Being an adult can be boring sometimes. You grow up, get rid of your kid toys, and do grown-up stuff. But if you’re one of those (many) adults who just don’t want to let go of the past, there’s good news! Mini trampolines offer all of the fun you had as a kid, while giving you the adult-like exercise workout that you’re looking for. Mini trampolines are not a new invention. Yet increased research in health and fitness practices has shown that a good cardio workout is an excellent way to improve your health and extend your life. Mini trampolines offer all of the same benefits as doing jumping jacks and jumping rope, with less effort and more impact resistance. With training and experience, some people even add in different workouts while using a trampoline. If you’re ready to “jump” right in and find the best trampoline on the market, look no further. We’ve scoured the web to whittle down the extensive list of products. Here are the best five that you’ll find anywhere!

1. Merax Mini Fitness Exercise Workout Trampoline

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Why we like it: The Merax Mini Fitness Exercise Workout Trampoline will give your child the workout you want them to have, while still keeping them entertained and excited to hop back on every day! This trampoline comes with a stabilization bar for those children who have not quite figured out how to stay up straight just yet. Although the weight capacity is 220 lbs, keep in mind that this is a children’s trampoline. To that end, it is specifically designed for ages 3 and up, but is a children’s trampoline. Some adults can potentially use it as well, but it the springs may not easily withstand an adult’s weight for extended periods of time.

This trampoline offers the safety features you want and need for your child. The springs come with a soft, padded covering, and the trampoline features a deconstructable and foldable design. When not in use, you’ll be able to put it away with relative ease, and not have to worry about your young tike taking a joy ride when you’re not looking. The five straight legs should provide your child with impressive stability, and the rubber cups will keep the unit from slipping on wood surfaces. This unit is one of the more popular units available on the market for children. The user complaints that exist follow a similar trend: cheap construction. If you’re in the market for a lower-end trampoline for your kids that will provide fun and exercise, this is certainly one that should be on your list


  • Includes stability bar for younger jumpers
  • Foldable design
  • Wide surface area


  • Numerous complaints of cheap construction
  • Maximum weight limit is misleading

2. JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

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Why we like it: If you’re in the market for a healthy and fun workout experience, look no further than the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline. JumpSport offers several different trampolines, all of which offer slightly different benefits. The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is one of their simplest models, but also their most popular. You’ll be able to revel in the simplicity of this model and its extreme ease of use, as well as its more than sufficient safety features.

As a company, JumpSport lives and breaths trampolines. Founded in 1997, the company has a singular focus: trampolines, trampolines, and, you guessed it, more trampolines! With several models on the market, and a wide market share, JumpSport’s trampolines are indeed top-of-the-line models that any buyer should have on their shortlist. The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is undoubtedly their most popular. This trampoline comes highly praised and highly favored. Here’s why.

JumpSport’s Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is stylishly designed with a black frame and padded spring covering. The 39 inch diameter frame also has 30 of JumpSport’s proprietary Endurolast 2 cords. JumpSport ditches the metal springs found in many trampolines all together! The Endurolast 2 cords are rated for 1 million cycles. You’ll get years of life out of your trampoline before having to replace the cords. JumpSport’s patented FlexBounce III technology gives you the freedom of adjustment. You’ll be able to adjust the tension of the Endurolast cords, giving you more or less resistance. You’ll have much more freedom of choice with this trampoline than with most others on the market. Unlike most other trampolines the arched-leg structure provides more stability. This is a huge boon for those who are already less stable or stuffer with instability problems. Because of the use of the elastic cords over springs, you’ll also be able to bounce in relative silence. You can bounce all day and night without disturbing your family and neighbors!

This trampoline comes with a workout DVD included. It is rated for 250 lbs or less, so those who weigh a bit more will need to be cautious when using this trampoline, or find a different model (such as the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline 550 Pro).


  • Patented leg design for more stability
  • Elastic cords for longer spring life
  • Highly favored among current customers and users


  • Not suitable for children
  • Not foldable

3. MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline

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Why we like it: If you’re a fan of the British and love exercise trampolines, the MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline will be right up your alley. Highly praised and feature-rich, this trampoline offers all of the bounce and fun you’ll want, and all of the health and fitness quality that you will need. MaXimus Life specializes in fitness trampolines, and the Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline is one of the best mini trampolines that they offer.

The MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline was designed with exercise in mind. While some mini trampolines are a mild extension on your childhood toy trampoline, this is certainly not true of the Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline. This trampoline comes with all of the little niceties that prove that exercise is their key focus. The trampoline comes included with a stabilization balance bar, resistance bands with sand weights and an exercise DVD. While most trampolines sell you only the trampoline, this unit comes as a complete and fully featured package. You’ll be able to engage in a complete, energy-developing workout without the need to buy additional parts for your trampoline.

Those who buy the Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline will find an extremely mobile construction. As the name suggests, this trampoline is capable of quick and easy deconstruction, and folds in the middle. The spring loaded legs allow for quick reconstruction. You can take this trampoline with you anywhere and keep the exercise routine going, regardless of your location. At 40”, this trampoline provides you with more usable exercise space than many of its competitors as well. The jumbo metal springs reduce impact by over 80% compared to exercising on a flat ground surface. This is extremely beneficial for those wanting and needing a good cardio and core workout but without the same amount of stress on the knees that comes with other exercises, such as jumping rope.

The MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Mini Trampoline was designed for up to 300 lbs, an industry standard and a high weight handling for the size and budget. If you’re ready to bounce the night away, go ahead and give this trampoline a try!


  • Foldable structure for easy storage
  • Allows for up to 300 lbs of weight
  • Comes with many added features for an intense workout
  • Highly favored among current customers and users


  • Not suitable for children

4. Pure Fitness 38 Inch Exercise Trampoline

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Why we like it: If you are looking for a great trampoline that can serve as both a fun tool to use and a great peice of exercise equipment, then the Pure Fitness 38 Inch Exercise Trampoline routinely meets those needs.

If you are looking  for a great fitness trampoline to try out with your exercise routine, then the Pure Fitness 38 Inch Exercise Trampoline is one of the best options to go with right now. The Pure Fitness 38 Inch Exercise Trampoline acts as the perfect addition to any low impact cardio routine that you already have in place. Studies have shown that using trampolines such as the Pure Fitness 38 Inch Exercise Trampoline can help with your overall cardiovascular health all while reducing the strain and impact that can occur to your joints. One of the best ways to use the Pure Fitness 38 Inch Exercise Trampoline is with the aid of a health and wellness trainer. By doing so, you can execute many different routines that will allow you to strengthen and tone up your leg and core muscles. To help you with your cardio routine, there is a padded exterior trampoline cover that keeps you nice to safe even if you were to fall off or miss a step. When you jump, the Pure Fitness 38 Inch Exercise Trampoline is durable and dependable because it is constructed with 30 high tension dual springs. There are also steel rubber tech supports that allow it to stay firmly planted on the ground. When it comes to the weight limit, anyone within the 220 weight capacity can safely use the Pure Fitness 38 Inch Exercise Trampoline. Lastly, to ensure that you have a stable balance each time, the jump mat is made out of a heavy duty polypropylene that is super easy to set up. If you are ready to take your cardio exercise to the next level, then the Pure Fitness 38 Inch Exercise Trampoline can be the perfect addition to any cardio routine.


  • Designed primarily for adults and as an exercise tool
  • Can be used by adults of up to 220 lbs


  • Not foldable

5. Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

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Why we like it: For the Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline, we’ll start with the good: This trampoline from Stamina is easily the most purchased and most frequently reviewed trampoline on our list. There is a good reason why the product company is named “Stamina” is well. This product was designed with the exercise and fitness in mind. If you’re ready to put away the kids toys and get on with the fun of adult exercise, give this trampoline a quick look.

The Stamina 36 Inch Folding Trampoline is one of the simpler trampolines on our top list for trampolines. Much like the Pure Fun 38 Inch Mini Trampoline, the Stamina 36 Inch has a straight-legged designed and that comes with a soft padded cover for safety. Unlike the Pure Fun 38 Inch, however, this unit can fold down into smaller parts for easy transportation or storage. Indeed, no other trampoline on our list offers as much foldability as this one. If you’re someone on the go, and you need to keep up that exercise routine wherever you go, this is quite likely the trampoline that should be on your short list.

Much like the JumpSport trampoline on our list, this trampoline replaces the noisy and potentially dangerous metal spring for elastic bands. The 30 elastic bands offer a strong amount of flexibility, and when combined with the heavy-duty rebounding surface, you can be sure that you will get a good bounce with a lot of impact reduction, without making you fly off into the atmosphere. If you’re ready for a great workout with an impressive mobility option, take a look at the Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline. It just might be the trampoline you’ve been looking for.


  • Extremely mobile, folding design
  • Adjustable legs
  • Wide surface area for more bouncing space
  • Elastic cords for a quieter bounce


  • Does not come with added features

Mini Trampoline Buyer’s Guide

Those in the market for a mini trampoline will be happy to know that there are not a lot of complex topics to think about regarding buying one. A good mini trampoline is a great way to get a cardio workout, as well as workout for your core. Using a mini trampoline on a regular basis can help you with slimming down, burning calories, and building muscle strength in your legs as well. If you’re in the market for a new trampoline, consider these following features before making your purchase.

Child v. Adult Trampolines

It’s easy to think that any trampoline will do. However, some trampolines are specifically designed for children and some specifically designed for adults. Before you make your purchase, look for the tell-tale age-rating number. The lower the number, the more an indication that, even if it’s not outright stated, the trampoline is likely designed for children. How does that impact things? A trampoline designed for children may say that it has a weight rating similar to that for an adult-oriented one. And indeed, the springs may be able to hold that weight. However, trampolines designed for adult exercise will have a much stiffer body construction, and will be able to withstand those higher weights more effectively. And, understandably, the stronger construction of the adult mini trampolines will result in it being more expensive. If the trampoline specifically say it is “not for adults”, avoid buying it if you are going to use it for your own exercise. It will be cheaper, but you can expect that it will break in short order, creating a potentially hazardous situation.

Springs v. Cords

Traditionally, trampolines have been made with metal springs that attach to the rebounding surface and provide the bounce upon impact. However, many modern trampolines are made with elastic cords that function in the same manner. These offer significant benefits over metal springs. First of all, you do not have to worry about the springs rusting, breaking and causing hazards. Secondly, this brings down the actual cost of the material. Elastic bands may offer slightly less impact reduction than metal springs, however, and may be more prone to snap.

Stabilization Bars

Many exercise-focused mini trampolines come with stabilization bars included, or the option to buy them separately. These bars attach to the top side of the trampoline, and function to allow less-than-stable users to have some sense of stabilization while on the trampoline. These can offer increased safety if used properly, but can become a hazard if the trampoline is not used properly.

Spring Pads and Covers

A good mini trampoline should take safety first. To that end, most, if not all, mini trampolines come with a cover for the springs. Whether the trampoline uses metal springs or elastic cords, these need to be covered to avoid accidental tripping and very dangerous and harmful accidents.