as synthetic chemicals. The formula is completely biodegradable. This detergent is also child safe and hypoallergenic. The solution is very gentle and will not likely cause irritation for people with sensitive skin. You can remove residue on fabric, eliminate unpleasant odors and clean clothes without making them rough with this organic detergent. It’s safe on cloth diapers, delicates, dark colors and microfiber items. This product does not contain any animal byproducts and has not been tested on animals.

2. Eco Nuts Organic Laundry Detergent


This detergent is USDA-certified organic and was once featured on the reality TV show Shark Tank. Instead of regular detergent liquid or powder, you get bizarre looking nuts with this product. These “nuts” are dried berries from a tree endemic to the Himalayan region in India. These berries contain saponin, a natural surfactant that can gently and effectively clean various types of fabrics. This product contains no other chemicals. Your clothes will be cleaned in the most natural way by these soap berries. The organic surfactant in this product is very gentle on fabric and on the skin as well. If you are allergy-prone or have sensitive skin, these nuts will not cause irritation like regular synthetic detergents. You can use 4 or 5 nuts for a regular to large loads. You will need to place the nuts in a small cloth bag before tossing in the washer with the dirty laundry.

3. Grab Green Natural 3-In-1 Laundry Detergent Pods


This non-toxic and concentrated laundry detergent comes in laundry pouches that are easy to drop in the washer with the load. Each package contains 60 pods. This laundry detergent is made from organic and biodegradable ingredients like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), soda ash mineral water softener, and sodium citrate that cleans well. This product does not contain any phosphates, chlorine harmful to the environment, masking agents, artificial dyes, optical brighteners or other such harsh chemicals. The detergent is specially formulated for high-efficiency and standard washing machines. The formula cleans superbly and removes mild to moderate stains remarkably well. Your clothes will look naturally bright afterward as well. You can use this detergent in both hot and cold water. The detergent contains no harmful fragrances and is gently scented with organic lavender, yarrow, and patchouli essential oils. The naturally-derived ingredients list is very short so you know what’s in the detergent. This detergent is not tested on animals.

4. Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent


This 4 times concentrated laundry detergent is an EPA Safer Choice certified product. The formula is completely biodegradable and 96 percent of all ingredients are plant based. The triple-enzyme formula is perfect for removing stains without the need to any bad synthetic chemicals. This detergent is quite powerful and can clean the same amount of loads as n 80oz 2x commercial detergent. The formula works well and removes grease and stubborn stains even in cold water. 95 percent of the bio-based ingredients are USDA certified. This laundry detergent is clinically tested to be hypoallergenic and is quite suitable for sensitive skin types as well. The ingredients do not contain any synthetic optical brighteners, which does not actually clean laundry, harsh dyes or artificial fragrances. This laundry detergent does have a gentle and soothing smell derived from 100 percent botanical oils and extracts. You can use this highly environmentally-friendly and healthy skin conscious detergent without a worry.

5. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Laundry Detergent


This lavender-scented laundry detergent formula is highly biodegradable. Once the soap water seeps into the soil, it will degrade win 28 to 30 days. So you can use this detergent formula without any worries of harming the environment. The naturally derives ingredients are also very safe and effective on clothes as well as skin. The surfactants included in this laundry detergent are completely from plant sources, and not from synthetic agents cooked up in a lab. This detergent is very adept at removing everyday stains and dirt off the fabric. You may need to pre-treat tough stains with a small amount of liquid, however. This laundry detergent is safe on high-efficiency as well as regular washing machines. The product contains no perfume. However, it can leave clothes smelling fresh and flowery thanks to plant-based lavender essential oil. This detergent is gentle, but those who are allergy prone may want to test a small sample first.

6. NaturOli Soap Nuts and Soap Berries


This product contains genuine USDA certified soap buds and berries. The nuts are deseeded and come packed in a lovely reusable muslin bag. Along with the nuts, you will get a vial of extremely concentrated soap but juice. You can use this liquid to pre-treat tough stains or use with your grossest loads. The nuts are rich in natural saponin and are harvested in the wild forests in India and Nepal. (This product does not contain Chinese “soap” berries). You will get sun dried soap nuts with this product. You can use the soap nuts to clean your laundry, and the nuts also double as an all-purpose household cleaner. Use these nuts on your delicates, wools, silks, and organic fabrics to effectively clean without accelerating degradation. The berries are quite good at removing odors as well. The package contains a small instruction manual on how to use the nuts properly. The soap nuts included are gray-water system safe.

7. Green Shield Organic Free and Clear Laundry Detergent


This is a USDA certified organic laundry detergent liquid that is perfect for removing stains, protecting colors and overall cleaning your clothes without the need for harmful chemicals. This product is free of dyes that most commercial laundry detergent products use. You can use this laundry detergent safely in high-efficiency as well as regular washing machines. All ingredients included in this product are from sustainable sources. No phosphates or petrochemicals that are harmful to health and the environment are included. The ingredients listed are non-toxic and are also largely biodegradable. No chemically non-volatile ingredients are used. The detergent formula is hypoallergenic and most likely safe on sensitive skin. The majority of the ingredients listed are certified organic and have been independently tested to clean efficiently. This product contains zero optical brighteners. Optical brighteners are chemicals used in regular detergent that stays on clothes to make them look brighter under UV light. This product is cruelty-free and is safe for people and pets.

8. Earth Friendly Products Ecos Liquid Laundry Detergent


This is a wonderful and highly affordable organic liquid laundry detergent. It’s entirely made from plants and plant-based ingredients. The ingredients include 100% natural anionic coconut kernel oil based surfactant, coconut oil based fabric softener, horsetail plant, N.O.P. Certified Organic essential oil of lemongrass, and purified water. This product is vegan-friendly and has not been tested on animals. This laundry detergent is socially responsible, environmentally friendly and is great for your clothes. The coconut based cleaning agents can get even the worst odors out of your clothes. If you are looking for a gentle organic detergent to clean workout clothes, this is an excellent choice. Once clean, the clothes will emanate a lovely lemongrass scent, which is completely natural. You can use this laundry detergent to clean baby clothes and delicates without an issue. The built-in fabric softener leaves clothes naturally soft to the touch. However, it is not static free.

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