Best Menstrual Protection Products

There are a number of menstrual protection products women can purchase nowadays. However, due to the sheer number of products available, making a good purchase has become challenging. Women have to consider safety and comfort before committing to a particular brand. Tampons and pads can both cause health problems if not used properly or if you buy cheap products. Reusable alternatives, like period cups, are also now available to women. It’s very important to sort out the high-quality products from the ones that are not. It’s also important to buy products that do not contain any harmful chemicals. Read ahead for a list of reliable menstrual protection products you can count on:

1. Tampax Pearl Plastic Tampons


Tampax is undoubtedly the leading tampon brand in the world right now. The Pearl series is particularly popular for convenience and ease of use. Each tampon comes with a plastic applicator with a smooth surface and a rounded tip. This design makes insertion very easy and pain-free. You won’t need lubricant like the tampons of the yore. The applicator also has an anti-slip grip to place the tampon correctly without causing a mess. These tampons also come with leak guards that provide protection up to 8 hours. You can wear without a worry even on heavy days. Once worn, you will barely feel the tampon inside. The tampon is designed to expand to fit each woman’s “unique shape.” You can go on about day to day life without a hindrance. The tampons are wrapped individually in a waterproof package that opens easily. You can carry these around in a purse or a handbag and the packages won’t tear and spill the contents out.

2. Diva Cup Model 2 Menstrual Cup


Period cups are now gaining traction as a reusable alternative to disposable tampons. Diva Cup is the most widely used and popular menstrual cup available in the market. Period cups work similarly to tampons, except they gather the blood instead of absorbing it. Diva cups are bell-shaped to make insertion easy. These cups are made from medical-grade silicon and are hypoallergenic. They do not contain bleach like cotton-containing sanitary napkins and tampons do. You won’t be inserting any harmful chemicals into your body when using these cups. When you use Diva Cup, you won’t have to deal with unpleasant disposal situations. One cup can last up to 12 hours without any leaking. Diva cups are very convenient considering the capacity they offer. Unlike with tampons, you can go to an 8-hour work day without needing to change. Cups are easy to take care of and keep clean. Before using, carefully read all the instructions for proper use.

3. Always Infinity Unscented Pads with Wings


Sanitary pads are the time-honored way to contain the menstrual flow. Pads have gotten a bad rep in recent times thanks to tough competition from tampons and period cups. However, pads are still the best way to control heavy flow, especially during the night. Always pads offer great protection by absorbing liquid up to 10 times the weight of each pad. The sanitary napkins are form fitting and can be worn for long periods without discomfort. Each pad comes with a pair of wings to secure on underpants. The FlexFoam absorbent material used in these pads are incredibly lightweight, you will barely feel the pad there. Pads will not get very heavy when you are wearing one throughout the day. Always pads can stay put without moving around, thus preventing leaks. They are also very soft on the skin and is not likely to cause chafing. The overnight pads are particularly useful during heavy flow to keep your night garments and bed sheets clean.

4. Playtex Sport Tampons with Flex-Fit Technology


Tampons can sometimes be unreliable and uncomfortable to wear especially when engaging is the strenuous activity. Playtex provides a solution with these tapered tampons that can move as the body does. These tamp are very discreet and do not feel when running or jumping. It comes with a unique leak free protection for active women. The tampon has a backup layer that can expect quickly to catch and lock fluid, thus enhancing protection. The smoothly contoured applicator is slim at the tip so insertion is pain-free. The plunger of the applicator is flared for better grip and comfortable handling. You can insert the tampon using three fingers without slipping. Each Playtex Sports package comes with 18 regular and 18 super absorbency tampons. The tampons have interlocking fibers that quickly prevent any potential leaks. Considering the comfort and the convenience offered, these are some of the best tampons available today for women who work and move a lot.

5. Lena Feminine Hygiene Cup


This is a highly beginner friendly period cups. Users know that period cups need some getting used to, sometimes more so than tampons. This soft, silicone cup is the perfect product to get started with. Lena cup is registered with the FDA to ensure safety. The silicon body is medical grade and no harmful chemicals have been used in the manufacturing process. The design of the cup protects against odors and leaks. It’s also made not to cause any sensations while inserted. The cup secures really well. You can be active and dance, swim or jog while wearing the cup. The cup can be worn straight for 2 hours without needing to be emptied. The soft texture makes the cup easy to insert and remove. The cup will not make your vagina dry like other products. The Lena cup is also very environmentally friendly as it uses only recyclable or reusable material.

6. o.b. Pro Comfort Applicator Free Digital Tampons


If you are looking for tampons that are smaller and easier to wear, this is a solid product to consider. These cotton tampons are compact in comparison to products that offer similar levels of absorbency. When inserted, they can expand all around to fit you without causing any pain or sensation. These tampons have to be digitally inserted. Place the tip at the entrance and the gently push using your fingertips. Because there is no applicator that comes with it, this product created less waste. The tampon has grooves on the surface to lock fluid and prevent unwanted leaks when in use. The original design of the tampon is a female gynecologist who has made the product fit the body without causing issues. Keep in mind that these tampons are really small to make digital insertion easy. Also, the tiny size makes them very discreet to carry around. Before insertion, wash your hands thoroughly.

7. Heart Felt Bamboo Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads


Regular sanitary pads cause enormous environmental waste. If you don’t want to contribute to landfills, consider using these reusable cloth pads. They are very soft, easy to wear and are green as they get. The pads have a bamboo charcoal layer to absorb fluid without causing leaks. The natural material also neutralizes odors. No synthetic material or harmful chemicals are used, so these pads are very hypoallergenic. These pads are highly recommended for women with sensitive skin. The inside layers of the tampons are dark colored to hide stains with prolonged use. The pads are suitable for protecting against medium flow during day or night. For heavy flow, it’s recommended to use with a menstrual cup. The cloth pads also fold nicely can be secured in a packaging-like shape with a button. This shape makes tampons easy to store and carry. The outer layer of the pads is waterproof to prevent leaks and spills. Washing is easy. It can be rinsed with water by hand, or put in the washing machine after giving a preliminary rinse.

8. The Honest Company Organic Cotton Regular Tampons


These tampons are made from certified organic cotton. Most commercial tampons are made from bleached cotton with possibly synthetic material mixed in. Such tampons can cause reaction issues in women with sensitive skin, not to mention the environmental impact. You won’t have to worry about those things with these biodegradable GOTS certified tampons. Each is made from 100 percent cotton that is hypoallergenic. The tampons are manufactured by The Honest Company, the Jessica Alba driven effort to make personal hygiene products free of chemicals that harm the body and the environment. These tampons are also designed to be very comfortable and protect against spills. The cotton is naturally absorbent and breathable and comes with a more natural fit. The tampon can expand to fit and prevent leaks. Applicators are provided with each tampon. Unlike plastic or bleach-containing applicators, these ones are made from the plant-based material that is completely free of toxic phthalates.

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