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Photosynthesis! You may have heard about it in 5th grade and struggled a bit to pronounce it at first. But it is the essential process at the heart of a plant’s growth and wellbeing. And for those of us who love to grow plants indoors, that presents a bit of a problem.

Your indoors are most likely to feature a roof on top that effectively blocks out a lot of sunlight from seeping in. And for a plant, sunlight is a key ingredient that is necessary for photosynthesis. So obviously, if you are keen on growing your plants indoors, you have to solve the problem of finding an efficient and reliable light source. That is where we come in with our list of top rated LED grow lights. These devices are guaranteed to keep photosynthesis at peak levels so long as they remain operational. The result will be plants that grow fast and grow healthy.

After extensive research on a sea of different products, we have managed to narrow our list down to just 13. Detailed below are the best LED grow lights we have ever come across and are bound to impress anyone who is willing to try them out. So let us get right into it.

TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb

Why we like it: It suits the photosynthesizing process of any plant that you can grow at home and is a highly efficient energy consumer.

Editor’s rating:

Broccoli, basil, cucumbers, herbs, kale, lettuce, orchids, peppers, roses, tomatoes, wheatgrass, wildflowers – just some of the delectable fruits and vegetables that you can grow with a TaoTronics Plant Grow Light. It will bring life to just about any houseplant that you fancy growing indoors. Being an LED plant grow light, it is ideal for as a cloning as well as a seedling light. It can be positioned in a tight spot without allowing the temperature to get out of hand.

The lights themselves are equally suitable to plants no matter what growing stage they are in. It has 9 red LEDs and 3 blue LEDs. All of them emit light at the perfect wavelength spectrum for chlorophyll growth, both A and B. The LEDs are very bright and powerful, but what is equally impressive is their efficiency in energy consumption. The design also helps it work continuously for at least 17 hours without allowing any risk of overheating. If that is not reassuring enough, you also get a year’s worth of warranty along with it.

Aptoyu LED Plant Grow Light

Why we like it: The growing situations you can apply this device to seem uncountable. It is as compact as it is efficient.

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The Aptoyu LED Plant grow light can be applied in numerous different scenarios – house gardens, pot cultures, sowing, breeding, farms, flower exhibitions, bonsai, greenhouses, sowing, water-soluble breeding, pipeline cultivation, etc. It has a highly adjustable gooseneck, which allows you to point the light in any direction. And its performance is immense. It may come across as a fragile little lamp but it most certainly is not. It gets the job done as well as any grow light with significantly low heat emissions and power consumption.

This light uses 7 LEDs, all very bright and very durable. And they strike the perfect wavelengths to achieve peak photosynthesis in plants. And to deal with the heat that is generated in the process, the shell is made from polished aluminum, which is a great material for heat dissipation. A high luminous efficiency also ensures a longer than average service life too. And it was not exactly expensive to start off with. And besides, it would make a pretty cute desk lamp.

BESTVA Double Chips LED Grow Light

Why we like it: Contains an undefeated brightness and efficiency on its LEDs and emits light at the perfect spectrum for blooming plants.

Editor’s rating:

How has the BESTVA managed to stay ahead of the competition regarding its LED grow light? It uses the latest technology that has been proven to enhance its capabilities. And much of that is the result of extensive testing and experimentation over several years. The dual chip technology in these LEDs gives out 10W. They harbor a superior brightness and efficiency compared to rivaling LED grow lights. The design, however, is not the only thing that is clever about it.

It is also clever in its selection of materials that execute the design. Holes on the bottom of the panel work in tandem with thermally conductive materials help to dissipate heat efficiently. Keeping up a constant temperature is a key factor for plant’s well-being. And even though it gives off a superior brightness of its LEDs, it is still 80% efficient on its power consumption. And the light is emitted within an ideal spectrum of 410nm to 730nm. That is especially good for plants at their blooming stages.

Apollo Horticulture LED Grow Light

Why we like it: With this grow light, you get 50,000 hours at the perfect spectrum with versatile usability, and it is all backed by a solid 2 years of warranty.

Editor’s rating:

A manufacturer like Apollo Horticulture knows all too well how important it is to provide lighting in ideal proportions for growing plants. However, what they also know is how to up the ante and provide more with their LED grow light than what you would normally expect. It does not require ballasts and produces a lot less heat than most other grow lights. That means you can position it a lot closer to the plant canopy than you would otherwise.

You can trust this LED grow light to last a good 50,000 hours. Still, need more assurance? Consider the 2-year warranty plan as well. These lights are good for plants in just about any growth stage and are compatible with grow tents, greenhouses, and various other hydroponic systems. The power rating is a good 24W and wavelengths are within the perfect spectrums for optimal photosynthesis. And thanks to its universal E26 socket, you can fit this light in virtually any place that takes your fancy.


Vintage Grow High Yield LED Grow Light

Why we like it: It has the perfect dimensions for use indoors and simulates the perfect environment for your plants.

Editor’s rating:

Many grow lights that are available these days require custom holders and wires to be installed properly. We are not looking at any of those hassles with this one. The Vintage Grow light contains a universal thread socket which easily fits into any of your standard light holders. The LEDs themselves are very durable and emit precise wavelengths necessary for aiding the consistent growth of leaves, fruits, flowers, etc. eventually making them ripe and ready to harvest.

This light has a 12W rating on wattage and uses advanced technology in the way it consumes power. There are also some sweet practical aspects to its design. Its construction, for instance, is lightweight and it can resist heat very well. So it maintains a steady temperature over the plants. In addition to being lightweight and heat resistant, it is also quite compact. And it is all in the interests of making it the perfect light bearer for your plants indoors.

Aceple 6W Desk Plant Grow Light

Why we like it: Meet a table lamp with a twist, one that can light up the surrounding area as well as induce peak photosynthesis in your indoor plants.

Editor’s rating:

What could you use this one for? We can already picture it doing just fine inside a garden greenhouse, over a potted plant or on a hydroponic plantation indoors. How is that possible? It is partly down to the set-up, which can be done in three different ways – stick, screwing, or the clip. You only have to look at it to know that it will go easily inside a tight space. And thanks to an advanced gooseneck arm, it is highly adjustable to your desired position for it.

Adjustability is important in a grow light as it gives you options over its position relative to the plants so they are exposed to maximum brightness from the bulb. The arm is a handy 15.8 inches long and the power cable to the light is 59 inches and has a clamp with a range of 2 inches. As you may have already guessed, it would do very well for a tabletop plant. And it does get the spectrum right as well to coax peak photosynthesis inside the plants it oversees.

OxyLED GL03 LED Plant Grow Light

Why we like it: Not getting enough sunshine? Fret not, this light has you covered on that and many other functions as well.

Editor’s rating:

If you are living in an area plagued by erratic weather patterns, this would be a good answer for your plant’s demands for natural light. The OxyLED GL03 Plant grow light is equipped with 7 LEDs – 2 blue and 5 red. And it emits light at the most efficient wavelengths for photosynthesis. And it is just as efficient at dissipating heat thanks to a unique design that uses aluminum. It can last at least 24 hours without breaking a sweat.

It is highly adjustable too, able to rotate 360 degrees if necessary. The red lights aid photosynthesis by supplying ideal conditions for the blooming of flowers and fruits. Meanwhile, the blue lights help with the production of chlorophyll and carotenoid, which is essential for the leaves. And of course, the proper wavelengths ensure that this goodness is fully absorbed by the plants. With this light watching over your plants, you need no longer be concerned about erratic weather patterns that may compromise the health of your plants.


Swiftrans LED Grow Light Bulb

Why we like it: It is safe and durable and works as well as any high-quality product you can find right now.

Editor’s rating:

If growing fruits and flowers in-house is your thing, this should be as well. The Swiftrans LED grow light contributes significantly to the growth and health of the plants you place in its path. And it is totally safe for the gardener too, emitting no radiation or other unwelcome side effects. As for the plants, it hits those sweet spots on the spectrum that get photosynthesis processes going at full chat. But wait till you learn about what else it can do.

Not only does simulate ideal conditions for plant growth, it can keep doing that for an appreciably long time. It can last a good 50,000 hours on average before requiring a service. And it is also well equipped to deal with overheating. Its polished aluminum body gives it excellent heat dissipating properties. In addition to that, it also renders the device conveniently light. What else might you need? Perhaps an 18-month warranty plan and 30-day money back guarantee? Yeah, we thought so.

Platinum LED Grow Lights

Why we like it: By far and away one of the most powerful and accurate LED grow lights that we have ever come across.

Editor’s rating:

What you are looking at here is a whole new generation of platinum LED grow lights. And they also happen to be the most powerful you can buy in the modern market containing the highest PAR output for each watt and a complete 12-band spectrum, which is the most for an LED grow light. That translates to maximum output out of a minimal supply of power and heat. Every bit of light emitted from it is usable for photosynthesis by your plants. Not bad at all.

Obviously, with something this capable, we figured the science behind would be anything but boring. We were right. The 12 bands of the light spectrum range from upper IR to UV, and is fine-tuned to give your plants the ideal spectrum that they need to photosynthesize efficiently. The gardener is also given high regard with the design. The fans in this grow light, which are used to dissipate heat, do so very quietly and at high speed, unlike some which produce an irritating noise.

UNIFUN E27 LED Growing Plant Lamp

Why we like it: Few products out there define a grow light better than this does. It is one of those devices that hits every single base… with a sledgehammer.

Editor’s rating:

You get the full 12 LEDs with this light at the perfect wavelengths for both red and blue. The design is focused mainly on seeding and reproduction. However, that does not make it any less effective on potted plants. Tests have revealed that this lamp can increase yield rates by at least 20% and all the way up to 50%. The light itself can cover an area between 10.8 to 21.5 square feet. So balconies and greenhouse are likely to be its natural habitat.

Needless to say, we have seen some rapid growth from plants that draw nourishment out of this light. You can use it to boost your indoor produce of fruits and vegetables and enjoy them totally fresh and uncompromised by chemicals. This light will operate an impressive 50,000 hours between services, and employs clever IC to monitor heat levels and other controllable variables. If you have a standard E27 socket – and we’re guessing you do – you are all set to enjoy the full benefits from this fantastic grow light.


GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light

Why we like it: Affords a full light spectrum with all the right wavelengths and a generous 3-year warranty.

Editor’s rating:

The GoGrow V3 Master Grower is an ideal for LED grow light for growing cannabis – medicinal of course – and indoor plants with ease. Some special recommendations to try seeding, flowering, and cloning with this light include trichomes and resins. For your convenience, this light does not require any fans to dissipate heat so it will do its job in peace and quiet. It also does not require ducting, has no reflector hood or ballast. But that takes away nothing from how it can shine for a plant.

This LED light grower has an effective range of 4 feet, its energy efficiency is some 70%. It comes equipped with a full light spectrum consisting of precise wavelengths that required by plants. We reckon it is efficient enough with its use of power to yield an annual savings rate of up to $600. If your gardening activities are commercial, that is bound to be a major talking point. And to make it even more worth its price, you get a hassle-free warranty that extends up to 3 years.

Litom Plant Growth Lights

Why we like it: Equally impressive on performance as it is on durability.

Editor’s rating:

It is a given with indoor gardening that you cannot just shine a light on a plant and expect an optimal rate of photosynthesis. There are particular wavelengths that must be achieved for that to happen. The chlorophyll and carotene have just two particular spectrums of a wavelength that would work best. One is blue 400-470nm and the other is red 610-720nm. So a grow light would have to hit either one of these precisely in order to facilitate a peak level of photosynthesis.

With the help of a unique design and aircraft-grade aluminum, it can operate non-stop up to 18 hours without any risk of overheating. And it keeps it at it for an average lifespan as long as 50,000 hours. There is nothing premium about its power consumption, but on luminous efficiency, it is very premium indeed. As long as you have got a standard E27 socket, you will have no trouble setting it up indoors at a very minimal cost.

Aokey Indoor Garden LED Grow Light

Why we like it: You could not possibly utter under a single breath all the things this light can do so well. Just say “Shut up and take my money.

Editor’s rating:

Auokey’s top priorities when it comes to grow lights are safety and durability. So how have they managed them with this one? Well, the first benefit that becomes obvious is not safety or durability. It just happens to work on any plant you choose to grow under it. And if we may include some recommendations here to get you excited… Tomato, Pepper, Basil, Lettuce, Violets, Orchids, Roses, and numerous others. You can enjoy fresh produce all year round at a minimal cost.

And its usability does not stop there. Here are some other things you can use this LED light in: house gardens, pot cultures, sowing, breeding, farms, flower exhibitions, bonsai, greenhouse cultivation, water-soluble breeding, pipeline cultivation… Basically, it is a lot. That is just how properly put together this thing is. As you would expect, you get a full light spectrum that will even out the illumination received by each plant. Even if plants could speak, they could not accurately relate how awesome this light is.

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