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A laundry is usually a vessel for storage of clothes, whether it is for transporting clothes to be washed in the washing machine and vice versa. Apart from that, they can also be used as a storage container for storing clothes. But unlike a closet, you can’t sort out the clothes so it may not be a complete replacement to a closet. When choosing a laundry basket, there are two types in general. One type of laundry basket can be folded up when not in used while the other type is the non fold-able laundry baskets. The fold-able laundry baskets do have the advantage when it comes to portability as you can easily pack it in your suitcase. We looked at a lot of the laundry baskets out there and made a list of the best ones that you can buy. They are listed below.

1. Rubbermaid Closet Folding Laundry Hamper


This laundry basket by Rubbermaid was the best that we could find. It is also one of the best-selling laundry baskets on Amazon and there really is no surprise why. The laundry basket costs only around $20 if you purchase it when it is not on sale, but it may even cost less than this if you manage to find the product on sale. There are three purchasing options for the laundry basket. You could either purchase a single item, the pack of 2 or even the pack of 3 for better savings. The basket is made entirely of canvas, which gives it the durability that it needs. It also allows for easy cleaning since the basket itself can be washed if it gets dirty. The size of the hamper is small enough to allow it to fit easily in your closet, as you can simply fold it up when you are not using it.

2. Household Essentials Pop-Up Mesh Laundry Hamper


Mesh laundry baskets tend to be the most popular choice for laundry baskets, so we looked at a few mesh hamper baskets and this one was the best that we could find. The Household Essentials laundry basket is quite cheap, as it costs just over $10. You have two different color options those being either the black or the charcoal colored laundry basket. The basket is light in weight and is collapsible, allowing you to pack it away for storage when you are not using it. The bottom of the laundry basket is made of a strong polyester material, so you don’t have to worry about it giving in when carrying a large load. Even the sides of the basket are made of polyester with a mesh design to allow for air circulation. The frame of the basket is made of a spring wire material which allows for the basket to be easily collapsed when you want to pack it.

3. Handy Laundry Mesh Pop-Up Laundry Hamper


Handy Laundry is another well reputed company when it comes to goods related to laundry. This hamper basket is quite cheap as it costs only $8, however it uses the more common box design compared to the circular design used in the basket by Household Essentials. There are four different colors that you can choose from for your basket, and they are all priced the same. This allows you to pick the color that you prefer without having to worry about paying additional cash. The laundry basket is quite small and can be folded up to allow it to be packed. Durability is one of the most important factors when selecting a laundry basket, so this is not neglected with the Handy Laundry basket. It uses a mesh material to allow for proper air circulation, thereby eliminating any odors or moisture in the clothes. The laundry basket is ideal to use in college dorms and if you go out camping.

4. Household Essentials Double Hamper Laundry Sorter


With Household Essentials, you can be guaranteed of quality, so we decided to feature another laundry basket from the same company. This laundry basket is quite different to the previous one in that it is not fold-able. However, it comes with two baskets so you can use it to sort out your clothes before washing. For instance, you could put your jeans and pants on one side and the other clothes on the other basket. The only downside of this laundry basket may be its slightly expensive price of above $40, but this is more than made up for with the quality of the basket. There is the option of selecting various other designs of the basket, but these are priced differently. The material used for the basket is a high-quality polyester which gives it a very good durability. There are no mesh patterns on the basket, so you should make sure the clothes are free from odor or moisture when you put them in the basket.

5. Rubbermaid Home Standard Laundry Basket


This laundry basket by Rubbermaid is quite different to the others that we have listed so far since it is made of plastic. The quality of the basket is quite good, however, as you will be getting a lot more durability than the polyester type basket. The only drawback is that it is quite small, so you can’t use it to store as many clothes as the normal mesh baskets. There are two handles on the side of the basket that allow you to easily carry the basket. The main purpose of this basket is to transfer clothes to your washing machine and vice versa. It is not suitable for using as a storage vessel to store dirty clothes due to its smaller size. The basket comes in a dark blue color and you do not get the option of choosing a different color.

6. BirdRock Home Single Laundry Hamper


The BirdRock Home Single Laundry Hamper comes with a lid that is attached to the basket which allows you to conceal dirty clothes and to confine the odor from the dirty clothes. The basket is made of a polyester linen material which ensures durability and resistance to tearing due to heavy loads. It is also light in weight, which makes carrying it around quite easy. There are two handles on either side of the basket which allows it to be carried around with ease. The basket itself is quite spacious, as it can be used to store two full loads of clothes. Organizing the clothes within the basket is quite easy to do as there are segmented storage compartments in the basket that allows you to do this. Another great feature of the laundry basket is its cheap price of only $25, which makes this another one of the best laundry baskets out there.

7. Hamper Hoops by Wham-O


If you want to get a laundry basket that is a lot more suitable for kids, then the Hamper Hoops is one of the best out there. Though it is marketed mainly for kids, there’s no limitations in it being used by adults too as it makes taking care of your laundry a lot more interesting. The laundry basket consists of a basketball hoop which can be attached to your door. This requires that you throw the laundry through the hoop if you want to store it in the laundry basket. Emptying the laundry is quite easy as well as you only must unzip the bottom zip of the bag to transfer the contents to the laundry basket. The package comes included with the basketball board, hoop, net and the detachable laundry bag as well. Surprisingly, the entire package costs only $20, which makes this another highly-recommended laundry basket. The only real drawback with the basket may be that the storage space isn’t as high as some of the other laundry baskets out there.

8. BirdRock Home Double Laundry Hamper


This laundry basket by BirdRock is quite different to the previous version that we reviewed, as it comes with two storage compartments rather than just a single compartment. However, when purchasing the hamper, you have the choice of selecting from three other models, which are the round hamper, corner hamper, and square hamper. We chose the double hamper model due to its versatility and the convenience that it offers convenience and versatility over the other models. You also have the option of selecting the color of the basket from three different colors. The quality of the basket is quite good as it is made of a bamboo material which offers durability as well as lightweight to make it easy to carry around. The interior of the basket is quite spacious and allows you to store two loads of clothes. The basket costs only $30, which makes it quite cheap as well, considering its superior build quality.

9. Sodynee® Closet Folding Laundry Hamper


The Sodynee Laundry Basket comes in a pack of 2, making it a great value for your money if you plan on purchasing two laundry baskets. The pack of two costs $20, however, you do not get the option of choosing only a single basket or larger quantity packs. The basket is made of a durable polyester material which is quite resistant to tearing or breaking. There are handles on the sides of the bag which makes it easy to carry the bag when transporting the laundry. The basket is collapsible, allowing you to store it away with ease when it is not being used. The best part of this laundry basket is that Sodynee gives you a satisfaction guarantee with it. So, if you are not satisfied with the laundry basket you can get a full refund of your money or get a replacement basket. The basket is only sold in the beige color and there is no option of selecting a different color.

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