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A wallet serves two purposes. It stores your belongings, and it makes a fashion statement. Both of these are important features. To deny either one is ridiculous. A wallet shouldn’t only be functional. Otherwise, you’d wear a fanny pack. Likewise, fashion and style isn’t everything. You need a realistic way to store your cards and money. But why not both?

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the best leather wallets, which combine function and style. These are the kinds of accessories that make people's eyes pop and also give you plenty of storage space and easy access. It’s important to note that we’re going to consider both real and faux leather options.

The truth is that more people than ever are uncomfortable buying animals products. Likewise, many brands are refusing to sell them. Meanwhile, fake alternatives look more realistic than ever before. Therefore, we’ll include options that are perfect for both groups, especially given that when people search for ‘leather,’ they tend to mean the look, not the material itself.

How We Choose Our Rankings


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Rankings any accessory is challenging. How can you possibly begin to define style? Well, we wrestled with this dilemma for a while. Fortunately, by crowdsourcing reviews and popularity we’ve been able to bring you seven of the best leather wallets on the market. Our approach is that the more people who love any product, the better it must be.

We trust people, especially when you’re looking at hundreds of reviews. This style of research is far better than us buying the products ourselves and trialing them because it gives you a broader perspective. Similarly, it allows you to understand what most people think, not just what a single person's experience was over a short period.

The Top 7 Best Leather Wallets Stealth Mode Leather Bifold Wallet


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Designed to give you maximum functionality without needing to sacrifice on style, we think it’s the best leather wallet for men. Most notably, it featured a double ID window panel. Many wallets have a single one when you open it up, but this also flips up on this wallet, allowing an extra card.

For the average person, this is a very useful feature. One window could store your driving license, while the other might be a gun owners card, a work security clearance pass or a student identification card. Rather than having to pull cards out, you’ll have access to two instantly to show people or to scan to enter into buildings or rooms.

This Steal Mode wallet comes in either brown or black. The black is a traditional deep shade, while the brown is a beautiful and naturally rustic color that is designed to look slightly worn and aged by the sun. It’s rugged and would look fantastic and very stylish with denim and boots — ideal for a man who deserves to look stylish but also functional.

We also love that this wallet comes with eight different card slots. Most don’t, offering only half this number or less. Behind, you’ll also find a separated billfold where you can keep bills and other pieces of paper safely. Perhaps the only downside is a lack of a coin purse, but almost no wallet has this these days due to a phasing out of solid currency and also bills.

The name Stealth Mode comes from the fact that this wallet is RFID blocking. RFID is a method of card scanning, which criminals can use to get your credit card details without you even noticing. They run a scanning device over your pants as you walk by and you would never notice, except that days later you’ll see huge transactions in your bank account.

RFID crime is becoming more prevalent, and one of the best ways to prevent it is to use a blocking wallet. This leather contains a metal and blocker which prevents the signal from getting through and ensures that they can’t steal your credit information or personal identity.

Overall, the reason why we love this wallet is that we think it’s incredibly functional and also beautiful. While more expensive than many alternatives, the quality of the leather is fantastic. You’ll notice that it’s soft to the touch, but very strong and won’t peel or tear in the future like cheaper real and fake leather will do, hence being much better value for money.

Alpine Swiss Mens Leather Flipout

Created by Alpine Swiss, one of the better-known accessory brands, this wallet offers great value for money. It’s a bargain pick and is ideal for those of you who are operating on a tight budget. While not the best quality leather, it’s decent and also a third of the price of many of the alternatives on the market.

This wallet is also massive, which is both a disadvantage and an advantage, depending on your needs.  It’s trifold, revealing up to 12 card slots, giving almost every man plenty of storage space.  However, this extra room means a much deeper accessory that isn’t going to fit comfortably in the pockets of tight and skinny jeans that some younger men wear.

As usual, it comes with a standard flip-out ID window, which carries a single card, rather than the two which the Stealth Mode is capable of. For most people, a single window is enough and far better than none. Likewise, this Alpine Swiss comes with a dedicated billfold, allowing you to safely store money without worrying that they’ll become torn or ruined.

Many reviewers noted how they bought this wallet because they were looking for a bargain and an affordable option. Those same people found that it was durable enough and offered great bang for their buck. While the wallet isn’t perfect, a little thick and without very deep card slots, we think it’s the best value for money on this list.

If you don’t care as much about the durability and longevity of your wallet, preferring to switch regularly, we’d recommend this accessory. It might be too thick for some, but if you need a lot of card slots and don’t want to break the bank, this is one of the better options that we found during our research process.

Timberland Blix Slimfold

Alpine Swiss RFID Protected Mens Spencer Leather Wallet Bifold 2 ID...
  • SPENCER FLIP ID – MSRP $45 – Our most popular design is a modern bifold wallet that lends functionality and style....
  • FUNCTIONAL – Measurements: 4 3/8" L x 3 1/2" W x 3/4" H. Divided lined bill section, 2 ID windows, 8 horizontal credit...
  • YORK COLLECTION – Original classic line accented with our rounded cross logo. Comes in a black Alpine Swiss gift box....

At first glance, you’ll probably notice that this wallet is basic. There’s no special trifold, or double flip out ID window with RFID blocking and a hidden coffee maker! What it is, is a high-quality, affordable wallet made from legitimate leather from reliable sources. It has beautiful stitching and great coloring, making it eye-catching and simultaneously durable.

For the average guy, who doesn’t need anything fancy, but wants a strong wallet that’s going to store their cards and catch the eye of somebody they’re trying to impress, this is it. 

You’ll be confident and proud to bring this beauty out at the end of a date, as you offer to pay. It’s the most stylish and attractive wallet on our list, in our opinion, while still being functional.

It doesn’t offer the same storage as others, which is something to keep in mind. If you have more than a handful of cards, this probably isn’t the best choice for you. Fortunately, most of us don’t and can justify putting them into the easy access storage unit behind the main slots if we do.

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Thin

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Leather Wallet – Slim Bifold with 6 Credit Card...
  • Bifold closure
  • GENUINE LEATHER: Crafted out of soft leather, our stylish wallet combines elevated design and straightforward...
  • REFINED & STYLISH: Our genuine leather passcase wallet is enhanced by a sleek leather center strip with an embossed and...

Quite the opposite of the Alpine Swiss, this wallet is purposely thin and sleek. In recent years the style has shifted towards form-fitting designs and accessories are no exception to this rule. As a result, men are opting for slim and minimalist wallets instead of those that our fathers and grandfathers might have carried in their pockets.

Truthfully, these slim wallets are not as functional. However, they are stylish and incredibly desirable. Therefore, it wouldn’t be right to write a guide like this without including at least a few examples of these types of wallet. In our opinion, the Tommy Hilfiger model is one of the best, because the quality of the leather and stitching is excellent.

Reviewers noted how even after many months they found no signs of wear and tear. Cheap leather tends to peel when exposed to large amounts of friction, whereas quality imported stuff should stay strong and show little damage.

But two other factors justified our positioning this wallet so high up the list. Firstly, it’s available in more colors than you could imagine. Leather tends to absorb dye very well and therefore can be stylized to any wacky or wild shade that your heart could desire. In terms of style, this offers customers greater customization for their fashion sense.

Secondly, we love that this wallet comes with a built-in change holding pocket. While it’s not a zip which would more effectively hold coins, it uses a strong latch which holds quite tight so long as the pocket isn’t overly full. Given that we are talking about functional accessories, the addition of this coin purse cannot be overstated or glorified.

Mt. Eston RFID Blocking Trifold

Previously known as Mt. Everest, they are one of the more popular online wallet brands and are particularly renowned for their impressive customer service. In particular, they have an incredible guarantee and constantly wow customers by replacing any faulty items instantly and without excessive questioning.

We love this, because any natural product, which leather is, can have imperfections. Therefore, it’s wise for you to choose a brand that is willing to stand behind their products and offer refund and exchanges when they are necessary. It allows you as a customer to try this wallet with practically no risk, nearly guaranteeing a perfect experience.

In terms of functionality, you might not get any better. It has a tri-folding slot, giving you an insane number of the card holding spaces. In total it can hold 11 cards in the fold, an ID card in the window panel, it has two bill slots and extra space as well. It’s almost impossible to imagine a wallet with more room. However, this, of course, comes at the expense of simplicity and size.

The wallet comes up to around half an inch in depth, at least, when it is full of cards and a handful of bills. For most men, it will fit into jeans comfortably but is likely too large for tight and skinny denim.

We also love that they use military grade RFID blocking technology. This feature ensures that devices from 10MHz through to 3000MHz can’t scan your cards and steal your financial and personal information. This wallet not only offers large storage, but it also guarantees that you’ll be safe as well.

Overall, we found that reviewers of the product were pleased. On many sites, it averaged a full 5-stars. Even those who were displeased and left negative reviews often felt compelled to change them to a higher rating after receiving exceptional customer service.

MANGBANG Italian Genuine Cowhide Leather

Men's Genuine Cowhide Leather Extra Capacity RFID Bifold Wallet Coffee
  • Material: Genuine Cowhide leather after waxing process imported from Italy, soft and comfortable. The lining was made of...
  • Dimensions: L 3.7'' x W 4.7'' x H 0.6'', great fit for use
  • Capacity: 6 card slots, 3 inside slots, 2 ID window, 1 SD card slot, 1 SIM card slot, 2 long slots

Styled in a traditional shape and depth, this wallet offers functionality over modern style. For many men, it might not be the most attractive wallet, but it does provide a considerable amount of space and exciting features. Notably, it features a double ID window like very few alternatives on this list, which usually give you one or no panels.

But most interestingly, the quality of the leather is outstanding. It’s exceptionally soft, being genuine Italian cowhide leather, which is known for its flexibility and comfort. Even when squeezed, there is little resistance and only small amounts of wrinkling, which is evidence of moist rather than dry leather which ensures it will be stronger.

The feel of this wallet in your hands is reason enough to justify the price. But you’ll also be pleasantly surprised by the space inside of the folds. It has nine different slots and also plenty of room for you to hold bills and other small mementos and items that you might keep on your person.

While this wallet isn’t as cheap as some of the competition, the quality of the leather is superior. If you are not only about the appearance but also the durability and feel of the product, you’ll need to be willing to stretch your budget to this level. By doing so, you’ll get your hands on a product that will last you for years and look good during the entire period.

Customers reviewing the product felt the same way. In particular, they loved that you could choose from a variety of different colors and shades of leather. Likewise, the craftsmanship was impressive to them, and the option for you to opt for a zipper along the length of the wallet gave them extra protection and prevented losses.

Polare Men's RFID Blocking Vintage

No products found.

Designed with a vintage and rustic look, this wallet is one of the more stylish on this list. While it’s not massively functional like others, it does give you enough room to store most of your cards with ease and will comfortably slide into your pocket. The wallet comes in large and small, which will dictate the size of bills that will fit into the fold.

US Dollars are very big bills, and therefore you’ll need the larger wallet whereas those in Europe and Asia will be able to fit Yen and Euros neatly into the smaller size. Like one or two others on this list, we love that the Polare wallet comes with a 1-year guarantee, allowing you to make an entire risk free purchase.

The wallet itself is handcrafted, using genuine Italian leather. With professional and tough stitching you can be happy in the knowledge that it will last you far past the 1-year warranty. Due to the use of quality leather, it will age better and become more flexible and therefore have a slimmer profile and become much easier to slide cards into and out of.

Buyers Guide: Choosing the Best Leather Wallet


image via Pixabay

When it comes to choosing a leather wallet, you need to have a good idea for what you’re looking. There are so many options available in all types of shapes and sizes. By first forming an opinion in your head of what you want the ideal wallet to look like, you can simplify the search and make it quicker to find the right option for you. You’ll need to consider:

  • Size
  • Color
  • Material
  • Budget

Leather can be fake or real, natural or colored, large, small and at a variety of different price points. Without these factors straightened out you’re going into your search blind, which is going to make it nearly impossible to decide, given that accessories are individual products.

Having used many wallets ourselves, there are also a few things about which people never think. One is the storage of coins. Modern wallets often lack a coin purse with a zip, making it impossible to store your change safely. If you usually carry loose money, this will be vital. Similarly, the number of card slots you need will differ between men.

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