Putting your baby to sleep can be notoriously difficult unless you are a good singer or have nurtured a love for soft toys in them. And even after you have gotten them to sleep, they could wake up again and tremble at being alone in the dark. However, with today’s selection of night lights, that does not seem to be a problem anymore.

Nowadays, the market is teeming with night lights that specifically cater to the needs of children. Manufacturers have managed to identify what children need to feel secure and safe in their own rooms. Additionally, some of them have gone ahead and added a few entertainment features to their products because why not see a show before going to bed?

And we have been through the current market, as it were, and have come up with a list of what we think are the best night lights for kids. We have selected them based on what features and creature comforts they offer as well their durability and safety standards. Here are the products we have selected.

1. SOAIY Soothing Aurora LED Night Light Projector

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Why we like it: Consists of advanced functions and a beautiful aurora display that is soothing enough for anyone.

Being from this century, it is completely natural that we expect more from a light than merely lighting up space. And to such expectations does the SOAIY night light readily satisfy. Indeed, it is far more sophisticated in the way that it lights up your child’s bedroom and, to be honest, we are quite impressed. While it retains its fundamental function as night light bearer, it offers a range options on how you would like your night light to be lit. So let’s see what’s what.

First off, it uses a remote control and it has integrated timing from 1 hour to 2 hours and even 4 hours before it automatically goes off. Plus, you can adjust its brightness level from 30% to 60% to 100%. It even caters to those kids who have already developed a fascination with outer space able to pull off a spectacular aurora light show, which has its own hypnotic way of putting your kids to sleep. Heck, there is no shame for adults to try it either. But we suspect most will simply value the 1-year warranty deal over it.

2. Emotionlite Motion Sensor Night Lamp

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Why we like it: Saves you from the hazard of knocking into things thanks to its motion detection system and includes other crucial safety and durable features.

Although nighttime is ideally meant for sleeping, there are those instances when we creep out of bed either to visit the bathroom or grab a late night snack in the kitchen. And the biggest problem with darkness, of course, is that you cannot see what is about, stub your toe and slam into your face. But thanks to the Emotionlite night light and its motion activation system. You no longer need to be so anxious about your late night strolls.

It emits a warm glow that is not too harsh on sleepy eyes but provides just enough light for you to see where you are going. It has a motion sensor to automatically activate so you have enough light to move in as soon as you get up. Its sensor covers an area within 3 meters and 90 degrees. To use it, simply plug it into the nearest socket. It also has vital safety and durability measures such as fire redundant material, a year’s worth of warranty, and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

3. ANTEQI Star Sky Night Lamp

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Why we like it: Brings the magic of the solar system straight indoors and is perfectly suited for multiple venues and occasions.

While it works just fine as a night light for kids, we dare say this night light will be just as competent for other occasions including weddings, parties, or a romantic night out. Perhaps the main reason for that is that it’s a cosmos star projector lamp, filling up the room with captivating images of the universe in all of its eerie and mystifying beauty. What party, kid, date, or wedding couldn’t get elevated with that? It all makes sense now.

Back to its capability as a child’s night light, however, if your child is one to be fascinated by the solar system, what better way to put them to sleep than with it literally encompassing their room. You also get some amount of control on how long you want the light on as well as an assortment of different shades of color. You can set a timer for it to stay on anywhere between 5 and 95 minutes and there is a choice between warm light, red light, green light, blue light, or a multicolor resonance.

4. GoLine Cat LED Baby Kids Night Light

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Why we like it: Designed to be a glowing feline friend to your child and offers a lovely assortment of seven colors at the touch of a finger.

Oh, look it’s a cat! A cat that glows! The GoLine LEP night light is designed specifically for kids, and features two light modes; a warm white glow and 7 color flashing modes. And while it is an electrically powered device, it is still washable thanks to the BPA-free soft silicone material used to make it. Plus, it is portable too and can last up to 12 hours on a single charge. We will deny though that your daughter would be more likely to fancy it than your son.

Charging this night light is done via a USB cable. The main power button is located at the bottom. And when turned on, it sets the light on warm white light mode. To switch colors all you have to do is gently tap the silicone material and it will switch to radiating 7 more colors. If anything goes wrong with it you are eligible for a full refund within the first 30 days and 12 months of warranty. We can also vouch for the customer service people who are pretty friendly and helpful.

5. Lunara LED Night Light

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Why we like it: Brilliantly adjusts brightness based on the level of ambient lighting and can be applied to various parts of the home and lasts a long time.

How smart can a simple night light be? The Lunara LED night light literally has the word ‘smart’ in its description, specifically its Smart ambient sensor. This is a pretty unique and cool feature to have as it can automatically adjust the brightness of its light depending on the level of ambient lighting already present in the room. So it will never be too much for two sleep-strained eyes to handle. To be specific, the warmth of the light it emits rests somewhere between 2700K and 3200K.

It is a light that will work just about anywhere that you care to place it. It could be in the bedroom, bathroom, corridor, stairs, hallways, kitchens, anywhere. It is perfectly compact and discrete. German engineering suggests it works very well too. It is economical to use on an annual basis and has been tested to last up to 40,000 hours. That is an impressive amount of durability and good value for what this thing is worth.

6. Adoric Night Lighting Lamp

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Why we like it: Can be used for other purposes besides putting your child to sleep and provides a captivating display of the cosmos.

Have you ever seen the night light in your child’s bedroom and wondered what else that same light effect could be good for? Well, the Adoric night lighting lamp is suitable not just as a kid’s night light, but also to set the mood for a wedding, birthday party, or a cultural festival. As a night light, however, it is absolutely superb. It creates a relaxed and soothing ambiance about the room and is not so bright so as to disturb your sleep.

We think it is perfect for children since it shines in vivid color but is gentle enough to continue shining unnoticed when they are sleeping. And it gives the whole room that all-important sense of warmth and security that a child would find reassuring when it is dark. You get 3 buttons to further customize how you want it to shine. And if you remove the project, it will decorate the ceiling with celestial bodies whose beauty needs no explanation here.

7. Sensky Plug in Motion Night Light

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Why we like it: Has plenty of clever functions that make it both convenient on a daily basis and extremely energy efficient.

This is one of those night lights that need little instruction on how to function. It is equipped with a clever assortment of components that make it extremely convenient to live with. First, there is the motion sensor, which stays off during daytime but comes alive during the night. It will automatically brighten up the light as you get within range. Similarly, the light sensor is also clever enough to stay off during the daytime and be activated at night.

Being able to sense the difference between day and night helps this light to use energy a lot more efficiently. It does not require any batteries. You simply have to plug it in. It is CE approved and made from fireproof materials. And it comes with a yearlong warranty. It will also work in a variety of settings including the bedroom, nursery, kitchen, stairways, hallways, corridors, etc. As night light for kids, it is a function-based object that retains simplicity in favor of more flamboyant projections.

8. VAVA Bedside Lamp

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Why we like it: Beautiful, simple, and functional, we like this night light very much and reckon you will too.

Cutely shaped like a donut, you know just by looking at it that it is going to be a very aesthetic feature to have in your child’s room. Turning it on or off is as simple as waving your hand, literally. And being a nightlight, it is very gentle on your eyes. The glow is soft like that of a firefly and its anti-blue-ray LED is not so bright as to make sleep unattainable. Other materials and design features also make it an impeccable choice for a child’s night light.

The building materials used in this light include non-toxic ABS and PC plastic so it is by no means unsafe to use by a child. The overall design is intended to be dustproof and therefore easy to keep clean. And it can detect your hand from up to 20cm away. All you have to do is simply hover your hand over it once to turn it on and again to turn it off. It will continue to function on low brightness for up to 120 hours on a full charge. Thankfully, it is rechargeable.

9. MOKOQI Night Lighting Lamp

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Why we like it: Comes with a delightful array of options regarding light patterns, brightness levels, and so on, and includes that all-important cosmos display that a lot of children know and love.

The MOKOQI Night Lighting Lamp is capable of creating several light patterns and other options that make it visually stimulating but no real intruder on your sleep. Instead of being treated to the same pattern of light every night, your child can now enjoy a new display every night.

Some of its defining qualities include the moon and star pattern that soothes. It can be placed on a rotation, or set to no rotation at all. It has 4 light modes of various colors to choose from, and  a higher brightness level than the last version to keep the spookiness away. This beautiful night light has three fun buttons to choose from and mess around with for your desired setting on any given night.