Laptops don’t come cheap, and we know how precious a Macbook Pro is to an owner and how even the slightest drop of your laptop can have it ruined in an instant (We know… we don’t want to think about it either). That’s why it may be time for you to consider getting a Macbook Pro case.

Best Macbook Pro Case

Macbook Pro cases ensure, obviously, protection for your Macbook. Not only can a Macbook Pro case help prevent your laptop from getting scratches and chips, the best macbook pro case protects it from various forms of weather, such as rain. No one wants to use a damp laptop (that is, if your laptop even survives the storm), so a Macbook Pro case will take care of that issue. Of course there are many types of Macbook Pro cases out there. Needless to say, many of the cases out there claim to ensure protection and more for your Macbook Pro, but of course not all of them perform up to standard. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Macbook Pro cases out there so that you may pick the right one for you.

1. ProCase 13-13.5 Inch Laptop Bag Messenger Shoulder Bag Briefcase Sleeve Case

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Why we like it: This Macbook Pro Sleeve Case features a lightweight, portable design that is very simple and sleek. It is the perfect laptop case to use when you are traveling, going to work, or going to school.

Having a sturdy  MacBook case to put your MacBook Pro or Macbook Pro Air in is important. But how can you be sure that you are carrying around your MacBook safely? With the ProCase Laptop Messenger and Shoulder Bag you never have to worry about the safety of your MacBook Pro. This simple yet stylish carrying case for your MacBook Pro comes with everything you need to tote around your laptop easily and efficiently. The overall look of the ProCase Laptop Messenger and Shoulder Bag is one that is sleek and slim and professional. Not only that, but it is super lightweight so that caring around your MacBook is not a burden. The overall design of the ProCase Laptop Messenger and Shoulder Bag makes it the perfect laptop carrying bag for both work, school, or travel. The exterior of the ProCase Laptop Messenger and Shoulder Bag is made out of a water resistant material. Inside, you will find a padded main compartment with a soft lining made out of flannelette.  This lining is what helps protect your MacBook from getting scratched or dented up. In the front of ProCase Laptop Messenger and Shoulder Bag you will find two extra zipper pockets. These pockets are perfect for keeping small items such as your phone, your keys, cables as well as your charger. Lastly, There are two ways that you can carry the ProCase Laptop Messenger and Shoulder Bag. There are they easy to use top handles as well as the adjustable shoulder strap. Overall, if you are looking for a step up in professionalism for your MacBook Pro, then the ProCase Laptop Messenger and Shoulder Bag is a great option to go with.

2. AmazonBasics 13.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve

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Why we like it: Amazon proves the “Basics are the best” with this form-fitting case with a simple, compatible design that’s available in many cool colors!

Amazon truly is the jack-of-all-trades as this company can seriously produce anything! They prove us right with their AmazonBasics Macbook case that’s made to perfection. The 13.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve features a form-fitting design that’ll keep your Macbook feeling snug while inside the case. Besides being used for Macbooks, the case is also compatible with other types of laptops and ultrabooks (so long as they fit the size requirement!). The external dimensions of the case are 13.5″ x 0.8″ x 10″ while the internal dimensions are 13″ x 0.4″ x 9.5″. The case’s slim design also makes it very portable, so feel free to take your laptop anywhere on-the-go!

For this review, we selected the 13.3 inch size for the case. The case, however, is available in other sizes, so you just have to pick the right one for your laptop. Another thing that we are excited to mention is the case’s color options. You can select the color you want for your case among these options: Black, blue, grey, navy, and purple. Although the case itself looks pretty basic, the color options for this case make it stand out. We will note some customers have said the inner dimensions of the case are a bit off and thus too small for certain laptops, making it not as compatible with other laptops (like Lenovo). Nevertheless, Mac users shouldn’t face any problems and so long as you know the measurements of your laptop, getting this Amazon Best Seller case shouldn’t be an issue!

3. Tomtoc 360° Protective Sleeve

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Why we like it: An extremely durable protective sleeve case with extra storage, that can be easily carried on-the-go, with great color options.

The Tomtoc brand proves that durability in a case is what matters most when it comes to protecting a laptop. The Tomtoc 360° Protective Sleeve case is well-equipped with CornerArmor™ on its bottom and a 360° protective ridge around its interior that ensures your laptop will be protected in any accident. This case is extremely durable, with its wipe-clean synthetic finish that makes the case easy to be kept presentable and in top condition with minimum effort. Think you can’t have a case that’s soft-to-the-touch and durable at the same time? Think again! This case features a large, soft nylon side-mounted pocket with a silk feel that provides additional storage space for smaller items such as your iPad, smartphone, or laptop accessories.

What we like most about this case is its unique color options that are suitable for everyone. Customers can select the color option of: Gray, black blue, Tiffany blue, baby pink, or grass green depending on their preference. Another great thing about this case is that it’s very slim and lightweight, meaning the case can easily be transported inside another bag, backpack, or suitcase and is great for taking on-the-go. The case is also spill-resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about liquid damage to your laptop. Do note, the case will fit only certain Mac laptop versions such as: the 13-13.3 inch MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro Retina (Late 2012 – Early 2016) , the 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2017, and the Surface Book.

4. Mosiso Macbook Pro Plastic Hard Case

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Why we like it: A case that comes with a screen protector and a warranty, and is available in MANY awesome colors. ‘Nuff said.

Let’s start off with the negative of this product first. It’s only made to fit a Macbook Pro laptop. Nevertheless, this is a guide for the best “Macbook Pro cases” so that shouldn’t raise too much concern for our readers (sorry other laptop users!). The Mosiso Macbook Pro case is uniquely constructed to be hard, unlike the cases we reviewed earlier that have all been soft. The material of the case is made out of durable polycarbonate which will help protect your Macbook from scuffs and scratches. Additionally, this sturdy material is not easily broken, so in the event you drop your laptop, not only will your laptop be protected from the blow, but your case will be solid as well!

This case nicely features a screen protector and a keyboard cover that will protect your keyboard and screen against spills and other contaminants. The case itself is super lightweight, even though it’s durable, and snaps on and off your laptop easily. It has a crazy number of color options. You can get your laptop case (and screen protector and keyboard case) in one of many colors such as: Black, gold, jet black, pink, red, royal blue, silver, deep teal, and more! Just note that in addition to not fitting other laptops, this case will also not fit older versions of the Macbook Pro, such as versions with the CD-rom player. Nevertheless, if you have a newer Macbook Pro laptop and like the features this case has to offer, then it could be the one for you!

5. Lacdo 13 Water Repellent Macbook Sleeve Case

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Why we like it: What’s not to like about a laptop case that is water-repellent, durable, and trendy-looking?! Your laptop will thank you for getting this case.

The Lacdo brand proves to us that it knows how to make a sophisticated laptop case. The Lacdo 13 Macbook case is made in a soft cloth material, is slim in size, and even features zipper side pockets. What’s the best thing about this case’s material? It’s waterproof and shockproof! The case features a multi-layer design that consists of: a soft fabric inner layer, shockproof material, and waterproof material. That means, if your laptop case gets caught in the rain, water will not penetrate through the case, ensuring that your laptop is safe from water damage. Similarly, if you accidentally drop your laptop case (and we hope you never do) the case will absorb the blow meaning no physical or shock damage incurs to your laptop.

So you know that the case is durable, but is it compatible with more laptops than the Macbook Pro? Our answer is yes! The case is compatible with: The Apple MacBook Pro 11.3-inch with Retina Display (of course), MacBook Air, ASUS Chromebook, Toshiba CB35-B3330, Dell Inspiron 13, Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, HP Stream 13 Laptop, HP Chromebook 14, Samsung, Sony, and any Acer Laptop. So it goes without saying, this case has optimal compatibility. On top of that, this case also offers many size options (besides the one we selected for the review) and is available in many cool colors such as: Black, blue, gray, pink, purple, red, and rose. Our only concern with this product is that it does not fit snugly to some laptops (as mentioned by a few customers). So if you like a case that can fit a multitude of laptops and is water and shockproof, we recommend checking out this product!

6. Inateck 13 Pro Retina Sleeve Case Cover Protective Bag

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Why we like it: A protective sleeve case that’s got a professional look with a solid build that’ll guard your laptop against many obstacles!

Inateck shows us that it takes laptop guarding seriously with this product. The Inateck 13 Pro Retina Sleeve Case is built to last and provide your laptop with serious protection with an array of features. The case features five layers of eco-friendly material to provide your laptop with 360° of shock-proof protection. The case’s soft flannel lining interior provides protection against scratches and dents. So not only is the laptop build from “green” materials that benefit the Earth, it provides optimal protection from physical damage to your laptop. If the case’s five layer protection didn’t impress you, then perhaps the case’s zipper security will. The makers of this product tested various, top quality materials to ensure the case’s zippers remain firmly in place to prevent accidental slipping.

Still not impressed? Then maybe you’ll like that this case comes with extra storage space. The case includes additional compartments that maximize storage space, organize your accessories, and provide your additional devices with extra protection. Did we mention this case is spill resistant? The woven exterior of the case is made of liquid proof 600D wear-resistant polyester fabric to protect your device against accidental spills. The case is designed specifically for the: 13 inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina 13, MacBook Air 13 (including the 2017 MacBook Air 13″), and for similar non-Apple devices, such as the Dell XPS 13. Do note this case will not fit a 2016 Macbook Pro (sorry earlier Macbook users). Another slight downside about the product is its limited color options. Still, if you want a quality case that ensures protection for your laptop, we recommend looking at this case.

7. i-Blason Smooth Soft-Touch Matte Hard Shell Cover

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Why we like it: A scratch and slip-resistant case with a smooth design, available in many color options (that literally everyone can choose from!).

We’re on a roll with hard cover cases as we present to you the third hard case to be mentioned on our list. This time, the case is made by i-Blason and we have to say, it’s truly impressive. The design of this case is so sophisticated and best of all, is made for anyone. The case features a slick hard shell cover with a matte finish to resist scratches and slippage. Not only that, this case allows the Apple Logo to shine through and even gives you access to all your laptop’s ports, such as: the battery check button, Type C, charging ports, and more. You can simply plug in your charger, cable, or headset without removing the case.

That’s not even it! This case is also fully vented for safe, heat disbursement and comes with rubberized corner stands at the bottom. Putting on this case is a quick process with its simple “snap-on installation.” It is slim and lightweight making it extremely portable and easy to carry your laptop on-the-go. The case is available in a selection of colors including: black, blue, clear, and pink. This case is compatible with the Apple MacBook Pro 13 Inch A1706, A1708, 2016/2017 releases and fits both the Touch Bar and Touch ID versions. However, the case is not compatible with MacBook Pro versions launched before 2016. The case is a bit more expensive than the previous cases we’ve viewed. However, it’s still not bad for a case like this; if you like what we’ve stated about the case, we suggest checking it out further!

8. JSVER 13 Inch Macbook Pro Protective Case

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Why we like it: This sophisticated case can protect more than just your laptop. It can protect smaller devices as well, such as phones and tablets.

Next up on our list is the JSVER brand with their practical laptop case. Although it appears similar to the Inateck product we reviewed, this case has quite a few different features. The JSVER Macbook Pro Protective Case comes with additional pockets to fit more than just your laptop. The case features one main compartment for your laptop and a second compartment for items such as magazines, books, or a tablet. The case even comes equipped with two back pockets, lined with flannel to comfortably place your cell phone, earbuds, wallet, and other smaller gadgets inside. The case proves that it is here to provide you with the ultimate convenience.

Speaking of convenience, the case even comes with an additional, small felt bag that provides space for your small items such a mouse, a cell phone, cell phone chargers, cables, SSD, HDD Enclosure, power banks, and more. Made with high-quality felt on the outside and soft flannel inside, this case will ensure laptop doesn’t receive scratches and absorbs shock at all times. Unfortunately, you’ll only get one color option for this case and there are no handles, but we won’t complain due to this case’s pristine workmanship. The case features a synthetic leather velcro strap for optimum security to ensure your laptop won’t slip out. This reliable and efficient case is one we recommend.

9. KEC MacBook Case Hard Shell Cover

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Why we like it: Who wouldn’t absolutely want a case with a far-out galaxy design?! You’ll even get to see your Apple logo shine through the case!

The fourth hard cover case to be mentioned on our list comes from the KEC brand. We showed you impressive hard cover cases earlier, but this one takes the prize on design. The KEC Macbook Hard Cover case gives you the power of protection in a galaxy (not literally, but the case has a galaxy design). This cool case features a sleek, glossy 2-piece galaxy design that is easy to install and take off. You can also pick the color of your galaxy too, in a plethora of options including but not limited to: Orange, purple, blue, bright space, and um, brain (we’re not making that up).

The case comes with four rubberized feet to keep your Macbook Pro laptop stable and secure. The bottom shell of the case cover is vented for maximum heat dissipation and disbursement. If you thought this case couldn’t get any cooler, think again. The case contains a layer of rubber oil paint for a smooth, rubberized exterior texture that helps prevent fingerprints, slipping, scratches, drops of liquid, dirt, smudges, and other damages to your laptop. The laptop is also designed to allow you to have access to all of your laptop’s ports. As with the other hard cover cases, this case is only compatible with certain Macbook Pro laptops (in this case, older versions up to 2015).

10. Ruban – Retina 13 2 in 1 Soft-Touch Hard Case Cover

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Why we like it: What’s not to like about a Macbook Pro laptop case that’s made to be durable and soft-to-the-touch? It’s the ultimate 2 in 1!

We’re back at it again with the fifth hard cover case to be mentioned on our list. This time, the case is made by Ruban and we must say, they put a lot of thought into the color options for this case. The case is available in an array of color options that is sure to please anyone looking for a case to match their personality. The case offers color options such as: Black, crystal clear, gold, grey, hot pink, light blue, marble, and so on. Aside from its colors, this case is built with hard plastic, and is finished with rubber paint over its top and bottom covers that gives the case a silky-smooth, soft touch. The case also features a smooth yet grippy rubberized exterior texture, perfect for preventing slippage.

Thought we were done? Not quite! This sleek case features a no cut out design, allowing your Apple Logo to simply shine through the case. The case also gives you full access to all your laptop’s buttons and features, meaning you can plug in your charger, cable, or headset without removing the case. The case also features an easy installation process with its ability to quickly snap-on and snap-off. This portable case even comes with a keyboard cover so that you can decorate your keyboard while preventing dust entry. The only downside about this product is that it is only designed to fit the old Macbook Pro 13″ with Retina Display (No CD) and older Mac laptop models. Nevertheless, if you have an older Mac laptop that is compatible with this case, the we recommend checking out this product.

11. iDOO Matte Rubber Coated MacBook Pro Case

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Why we like it: Who doesn’t like a matte case with cool patterns? Not to mention, this trendy case is easy to put on!

The second hard cover case we have on our list is by iDOO. Just like with the Mosiso hard cover case, the downside with this product is that it only fits the newer MacBook Pro 13 inch w/ Retina Display (sorry to those who have the CD Drive Model). Nevertheless, if you have the newer Macbook then keep reading on about this product! The iDOO Matte MacBook Pro Case is one of the most stylish cases we have yet to feature on our list. The case features a stylish white marble pattern design, which allows you to still see the Apple logo when turned on. If that design isn’t your cup of tea, you can get this case in one of a dozen other color options. How’s that for trendy?

This fashionable Macbook Pro case is made out of a quality, rubberized matte material that is long-lasting and soft to the touch. This case will also not attract fingerprints, allowing you to have a smooth, spot-free case. Did we mention how convenient this case is? The case snaps on in just seconds and just like that, your MacBook will be protected from accidental scratches and bumps. While this case may not be waterproof, it is lightweight and slim in size which makes it the perfect travel companion. So if you want a trendy, sleek case that will guard your laptop against physical damage, then we recommend checking out this product!