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Every once in a while, you are going to gaze upon your patch of the earth and decide that it needs a haircut. But of course, you are going to need a device that can handle its vast surface area. And that means you will be looking for a good lawnmower.

But how do you know if it is a good lawnmower? It is not as though you get to test it out before you choose it. At this point, it will be good to recall what it is that you are specifically looking for and see if the manufacturer’s description and customer feedback is satisfactory. There are some general requirements to be aware of too. We prefer lawn mowers that will last a long time since they tend to be a substantial initial investment. We also want them to be good at what they do and possibly offer us more than a few settings that we could use getting a desired appearance for our lawns. And finally, we want them to be easy to use and easy to live with.

With all that in mind, we have been exploring the market and after careful analysis, come up with this list of lawn mowers which we think will trump all the rest. Not only are they outstanding on the ergonomic and performance front, they also offer exceptional value for money and they can all be relied upon to do what they do year after year.

GreenWorks 25022 Lawn Mower

Why we like it: Contains plenty of adjustable features within a lightweight frame that is easy to maneuver around the lawn.

Editor’s rating:

With the Greenworks 25022, it is not cc we are talking about, it is amps, 12 of them. You have got to love an electric motor for a number of reasons. It does not emit exhaust gases, it is a lot quieter than a gas powered motor, and in some cases, it is more efficient for the job. This lawn mower is a case in point. It will go straight through the toughest grass patches as it does with the softer ones.

High performance and durability are relatable to just about every feature on this lawn mower. Discharge of the clipped grass comes with 3 options: mulching, side discharge, or rear discharge. You can choose between them going by your specific requirements. Height adjustment is also variable, but instead of 3, you get 7 options ranging from 1 and a half inches to 3 and three-quarter inches. Plus, the whole thing weighs in at a mere 56 pounds so presumably, no difficult to shift around than an 8-year-old out of bed.

Black + Decker MTE912 Lawn Mower

Why we like it: Lightweight and compact construction make it perfect for mowing the smaller lawns.

Editor’s rating:

Getting a lawn mower that can tackle all lawn sizes is generally a good idea, but if your lawn is not all that big, it could come across as overkill. So here is one that is tailor-made to take on a small yard: The Black+Decker MTE912. It is a compact machine that punches well above its weight, affording three kinds of functions with landscaping all in one. Bear in mind that when we say small yard, we mean a yard that is around 1200 square feet.

Also, this lawn mower can also mow lawns which have hard to reach spaces or minor inclines. It is available both as a corded lawn mower and cordless if you prefer that. It moves about on 4 wheels, uses a 12-inch cutting swath and is extremely durable. The trimmer even has a transmission driven by gears so that it maintains speed consistently without any sudden drops in power. And its entire profile is very lightweight making it easy to control and maneuver.

Great States 204-14 Push Lawn Mower

Why we like it: Simple design and functionality combined with a lightweight construction that is easily maneuverable around the lawn.

Editor’s rating:

Another candidate on our list that relies not on electricity or gasoline. But that said, it would not work out as an alternative to the gym since everything else about ti has been configured to make it as ergonomic and effortless as possible. It will give you a far better cut on the lawn than a rotary mower ever will since it will not rip or tear the grass but rather make a clean and precise snip, hence protecting it from diseases and insects.

Also the fact that it does not rely on a motor to power it means you will be having a lot fewer maintenance issues with it. It will also be a lot less costly to run on a regular basis. And we have not spoken about weight. Of course, it is a lot lighter than it would be with an engine or battery pack to weight it down and is, therefore, easier to maneuver. Finally, it sells for a very reasonable price, cheaper than its heavier rivals with motorized functions but still very effective.

Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel Mower

Why we like it: A lawn mower that is unique, innovative to use and eco-friendly to the max.

Editor’s rating:

A lot of lawn mowers these days rely on gasoline, oil, or electricity to run on the lawn, and that may serve them well with efficiently trimming the grass. However, some manufacturers like this one still love the idea of a kinetically powered lawn mower, one that relies entirely on human effort to do its job. We still like that concept for a number of reasons. But mainly, apart from being beneficial health wise, it is also beneficial to the environment.

The Fiskars Staysharp Max Steel Reel mower is 50 % more efficient than most other reel mowers. Its StaySharp cutting system does not burden you with the job of sharpening your blade once every year. It is also 30% easier to shift around so you get more rewards for your effort. Some of its technology is patent-pending too, and leaps and bounds ahead of its competition. And of course, being a lawn mower relying on manpower, it produces virtually no noise or harmful exhaust gases.

EGO Power+ Cordless Lawn Mower

Why we like it: Much more ergonomic to use than a gas-powered lawn mower and allows lawn mowing after dark as well.

Editor’s rating:

When you buy a gas powered lawn mower, it is usually for the performance. But that often comes in lieu of peace and quiet and breathable air. Fortunately, the EGO Power+ cordless lawn mower does not depend on gas as a source of power. Instead, it runs on a 56V lithium-ion battery which can cover up to 2 miles on a single charge. It is, in fact, the most advanced as well as efficient rechargeable lawn mower on the market right now.

If it was not enough that this is the best rechargeable lawn mower in existence, you also get a warranty period valid for up to 5 years and 3 years for the battery packs and chargers. Not that the construction is in any way flimsy, it is impeccably resistant to all sorts of weather conditions. The deck is a generous 20-inches so you can make a reduced number of passes along the lawn. And you are not strictly limited to mowing it during the daytime thanks to integrated LED headlights that light up your way in low light.

Husqvarna 4X4 Hi-Wheel Mower

Why we like it: Powerful enough to deal with particularly stubborn vegetation and ergonomic to use.

Editor’s rating:

One of the reasons you would be interested in this lawn mower from Husqvarna is the engine, a Honda GCV190 4 cycle producing 190cc, and you know you can rely on it when it has the word ‘Honda’ in its name. Indeed, if your lawn is one stubborn patch of grass to mow, you are going to need a lawn mower that takes absolutely no prisoners and this, this is that sort of lawn mower. Oh, and here is some more badassery, it has 4 wheel drive too.

The deck is generously proportionate without being preposterous. At 22 inches, it is plenty to go around and will significantly lessen the rounds you will have to make in the garden with a smaller size. You also get 3 in 1 mowing options. That means you can discharge, mulch or bag the grass. The drive system is variable and allows you to mow the lawn at your preferred pace. All you have to do is squeeze the trigger located on the handlebar to control your speed.

Sun Joe MJ401C Push Lawn Mower

Why we like it: Ideal for users as it is to the environment. It will work very well with a small to medium sized lawn.

Editor’s rating:

Mow with Joe! Who would not appreciate a little personality from an inanimate object for a sense of humor? The MJ401C electric mower is cordless and one of Sun Joe’s bestsellers. It is ideal for mowing small to medium sized lawns swiftly and effortlessly. Being an electric lawn mower, not only is it user-friendly for customers but eco-friendly as well. No harmful exhaust gases, a much softer engine noise, and a rechargeable power source, a 28V lithium-ion battery.

The blade used to cut grass here is a 14 inch-er that only requires a single pass to slice through your grass precisely. You can further control how it trims the lawn by features like the manual height control, which offers 3 different settings on trimming height. Also provided is a bag with a capacity of 10.6 gallons which will collect all those grass trimmings as you go along and will detach easily when it is time to get rid of them.

Yard Machines 140cc 21-Inch Push Mower

Why we like it: Easily maneuverable and mows the lawn swiftly thanks to a 21-inch cutting width.

Editor’s rating:

Yard Machines also uses an OHV engine to power its push lawn mower. It produces around 140cc which is ample for trimming the grass on your lawn, so long as it of a small or medium size. And because it is designed to tackle small to average sized lawns, you will not have to mow yours for very long since it also has a 21-inch cutting width. For further convenience, you also get a dual-lever height adjustment option.

Warranty is applicable up to 2 years. This lawn mower has a side discharge and mulching feature to further aid the lawn mowing. It is also a charming thing to move around with. Its construction is lightweight and runs on 7×11 inch wheels. You will likely feel a huge difference from your previous lawn mower that may require more muscle and sweat from you before it got anywhere. Even the handle, with its firm loop design, has been configured for easy utility.

Troy-Bilt TB270ES Self-Propelled Mower

Why we like it: Offers plenty of ergonomic options for customers and trims grass evenly across the entire lawn.

Editor’s rating:

The Troy-Bilt TB270ES lawn mower is powered by an OHV engine which produces 159cc. That is plenty to go around but it is further helped along by other cool engineering tidbits. For starters, all you need for starting it up is an electric push-button. Then there is the 21-inch traction complete cutting system. It consists of a rake bumper to lift the grass, a uniquely designed blade to finely mulch it, and a perfectly symmetrical deck for an even flowing of grass.

The traction also gets rid of odd looking clumps or patches on the lawn with just a single pass over it. You also get a height adjuster with which you can easily adjust the ride height depending on the length you want to trim. Drive control gives you 4 speed settings as well as 6 cutting lengths between 1 and quarter to 3 and three-quarter inches. 3 in 1 capability is also available here so you can side-discharge, mulch, or bag your grass with the same lawnmower.

Scotts 2000-20 Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower

Why we like it: We absolutely love its modern age ergonomic prowess matched with its good old peace and quiet.

Editor’s rating:

Upon using it for the first time, it will not take you very long to realize what the key attraction is with the Scotts 2000-20. It combines the economical fuel consumption of a manually operated lawn mower with the superior cutting width of a powered lawn mower. The cutting deck is a good 20 inches wide. That is on par with many motorized lawn mowers on sale today, and it cuts back a great deal on how much time you spend on mowing the lawn.

It also has a couple of 10-inch tracking wheels to facilitate effortless maneuverability around the lawn. This maneuverability is further helped along by the handle which sports a loop design as well as a foam grip. Incredibly, when it comes to height, there are 7 different options available. In an age where the competition has gotten increasingly complicated and nerdy, this has managed to remain resolutely simple, quiet, elegant, and easy. No batteries, no gasoline, just good old-fashion man power.

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