Best Ninja Blenders

Ninja Blenders are the newest innovation in the blending and food processing world. They feature advanced technology, speed, and power beyond what you could have imagined five or ten years ago. These blenders play a variety of roles in an average household. They can grind up nuts and seeds, blend and puree soups, and make smoothies out of even the hardest frozen fruit. You can use it to blend up a warm soup in the colder months and make a delicious smoothie bowl during the warm season. Due to its versatility, a ninja blender will be a useful tool in your kitchen all year round. Listed below are the best ninja blenders in the market as of 2017.

1. Nutri Ninja BL680A Extraction Blender System


This blending system features Auto-IQ technology, which means there is no need for button pressing or anything of the sort. One touch is all this blender needs to start processing. It has a 1500-watt power capacity, making it a very strong and powerful blender. It can crush any solid food within seconds and blend it into liquid form. It also has two-horsepower strength, which adds to the powerful nature of this blender. The Auto-IQ aspect of this device means that you don’t need to watch the blender and change the speed or motion as necessary. The blender analyzes how the food is being processed and alternates between high-speed blending, pausing, and pulsing as is necessary. This ensures that your food or liquid item will be blended efficiently with minimal effort required on your part. In addition, it shows you a countdown of how long it will take to finish blending, even when you opt to use manual settings. This machine is extra large in size and can hold up to 72 ounces at a time, eliminating the need to blend in batches. When you purchase this blender, it also comes with three nutria ninja cups, which have seal-able lids and silicone grips. This product is well worth its price, considering the efficiency and number of items you get with it. Thus, it falls on the list of the best ninja blenders.

2. SharkNinja BL610 Professional Blender


With a 1000-watt capacity, this is another powerful blender that is available in the current market. The strength of this device helps completely pulverize any ingredients you place in it, within seconds. It has a modern design that ensures it will fit in any kitchen of this century. A special feature included in this blender is the safety lock. This safety lock ensures that even if you attempt to power up the blender if the lid is not on and secure, the blades will not begin spinning. This innovative feature is a brilliant invention, considering that people commonly forget to put the lid on before blending, resulting in the ingredients flying everywhere. The safety lock prevents any unwanted accidents, making it safe for even your children to use. The blender is BFA free and dishwasher safe, making for easy cleanup. The jug itself can hold up to 72 ounces. It comes with a one-year warranty, protecting you against any manufacturing defects.

3. SharkNinja BL456 Nutri-Pro


This blender contains pro extractor blades, which can crunch and blend any kind of fruit, vegetable, leaf, nut, or seed. The shape and functionality of the blades help with extracting the nutrients and vitamins in the food you are processing. This ensures that your smoothies or whatever else you prepare in the blender will be packed with nutrients and vitamins. They will be broken down, easily digestible and quickly absorbed by the body. The machine comes two blending cups, which can also be sealed and taken as juice cup that you can drink from. The cups come in two different sizes; one is 18 ounces and the other is 24 ounces. So you can pick your cup based on how much you want to blend and consume. This 900-watt powered blender is powerful and will blend your smoothies up in no time. It also comes with a recipe book that contains 75 recipes. The parts of the blender are dishwasher safe. All these features come together to make one of the best ninja blenders available.

4. SharkNinja BL660 Professional Blender


With 1100 watts of power, this blender performs quite well. It features total crushing technology which boasts the ability to pulverize even ice in a very short period of time. Due to its extra large size and its ability to hold 72 ounces, you can blend large quantities in one go. You can make smoothies for you and your friends or family in one jug, rather than blend in batches. You can puree creamy soups for the whole family within minutes. When you buy this device, it also comes with a couple of 16 ounce-sized Nutri ninja cups, which can be sealed and taken on the go. Both the cups and the blender are BPA-free and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Considering that this blender is much more affordable than a lot of other high-power blenders in the market, the purchase is completely justified. Thus, it really is one of the best ninja blenders currently available for purchase.

5. SharkNinja BL770 Mega Kitchen System


This is one of the strongest blender available, as it has a 1500-watt power capacity. The creators of this device aren’t lying when they talk about the total crushing power of this blender. The power capacity and blades prove that this machine can completely crush any edible ingredient you place within it. It can handle ice without even the slightest issue. As the device boasts, it can turn ice to snow within seconds. Thus, it can make anything, ranging from smoothies to ice-based slush drinks. This blender focuses on nutrient extraction and ensures that your drinks are full of fiber and vitamins. The machine also comes with two 16-ounce cups, which you can use to take your delicious juices on the go. The best thing about this system is that, in addition to the blending jug, it also comes with a food-processing bowl. You can simply substitute in the food processor, and use it for a whole range of different purposes. It can grind nuts and seeds, chop vegetables, and even mix up batter or dough. It is large in size and can handle up to eight cups worth of ingredients. The stainless steel blades can prepare any dough in under a minute. If you purchase this item, you’re essentially getting two food-processing devices in one.

6. SharkNinja BL482 Nutri Auto iQ


This machine comes with two Auto-IQ programs: the pulse and the Nutri Ninja functionality program. The Auto-IQ technology in the blender allows it to blend ingredients all on its own. It analyzes the blending process and uses whatever functions necessary to perfectly blend the ingredients you place on the device. You never have to try and gauge the motions or timings necessary to blend your food items. The blender does all the work for you. The pro extractor blades are sharp and powerful, enabling the device to crush and blend any type of fruit, vegetable, nut, or seed. In addition, the system comes with three Nutri Ninja cups, which can be sealed so you can take them anywhere with you. These cups come in three different sizes, catering to what you are looking for. The sizes are Jumbo multi-serve, which holds 32 ounces, regular, which holds 24 ounces, and small, which can hold 18 ounces. The Auto-IQ feature and the simple, but innovative mechanisms make this device one of the best ninja blenders in the market.

7. SharkNinja Blender BL642 Duo Auto-iQ


This blender too has the Auto-IQ feature, which makes the device intelligently alternate between various motions and speeds, to blend your ingredients in the best way possible. Not only does this feature blend your food items in the most efficient manner possible, but it also blends it in such a way that all nutrients and vitamins are extracted, resulting in a healthy concoction of your ingredients. The digital timer also keeps you aware of how long it will take to finish blending, with both the Auto-IQ program and the three manual settings that are available. The device has a 1500-watt capacity, which makes it one of the powerful blenders in the market. It comes with three seal-able jugs, which are available in three sizes: 32, 24, and 18 inches. The jugs, cups, and blades are dishwasher safe, making for very easy cleanup. This model is great at doing what it’s meant to and will be a worthy addition to your kitchen if you choose to purchase it.

8. Ninja Nutri BL455 Professional Personal Blender


With a 1000-watt power capacity, this ninja blender uses pro extractor blades and pulse technology to ensure that your ingredients are blended to perfection. Owing to the strong motor and the steel blades, this device can crush and pulverize any fruit, vegetable, nut, seed, and solid food item. It can even crush ice within a very short period of time. The blender comes with three Nutri cups in the sizes 24, 18, and 12 ounces. These cups can be used to blend your ingredients in, reducing the number of items that need to be washed up. You can seal the same cup and take it with you wherever you go. The lid that is used to seal the cup even has a small opening for sipping purposes. Weighing only 6.7 pounds, this machine is incredibly lightweight, considering the uses you can get from it. Considering its efficiency and the valuable role it can play in your kitchen, for this price, this product is an absolute steal. For this reason, this blending system falls on the list of the best ninja blenders.

9. SharkNinja BL201 Kitchen System Pulse


This blender is on the list of best ninja blenders for a multitude of reasons. It comes with the ability to both blend your fruits or vegetables and process any ingredients you wish to crush up. With 550 watts of power, this device can blend smoothies with ice seamlessly. If you opt to use the food-processing jug, you can even mix dough or batter with this machine. Thus, in all aspects, it can drastically minimize the amount of effort you have to put into cooking. This is perfect for those who wish to cook and bake at home, especially for health reasons, but cannot invest a large portion of time into doing so. You can almost effortlessly prep all your ingredients using this blender and food processor. The system incorporates the famous ninja total crushing technology to ensure that your food items are blended evenly. Because it comes with both a blending jug and a food-processing machine, it has the stainless steel blades as well as the dough hook and dough paddle. Your options are almost unlimited when it comes to using this device. It is an incredibly versatile tool that will no doubt will incredibly useful in your kitchen.

10. Ninja Professional BL661 1000 Watt Blender


Boasting the popular ninja crushing technology, this blender to promises to pulverize all your ingredients in a shorter period of time than you ever thought possible. The 72-ounce blending jug along with the stainless steel blades helps blend your fruits and vegetables in a manner that ensures maximum nutrient and vitamin extraction. Thus, any smoothie that you create in this blender will definitely be rich with the nutrients your body needs. You can be sure of this. The 1000-watt motor works with superior power to make the blades spin fast and in a manner that will help blend your food items the correct way. This refurbished product comes in perfect shape and the quality of the machine need not be questioned. It also comes with Nutri cups, which can be used to take your smoothies with you on the go. Using this device, you can make anything, from smoothies and sauces to dips and soups. Any ingredient you place within the blender will no doubt be consistently and evenly blended. This efficiency and versatility are what puts this device on the list of the best ninja blenders.

11. SharkNinja BL492 Nutri Auto-iQ Compact System


This Nutri Ninja blender comes with an innovative new technology known as the smooth boost technology. This smooth boost technology combined with the Auto-IQ technology makes your blending the most customizable it has ever been. You only need to touch a button, for the auto-IQ to kick in and use the smooth boost technology to automatically pulse, pause, and blend in a way that ensures that your smoothies will be smoother than they have ever been before. This technology helps put this machine on the list of the best ninja blenders. There is a multitude of options to pick from, in terms of blending. You can choose the nutrient extraction option, which helps make your drinks as vitamin-rich as possible, or you can choose the high-performance blending option, which will create incredibly smooth drinks and purees. This kit even comes with a 40-ounce bowl, which you can use to mix and prep your ingredients. It also comes with Nutri cups, which you can use to carry your drinks in. These cups are made out of double wall stainless, which means you can keep your smoothies cold within them for up to 4 hours. All these small features, along with the new smooth boost technology, make this ninja blender a worthy purchase.

12. Ninja Professional NJ601REF Blender


With 900 watts of power and the total crushing ninja technology, this blender performs very well, irrespective of the ingredients place inside it. It is extra large in size and can hold up to 64 ounces of liquid, which is more than enough to make smoothies or soups for your entire family. There are three-speed options as well as a pulse button, to help customize your blending experience. You can pick your speed and motion based on the food items you choose to blend. The parts of the blender that need cleaning are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making for easy cleanup. As a refurbished product, this blender is thoroughly tested and certified. It shows almost no signs of having been used before. This kind of guarantee, along with the reduced price, makes this highly advanced blender an absolute steal.

13. Ninja Professional BL100 Pulse Blender System


In addition to the blending device, this device also comes with an extra 16-ounce cup, which is perfect for a single serving. This blender is quite small in size, making it easy to store anywhere in your kitchen or pantry. It is the ideal machine for those who make smoothies for only themselves. The 600-watt motor makes the blender strong enough to handle all fruits and vegetables, and even ice. It incorporates the popular total crushing technology to ensure that your drinks are well blended. It also focuses on nutrient and vitamin extraction, which has many health benefits. The pulse button allows you to manually customize your blending process, to ensure that everything is evenly processed. The removable parts of the blender are dishwasher safe. This device, although small in size, packs a lot of power. It provides great efficiency for a lower cost. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the best ninja blenders offered in the market.

14. Magic Bullet Blender


The magic bullet is pretty well known in most parts of the world. It comes with a lot of features that make it a truly versatile device. It can crush, blend, chop, grind, or whip any food item you place within it. The most notable feature of this device is the extremely small size. It is so sleek and compact, that you can store it in even the smallest of kitchens without any issues. It’s incredibly efficient for a product so small in size. Because of its size, you won’t have any qualms about pulling this blender out on a regular basis. Thus, the manufacturers are fairly confident that you will get a lot of use out of this machine. It can process your ingredients and make delicious smoothie and creams within seconds. In addition to the Nutri cups that come with the magic bullet, you also receive a recipe book full of ten-second recipes, proving the efficiency of this product. For these reasons, this ninja blender is definitely a product worth investing in.

15. NutriBullet Pro Blender/Mixer


The nutribullet, just like the magic bullet, is very well known amongst those who are interested in making smoothies and other frozen drinks. It is known for its technology and ability to sustain regular use. This specific product is a certified refurbished device, ensuring that it does not show signs of wear and tear. It is very simple to use, you don’t even need an instruction manual for it. You blend your ingredients and then drink your juice from the very same cup you used to blend. This means that post-blending clean up is minimal. In addition, all removable parts are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning up even more efficient. As a product that follows the USA and Canadian electrical standards, it is safe to use. The best thing about this device is that it offers the same high processing power and nutrient extraction abilities as other blenders in the market, but at a lower cost and in a smaller size. This efficiency goes unparalleled, making this one of the best ninja blenders in the market.

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