Bad breath is just socially unacceptable. Unfortunately, most of the time, it isn’t your fault. You can be plagued by the problem even if you brush your teeth twice a day. So, how can you show your face in public when your breath is less than minty fresh? Well, mouthwash is the perfect solution.

Mouthwash is a quick and easy way to get fresh breath when you are pressed for time or privacy. Just swill it around in your mouth and you will smell as though you have just brushed your teeth. You can then face the world confidently.

There is no end to the mouthwash brands at your disposal. Before you waste your money, though, you should know that not all of them are equally effective. To make sure that you are covered at all times, check out the best brands that we could find:

1. CloSYS Mouthwash

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Why we like it: This CloSYS mouthwash kills almost all of the bacteria that is responsible for bad breath, giving you clean breath for longer.

Don’t you just hate those mouthwashes that only try to hide your bad breath behind an even stronger mint smell? If you feel this way, then the CloSYS mouthwash is going to delight you. This is because it is all about getting to the root cause of the problem – bacteria. This mouthwash pretty much eliminates any bacteria in your mouth, which means that once you rinse and spit, you don’t have to worry about future bad breath. Also, the taste is mild so that you aren’t overpowering anyone with your breath.

This formula is also great for anyone with a sensitive mouth. If you are prone to pain, this mouthwash is certainly not going to add to it. It doesn’t contain any alcohol so it doesn’t cause your delicate tissues to burn. In fact, dentists actually recommend this mouthwash to ease any pain caused by canker sores. The CloSYS mouthwash also has the advantage of preserving your oral health. It cuts down on any plaque and helps you to maintain a healthy mouth.

2. Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

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Why we like it: With the Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash, you get the full oral hygiene experience. You can get rid of sensitive tooth aches all while ensuring that your mouth stays nice and clean.

If you are looking for a great mouthwash because you have to deal with a variety of oral health issues, then the Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash is one of the best mouthwashes to invest in.  What makes the Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash one of the best mouthwashes to use is the fact that it was designed specifically for people who suffer from tooth sensitivity. The Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash features a potassium oxalate formula that was specifically designed to help protect and shield sensitive areas of your teeth. The sensitivity relief that you can expense to find will last you over the course of 24 hours. Of course, with regular and continued use, the protective barrier will continue to help with your teeth sensitivity so that it is not an issue that you have to deal with. The Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash uses a specially designed crystal block technology that helps to block away painful teeth sensitivity. It does this by targeting depositing crystals that are deep inside exposed parts of your teeth that react to the pain. Unlike traditional brushing, the liquid state of the Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash ensures that 100% of your mouth will be reached with this mouthwash. In addition to the powerful teeth sensitivity protection it can provide, the Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash is perfect for individuals who hate the singing feel of alcohol when they are using mouthwash. The Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash is 100% alcohol free so you don’t have to deal with that annoying sting anymore. Instead, you’ll be left with a cool and fresh feeling after each rinse with the Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash. If you suffer from sensitivity due to extreme hot, cold temperatures as well as sweet and acidic foods, then the Listerine Sensitivity Mouthwash is the perfect addition to your oil health care routine.

3. TheraBreath Oral Rinse

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Why we like it: TheraBreath Oral Rinse works quickly to eradicate bad odor while also giving you fresher breath for a longer period of time.

There are times when you need your mouthwash to start working as fast as possible. Otherwise, you are faced with the terrifying situation of having to talk to someone with your iffy breath. Fortunately, with TheraBreath, this isn’t a concern anymore. This is because the mouthwash will begin to work almost immediately, clearing out your mouth of bacteria in no time at all. That’s not all, though. Its magic also lasts for so long – more than 12 hours! After using it just once, you can be reassured that you are covered.

What’s great about this mouthwash is that it doesn’t contain any toxic components. It is free of alcohol as well as artificial flavoring and coloring. It is also vegan and gluten free. Also, if you are worried about that slight sting whenever you use mouthwash, you will be relieved. The TheraBreath formula will not cause stinging or burning in your mouth, making for a pleasant experience. Plus, you can be sure that it is safe since it has been recommended by dentists for many years.

4. Oral Essences Mouthwash

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Why we like it: The Oral Essences mouthwash uses natural and unrefined ingredients to keep your breath fresh and your mouth healthy.

The last thing that anyone wants to do is to swish unpronounceable ingredients in their mouth. If you don’t know what a particular ingredient is, it can be difficult to know whether it is actually good for you. This is why the Oral Essences mouthwash uses natural ingredients to fight bad breath. From Dead Sea salt to aloe vera juice, you will know exactly what is in your mouthwash. On top of this, this mouthwash is incredibly powerful, knocking out bad breath within moments.

What’s better than a mouthwash that pulls double duty? With the Oral Essences mouthwash, you can be guaranteed that your gums are going to be looked after as well. They will be kept healthy and moisturized, preventing many gum-related diseases. Also, they will look pink and healthy too. Since there are no harsh chemicals, there is another thing that you can look forward to – no stinging or burning! The effect of the mouthwash will last hours, keeping you minty fresh for longer.

5. SmartMouth Mouthwash

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Why we like it: Regardless of what the cause of your bad breath is, SmartMouth mouthwash is sure to get rid of it and give you fresh-smelling breath.

You may be suffering from bad breath for a number of reasons. It could be just an on and off thing or you could have to deal with it on a more chronic basis. Perhaps you are a smoker or you love your regular dose of caffeine. Well, it doesn’t matter what the cause is because the SmartMouth mouthwash will get rid of it. It will even help to ward off that dreaded morning breath and soothe canker sores as well.

The two pump system is so efficient because of the mechanism behind the mouthwash. The formula stops the bacteria from digesting any proteins in your mouth. This means there is no sulfur smell to give off and, therefore, no bad breath. Also, as the mouthwash is alcohol-free, you are free from any burning sensation too. While it is tough on bacteria, it is safe for dentures and fillings, and will definitely not stain your teeth. If used twice a day, the mouthwash can ward off bacteria for the whole day.

6. Nature’s Answer PerioBrite Mouthwash

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Why we like it: Nature’s Answer PerioBrite mouthwash has an all-natural formula that clears up bad breath and also helps with dry mouth.

If you are careful about what you eat, drink, or apply, you will be reassured by Nature’s Answer PerioBrite. This is because it uses all natural ingredients to combat the causes of bad breath. The ingredient list only contains plants, herbs, folic acid, and co-q 10. Many of the herbs are used to clean the mouth so that the bacteria responsible for the bad breath are removed. The rest of the plants work to keep the teeth and gums healthy so that there are no further causes of the bad breath.

If you suffer from bad breath specifically because of dry mouth, then this mouthwash is very well suited to you. The herbs help to balance out things, making sure that your gums stay nice and moist. Also, the absence of alcohol means that there is nothing there to aggravate the problem further. While this mouthwash is all natural, you still get the benefit of persistently fresh, minty breath. It just takes a minute for the effects of this powerful mouthwash to kick in.

7. ACT Anticavity Mouthwash

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Why we like it: The ACT Anticavity mouthwash kills the germs that cause bad breath while also helping to strengthen your teeth over time.

The ACT Anticavity mouthwash focuses on getting rid of the germs that are responsible for the bad smell in your mouth. Because of this, it is easier to feel cleaner after using this mouthwash and not have to worry about the bad odor only being masked. While the mouthwash doesn’t leave behind an unpleasant aftertaste, the smell does linger. Once you have used the mouthwash, you can be reassured that your breath is going to smell great for hours.

This is actually a good mouthwash for people who are suffering from a whole host of other dental problems. If you are constantly finding new cavities or if your teeth just don’t seem strong enough, this is the mouthwash for you. It contains sodium fluoride to prevent cavities from forming. The added fluoride helps to strengthen any soft spots on your teeth. So, this mouthwash is good for all around dental hygiene or if you are looking for something to help keep your mouth healthy.

8. Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Mouthwash

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Why we like it: The Colgate Pro-Shield mouthwash keeps your breath fresh even after you eat and drink. It also helps to prevent other dental problems.

If you tend to snack throughout the day, it can be difficult to maintain fresh breath. With the Colgate Pro-Shield mouthwash, you can continue to eat and drink and still ward off bad breath. In fact, by using this mouthwash, you should be able to keep foul breath away for up to 12 hours at a time. This is a great mouthwash for when you have got those long events or need to keep your breath fresh throughout the work day.

This is not all that this mouthwash can do though. It is also excellent at making sure that that pesky plaque doesn’t grow on your teeth. It even plays a role in keeping your gums healthy and pink, and free of gingivitis. Best of all, the mouthwash manages to do this without including ethanol in its formula. This way, there is no burning sensation when you wash your mouth with it. You can even give it to children above the age of six.

9. Crest Pro-Health Advanced Mouthwash

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Why we like it: Crest Pro-Health Advanced mouthwash is good for keeping your gums and teeth healthy and free from any bad odors.

The Crest mouthwash helps to clean out your mouth incredibly well, clearing out most of the bacteria in there. This is what helps to get rid of the bad breath and make sure that you feel fresh for most of the day. However, by getting rid of bacteria, the mouthwash also works to prevent any cavities in your teeth. This means that not only do you get fresh, fragrant breath, you can say goodbye to the most common and painful tooth problems as well.

While it works great on its own, the Crest mouthwash works even better when included in your daily teeth cleaning routine. Here, it adds even more power to your regime. In fact, if you continue to use it, you will be able to strengthen the enamel. As a result, you will have stronger, better-looking teeth that are able to withstand most dental problems. This is definitely a mouthwash that helps you to get rid of multiple problems, all with a single wash.

10. Biotene Mouthwash

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Why we like it: The Biotene mouthwash gets rid of bad breath while also reducing dryness in the mouth for hours at a time, prolonging relief.

Dry mouth can actually cause a number of problems. It is also one of the reasons for bad breath. Since there is not enough saliva to wash away dead cells, your breath turns sour. Well, the Biotene mouthwash tackles two problems in one. This formula contains ingredients that aim to keep your mouth moist and healthy. With regular use, you will find that you will experience a moisturized mouth for up to four hours at a time. This means that you get freedom from dry mouth symptoms for a longer period of time.

This is not the only way that the mouthwash helps you to combat bad breath. It also comes with a minty flavor, which makes you smell like you have just brushed your teeth. The scent also lasts for quite a while. There is no alcohol included in this mouthwash, which is important for a number of reasons. First, it means that the dryness in your mouth will not be aggravated. Then, there is also the fact that you get to avoid any burning or stinging while using the mouthwash.

11. Tom’s of Maine Mouthwash

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Why we like it: Tom’s of Maine mouthwash offers a safe and gentle way to banish bad breath and to freshen your breath with natural products.

If you are concerned about what goes on behind the manufacturing scenes with your mouthwash, then Tom’s of Maine is the brand for you. The company is very forthcoming about exactly what it takes to produce this mouthwash. The ingredients are natural and the formula is free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. On top of all of this, you can be guaranteed that this mouthwash works. The zinc counteracts the bad smell while making sure the effects last for longer.

For those who don’t like that burn usually associated with commercial-grade mouthwashes, there is good news. The company doesn’t use alcohol in its formula, so the effect is very gentle. It is also great for those who don’t want an overpowering minty smell or taste in their mouth. Instead, you will just be able to have normal, unscented breath. This mouthwash is suitable for vegetarians as it doesn’t contain any animal ingredients and is also cruelty-free. Some of the proceeds of each bottle are donated to worthy causes.