Whether you are going on a business trip or a vacation, you will have to pass through that dreaded baggage counter at every airport, where the fate of your luggage, as well as your wallet, hangs in the balance. Stay under the limit and all will be well. Go over the limit, however, and it will prove to be a costly bail out of an embarrassing situation.

Enter the modern range of luggage scales, almost all of which are digital. They are designed to be generally quite compact and lightweight but strong enough to take the weight of anything you will take upon your shoulders. These devices have saved many travelers from a sticky situation by dishing out precise readings of their luggage in time to make those little adjustments. Then you can send your bags through the baggage counter and onto the plane with no trouble.

We have assembled just such a list of what we think are the best luggage scales currently available. They not only display weight measurements with pinpoint accuracy but are also incredibly compact, lightweight, and boast additional functions that you can benefit from greatly.