Whether you’re looking forward to a nice, hot bowl of soup, an instant meal or just need to make some hot chocolate or an egg in a mug, microwave ovens have no doubt saved us many a time after late nights from work.

One of technology’s many wonders, the microwave is undoubtedly now a part of the family and the household. In fact, it’s now a common feature, just as much as a fridge or television. It’s a staple, and many-a-time we’ve relied on it to satisfy late night cravings or whip up a quick meal when we’re feeling peckish. It can also heat water, tea, and do a slew of other things efficiently, so it only makes sense that it is nothing short of stellar.

If you’ve been thinking of upgrading your microwave, now’s a good time as any. Of course, expect to be avalanched by hundreds of options which could very easily confuse you. Or, you could opt to read our list here, where we’ve conveniently put together some of our choices for the best microwave ovens around.