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When it comes to owning a home, we all want our homes and belongings to be well-protected. For those of us who have pets, children, or older relatives, we especially want our loved ones to remain safe while we’re out at work or on vacation. Home alarm systems and fences can aid in protection against home invasions, but what if you’ve just had a baby and hired a new nanny?

For all you concerned parents out there, we recommend getting a nanny cam. Nanny cams are small devices that record footage of what happens in your home. If you’re looking to obtain some footage in a more discreet way, however, many nanny cams are also disguised as objects (i.e. an alarm clock) that won’t go detected by the nanny (and scare them away…).

As we said, nanny cams can either come in the appearance of a normal, small camera or in the appearance of an object, thus making your decision a bit complicated. Nanny cams come in different sizes and shapes (go figure), and come with different features. Luckily, we’re here to help. Take a look at our list of some of the best nanny cams out there for you to get!

YI 1080p Home Camera Surveillance System

Why we like it: This wireless, surveillance camera system is a #1 Best Seller (and rightfully so) with its 1080P image resolution, WiFi compatibility, and baby crying detection!

Editor’s rating:

When it comes to protecting your loved ones and your home, you want a device that’s gonna help you do just that. Luckily this nanny camera by YI has you covered, and its stellar features will give you the protection you desire. The YI Home Camera Surveillance System is a #1 Best Seller for a reason and we’re happy to tell you why. First off, the camera records in a 1080p image resolution, ensuring crystal clear images. The camera also has reliable Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to access your camera with the YI Home App on your mobile device or PC. Apparently, this camera also has built-in support for devices with 802.11b/g/n 2.4Ghz.

What makes this camera even cooler is its Baby Crying Detection and Motion Detection features. The camera uses advanced technology to send alerts to your phone via its Activity Alerts feature (how’s that for safety?). This product proclaims to offer the most efficient compression and the highest protection of data, so n other words, your footage should remain safe and secure at all times. The camera supports “YI Cloud” (not to be confused with iCloud) to avoid the risk of losing footage from an SD card and maintain the safety of your videos. Do note that storage is sold separately if you wish to use SD cards instead. It supports SD cards with a max of 32GB. The camera is moderately priced at $60, but we find the price easy to get over with this camera’s solid features.

Conbrov T10 Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

Why we like it: A spy camera disguised as a cool photo frame! This spy camera comes with night vision, motion detection, and mute and loop recording.

Editor’s rating:

So we talked about nanny cams disguised as alarm clocks, but what about ones disguised as photo frames? The Conbrov brand takes camera disguises to another level with this nanny cam that is disguised as well, a photo frame! Clever in design, the Conbrov Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera is also clever in features, and we’re pleased to tell you all about it! Though the nanny camera Hidden sports a 720p image resolution, that will still ensure decent video quality. Nevertheless, the camera nicely comes with advanced, night vision technology, with no suspecting light and instead, features a black LED light to record through the night, undetected. The product ensures a night vision range of up to 25 feet in total darkness.

This nanny cam also supports timestamps for videos so that you know exactly when each recording occurs. The camera also features PIR body motion detection recording, loop recording, and even mute recording that can be turned on or off as you please. The nanny camera is well equipped with a standby battery life that can last up to a whopping 2 years and features up to 30 hours of daytime recording and 10 hours of night recording (impressive). With impressive features of course comes a grand price tag. Expect to pay a pretty penny for this nanny camera which costs $120, making it the steepest camera on our list. Nevertheless, it has an impressive recording time-length and superb features, which make this product worth recommending.

DMZOK Wireless WiFi Security Camera

Why we like it: A wireless, WiFi nanny camera that is equipped with motion detection, night vision and two-way audio for easy communication between you and your loved ones.

Editor’s rating:

We kick off our list with this first nanny cam by the brand DMZOK. DMZOK delivers a classic, simple-designed nanny cam that will certainly the job done (which is protecting your home). Though the DMZOK Wireless WiFi Camera may be simplistic in design, it is anything but simple in terms of its features. The nanny camera features intelligent motion sensing technology which allows it to deliver motion detection alerts, email alerts, and snapshots based on its technology. When the nanny cam detects abnormal motion, an alert notification with snapshots will be sent straight to your email. The nanny camera is very easy to setup with its One Key WiFi Configuration.

The nanny camera also makes it easy to play videos and two-way audio recordings. Simply plug in the USB cable, download the Ismartviewpro app, and set the camera up via your iPhone or Android smartphone. The camera can also support 64GB of storage and features loop recording which automatically overwrites the oldest files to record new data. The nanny cam also comes with built-in, IR LED for clear videos at night in up to 20 feet of darkness, and features a built-in speaker and microphone so that you can hear and talk through the microphone. Get the best footage with this camera’s wide angle pan of 350 degrees (horizontal),100 degree tilt (vertical), and digital zoom. Best of all, this camera comes at a rather affordable $40, making it worth the recommendation!

Corprit Wireless Hidden Spy Camera

Why we like it: Who wouldn’t like this wireless nanny camera with its 1080P image resolution, loop recording, and sleek, cube alarm clock design?

Editor’s rating:

For all those looking for a nanny cam that is discreet and won’t go detected by intruders or, well, nannies, this next product may be just the one for you. Unlike the previous products, this nanny camera by the brand, Corprit comes in a disguised, sleek alarm clock design. The Corprit Wireless Hidden Spy Camera, however, is more than just appealing design-wise, it is quite appealing in features as well. The nanny camera features 1080P HD video recording, motion detection, and loop recording. This camera supports both live video feed and video storage, allowing you to view real time video and record the video on a memory card in the camera.

More than that, this camera actually functions like a real alarm clock! With its iMiniCam app, you can use your iOS or Android device to view the real time videos and even control the camera itself. If you connect the camera to your router, you can see the real-time videos remotely from your mobile device. The nanny camera is also super easy to setup, thanks to its compatible app (which also allows you to rotate the image on the camera, adjust brightness, turn on/off the IR LED, select loop recording and motion detection, and adjust network settings). With all of these features, it’s no surprise that this nanny cam doesn’t come cheap. The camera comes at a rather costly price of about $75, but with its great design and abundance of features, we find the product worth it!


MEAUOTOU Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

Why we like it: A nanny camera disguised as a classic, silver alarm clock! This nanny cam has motion detection, a 1080P image resolution, and is remote-controllable.

Editor’s rating:

We head on back to nanny cams disguised as alarm clocks with this next product by the brand MEAUOTOU. Though the brand may have quite a funny name, their product’s features certainly isn’t a laughing manner. The MEAUOTOU Hidden Camera Alarm Clock is a force to be reckoned with for its classic clock design and solid features. The nanny cam supports full HD 1080P video, with a video format of AVI. Due to that, you can simply view your footage on various operating systems (OS) such as Windows XP or later or Mac OS X. The nanny camera also allows you to sync the recording time with your PC before you start recording videos, and the camera is easily chargeable by PC or with its included adapter.

One of the great things about this camera is that there are no blinking lights to indicate that it’s working. This allows for the camera to be fully discreet and go undetected by individuals. The nanny camera is remote controllable and can do the following responses according to your command: Take photos, record videos, and motion detection video recording. With the motion detection video recording, the camera will start to record when movement is detected and will save a video every 3 minutes. The camera includes an 8GB Micro SD card supports loop recording, but can only record continuously for 2hrs, which isn’t so bad for 8GB of storage. However, you can upgrade to a max SD card of 32GB of storage. Being nicely priced at $47, this is a great option!

ALON WIFI Hidden Spy Camera Clock

Why we like it: This spy camera is also disguises itself as an alarm clock. This camera comes with night vision, a 1080P image resolution, and motion detection.

Editor’s rating:

We come to the last nanny camera in our list, disguised as an alarm clock, this time by ALON. The ALON Hidden Spy Camera Clock is not only modern and indistinguishable in design, but it is actually capable of functioning as a real clock. The nanny camera also comes well-equipped with some great features. For starters, the camera supports a 1920 x 1080P image resolution. The nanny camera is also built with a SONY 323 image sensor with an 8-layers glass lens, for crystal clear footage. Enjoy being able to see the entire room with this camera’s 168 degree wide angle field of view. This nanny cam can even provide great footage in low light conditions.

If you intend to also use this spy camera as a clock, the clock supports military time and 12 hours conversion depending on your preference. With the nanny cam’s associated app called “Camwf,” you will have the ability to: view live video, playback video from a microSD card, enable snapshot, turn on the motion detect alarm (only for Android devices), set time recording (only for iOS devices), auto circulate record, and update your username and password. If you wish to have more storage, the camera can support a max 64GB micro SD card, which you will have to get on your own. You also won’t need to rely on a WiFi network to get the camera to work. Built with 12pcs of invisible infrared lights, this nanny cam supports night vision. Unfortunately, the product goes for a costly price of $90, but for its premium features, it’s worth recommending!

LXMIMI Portable Tiny Surveillance Camera

Why we like it: This portable, mini nanny camera is equipped with a 1080P/720P image resolution, night vision, loop recording, and motion detection.

Editor’s rating:

Next up on our list is the brand LXMIMI and their nanny cam which we gotta say is winning in the race of the smallest camera! The LXMIMI Tiny Surveillance Camera may be small in size, but is certainly not small in features. The nanny camera features a quality 1080P/720P, 12 million pixels (4032 x 3024) image resolution. The camera also comes equipped with motion detection and supports loop recording, overwriting the oldest files to save new files of recordings. Not to mention, this camera features a compact, square design with a volume of about 0.65 cubic inches. This makes the camera convenient for placing anywhere in your home or for even hanging on your neck or hand.

The nanny camera features clear night vision with its 6 pieces of IR LED lights for low minimum illumination. The camera contains no infrared visible red light and can even be used as a web camera. The camera features two buttons that are easy to use and operate. Need to keep recording, but your camera is low on battery? This nanny camera can be recharged with its DC-5V charger, all while working and continuing to take videos. It is also noted that with the camera’s equipped cable, it can be plugged into a TV output for displaying and transmitting data. This mini camera is nicely priced at about $30. The biggest complaint was the hard-to-read instruction manual and that the camera isn’t WiFi compatible (according to a few customers). Nevertheless, this nifty camera comes with a 1 year warranty, making it a solid product!

Conbrov 720P WiFi Camera

Why we like it: This mini, wireless camera comes with two-way audio, motion detection, night vision, and even has a generous 155 degree field of view.

Editor’s rating:

Just like that, Conbrov already makes a comeback with their second product to be featured on our list. Conbrov makes it pretty clear that they know how to make a quality spy camera with this product. Though it may not come disguised as a photo frame, the Conbrov 720P WiFi Camera makes it known that it needs no disguise to “wow” customers; its features alone do just that. Again, this camera also features a 720P image resolution (lower than most of the other products we reviewed), but that will produce a quality footage. More than that, with is “Mini Wifi Cam” app, this camera allows you to set a motion detection alarm and get email push notifications, along with an alert and a short video clip whenever motion is detected.

This clever nanny camera is designed with a built-in 155 degree wide viewing angle lens that is combined with a 360 degree horizontal and 90 degree vertical rotation range for extensive viewing coverage. You can also live stream footage directly to your iOS/Android smartphone with this camera. The nanny cam is very easy to set up, being WiFi compatible, and can mount to any surface with its slim and compact size. This reliable nanny cam offers continuous recording for 24 hours with the use of its provided adapter and even features two-way audio. The camera can automatically switch to night vision in low light environments or in total darkness within a range of 25 feet. The camera is moderately priced at $60 (though, if you want expert installation it’ll cost you about an extra $102), but for its stellar features, this is a product worth considering!

UMANOR HD 1080P Nanny Hidden Camera

Why we like it: A hidden nanny camera that is disguised as a smoke detector. This nanny cam comes with a 1080P resolution and loop recording and is remote controllable.

Editor’s rating:

We keep the list going with this next nanny camera by the brand UMANOR, that comes in the form of a unique disguise. Not going the photo frame or alarm clock route, UMANOR designs their nanny camera to appear as your ordinary (*drumroll*) smoke detector! The UMANOR HD Nanny Hidden Camera may look like a normal smoke detector, but it is actually quite an excellent camera with superb features. The nanny camera supports a 1080P image resolution for pristine videos and comes with motion detection recording. If you choose to turn on the motion detection mode, the camera will start to record videos when motion is detected within 5-7 meters around it.

The nanny camera also features loop video recording, meaning the newest video file will overwrite the oldest file and continue recording. The camera comes with an 8GB micro SD card which supports 2 hours of continuous recording. Nevertheless, the camera will support a max 32GB micro SD card if you wish to have more storage. The nanny camera makes it easy to watch videos by simply twisting the top of the detector to get the actual camera out. Afterwards, you can view videos recorded on the SD card, by connecting it to your PC via the usb cord. The camera is compatible with Windows PC or later and Mac OS X. The charging time of the camera is a lengthy 5-6 hours, but it does support 16 hours of recording after fully charged. With the camera being decently priced at $50, it is a worthy recommendation.


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