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Whether you are going on a business trip or a vacation, you will have to pass through that dreaded baggage counter at every airport, where the fate of your luggage, as well as your wallet, hangs in the balance. Stay under the limit and all will be well. Go over the limit, however, and it will prove to be a costly bail out of an embarrassing situation.

Enter the modern range of luggage scales, almost all of which are digital. They are designed to be generally quite compact and lightweight but strong enough to take the weight of anything you will take upon your shoulders. These devices have saved many travelers from a sticky situation by dishing out precise readings of their luggage in time to make those little adjustments. Then you can send your bags through the baggage counter and onto the plane with no trouble.

We have assembled just such a list of what we think are the best luggage scales currently available. They not only display weight measurements with pinpoint accuracy but are also incredibly compact, lightweight, and boast additional functions that you can benefit from greatly.

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

Why we like it: Superbly accurate, lightweight, and reliable and completely alleviates the risk of having to pay extra fees at the airport.

Editor’s rating:

The idea of traveling sounds more romantic than it is, especially when it comes to packing your luggage in accordance with strictly enforced regulations. However, with the help of this lightweight and reliable scale, the whole process is made a lot less stressful. Its easy-to-read LCD display gives you an accurate measure of whatever luggage you are weighing and is quick to let you know if it is beyond the limit. So you do not have to worry about your luggage being overweight at the airport.

The device is made from stainless steel, which is incredibly strong, corrosion resistant, and light. The scale itself weighs in at just 3.3oz but is strong enough to lift a maximum weight of 110 pounds. It also boasts some intelligent functions such as the ability to shut down automatically after half a minute of not being used. And it comes with a guide that lets you know all kinds of useful details such as baggage allowances for major commercial airlines and tips for traveling with kids. Also, the warranty is for life.

Camry Luggage Scale

Why we like it: Makes the travel process a lot less stressful thanks to its super accurate readings and intelligent functionality.

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Nothing quite spoils a vacation like being held up at the airport having to choose a luggage item to ditch so that regulations can be met. A lot of times, the reason behind such an unpleasant scene is a faulty home scale that simply did not align with the scale at the baggage counter. With the Camry luggage scale, however, there is no need for you to worry about leaving any of your luggage behind. It will accurately tell you how heavy it is in time for you to adjust before it is too late.

The official limit of what this scale can handle is right up where you would expect it at 110 pounds or 50 kilograms. Its large, blue backlight display is easy to refer to in any lighting conditions. And it has some intelligent functions that make it all the more attractive to purchase. It can switch off automatically after precisely a minute of inactivity. All of its operations can be controlled by just two buttons, making it a lot easier to use. And you get it with a 24-month long warranty period.


EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale

Why we like it: Performs all of the functions anyone would need from its class of scales and features a special design to further assist with the heavy lifting.

Editor’s rating:

Airlines have severe restrictions on how much luggage you can take. So an inaccurate scale might end up costing you way more than what you paid for it over the counter. Thankfully, this one is nothing like any of those inaccurate scales. It gives you precise readings of anything weighing less than its 110-pound limit. You can take readings from its backlit LCD display. It uses one long-lasting lithium battery and is configured to automatically shut down after use.

With a 110-pound limit, it is possible that you will be weighing some bags that will make you feel like they are going to rip your arms right out of their sockets. That is why this scale has a double-handed SmartGrip design feature to make the heavy lifting not so heavy. It is compact, lightweight, durable, and just about anything you can expect from a proper scale these days. Indeed, you need not worry at all about being overweight at the baggage counter from here on.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Why we like it: Delivers well on its claims of being heavy duty, durable, and practical and is further ensured by a good one-year warranty.

Editor’s rating:

The Etekcity luggage scale is designed to be tough, durable, and practical to live with. And it does those things really rather well, as we shall now see. It can accurately weigh luggage pieces as heavy as 110 pounds, which is a safe limit considering how much the average person can lift and carry about with them while traveling. Its own design is compact and lightweight so it can be easily stored away or accommodated in a small luggage compartment.

The digital LCD display is capable of locking the reading it gives once the luggage being weighed has stabilized under it. The rubber paint technology allows you to grip it without causing too much discomfort to your hands, and a built-in thermometer will display crucial temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. All of its functions are very reliable and therefore make this scale an ideal travel accessory. You can have it with a battery included and a year’s worth of warranty service.


Digital Luggage Scale Dunheger

Why we like it: Small and handy to use but can take as much weight as any of its competitors, and it comes in a delightful gift-ready packaging.

Editor’s rating:

The digital luggage scale by Dunheger does your weight readings for you accurately in pounds and kilograms. It will weigh any piece of luggage so long as it stays under an official limit of 110 pounds or 50 kilograms. Yet it maintains a very compact and lightweight frame, easily fitting inside the palm of your hand. That makes it easy to store away and handy to take with you on your travels. It will not make any significant contribution to the overall weight of your luggage.

Aside from the benchmark settings that you can expect from just about any luggage scale, the Dunheger houses some more premium features as well. These include an automatic locking function, an automatic shut off function, and a tare function. It also comes with a full money-back guarantee, an E-guide to make your travel life more fun, and a box so pretty, you will not need to bother with any wrapping paper if you have bought it as a present for someone.

AmazonBasics Digital Luggage Scale

Why we like it: Gives you accurate readings of your luggage to keep you calm at the baggage counter and boasts some handy additional features as well.

Editor’s rating:

Those few days before a flight when you are busy packing can often have you debating if you have got the weight right. Or will you be held up at the baggage counter and be required to pay extra fees? That is precisely where the AmazonBasics digital luggage scale has you covered. It is about as precise as you can expect a luggage scale to be and will make sure you are aware of the exact weight of every piece of luggage you are holding.

This luggage scale can take a maximum weight of 110 pounds, which is a lot more than what the average person can carry around comfortably. It is also more than what many commercial airlines will allow a single person to take with them. A durable and flexible strap makes it easy to weigh your bags on this scale and you also get additional functions such as a low battery indicator and a tare function that immediately resets the display back to zero.

MagicPro Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Why we like it: A magical device for sparing you from those awful fees that apply to overweight luggage and comes with a full money-back guarantee.

Editor’s rating:

More often than not, failing to invest in a good luggage scale can mean paying a much larger fee at the airport for overweight luggage. And nobody likes to deal with such an inauspicious start to their journey. So save yourself the misery and trouble and get yourself one of these, a MagicPro digital hanging luggage scale. It will precisely weigh anything for you from a purse to a suitcase – anything, so long as it weighs under 110 pounds, of course.

So, this scale is lightweight and compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it can still take the weight of an early teenager. And it has an automatic turn-off function. The LCD display is clear and reliable, both on weight readings as well as additional information. It can also indicate overloads, battery status, and temperature readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It is a very durable and reliable piece of kit and comes with a full money-back guarantee.

Swisste Travel Gear Luggage Scale

Why we like it: Being Swiss made, it is of the highest quality you can expect and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Editor’s rating:

The assortment of various types of travel gear would be very different without the work of the Swiss. And the same is true for the modern range of luggage scales. This Swiss Travel gear product comes with the same pedigree and build quality that goes into all the products bearing the same name. It can take precise readings of weight and let you know in advance if your luggage is going to make it through the baggage counter or not.

It has some cool features that make packing and weighing stuff something to look forward to. While its own limit on weight rests at 110 pounds, it has a special red light alert for when the weight hits the limit acceptable to the airline you are traveling with. Other convenient features include auto shutdown and auto lock functions that conserve energy for the batteries, making readings a lot easier to determine. And it comes with a lifetime warranty. Gift ideas anyone?

NONZERS Digital Luggage Scale

Why we like it: It is ridiculously light and easy to use and boasts additional features you would not normally find on other scales.

Editor’s rating:

With a weight of just 75 grams, the NONZERS digital luggable scale is certainly one of the lightest scales out there. However, it can still lift up luggage pieces weighing up to 110 pounds. It is army-ant strong. But apart from its impressive toughness, it can also be appreciated for various other features. Its readings are displayed both in kilograms and in pounds. And they are indicated on a backlit LCD display that is easy to read either in the daytime or in the dark.

Some of the more clever functions of this scale include a blue and red flashing mechanism on the backlight that will be activated when the weight goes over 20 kilograms or 44 pounds. There is also an overload indicator for when the weight starts to exceed the scale’s limit. Loading luggage onto it is a breeze. And 100% customer satisfaction is a given. If you are not impressed, you can return it either for a full refund or replacement and not have to pay an additional fee.

Luggage Scale MYCARBON Digital Scale

Why we like it: Boasts some sophisticated features for precisely measuring luggage weight, giving it an edge over the competition.

Editor’s rating:

The MYCARBON digital travel scale makes short work of an analog scale’s capabilities thanks to an advanced strain gauge sensor capable of taking high-precision readings consistently. So no scale at the airport is going to find you guilty of being overweight on luggage and require you to pay an inordinate sum to compensate for it. And if that is not reason enough to buy it, there is a host of other high-tech features too that will sell it to even the stingiest customer.

It seems no feature on this device has been left unimproved or completely redone. The battery, for instance, has been upgraded over the usual CR2030 to have 30% more running time than before. The maximum weight limit stays exactly the same as with most other scales at 50 kilograms. Left unused, the scale will automatically turn itself off after 60 seconds and the auto lock function will set in as soon as the luggage piece being weighed has been stabilized.


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