Mops are one of those household items that we hardly give a second thought to. No one thinks a lot about buying a mop, until the one at home doesn’t work as it should. Getting a mop may not be as easy as you think. Sometimes the mop handles can be short, the fibers could come off and ruin flooring, and rust can set in some. If you need to buy a mop, there are many different reasons to settle for a quality product. Cheap mops can make more of a mess than the one you are cleaning. Read ahead for a list of best mops you should consider buying.

1. O-Cedar Easy Wring Spin Mop and Bucket System

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This is a classic-style mop accompanied by a bucket. The mop has a built-in wringer, so you don’t have to wring a dirty mop by hand during cleaning. The mop also has a foot pedal so you can spin wring it. The foot pedal will allow you to keep the mop at just the right moisture level, not too wet or too dry. The cleaning part of the mop is microfiber, an excellent material for deep cleaning. Microfiber can remove dirt easily off a surface and absorb stains and tough grime. The accompanying bucket has a splash guard. Dirty water will not spill everywhere when you wet the mop or wring it. The mops can be refilled with Easy Wring products. This is an ideal mop for heavy duty cleaning around the house, especially if the surfaces that need cleaning are tile. The mop can superbly pick up dust and particles like hair as well. It is possible to remove the mop head and launder it if needed.

2. Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

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This colorfully titled mop come with two microfiber mop heads for both wet and dry cleaning. The mop comes with an extended length handle, which will allow you to mop in a comfortable upright position. Most classic mops require users to bend over slightly that can lead to back strain and fatigue. The fully extended 56-inch long handle of this mop will not make your back or spine hurt. Extensions are provided so you won’t have to buy extra. Wringing and rinsing this mop is particularly easy. The mop head also spins with the just little amount of effort. This mop works expertly on many types of surfaces including tile and hardwood. The bucket that comes with the mop has two wheels for transporting. Because it has only two wheels, the bucket can be secured without risking it rolling away or on to the cleaning surface. If you extend the mop, you can use it to clean windows as well.

3. Woodsman Magic Spin Mop

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This mop and the bucket has been designed to be extremely versatile. It also comes with a host of desirable features. The mop causes no spills or damage to floors. The mop works wonderfully both wet and dry. Wringing the mop is easy, and completely hand free. The mop heads are launderable and reusable, so you won’t have to spend money occasionally buying new mop heads. This mop leaves more marks on surfaces and cleans highly thoroughly. The microfibers in the mop head are water resistant, device of scratching and can even fight bacteria according to the manufacturer. This mop wan scratch (unless a hard object gets caught up in it). The mop has to be assembled upon purchase, but that’s easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. This mop has the advantage of evenly cleaning the home. Some outdoor areas, like the pool, can be cleaned with this mop.

4. Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Mop Kit

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This classic brand delivers a highly durable and convenient mop. Each order comes with a spray mop, three cleaning pads, and two refill bottles. According to Rubbermaid, the microfiber in this mop head can pick up dirt 50 percent more times per swipe than regular mops. The fiber is gentle enough to use even on delicate surfaces like linoleum and terrazzo. However, the mop is also very tough and takes out tough stains. The design of the mop does not allow any scratching of surfaces. The mop heads can be machine washed up to 100 times. Washing by hand will extend the life. The mop head will also last longer if it’s not allowed to spin inside the washing machine. When mopping, this mop cuts cleaning time because you can use the refill bottles to carry cleaning liquid. This mop has been designated safe to use on all floor types including tile, hardwood vinyl, and laminate.

5. Linkyo Spin Mop Bucket System

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This is a microfiber mop that comes with a bucket that makes it easy to wring the mop head. The mop handle is very durable and has POM gears designed exclusively by this brand. The microfiber is electrostatic. It can pick up dust, dirt and similar debris off almost any surface very easily. Cleaning hair is particularly trouble-free with this type of mop. Because of the electrostatic, the hair will not get tangled up in the mop’s fiber. The bucket for the mop has a splash guard, a drain hole, and a cleaning dispenser. The bucket also has rolling wheels for easy transportation from spot to spot. The product package contains and extra mop head, a Chenille mop pad, a scrub brush and a handle extension. This mop is suitable for a taller user because an extension is provided. Wringing the mop by hand is not necessary. The handle is designed with stainless steel to ensure longevity.

6. Twist and Shout Mop

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This is an award-winning and best-selling spin mop with a unique design to keep your home clean. The design lacks many of the key features found on other spin mops, like foot pedals, plastic spinning axis or moving parts like wheels and agitators. The innovative design, regardless of missing these parts, can self-wring the mop to be as twice as dry than other mops. The mop head is made from super absorbent microfiber that cleans better than cotton. It also dried floors quicker than other types of material. You won’t have to worry about streaking either. To keep the mop head clean between jobs, remove it and machine wash. The mop works well whether wet for dry. The dry mop can easily pick up hair and dust off many surfaces. If you purchase the mop from the original manufacturer, it will come with a lifetime warranty, which is rare for a mop.

7. HAPINNEX Spin Mop Wringer Bucket Set

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The Hapinnex spin mop handle only weighs 4 lbs, and it is reasonably sturdy without being heavy, but it can also be extended now to 5 ft. 4 inches. The extra length will enable you to clean under furniture with more ease. Also, getting to those hard areas you cannot reach with a regular mop. The Hapinnex is durable and reliable. Included in the Hapinnex Spin Wringer Mop Bucket Set are 2 microfiber mop pads, which are great at absorbing liquids, greasy stains, and spills. These pads are machine washable, and they spread out to 12 inches, so they should be able to deal with larger floor areas fast. These plastic inserts snap onto the mop head are around 6 inches in diameter, so they can easily squeeze into tight spaces, and the pad snaps onto the head by pressing down on both sides, when you hear the audible click you know it is in the correct slot. This pad is easy to remove by standing on it and pulling the handle upwards.

8. Goplus Microfiber Spinning Mop with Bucket

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This floor mop comes with two heads that can rotate 360° for deep and thorough cleaning. This mop makes cleaning hands free. It can be wrung without needing to touch the dirty water. The mop and the bucket are designed to avoid spillage during work. It will also not shock or damage floors. The mop handle has a 47.2-inch telescopic rod length suitable for slightly taller users. This mop is perfect to clean kitchen and bathroom floors. You can also use if on different flooring at living rooms, bedrooms, and lobbies of business areas. The microfiber used in the mop head is very thin, and this is highly absorbent. Because of that, this mop is very effective in cleaning grime on many types of surfaces. The handle angle can be adjusted to keep the mopping position comfortable. The mop requires not power to use. The new and improved design is also highly durable and will last years.