Laptops are not designed for our comfort. Researchers from both Harvard and Cornell have found that the basic laptop design violates the fundamental principles of ergonomic design. Laptops don’t provide wrist support, and the screen is not placed at a comfortable viewing angle. If you place a laptop on your actual lap, you will risk getting burned due to the heat. These are the main reasons why it’s highly recommended to use a laptop desk.

A laptop desk is a mini table, usually without stands, that you can place on your lap or bed when working on your computer. The desk will protect your skin against burns. Some desks facilitate better airflow to the underside of the laptop to prevent excessive heating. Laptop desks also provide much-needed wrist support when typing. You can tilt most lap desks to get a viewing angle that prevents hunching over and hurting your back.

Laptop desks are a highly affordable accessory for your computer that will ensure that you don’t get injured when working. Laptop desks are also a convenient gadget to have when traveling without access to a table or a flat surface to place your laptop. The choices are aplenty in the market, so here is a list of best laptop desks to choose from:

1. LapGear XL Laptop LapDesk

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Why we like it: This comfortable laptop desk comes packed with features. It reduces wrist strain with rests and pads and increases airflow to the laptop.

You will appreciate having this spacious laptop desk, especially when traveling. It’s big and square and supports laptops as large as 17 inches. It even has an integrated mouse pad if you use an external mouse. The mouse pad can be used on either left or right side of the laptop. If you don’t use an external mouse, the extra space is still useful for keeping a phone, notebooks, or just having more hand room. The perks don’t stop there. The desk has its own wrist rest that many laptop users will love. The wrist pads make typing comfortable.

Overall, we found the design to be quite ergonomic. The wrist pads, in particular, make working on the computer comfortable. They also prevent machines from sliding down off the desk. The desk has multiple uses, including as side pouches. The side storage pouches are super convenient for holding things like pens. This desk also slightly lifts the laptop to increase the airflow underneath. The aim is to reduce unwanted heat and keep the laptop cool. The desk also has a flat surface to increase ventilation for the laptop. So this laptop is great to use as a stand and also a minor cooling pad!

2. Sofia + Sam Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk

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Why we like it: This lap desk is stunningly stylish and very spacious. It can support a laptop as large as 20 inches and still leave room for hands.

This massive laptop desk is super stylish, and also comfortable. Forget boring black lap desks. The Sofia +Sam lap desk has a gorgeous woodprint vinyl cover. It’s not actually made from any wood. The lap desk is made from memory foam, you know, like a pillow. You can keep this on your actual lap without feeling any sort of discomfort for hours. The memory foam won’t sink into your leg muscles and make the bones hurt. The comfort level is just enormous. So is the space available on the lap desk. This is constructed to accommodate 20-inch laptops.

If you have a computer or even a passive tablet, then this lap desk would be the perfect solution to work from bed or on an airplane seat. Once the laptop is placed, there is still plenty of space for the hands and an external mouse. The laptop can be placed under the desk, so only the screen is visible. If you are watching movies or holding a conference call that would be the perfect solution to remove clutter. You can then keep notes or other material on the desktop. It’s roomy and stylish, and you may not find a better solution.

3. Avantree Portable Laptop Bed Table

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Why we like it: This lap desk fits perfectly on the bed so you can get work done lying down. It’s made from high-quality wood and is quite stylish too.

Finally, a laptop table made just for the bed. If you are one of those lazy people who prefer to use the laptop without getting out of bed in the morning, then this would be the perfect accessory to own. This lap desk has actual, adjustable legs. It’s not placed on the lap or a pillow, so you will have more support on the unstable mattress. Also, this desk keeps the laptop far away from things like blankets, which can catch fire under the heat produced by the laptop. It’s safe and also highly convenient to use at home or on a hotel bed when traveling.

This lap desk comes in an appealing beige or cherry red colors. It’s designed to be sleek, stylish and also quite spacious. Once the stand is set up, the table can be tilted at an angle you like. There’s a support bat on the desk to keep your laptop in place. You can get work done lying down easily. You will really appreciate this product if you get the flu again and can’t get up to check email. This lap desk is also very sturdy. It’s made from actual wood, which is highly durable. The lap desk is height adjustable too.

4. Laptop Buddy Laptop Desk and Cup Holder

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Why we like it: This affordable lap desk is lightweight and highly portable. It has an inbuilt desk light. It’s spacious and can be used for other things as well.

This laptop desk is hardly good looking, but it’s wonderfully built to ensure comfort. The desk is covered in soft fleece, so it’s never uncomfortable under the hands. The inside of the desk is made from foam microbeads. Therefore, the desk is never rigid, and wonderfully supports the contours of thighs and lap. The foam material is also superbly lightweight. The desk won’t add much extra weight to your lap when working on your computer. The material is also water resistant, unlike something like wood. The fleece would quickly absorb any water spilled on the desk to protect your computer.

This lap desk is really packed with features. It’s highly portable and even has a carrying handle. It can support the laptop when traveling, on the bed, or when sitting down without a flat surface to place your computer. The lap desk can also double as a drawing desk or a reading space when you don’t need to use your computer. The desktop is also very roomy and supports large 19-inch laptops. The desk even comes with a lovely desk light to work at night. Overall, this is a wonderful multipurpose and highly comfortable accessory that you won’t regret buying.

5. Executive Office Solutions Aluminum Laptop Desk

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Why we like it: This is a fully adjustable laptop desk with a stand you can rotate at any angle. This desk is perfect for getting just the right viewing angle you want when working.

As the name suggests, this is a laptop desk made just for professional use. It’s highly stylish, so you can use it without shame at work or home. What really popped out to us about this desk is its stand. It has a highly adjustable stand that’s like a long, twisted lamp pole. The stand bends in three places, so you can adjust it just the way you like to get the laptop at any viewing angle that is the most comfortable for you. If you are conducting a long conference call, or are streaming movies, then this stand would be perfect.

The pole-like leg can be completely collapsed if needed. The legs rotate all 360 degrees as well. The laptop desk is made mostly from alloy, so it’s sturdy and lightweight. Durability levels are quite high too. The tray has a cooling fan attached that will keep your laptop cool even during long hours of work. It also eliminates the need to buy an additional cooling pad. The USB cord for the fan is included. The laptop desk has plenty of other uses as well. You can use it for projectors, as a standing desk, a reading tray, or a tablet holder.

6. Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk

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Why we like it: This affordable laptop doesn’t boast anything fancy, but it’s highly practical in its simplicity. It’s lightweight, portable, and comes in groovy colors.

This is an affordable laptop desk that is just charming in its simplicity. It offers plenty of spacious room to hold a laptop in about just any size. We highly recommend this laptop desk for students, travelers, or people who are limited in mobility. This laptop desk is made from solid MDF material. It’s very easy to clean and take care of. Also, the solid material provides stability and sturdiness without adding a lot of weight. If we forgot to mention, then yes, this laptop desk is very lightweight, you barely feel it on your lap.

The desk comes with a convenient carrying handle. The desktop pad of the desk is removable for cleaning or storing. We all know how laptop desks can get dirty, so most of us do appreciate an accessory that is actually super easy to clean. The desk is very compact in itself and doesn’t take too much space. It’s the perfect barrier against heat emanated by the typical laptop or tablets. You can use the desktop with an external mouse too. Plus, it comes in a myriad of charming colors that will fit right in with your interior décor.

7. Portable Adjustable Vented Laptop Stand/Desk/Table

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Why we like it: This highly practical laptop stand comes with a separate mouse tray and two legs that bend at any angle. It’s highly recommended for people with limited disability.

This highly practical laptop stand comes with a separate mouse tray and two legs that bend at any angle. It’s highly recommended for people with limited disability.

8. Sofia + Sam All Purpose Lap Desk

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Why we like it: This lap desk is inexpensive and follows a simple design. It’s highly compact, so it’s perfect for people who don’t like bulky, extra large things.

We recommend this lap desk highly for working from home or on the bed. This laptop desk feels more like a really comfy cushion when in use. It has a sturdy interior, but it’s covered in comfortable leathery material. It barely feels there on the lap. It’s also highly compact. It’s designed for laptops 17 inches or smaller. If you have a small laptop and don’t want to carry around a bulky lap desk, then this is the perfect solution. It has a fat bar at the bottom to keep even the heaviest laptops in place.

This laptop desk has just about enough room for the laptop and maybe a small external mouse. It has a small tilt so you can easily view the laptop screen without any discomfort. The overall design is sleek and stylish. This lap desk is compact enough to carry in a backpack or a briefcase when traveling. If you like simple designs, then you will definitely like this lap desk. Also, it’s one of the most affordable lap desks we have on this list. If you are cash-strapped and can’t afford an expensive lap desk, this would be still a good option to go with.

9. iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Table

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Why we like it: This is just the perfect laptop desk to create a solid working surface for your computer where ever you are.

We were impressed by this sleekly designed lap desk for more than one reason. It’s highly ergonomically designed, and even has a separate stand for the mouse. It’s well suited for just about any surface, including your lap and bed. If you are one of those people who always want a sturdy surface for the laptop, then this would be the stand for you. It can even be placed on a regular table to have a “standing desk” laptop at a comfortable viewing angle. The laptop desk is highly mobile, ultra lightweight, strong, and will definitely meet whatever pet peeve you have about laptop desks.

The two legs of the stand can be adjusted 360 degrees. The joints can be locked, and there are huge markers to indicate angle adjustments. The tray is made from alloy. So even if this laptop stand looks bulky, it’s not weighty at all. The tray also comes with a built-in cooling fan, which works very quietly. You won’t hear a cacophony of noises when the cooling fan combines with the laptop fan. The legs collapse so this stand is highly portable and can be carried on an airplane or a bus. Overall, we highly recommend this product.