Photosynthesis! You may have heard about it in 5th grade and struggled a bit to pronounce it at first. But it is the essential process at the heart of a plant’s growth and wellbeing. And for those of us who love to grow plants indoors, that presents a bit of a problem.

Your indoors are most likely to feature a roof on top that effectively blocks out a lot of sunlight from seeping in. And for a plant, sunlight is a key ingredient that is necessary for photosynthesis. So obviously, if you are keen on growing your plants indoors, you have to solve the problem of finding an efficient and reliable light source. That is where we come in with our list of top rated LED grow lights. These devices are guaranteed to keep photosynthesis at peak levels so long as they remain operational. The result will be plants that grow fast and grow healthy.

After extensive research on a sea of different products, we have managed to narrow our list down to just 13. Detailed below are the best LED grow lights we have ever come across and are bound to impress anyone who is willing to try them out. So let us get right into it.