You may wish to know about the best N95 masks for double masking with the world gripped in a terrible pandemic. A year into the crisis and science continues to learn about the virus and how it spreads. While handwashing and hand sanitizer effectively combat COVID-19, scientists realize that wearing masks reduces the risk of spreading the disease considerably.

Respiratory droplets remain the most common way the virus spreads. Consequently, the CDC recommends double masking to provide as much protection as possible. However, while wearing masks doesn’t necessarily protect you, it helps prevent you from spreading the disease to others.

The Best N95 Masks for Double Masking

An N95 mask is a disposable mask covering the nose and mouth to help protect the wearer and passers-by from breathing in hazardous substances, such as the coronavirus. The best N95 masks for double masking filter out 95 percent of small particles from entering the lungs. So, they prove more effective at protecting against COVID-19 than paper masks.

N95s are challenging to come by due to high demand, but we found some of the best N95 masks for double masking. 3M is a trusted, well-known brand and their N95 masks provide superb protection. And the USA-made Patriot N95 Face Masks make excellent coverings for double masking.

While searching for the best N95 masks for double masking, you may come across KN95 face masks. So, you may feel confused by a similar designation, and you may want to know the answer to a burning question. What is the difference between KN95 and N95 face masks?

What Is the Difference Between KN95 and N95 Face Masks?

Both types of masks help protect against COVID-19. And you may find versions of the masks authorized by the CDC and the FDA, but there remain some essential differences between the two types of masks.

Essential difference

When you search for N95 masks for double masking, you may find many KN95 masks in the marketplace.

NIOSH approved

NIOSH approved N95 particulate facepiece respirators, or masks, in the USA. NIOSH disapproves KN95 masks. When looking at the codes printed on the packaging and the masks, the NIOSH approval serial number typically starts with an 84A-xxxx, where x indicates a number.

The FDA approves KN95 masks for emergency use authorization, and the KN95 covers don’t have the NIOSH-approved serial number.

However, some N95 masks have approval from both the CDC and the FDA. Such covers are Surgical N95 masks and require additional conditions for endorsement by the CDC and FDA. Surgical masks remain suitable for medical professionals and not the general public.

Country of origin

N95 masks meet strict U.S. standards to gain NIOSH approval. Furthermore, most N95 covers tend to be manufactured in the USA, whereas KN95 masks meet a Chinese standard. However, both forms of masks provide efficient protection and achieve 95 percent filtration efficiency.

For a mask to meet the N95 or KN95 standard, it must stop or capture particles down to 0.3 microns in size.

Peace of mind

In November 2020, the 3M Personal Safety Division issued a report regarding the essential differences between N95 masks and KN95 masks. The report stated that respirators certified as meeting these standards function similarly to each other.

Close fit

When looking for the best N95 masks for double masking, you may use a KN95 mask. Both masks cover your nose and mouth and offer a tight fit around the face for maximum protection. Also, both types of masks use nose clips to mold the mask around your nose.

N95 masks use loops around the head and neck for fastening purposes. However, a KN95 cover uses a loop that fits around your ears.

Are KN95 Masks as Safe as N95?

The simple answer is yes. 3M stated to clarify the point, and the FDA authorized the use of KN95 masks for emergency purposes.

Wearing any face mask during the pandemic is better than wearing nothing. However, paper masks only go so far. Wearing a KN95 mask or N95 masks offers the wearer 95 percent filtration protection. Both N95 and KN95 masks must provide 95 percent filtration efficiency to warrant the label. However, let’s look at some specifics to put our minds at rest.


Both types of masks offer 95 percent filtration of particles to 0.3 microns. The protection from an N95 mask and a KN95 mask is essentially the same.

Most hospital environments use a fit test with their staff to ensure the correct fit of the mask. The general public doesn’t need to perform a fit test with KN95 covers. However, the inhalation resistance with an N95 mask remains greater than a KN95 cover, which means you may breathe easier using an N95 face mask.

Ultimately, the protection offered by both types of masks remains similar, and the FDA felt confident enough to recommend and authorize the use of KN95 masks during the pandemic.

An Important Note

You cannot re-use an N95 or KN95 mask. You must discard both types of masks after a single use by placing them in a sealed plastic bag in your garbage.

How Do You Double Mask Correctly?

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the USA’s leading infectious disease physician, recommends double masking. However, how do you double mask correctly?

Wash your hands first to ensure you eliminate the risk of contamination, and make sure you dry your hands thoroughly so that you don’t get the mask wet.

Start by ensuring a secure, sealed fit of your N95 or KN95 mask. Cup the mask over your face with one hand and use your other hand to secure the straps. Only touch the outside surface of the mask. Using the same hand that touched the mask’s surface, mold it to the shape of your face and tighten the nose clip to ensure a good seal.

Once the N95 or KN95 sits correctly on your face, you may apply your second face covering. The second layer usually consists of a decorative cloth covering to make your appearance less startling and provide additional protection.

You can use both hands to place the second mask over your face, but don’t touch the surface of the N95 or KN95 cover.

Taking off your mask

Before you remove your face masks, wash your hands with soap and water to remove any contamination. Thoroughly dry your hands.

Begin the process by removing the outer mask first and place it to the side for washing. When you remove the N95 or KN95 mask, please don’t touch the mask’s surface. Only touch the straps holding it in place. Pull the mask away from your face using the straps and place it in a sealable plastic bag for disposal.

The Best N95 Masks for Double Masking

Our comprehensive list of face coverings includes N95 and KN95 masks for double masking. All of the masks carry high-quality reviews and meet the standard for both types of masks.

3M N95 Mask

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The 3M N95 Mask protects against airborne particles and helps reduce inhalation exposure to biological particles such as the coronavirus. The mask is N95 approved.

3M designed the mask for use within the construction industry due to the efficient way it filters dust caused by sanding, sawing, and cement dust. However, 3M remains a well-known, trusted brand, and this certified N95 mask may help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Patriot Face Mask N95

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The N95 Face Masks from Patriot meet NIOSH inhalations and exhalation resistance procedures to present an excellent N95 mask to fight against the pandemic.

The mask features a nose clip and a pre-formed design for a secure seal around the face. And Patriot manufactures their N95 covers in Ohio.

WWDOLL 5-Ply KN95 Face Mask

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The 5-ply face KN95 mask from WWDOLL offers a 3D mask to fit around the human face’s shape. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Plus, it provides effective protection against COVID-19.

As a KN95 mask, NIOSH doesn’t approve of it. However, as with all FDA-approved KN95 masks, the unit provides 95 percent filtration efficiency.

HUHETA 5-Ply KN95 Foldable Mask

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The 5-ply KN95 mask from HUHETA offers 95 percent filtration efficiency and proves the ideal covering for double masking.

The mask is comfortable to wear and fits snuggly around the face. It uses two non-woven outer layers, two melt-blown inner filters, and a non-woven cotton middle section to provide superior filtration. Consequently, the masks provide excellent protection.

BLScode KN95 5-Layer Face Masks

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The 3D design of this mask from BLScode provides an excellent fit around the face for maximum protection. It uses five layers of fabric, including two layers of non-woven cloth, two layers of melt-blown fabric, and a hot air cotton layer.

The mask provides 95 percent filtration efficiency, and each mask arrives individually wrapped. The soft nature and comfortable feel of the mask make it an ideal candidate for double masking.

SUNCOO KN95 Protective Masks

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The KN95 masks from SUNCOO use five layers for superior filtration. The mask provides a snug, safe fit with 95 percent filtration for excellent protection.

You may use the masks for everyday activities as the mask proves comfortable to wear and breathable. And each mask arrives individually wrapped and uses a nose clip for extra security and protection.

HASLIDODO 5-Ply KN95 Face Masks

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HASLIDODO uses five layers to construct its KN95 masks. It derives from two non-woven outer layers, two melt-blown inner filters, and a non-woven cotton middle layer for superior filtration and protection.

As with all KN95 masks, the unit offers 95 percent filtration efficiency and fits snugly around the face. The tight seal around the face helps prevent your glasses from fogging.

Eventronic KN95 Masks

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Eventronic provides KN95 masks composed of one layer of waterproof non-woven fabric, a layer of hot-air cotton, two layers of electrostatic absorption melt-blown fabric, and a layer of skin-friendly non-woven fabric. Consequently, it provides 95 percent filtration efficiency and is comfortable to wear.

The built-in nose clip allows for individual fitting, while the mask’s design ensures a snug fit around the face. The soft, pliable nature of the mask makes it an ideal candidate for double masking.

AnanBros 5 Layer KN95 Masks

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AnanBros KN95 masks are manufactured by JIANGSU LIYU, which is a certified manufacturer on the FDA list. The excellent design and efficient filtration system provide 98.1 percent efficiency.

Each mask arrives individually wrapped to prevent contamination. The masks use a five-layer design consisting of two layers of non-woven fabric, two layers of melt-blown fabric, and a hot air cotton layer. So, the masks are comfortable to wear and allow for easy breathing.

Kingfa 5 Ply Face Mask KN95

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These KN95 masks from Kingfa come approved by the FDA and employ five layers that include PP spun-bonded fabric, non-woven cotton fabric, and melt-blown non-woven fabric.

An adjustable nose clip ensures a tight seal around the face, and the high strength elasticity ear loops won’t irritate your ears. The masks offer effective protection during the pandemic and make an excellent choice when double masking.

The Best N95 Masks for Double Masking Explored

We find ourselves living in extraordinary times, and it remains essential that we do our part to reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus. Consequently, you need to know the best N95 masks for double masking.

The 3M N95 masks and the Patriot N95 face masks make superb options to provide the wearer with excellent protection. You may use the masks for double masking as recommended by the CDC.

However, with N95 masks in high demand, you can use the KN95 alternatives. KN95 masks are just as efficient at providing 95 percent filtration efficiency and come authorized for emergency use by the FDA. So, the Kingfa KN95 5 Ply Face Mask and the AnanBros 5 Layer KN95 Masks are great for double masking.

We may not like wearing masks, but they protect us from a virus that, in many cases, proves deadly. Not only that, we protect others by wearing facemasks and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. If we wear facemasks and double masks, we could effectively reduce the virus’s spread and return to a normal way of life.

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