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If gardening is your hobby and you don’t have enough garden space, or if you want to grow medicinal and commercial plants, you should be familiar with the Grow Lights. These are an alternative source of light when the sun is not present. They will provide a targeted light beam throughout the day, supplying the necessary light with appropriate wavelengths to enhance the rate of growth and harvest of any indoor or greenhouse plant. With time, these lights have become a necessity and with the introduction of LEDs, the conventional Grow lights are slowly disappearing from the market. Choosing the right LED grow light is challenging because you need it to consume less power and offer you a high level of output. The top LED Grow Lights in 2017 are listed below with a comprehensive review for each product.

1. TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb


Most of the grow bulbs in the market fail to give the plant the light that it needs with the accurate wavelengths. This Led grow bulb has 3 blue LEDs and 9 red LEDs to provide the best and perfect light that will help the plant grow rapidly. The lights with wavelengths 660nm – 430nm and 630nm – 460nm are provided by this LE light for the optimum chlorophyll A and B growth. The LEDs are bright and powerful, also they are very energy efficient as well. The Red LEDs help the plants to produce more fruit. The body of the Grow bulb is built using heat sink material and it contains any heat that is produced, thus keeping the temperature controlled even if the bulb is lit for 17 hours per day. TaoTronics has more than 6 years of experience in grow bulbs and you get a one year warranty with each purchase to ensure the quality and after service of the product.

2. OxyLED GL03 LED Plant Grow Light


Installing a grow bulb in your house or indoors can be difficult because finding the ideal positions is a bit of a hassle. OxyLED introduces the GL03, a LED grow light with easy and convenient installing options. It can be easily mounted on a table using its clip that is detachable or you can hang it on the ceiling or on the wall. Also, it can be rotated 360 degrees and adjusted as you prefer. This LED grow light has 2 blue LEDs and 5 red LEDs and all the LEDs are luminous efficient and bright. They emit light with an exact wavelength that can increase the photosynthesis process of the indoor plants. The body is designed to be heat resistant and it safely contains the heat within the body, while keeping a properly controlled environment outside. The lifespan of the grow light is up to 35,000 hours and you can connect this device to your power lines using its 9 feet long rocker switch.

3. Apollo Horticulture LED Grow Light


This indoor device is rated with a 24W power and can be connected to the 120/240V power lines. The Light has a diameter of 4.875 inches and it is equipped with bright and efficient LEDs. The lights provide a perfect spectrum with the ideal wavelengths of 630nm, 660nm from red LEDs and 430nm, 460nm from blue LEDs. These lights make sure that the photosynthesis of the plants are at an optimal rate and the growth of the plants is constant. The LED grow light is equipped with the universal E26 socket so that you can fit the light virtually anywhere you want. This light is ideal for herbs, fruits, and flowers and it consumes less energy, ensuring that the product is energy efficient. When compared to the other LED grow lights in the market, Apollo produces a very small amount of heat, thus enabling you to keep the plants closer to the bulb.

4. Lampat LED Grow Light Bulb


An LED grow light is ideal for people who are interested in hydroponic gardening; the Lampat Grow lights provide a bright and efficient lighting condition for indoor gardening. The lights emit a spectrum of three bands and have the perfect wavelengths. The Red and Blue LEDs together emit a light beam with 430nm, 460nm, 630nm, and 660nm. The LED light uses modern techniques and has 12 LEDs. The device has a rated wattage of 24 W. Red LEDs increases the growth of the plant while blue LEDs ensures the growth of your harvest. This light is equipped with the universal E26 socket as well and this ensures the possibility of fixing it on the tables, walls or on the vase itself. The body of the light is built with aluminum to make it lightweight and transfers heat more efficiently. It has a lifespan up to 50,000 hours and the unit will not get overheated even if the light worked for 24 hours continuously. You receive a 12-month warranty as well.

5. Vintage Grow High Yield LED Grow Light


Some of the Grow lights in the market needs special holders and wiring for the installation process. This Vintage Grow light is the ideal solution for that problem since the light comprises of a universal thread socket that can be inserted easily to any of the standard light holders, the LEDs used in the device are durable and emits the precise wavelengths of light spectrum to ensure the constant growth of both the leaves of the plant and the fruits or the flowers as its harvest. The Grow Light is rated with 12W of wattage and the Light uses advanced techniques for power consumption as well. LED grow light is designed to be light weight and it can resist heat in order to keep a controlled environment. The compact size of the light, together with its heat resistant body design makes it the perfect equipment for indoor medicinal plants.

6. Swiftrans LED Grow Light Bulb


This Grow bulb is designed to help you in enhancing the quality of your indoor grown fruits and flowers. It supplies an extra boost for all kinds of plants and this is a proven way to increase the growth and health of the plants. A targeted wavelength is provided with this Grow Light and the precise 460nm, 430nm, 630nm and 660nm together with 740nm ensure the correct light beam for the right time. The body of the Light is made out of polished aluminum and it offers an extended rate of heat dissipation. The LEDs are luminous efficient and the heat produced is properly contained by the heat sink design, so that the plants are not harmed due to excess heat. The total lifespan of the device is up to 50,000 hours. The setting up of the equipment is made easy with the E26/E27 socket and you don’t require any lamp base. With every purchase, you receive an 18-month warranty that ensures the quality of the product.

7. Erligpowht Red Blue LED Hanging Grow Light


A single Grow light is not good enough for bigger planting purposes and hence, Erligpowht introduces the LED Grow Light panel. This is equipped with high quality 225 LEDs that has both Red and Blue lights. The panel contains 165 Red LEDs that emits a light with a 650nm wavelength to enhance the growth of the plant. Also, it has 60 Blue LEDs with 465nm of wavelength. This device is built with ABS plastic and molded to have the ideal design and shape for a Plant factory, a greenhouse or for a Pipeline cultivation. It has 3 drive power built-in as well. The LED grow light works best with flowers, Seaweed, Dendrobium orchids, fruits like tomatoes, grapes and a lot more. The LED Grow light panel has a total service life span of up to 50,000 hours and you receive an assurance of quality for two years.

8. Aceple 6W Desk Plant Grow Light


This is another high efficient LED grow light that is perfect for Garden Greenhouses, potted plants or Hydroponic Indoor Plantings. You have the freedom to choose the fixing method from three different types, stick, screwing or using the clip. It can conveniently fit virtually anywhere and just plug it in to use the light. The Grow light has an advanced gooseneck arm so that you can adjust the position of the lamp as you prefer. This will ensure that the plants receive optimal brightness as well. The arm is 15.8 inches long and the light has a 59-inch long cable together with a clamp that has a range up to 2 inches. The energy saving design is suitable for table top plants and the light provides the visible spectrum with wavelengths 460nm, 630nm, and 660nm. The combination of blue and red lights enhance the fruit growth and the health of the plant.

9. GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light


V3 Master Grower is suitable for the commercial growing of medicinal cannabis and also it is a good choice for growing indoor plants residentially. This is designed to be an ideal device for seeding, flowering and cloning exceptional trichomes and resins. The LED Growing Light does not require ducting, and it has no reflector hood, ballast. It does not need any air conditioning or fans. The total length of the area that this light can cover is up to 4 feet and it offers an efficiency of 70% in energy consumption as well. The optimal yield quality is higher with this device and it offers a strong and reliable full spectrum of light with all the necessary wavelengths. One of these V3 Growing lights can save you up to $600 on your electricity bill per year. With the best performance for the money, this will be the ideal option for commercial growers and you also receive 3 years of hassle free warranty as well.

10. Aokey Indoor Garden LED Grow Light


This Led Grow Light includes 7 high-quality durable LEDs with a light wavelength in the range of 420nm to 780nm that will ensure the efficiency of an optimal photosynthesis process. Every single LED in the grow Light is equipped with Full spectrum feature that emits all the lights including red, yellow, green, blue and purple. The light can be easily adjusted and can be rotated 360 degrees. You can fix the light with screws to anywhere you prefer and then the adjustments can be made to achieve the best angle, using the advanced flexibility of the grow light. The LEDs offer you a bright light beam while saving up the energy with the LEDS’ high luminous efficiency. You can attach the light to a wall or hang it on the ceiling as you desire. The device is equipped with a detachable clip and it has a power code with a length of 5 feet.

11. Aptoyu LED Plant Grow Light


The Aptoyu Grow Light is equipped with 7 LEDs of high brightness and durability. They offer a continuous light beam with a wavelength of 630nm to 660nm from the red LEDs and a wavelength of 460nm to 470nm from the blue LEDs. The shell of the light is made out of polished aluminum and this gives the light not only a vibrant look but also an efficient heat dissipation rate. The LEDs are tested and proven to have a higher luminous efficiency than the other LEDs in the market. The design of the light is carried out with an easily adjustable goose arm feature and this allows you to adjust the height to the light from the floor or from the plant. You also can use this LED light as a desk lamp because of its versatile design. This LED Grow Light is ideal for potted plants as well as seeding and breeding.

12. UNIFUN E27 LED Growing Plant Lamp


This Grow light has 12 LEDs and they offer both blue light with 460nm – 470nm wavelength and red light with 620nm – 660nm wavelength. The device is designed for seeding and reproduction purposes but it can be used for potted plants as well. It is proven that this device will increase the total yield by 20 – 50%. The light that is offered by the UNIFUN Grow light is perfect for an area of 10.8 – 21.5 square feet, which implies that this is ideal for balconies and greenhouses. These Hydroponic LEDs will rapidly enhance the growth of the plant and the health of the plants. The device is equipped with an E27 universal socket that makes it further more convenient in attaching to a holder. The LED Grow Light has a total lifespan of 50,000 hours and it is equipped with a smart IC to detect heat and other parameters.

13. Platinum LED Grow Lights Advanced Platinum Series


One of the bad properties in grow Lights is the annoying fan noises. This LED grow light uses high speed and super quiet fans to dissipate heat and it is equipped with platinum LEDs. These LEDs offer you the best lumen output per unit energy and it is 2-3 times the conventional lumen count. The light gives out a full spectrum of 12 bands and this ensures that the plants get all the necessary light it needs to photosynthesis. You can select the light to be used with vegetable plants as well as flower plants and you can change the settings with a single slide of a switch. The body has advanced heat sinks which are made out of aluminum and the light has the ability to cover an area of 4.5 ft. x 4 ft. The design makes the Grow bulb idea for compact applications and with the purchase, you receive an unparalleled warranty of five years as well.

14. Litom Plant Growth Lights


These LED Grow Lights offers professional lighting that is similar to daylight sun. It is comprised of 12 durable LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours that can emit a targeted visible spectrum of wavelengths 460nm, 460, and 660nm. The equipment is rated with a wattage of 36W and the LEDs ensures efficient power consumption with an advanced luminous efficiency. The pure polished aluminum shell of the light increases the rate of heat dissipation and the compact design of the grow light makes it ideal for potted plants as well as indoor medicinal plants. The LED light comes with a universal E27 connection socket, hence the installation is convenient and very easy.

15. BESTVA Double Chips LED Grow Light


The BESTVA II LED system uses the latest LEDs with a dual chip technology that gives the LEDs a wattage of 10W. These are brighter as well as efficient than the other LEDs in the market. The design is carried out with holes on the bottom of the panel and thermally conductive materials, thus enhancing the rate of heat removal. This ensures the safety of the plants by keeping a constant temperature. The power consumption is made very low with the LEDs and this saves energy up to 80%. The light emits a perfect targeted spectrum of 410nm to 730nm of wavelength and it is ideal for the blooming stage of the plants. The LED Grow light has prolonged lifespan and this will suit your need with a great value for the price.

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