Best Night Lights for a Kid’s Room

Transport your child into a magical land where his imagination lulls him into a peaceful slumber. It is important that your child is prepared for bed. The activity that he involves himself in prior to bedtime influences the quality of his sleep. The quality of his sleep influences his capabilities to think, grasp and understand during the day. A good night light that can encourage imagination and a wee bit of magic can help him do that. Night lights now serve a dual purpose of illuminating the room as well as transform it into a land beyond this world. Transport you into a galaxy or a forest or even the calm waterfront, everything that inspires your child to sleep and fall deep into it to ensure a good night’s rest.

1. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light


It’s a turtle, it’s a soft toy, it’s a night light, it’s a transformer, what is Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light really! It is all of this and more. The night light from Cloud b converts any room into a twilight sanctuary illuminating the whole room and filling it with stars. The stars are carved into the turtle’s shell and the light within reflects these stars onto the ceiling of the room transforming it into a whole new world. You have the liberty to choose the constellation that you want projecting, and the color in which you want them projected. You can turn the pre-bed time into a learning experience for your child by turning the light out and switching on the Constellation Night Light. You can teach your child about the different constellations and watch him fall into a peaceful slumber. The night light, apart from being a beautiful addition to your child’s room also helps in eliminating the fear of the dark that many children may face. The room is transformed into a beautiful galaxy which will inspire your child to sleep in the dark without any fear.

2. SOAIY LED Night Light Lamp


How would you feel if someone told you that you can get the northern Aurora lights home right to your ceiling, and not only that, watch it every night before you sleep. The SOAIY Christmas Gift Rotation Color Changing Aurora Projection LED Night Light Lamp serves a dual purpose, it serves as a colorful night light when the hemispherical cover is on and when removed it transforms the room into Iceland by projecting the Aurora Borealis on your ceiling. The night light also comes with a built-in speaker so you can put on a soothing tune and match it with the northern lights to create a magical combination that will not only inspire your child but also relax and calm him to help him get a good night’s rest. The night light from SOAIY is ideal for adults as well, when you want to create a romantic and a relaxing atmosphere, you can set it up in your room do away with candles and music entirely with just one gadget.

3. Manve Baby turtle LED Night Light


If your child is afraid of the dark, the Manve Baby turtle LED Night Light, with light Sensor and Dual USB Wall Charger is a very good addition to his room. It works on voice or light sensor, if the light goes out or it becomes dark, the night light automatically comes on. The cute design and a friendly appearance will encourage your child to have it around. You can even use this in the bathroom or the hallway since it is voice sensed as well for when you are toilet training your child or your child has a habit of getting up for a drink of water at night. Now he will not have to trouble you by waking you up to accompany him in the dark. A little noise will activate the night light and your child will be able to find his away and never fear the dark again.

4. Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight


The Munchkin Light My Way Nightlight is a simple yet a perfect night light for children and adults who are required to take care of them. The nightlight is designed to enable kids to operate it and can be used to cuddle while sleeping as it does not get warm even when it is on. The night light has an automatic timer set at 20 minutes when the light turns itself off to preserve battery. It makes for a very cute addition to your child’s room for the purpose it serves and its cute design.

5. Night Lighting Lamp


Bring home a piece of the beautiful galaxy home to your room. This starry lamp can be used to deck up an event or as a night lamp in your and your kid’s room. The lamp is a dome with stars carved into its exterior. There are lamps within that give color changing options. The button in front, three in all allows you to either adjust the brightness, change the color of the light – choose between blue, green , red and yellow or have them all dance around on your ceiling at once – , turn the light on or off or switch the rotation mode on or off. When the rotation mode is on, the stars perform a sweet and nimble tango on your ceiling calming and relaxing you as you watch them in mesmerized amazement. This also aids in falling asleep faster and peacefully with a clear head. The lamp work with either 4 AA batteries or you can connect it to an electric port using the cable included with it.

6. Aeeque LED Star Light Projector Night Light


Most of the star lights have carvings on top of the lamp creating projections on the ceiling. The Aeeque LED star light has carvings on the cylindrical wall of the lamp which makes the lamp project the light all around, the ceiling including the wall. Hence, with this light projector you will not be a witness to the beautiful galaxy, but be a part of it as your find yourself surrounded by brilliantly shining stars all around. These stars flash giving the imagery of them twinkling in the sky and they can be projected in various colors as per your choice. The LED projector needs to be connected to an electric port and then turned on to enjoy a personal viewing of the galaxy at your very own planetarium.

7. SOAIY Plug-in LED Night Light with Smart On


The night light from SOAIY makes you feel as if your plug point is aglow with a brilliant white light. It is a no frills attached night light. Nothing too fancy on the surface. Perfect for a formal décor or even a child’s room. This night light plugs directly into the circuit point and does not have any wires or batteries to it. It works on A sensor which detects darkness and turns on automatically. It does not have a power on/ off switch; it does that automatically when it is dusky and switches off at the first light of dawn. This feature is extremely desirable as you save a lot of electricity. A normal would require switching off which would require to get up early, this one senses the dawn and turns off itself saving on electricity. The light remains cold to touch and does not have any exposed bulb which makes it apt for a kid’s room. The glow of the lamp is from the back so you don’t get hit in the eye with the brightness, which can get annoying while you are asleep. The night light comes in a pack of 8 lamps so you can hook them up in all your rooms and even in the corridor.

8. SCOPOW Constellation Night Light


The night light from SCOPOW includes all the standard features such as star galaxy projection, the rotating dome, and different color options. This light, however, has an additional feature of having a timer to it. A lot of times we just need the soothing calmness of the stars to fall asleep but they might be distracting when you happen to wake up in the middle of the night when you are drifting between REM and deep sleep. With this night light, you can set a timer – 5 to 95 minutes – which will shut the light out after it counted down to the preferred time. The dome of the light can be removed to turn the light into a simple night light without projections. The light works with 4 AAA batteries.

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