Best Night Creams

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If there is one thing people fear the most apart from Artificial Intelligence taking over the world, it is aging. Man’s greatest enemy in many senses, time is something that nobody has figured out how to control yet. However, what they have in fact figured out is how to slow if not stop the natural process of aging. At least with some products. They definitely help protect your skin from the harshness of today’s environment. They are also now produced bearing busy schedules and multi-juggling roles in mind. Your skin needs to be taken care of no doubt, and the best time to help it heal is at night. As you sleep, your body recycles so to speak, and one way to make the most of this is to use a replenishing night cream. Hydrate and nourish your skin with a proper night cream by picking between these.

Amara Organics Anti-Aging Face Cream


The name alone should tell you that this is good for your skin. A leading brand in organic beauty products, Amara’s age-defying night cream is highly recommended. In fact, it consists of six different ingredients all working to fight signs of aging. As they employ a formula that is focused on cell renewal, it is able to work its magic on a cellular level. This means that it is working from the inside out penetrating deep within the layers. You can enjoy complete hydration and softer skin as a result. What is more, it is 100% vegan, natural and free from cruelty or chemicals. So it is good not only for your skin but also the environment in every way. Those with oily skin can also use it, as its formula is lightweight and will not clog pores. This can also help prevent breakouts. Packaged in a handy bottle, it is also good for when you are on the move.

Acure Night Cream


Incorporating Argan stem cells, the Acure night cream is quite the worker. Its nutrition is specific for battling aging from the inside. It does this by richly feeding starved skin cells and hydrating them for restoration. Old skin cells begin to wear away and new ones shine through. This helps contribute towards a radiant, glowing skin. It also includes the goodness of organic green algae which may not be conventional however is quite powerful. No matter what your skin type is, you can go ahead and use it without a problem. Not only is it devoid of many harmful chemicals such as sulfate and silicone, it is also paraben free, cruelty-free and contains no gluten. As far as safety goes, it ticks off all the boxes. Although a small tube of 50ml costs a bit, it is definitely recommended if you are looking for a quality product that you can invest in.


Burt’s Bees Radiance Night Cream


Burt’s Bees needs no introduction seeing as how they are a well-loved brand the world over. Their Radiance night cream is infused with all the goodness your skin thirsts for. 99% natural, it is combined with royal jelly to help brighten and uplift the skin. They include a unique mix of bee pollen and shea butter, two products that have long been touted for their benefits. For best results, you need to use it nightly so add it to your bedtime routine. Tested by dermatologists, it is completely safe for use. Treat your skin to quality pampering with this easy, travel-friendly cream. You can also use it in conjunction with their other products which will help to further battle skin problems. It is quite affordable and a definitely worthwhile purchase given its traits. Dry skin in particular will find relief with the Burt’s Bees night cream as it richly hydrates.


Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Cream – Night


No stranger to the industry, Neutrogena’s anti-wrinkle cream is another option you could consider. If you are normally a Neutrogena user, this will be a good addition. This night cream comes in a tube which makes it easy to dispense and take around with you. Not only does it moisturize and hydrate it helps to get rid of age spots and other fine lines. It also incorporates both retinol (a significant ingredient when it comes to skincare) and vitamins which work together to heal and rejuvenate. Its results have been proven clinically so you are rest assured of a good product. Beat the effects of pollution and the sun on a daily basis by using this on a nightly basis. Brighten up dulled out skin and retain its suppleness consistently. Definitely worth the money and as Neutrogena is a product typically produced with problem skin in mind, it is perfect for those who have trouble with breakouts.

Aveeno Active Naturals Night Cream


Interestingly, the Aveeno night cream (which happens to be packed fluidly into a compact little tub), draws its rejuvenating powers from the shiitake mushrooms it uses in its formula. The specialty of this cream is that it works through a symbiosis with each person’s skin based on that chemistry. Seeing as how we are all different, it cannot work in the same way for all. So its ability to do its job on a subjective level is quite an impressive feat. What it essentially does, is speed up the cell renewal process that your body is naturally programmed to do as you sleep. Your skin cells will replenish and replace faster, revealing softer and younger looking skin. Although it has been clinically proven for use, if you have an allergy to mushrooms or similar chemical structures, you should get medical advice first. Only once you are given the all-clear should you go ahead.

CeraVe Skin Renewing Night Cream


One thing we want when purchasing beauty products is quick results. We are busy people today and often do not have the time nor the energy to really keep track of how well a product is working or not. The good thing about CeraVe is that it is one of those products that show overnight results by rejuvenating tired skin. As it has a non-greasy formula, it is also suitable for use by those with oily skin. With this cream, your skin is able to repair and restore its protective barrier. Formulated by dermatologists, the Biomimetic Peptides included freshens dull skin. If you travel a lot, especially for work and need to be up for meetings looking perky, this is a must-add to your luggage. Light and easy to apply, it is quite convenient. It is not as expensive as you would imagine it to be, making it a worthy contender.

InstaNatural Night Cream


No it has nothing to with Instagram, and everything to do with your skin. Enriched with the goodness or both Argan oil, Avocado oil, Aloe Vera and Rosehip oil, vitamins B3 and C, you can enjoy a truly nourishing experience. Its formula helps reduce the appearance of acne which is great for problem skin. Furthermore, you can beat skin spots and wrinkles. The cream also consists of properties that penetrate deeper to block aging and prevent hyper-pigmentation. It also works to even out skin tone as it can be off balance especially due to the sun. Those who always spend time outdoors will find good uses for this product. Although a bit pricier than others on this list, it is quite worth the bargain. If you are suffering from flaky skin, try it out since its intense hydration works right throughout. Your skin will thank you for it. Consider it on your list.

L’Oreal Paris Collagen Moisture Filler Facial


Indisputably leaders in the industry, this L’Oreal product is fitting to their reputation. It consists of collagen which is an important ingredient for our skin. It is what keeps our skin looking soft and supple. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and cell structures begin to break apart. When the skin has not been taken care of, it becomes much easier for this to happen and is more damaging. By replenishing the collagen supply in your skin, you can make a big difference. It provides deep hydration and helps smooth out wrinkles as well. This cream is suitable for use not only during the night but also during the day. It is also made for all skin types so no matter whether you have dry, oily or combination skin, it will do the job. Definitely worth considering for your beauty bag as it is portable and also quite affordable.