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There’s absolutely nothing worse than the sting of your eyes after cutting an onion while you prepare a meal. Everyone who spends time in the kitchen knows the burning feeling that onions are famous for giving off after they’ve been cut, and everyone immediately regrets picking onions as an ingredient once they begin to feel it.

It has been discovered that the sharper the blade is when cutting the onion, the less irritant is released, which means you’ve got a smaller chance of tearing up and rubbing at your eyes. That irritant is Propanethiol S-oxide, a volatile sulfur compound that stimulates your eye’s lacrimal glands – it’s why you start crying.

People have tried rubbing Vaseline under their noses, taping their noses, and clipping their nostrils shut with clamps and clothes pins, all to avoid the smell. They’ve tried wearing glasses, goggles, and masks to keep the onion’s chemical irritant from entering and making them sting and water up as if you just walked out of the theater from watching The Notebook. We know your pain, and we know there’s no need for it.

We’ve searched for the best solutions to this age old problem and found some great results. Now you don’t need to worry about getting your hands sticky or your eyes wet. Here, you’ll find The 10 Best Onion Choppers to save you from all of that unnecessary agony.

Hamilton Beach 72860 Glass Bowl Chopper


Why we like it: Are you just looking for a simple but effective solution for chopping onions and other vegetables? The Hamilton Beach 72860 Glass Bowl Chopper is perfect for the frugal chef who doesn’t need the bells and whistles that come with the more expensive fancy choppers. Stainless steel blades, dishwasher safe parts, durable glass bowl, no difficult twisting or locking, and all the other essentials are provided for one of the cheapest prices on the market. All you need to do once you have your vegetables and chopper is simply stack and press down to chop. Durable and high quality despite the low price, it’s no surprise to see excellent ratings and glowing reviews such as user Daisy Luther’s praise of this model stating “This is one of my favorite kitchen items! The glass bowl doesn’t hang on to odors. This sits on my counter and I use it almost daily. Because the lid must be on to operate this, it’s safe for my child to use when she helps me in the kitchen. I’ve had this for over a year and it’s still going strong!”


Hamilton Beach


Why we like it: Do you want a processor that can handle anything you throw at it? Are you tired of using your arm power to do simple tasks? Then you need this appliance, because it will change the way you work in the kitchen. We’re talking about the 70740 Processor from Hamilton Beach. This is the kitchen appliance you’ll want to buy if you can’t and won’t settle for the slower, one-push-per-onion kind of chopper. This is a processor that is more on the heavy side of kitchen appliances, giving you a weighty and heavy-duty solution to your day-to-day needs. It’s made from stainless steel and black plastic, and has two speeds that will cut through just about everything organic that you’d want to eat. “I bought this because I got tired of chopping and shredding the old way. So far, it has been an excellent buy. The price is good for what it does, the motor is quite strong, and the blades produce the proper shreds, chops, and slices.” says EddieE, a buyer of the 70740. You can count on this speedy chopper to deal with all of your onion needs, quite possibly all at once.


Ohana Magic Chopper + Free Peeler & Recipe eBook


Why we like it: If you’re looking for a great package deal when searching for onion cutters, but you want a quiet cutter and worth for your money, then look no further. This is the Magic Chopper from the company Ohana Magic, and it will take care of all of your onion chopping needs for you. This deal offers the Ohana Magic Chopper itself, two interchangeable stainless steel blades, TWO top sections with stainless steel cutting blades, and TWO foodsaver storages with lids to match them. BoredMama, a verified purchaser of the Magic CHopper, rated this product a clean 5/5. They are quoted here, saying “The chopper is not electric, it just works on good ol’ arm strength. Which is perfect because you don’t need to buy batteries, find an outlet, or recharge anything. I found this to be extremely easy to use.” If this sounds like it suits your kitchen cooking style, then don’t hesitate. You’ll even get an eBook recipe book along with your purchase to put some spice into your life!

Chef’n VeggiChop Hand-Powered Chopper

Why we like it: The VeggiChop from Chef’n chops onions with ease, dealing with the dirty work of having to prepare onions with a knife. The VeggiChop is a manual kitchen appliance, so no cords or batteries are needed. All you need to do is place the onion(s) in the container, put the container lid back on, and pull the cord. It causes the blades to spin and quickly chop up those onions without a problem. Because of this product’s size, you can store it easily in cramped places, and even take it camping with you (whether you be in a tent, RV, or expandable camper). “It’s very well designed, durable and works in seconds. Well worth the purchase price, you won’t be disappointed.” says M. Purcell, who rates this 5/5 after having used it for themselves. It’s efficient, and something that you can take with you anywhere. The blades, lid and container are easy to rinse, but are also dishwasher safe – this makes cleaning it a quick process that will save you time after the meal has been served and eaten!


PL8® Professional Chopper 1600

Why we like it: The Professional Chopper 1600 from the company PL8® offers you an easy solution to chopping onions into hearty chunks if you’re looking for a kitchen appliance that is small, beyond easy to use, and easy to clean. This Professional Chopper is dishwasher safe, and the legs fold neatly inward for easy storage. This even comes with a base container, which holds a whopping 3 cups of chopped food. Lori Stone, a user of the Professional Chopper, says “I cut a large yellow onion into quarters and BAM! One after another, the most perfect dice. I just stared in disbelief at the wonderful pile of chopped onions, and my uncut fingers.” Lori rated this a 5/5 star product, and is entirely justified. From the kitchen to outdoor camping, this Professional Chopper works wonders. If you want perfectly cut onions and almost no hassle to clean the chopper, then go ahead and purchase this now.

OXO Goods Grips Chopper


Why we like it: The company named OXO offers you a way to safely and swiftly chop those onions into hearty chunks for all of your recipe needs. If your heart desires a kitchen appliance that is convenient, lightweight, with an container that pours ingredients with ease, this is the one for you. This Good Grips Chopper has stainless steel blades to chop up those onions with one push of its cover, taking away the pain of having to chop up those onions while enduring the pain they always dish out. Cleaning this product is easy as well – the grid is removable so that you can easily wash the blade creases. When you’re done, snap it back into place with no hassle at all. The container it comes with holds a hearty 2.5 cups worth of produce, making sure that you’re ready to feed any number of people that come to your home. “This chopper fills a niche… quick, easy, and there when you need it. Especially for things like onions, this takes the pain out of the process! Cut a large onion in half, put it under the lid, press down, and you have a container full of chopped onion. No more tears!” says Dean Family, who rated this great product a 5/5.

Ninja Express Chopper


Why we like it: Looking for a stylish and quiet chopper, but you don’t want to deal with the manual pushing and chopping part? Worry no more, chef! The Ninja Express Chop from the company named SharkNinja has released this amazing electric chopper to handle all of your chopping needs. Onions and the tears they cause are no match for the blades of this 200-watt appliance, giving you control over the size of the onion chunks at a consistent rate. For your convenience, there’s even a storage lid in this bundle to keep your chopped bits fresh. Many people worry about electric kitchen appliances and how to wash them, but washing the Ninja Express Chop is simple and stress-free. It’s dishwasher safe, and has a no-slip base so you don’t need to worry about it slicing something it shouldn’t.
Stacy L. is a buyer and user of this product. They say, “I can say with 100% honesty that I have never been happier with a kitchen appliance purchase.”

Prepworks Chopper by Progressive


Why we like it: A simple yet efficient , this onion chopper from Progressive works fine for anyone. The Prepworks chopper stores perfectly into cupboards and shelves, taking up minimal space, yet is easy to see. This chopper is a manual tool, so using both hands will get the job done the way you want it to be done, without the hassle of knives and onion-holders. The Prepworks chopper is proven to reduce onion irritant vapor to minimize unintentional crying and eye sting. This isn’t a heavy chopper – it’s made from reinforced plastic, and the stainless steel blades cut through onions with ease into medium-sized chunks. Progressive has designed this chopper to have a container under the blades so that you don’t have to worry about onion pieces being scattered around once you’re done pressing. The Prepworks is obviously a handy chopper, essential to the minimalistic cooker who appreciates simple design and lightweight tools.

Oster FPSTMC1250 4-Cup Chopper


Why we like it: If you’re looking for a unique design and the power of a small army behind it, then look no further. The FPSTMC1250 Top Chop by the company Oster has your back in the kitchen. It’s unique shape catches the eye of everyone, and the large dome can hold 4 cups of whatever you want chopped. Onions can’t stand against this – within seconds, your onions will be chopped, shredded, or grinded by stainless steel blades to your ultimate satisfaction. This Top Chop is powered by a powerful 250-watt motor, and it’s performance that you will not be disappointed with. “It can handle a couple of large onions at a time. Peel, cut in eighths and no more tears. The whole onion operation takes less than a minute. It’s powerful. I chunked up some large carrots–the kind you could use for stair stringers–and the Oster made them into lovely soup bits in five seconds.” That review was made by a Top Chop user, Jody, who respectfully and appropriately rated this product 5/5. It even has a built-in measuring cup so you don’t need to dirty measuring devices prior to using this appliance. Easy to use, quick to chop, and a unique addition to your kitchen. What’s not to love?



Why we like it: This highly-rated product is not only a slicer, but also acts as a grater and food container! You can easily use this product to perfectly cut your onions, and for simplicity’s sake, they’re contained within the clear base of the container immediately after. That way you don’t need to dirty plates and knives, and you don’t need to worry about the irritant from the onion escaping into the air to make your eyes water and burn. You also don’t need to worry about the blades rusting, because they’re stainless steel, and easy to rinse. According to Zell, this slicer is dishwasher safe, meaning you don’t need to worry about cutting your fingers up after you’re done with your food preparations. This product comes with additional attachments and blades as well: you can expect a straight slicer, a fine grater, a regular grater, and interchangeable blades for the mandolin slicer. This product is definitely one you’ll want to buy if you’re used to preparing a large meal, since the container bonus holds more than one meal’s worth of food.

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