Toy guns have been the ideal gift for kids for decades. In the late ‘80s it was more of a tradition to gift a toy gun to a male child on his birthday and now it has overcome the gender and has become one of the favored gifts of both boys and girls. Nerf guns were introduced by Hasbro and first, the name “Nerf Gun” was used to describe the product and now, Nerf Gun is the term for all the toy guns that shoots soft bullets. We, as adults, know the uncanny fun experiences that a toy gun can bring into a kid’s play time. However, there have been so many debates over the idea of toy guns, because, the common belief is that the Nerf guns fuel the aggressive behavior of a child leading him to violence and aggression. But on the contrary, it has been shown that toy guns and Nerf Guns tend to improve the aesthetic mind of the kids with dramatic pretend play. And that develop the kids emotional and cognitive skills. These are the best Nerf guns of 2018, in the market.

1. Nerf Rebelle Spylight Blaster

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When you are engaged in a pretend play, the more secrets you reveal, the more fun you get. This [amazon link=”B00INZO2SA” title=”Rebelle”] gun has a flashlight that can be removed easily and once the light is removed, it reveals secrets! Not only the kids but also you can be a part of the game. The gun can store 6 darts to fire and they can be fired one at a time or if you want more firepower, the can fire all six darts at once. The gun includes a message decoder and the part is removable as well. You also receive three different darts containing secret messages and the removable decoder can decode the message for you. You can fire the darts using this toy gun up to a distance of 75 feet with full velocity. The Nerf Gun has a compartment that is hidden and it contains two more secret spy darts as well.

2. Space Gun Sharp Shooter Pistol Hand Gun

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This toy Nerf gun [amazon link=”B00MYAWCNC” title=”pistol”] comes with a projector target so that your kid can play with the gun and this increases his hand movements as well. The gun is powered by a strong spring mechanism and it has the power to shoot suction darts over a distance of 18 feet. The magazine of the toy gun can hold up to 4 bullets once and the shooting or the firing of the weapon is very convenient as well. All you have to do is just load the gun by sliding the top backward and then press the trigger. These best nerf guns have an overall length of 10 inches that will fit perfectly with kids of any age. And with all the purchases, you receive a pack of 8 suction dart bullets.

3. KidsThrill Gun Dart Pro Blaster

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KidsThrill’s design of Nerf [amazon link=”B01LXTPMIQ” title=”gun”] has a design similar to a real handgun but this is more authentic and has a better appearance. The small size of the gun and the easy trigger mechanism makes this toy gun suitable for children of any age group. The gun is ideal for interactive play and this will slowly but effectively improve your kid’s hand coordination and movements. Dart Pro Blaster can shoot darts over 6 meters. The darts are made out to be safe and the material used is foam. This Nerf gun can hold up to 6 darts at once. The sturdy and lightweight Nerf gun are made out of heavy duty plastic that is very durable and it does not include any hazardous materials or small pieces that your kid can chew off. It has a length of 12 inches and this is a perfect toy gun for your kid to take to the park to play with his or her friends.4.

4. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster

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This Nerf [amazon link=”B00MXT52FY” title=”gun”] gives you quite a lot of ammunition and is undoubtedly cool to look at. The N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster makes use of high-speed, motorized blasting technology, allowing you to fire and fire some more without manually reloading. Dual barrels alternate in blasting, fueled by a pair of 25-dart capacity ammunition drums. A tripod makes it possible to stabilize this big gun and fire at will. Plus, the tripod can be removed for easy mobility and crazy hip-shots. This Nerf gun comes with a total of 50 darts so that you can fully load up each drum and start shooting. Two shooting modes can be used, depending on how you press this blaster’s trigger; half-way fires a single shot, while pressing all the way down and holding activates the auto firing mode.

5. BOOMco. Rapid Madness Blaster

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The toy guns are made with extreme precaution and they look more like fiction weapons. This factor enhances the thinking ability of kids and this Rapid Madness [amazon link=”B00FBW5E7G” title=”Blaster”] is a perfect example for that. The gun is bigger, compared to the other guns in the market and it comes in an attractive red color. This toy gun can shoot or fire 20 darts rapidly and it only takes a few seconds. The rapidness of the firing process gives the player a more real-life pretend play. This has the ability to fire the darts to a distance up to 50 feet. The gun is fully powered by air and it does not require any batteries. The gun has Blaster shields to enhance the look and the balance of the gun and if you are uncomfortable with the shields, you can remove the transforming shield conveniently with a push of a button. You get 30 Stick Darts and a clip that can hold 20 darts and a Stick target as well.

6. JIAYITOYS Classic Colt Toy Gun

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This is a 1:1 Real size model gun of an M1911 A1 Colt 0.45 [amazon link=”B01N3NOLM8″ title=”gun”], which is the standard American service gun since 1911. The Nerf gun has a loading mechanism similar to the real blowback mechanism as well. This doesn’t use any batteries for the operation and a simple but more realistic mechanism is used to fire the bullets. The gun uses soft rubber bullets and the trigger is also manufactured with a convenient design. You get a magazine, 15 rubber bullets and a “Sheriff” badge made out of metal as a bonus when you buy these best nerf guns. The magazine is designed to hold up to 5 rubber bullets at once and the reloading of the gun is easy and secure as well. The toy is appropriate for kids above 6 years old and this would be the ideal gift for their birthday.

7. Kinder Toys Strike Elite Toy Soft Gun

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Another one of the best Nerf guns in the market, Strike Elite is a high-quality [amazon link=”B01AR9SLQ8″ title=”toy”] gun that fires soft suction darts and it is suited for kids of all ages. The body of the gun is made out of heavy duty plastic to ensure durability and the body does not contain any hazardous material. The toy is tested to prove that it is very durable when compared with other products in the market. The gun is powerful enough to fire a suction dart to a distance up to 75 feet. The magazine of the gun is situated in front of this yellow toy gun and it is to make the reloading process more convenient. You get 5 soft suction darts with every purchase.

8. Buzz Bee Air Warriors Predator Blaster

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Some of the toy sniper rifles in the market work perfectly but they lack the real life looks of the tool and lack in authenticity. This [amazon link=”B00NH2MBAU” title=”Nerf gun”] is the best alternate and it is made following all the shapes of a conventional long range rifle. The toy gun is air powered and the bold loading action will give a more realistic feel. This toy can fire one soft foam dart of suction type at a time and the blasts can go up to 30 feet of distance with good velocity. The Predator Blaster has a scope to give you a proper and better make play experience. This toy gun is ideal for all children above the age of 6 years. The gun contains a spy compartment to store extra ammo and with every purchase, you receive 4 suction darts made out of soft foam together with the gun.

9. Mattel Batman V Superman Strike Blaster

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If your kid is a fan of comics, this [amazon link=”B00INZO2SA” title=”this gun”] would be the perfect gift for his birthday. The design of the gun is taken from the movie: Batman vs. Superman and the Nerf gun fires soft foam darts made in the form of Kryptonite. This gun will bring a lot of joy while celebrating the new comic movies, without the doubt. The Nerf gun includes five kryptonite darts and it is powered by an AG13 LR44 Button Cell Battery. The blaster gun features the BOOMco. Technology and it has a fast and deluxe performance as well.13.

10. Newisland Big League Blaster Gun

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The Big League Blaster is a Nerf [amazon link=”B011HXHI2G” title=”gun”] that shoots suction darts at any target. These darts attach to smooth surfaces such as glass or ceiling. The shooting is very convenient due to the advanced trigger action mechanism and the gun does not use any batteries to fire up the darts. Once the dart is installed, a spring mechanism helps fire the dart. This toy gun can fire a suction dart to a distance up to 30 feet with a good velocity and accuracy. Newisland Big League Blaster Gun is designed with a colorful body and a unique design. The pieces are connected to make a sturdy component and the gun has a good degree of drop resistance and increased durability. This toy is lightweight to ensure that you can carry it anywhere with your kid and once you purchase the Nerf gun, you get 10 free suction darts as well.

11. KiiToys Foam Dart Gun Blaster

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These best [amazon link=”B018YM6HOI” title=”Nerf”] guns are unique designs that are suitable for kids of all ages because the design of the gun is carried out using durable and safe material that does not contain any hazardous ingredients. Also one of the important features of the gun is that it can fire both water wall bullets and dart made out with soft foam. The use of these two different types of bullets increases the fun as well as the durability of the toy. The gun uses a spring mechanism to fire the darts and the water balls and no batteries are needed to play with the toy gun. One of the main problems with the Nerf guns is that they eventually run out of bullets or darts. This toy gun uses water bullets and with the purchase, you get a water pallet that enables you to make your own water ball bullets. This toy gun is designed to be compact and it has a mock aiming scope on the top of the gun to give it a more real life look.

12. Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

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This elite looking [amazon link=”B009T45XDW” title=”toy gun”] is introduced to you by Nerf, one of the most successful leaders in toy Gun making industry. The gun is designed to look like an intergalactic weapon that will enhance kids’ make-believe play. This Toy gun has a rotating barrel to increase the authentic look and has the ability to hold 6 darts. The darts or the bullets of the gun are made to be safe and the gun shoot darts to a distance up to 90 feet. The rotating barrel can be opened, in order to refill the magazine and the opening is made to be convenient. The gun also has the feature “Slam Fire Slide” and with this, you can fire all the 6 darts that is included in the barrel rapidly. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster has different colors and you can choose one to suit your kid’s preference. All the instructions and six blaster elite darts are included in the pack.