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Using a laptop is much different than using a desktop computer as they do not require a large workspace to use. Laptops offer the convenience in being able to be placed on a desk or even you lap, hence how it gets its name. Keeping a laptop on your lap is not recommended as it can heat up with continuous usage, but you can do so by getting a laptop lap desk. Apart from getting a lap desk, you can also get a portable desk with an adjustable height which is also suited to keeping a laptop. When selecting a laptop desk, you should make sure that it has sufficient space to keep your laptop and other peripherals such as a mouse as well. Some laptop desks come with a drink holder as well which can be useful. Here are some of the best laptop desks out there.

1. LapGear XL Laptop LapDesk


The LapGear XL Laptop LapDesk is suited for laptops of all sizes and has ample space to use a mouse as well. This laptop desk is a lap desk, so you must keep the desk on your lap when using it. The desk supports laptops that are up to 17 inches so you really shouldn’t have a problem with compatibility. The laptop comes in a black color and there is no option to choose a different color. The under section of the desk has padded pillows to allow you to comfortably place the desk on your lap. The wrist pad is ergonomically designed so you can use the desk to comfortably type and use the laptop without the worry of getting repetitive strain injuries. It also serves as a stoppage point to prevent the laptop from sliding. The desk has appropriate airflow channels as well for proper heat dissipation from the laptop. Apart from this, there are pouches on the side which you can use for storage.

2. Sofia + Sam Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk


When getting a lap desk, it is important to make sure there is more than enough space to keep your laptop and any other peripherals as well. This lap desk by Sofia + Sam fits this criterion as it can support laptops up to 20 inches in diameter and still have ample space to keep a mouse as well. You have three purchasing options, you can either go for the deluxe model, the model with a USB light or the model with the Wrist Rests. There are two color choices as well, as you can either go for the black design or the burgundy colored model. The laptop would cost under $50 so it is still quite affordable. The USB light is also quite convenient as it can detach easily from the desk if you want to plug it to your laptop or you can simply plug it into the lap desk. There is a memory foam cushion for the wrists as well.

3. Avantree Quality Adjustable Laptop Bed Table


This laptop desk is quite different to the lap desks as it is a standing desk with adjustable height settings. The desk is suited to laptop usage or it can serve as a TV tray or just a book stand, which makes it quite versatile. There are two color options for the table. There is the beige colored model and the American Cherry model, with both of being priced the same. Both table colors cost less than $50 so there are reasonably priced. Usage of the table is quite simple as it has two automatically locking buttons on the sides which allow you to adjust the height of the table. It is also light in weight and can be folded up, which makes it easy to carry around. The table is made of high-quality wood which gives it a very pleasing appearance and feels. It is also quite durable, as it will be able to support the weight of your laptop and any other accessories you keep on your table with ease.

4. Laptop Buddy Laptop Desk and Cup Holder


We generally wouldn’t recommend going for the cheaper lap desks, but this lap desk by Laptop Buddy really impressed us in terms of its build quality and convenience. The desk costs only around the $10 price mark, making this the cheapest on our list. This desk is a lap desk so it is designed to keep on your lap when using the laptop. An interesting feature of the desk is that it has a cup holder as well, built-in to the table. The cup holder can hold most cups of standard cup size. The laptop has a base made of fleece, which will offer comfort to keep the desk on your lap and when placing your wrists on the desk while typing. You will also get a USB powered light, making this an incredible value for your money. There is a zipper pouch which can be used to the light that comes with the laptop offering convenience when carrying it around.

5. Executive Office Solutions Aluminum Laptop Desk


This laptop desk is the most expensive on our list but is well suited for certain applications. For one, the table uses Aluminum for its construction which is not only light in weight, but also quite durable. Another great feature about this desk is that you get full flexibility in adjusting the laptop’s angle as well as the height. Another great feature is that it can be collapsed to a very compact size, giving it great portability. There is a side extension on the laptop which lets you keep your mouse or drink on the desk. Apart from this, there are also cooling fans on the desk which let you cool the laptop while you use it, without having to purchase an additional cooling pad. The manufacturer provides a money back guarantee with the product, in case you are satisfied with the product. This makes it one of the best products on our list.

6. Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk


Although not as affordable as the lap desk we featured above, this is still another one of the cheaper lap desks out there. The lap desk costs less than $30, however, it features a very simplistic design. You have the option of choosing between different colors, six in total, but they are all differently priced. The lap desk does not have any fabric so it is made of durable materials that ensure both durability and comfort in using as well. The desk is great for use by students and workaholics who will be spending several hours on their laptop. There is a handle on the desk which allows it to be easily carried around. Apart from this, there is a removable pad as well which offers even greater portability. The desk is quite easy to clean so maintaining the table shouldn’t be too much of a problem. It is light in weight and has a barrier to prevent your laptop from sliding out as well.

7. Seville Classics TURNLIFT Laptop Desk


The Seville Classics TURNLIFT Laptop Mobile Desk Cart is similar to that of a computer desk except that has a lot smaller surface area and size. This desk is not a lap desk so you will require a chair to use your laptop on the desk. You have two purchasing options for this desk as you can either go for just the standard table or the table with the side table as well. The height of the table can be adjusted easily by turning a knob. The surface area is large enough to support any size of a laptop. There will also be ample space to keep other devices like a mouse and lamp. The table costs less than $40, so it is quite worth the price. The assembly of the table is simple as all the parts come included with the package when you purchase it. There is no option of choosing the color of the table, so you will have to purchase the brown colored table which is the default color.

8. Sofia + Sam All Purpose Lap Desk


Lap desks may be a lot preferable than a standing table in situations where you find yourself using the laptop in bed or on your couch. There are two purchasing options for the desk. You can either purchase the desk which comes with the table slot or without it. They are both quite cheap as the table still costs less than $50. You also get the option of choosing the color of the table with six different color options to choose from. The only real drawback about this table is that it is a little bit limited in terms of surface area, supporting laptops of 17 inches and smaller. The design of the desk is quite sleek and comfortable to use as well. Apart from just using the table for your laptop, you can use it for reading or doing crafts as well. There is a wrist rest on the laptop and a handle for easy carrying.

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