Whether you’re a budding chef, a Master Chef or just want to cook with the least amount of hassle on a daily basis, a kitchen scale is an important tool in the shed.

But of course when you set out on a hunt for one, you quickly give up on the idea, telling yourself you’ll just guess the amounts, and if nobody dies from eating whatever you made, well so much the better! Which can work of course, but if you’re a stickler for detail and reducing wastage, well a kitchen scale can be all sorts of useful.

Here you’ll find a list of best kitchen scales out there, with individual characteristics that make them stand out for whatever reason. Might we also say how incredibly sleek scales these days look? We can’t help but wonder whether we’d have hologram scales 100 years from now. Most probably.

1. Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

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Why we like it: Stainless steel, includes batteries, and has multiple uses.

As the world grows bigger and our houses get smaller, space is a big factor. Most of us have to make do with less space than we’d like in our homes, which means we have to think more practically. Of course, if you have plenty of money we don’t think this is much of a problem, but in this context, you’d still want to reduce clutter overall. Which is why products like this kitchen scale that also offer many other functions, are precious. And there’s a whole lot we like about it.

For starters, this is very affordable, so it’s totally worth it. They’ve also got one other option for a little higher budget. The scale is also fitted with four, extremely high precision sensors, which mean you can expect accuracy every single time. Aside from being great for cooking, you can also weigh your post, whilst its tare functionality means that you can now weigh small ingredients in a bowl, without the weight of the vessel being considered. We’re also glad to see a low battery indicator, which lets you know when you need swap the batteries. And we especially love the anti-fingerprint technology.

2. EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

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Why we like it: Comes with more than a kitchen scale, and quite straightforward to use.

This is a little more expensive than Etekcity, but we think it packs in a bang for your buck. This kitchen scale by EatSmart is a high precision device that is also digitally operated for efficiency and convenience. It’s multifunctional, and meant to be especially useful for people who have precise dietary requirements such as industry professionals, and weight-watchers. Additionally, the 3-minute automatic shutoff allows you to conserve its battery life while you bustle about with ingredients.

We also loved that this scale comes complete with a free EatSmart Calorie Factors booklet; it’s incredibly helpful for both portion controlling and calorie counting, two things that are important if you’re trying to shed off some pounds. Also, this too comes with a tare feature which means that yes, you can weigh things on plates or bowls and still only get the weight of the content inside. No more rushed math in the middle of baking that brownie.

3. Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale

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Why we like it: Chic, sophisticated, many options, and functions every bit as well as it looks.

If you thought kitchen scales could’ve looked better with a bit of modern flair, well Ozeri has delivered. They’re slick, chic and are available in a dizzying array of colors to suit all sorts of tastes and preferences. You can even pick a scale that goes with your kitchen theme. Though budgets vary between them, they’re all very affordable. Not only that, it’s super easy to use as well so you can get the kids involved in the kitchen too.

Also, if you’re as bad as we are with metrics, you’ll love the handy Automatic Unit Button that’s installed to automatically convert between units. It also conveniently displays the results on a clear, easy-to-read LCD screen, and has a tare functionality too. They’ve even enhanced the size of the weighing platform offering more space and quality with its lovely chrome finishing. Easy to clean, and easy to store. You also needn’t worry about its juice dying out soon, since they not only include 2 AAA batteries but have also integrated an automatic 2-minute shutoff setting.

4. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale

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Why we like it: Cord-less setup, sturdy and looks like an absolute boss.

The kingpin of kitchen scales we think. Not only does it look like the Godfather, it is just as formidable with a set of superior functionalities that puts a few scales out there to shame. For starters, we thought its meter showing us how much of its 11b capacity was left was a thoughtful feature, since it also prevents you from accidentally breaking your scale by piling things on. If you want something with a higher capacity, they’ve also got a 22-pound scale.

The pull-out display was not only innovative to us but also ingenious, because how many times have you struggled to see the right weight with the shadow of the plater looming over the display? This clever little idea puts that to rest. Plus, its super slim profile means you can pretty much slide it in anywhere for easy storage. With a stainless steel platform that is removable and washable as well as a cordless setup, this is one of the most efficient of its kind out there.

5. AccuWeight Digital Kitchen Gram Scale

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Why we like it: Lightweight, portable and super sleek design.

We love ourselves anything that comes in a stylish package, which is why we automatically gravitated towards the AccuWeight Digital Kitchen Gram Scale the moment we sensed it passing by our noses. Aside from featuring the tare function, utmost precision, and high accuracy, it also comes with liquid measurement technology. So you’ve pretty much got the whole package with this one, especially seeing as how it is portable as well.

The tempered glass top is not only very modern, but it’s also very easy to clean and three times stronger than glass. Four high precision sensors are also in place to ensure utmost accuracy with every weigh, making it a reliable kitchen scale to invest in. We also though the automatic shut-off and low battery indicator were useful touches to the overall unit, while marveling at the crystal-clear, large, 3.2” backlit LED display which we think is excellent for dimly lit areas. This can carry a maximum capacity of 11lbs, and they even provide the 2 AAA batteries for you. At least at first.

6. Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Food Scale

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Why we like it: Available in a fun array of colors and looks gorgeous.

Gorgeous may not be the word you’d typically use to describe a kitchen scale, but we can’t help it with this one; especially the navy blue. This one includes a whole load of features and characteristics such as a simple and easy-to-read display, no-nonsense two-button functionality, long battery life and spill-proof surface to name a few. For all these reasons and more, we thought the Escali kitchen scale deserved a spot on our list.

What we especially love about this weight scale, is that it only has two buttons to do everything you want. The left button switches it on and is also the tare function, while long pressing it turns it off. The right button is simply for switching between units, and hey presto it’s done! And if you’re a complete klutz, this scale is definitely suited for you because it’s even got a protective shield to guard against any accidental spills. All you need to do when you’re done is wipe the scale clean with a damp cloth. Best of all? It comes with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

7. Digital Kitchen Scale by Zerla

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Why we like it: Affordable, lightweight, compact.

The less fuss there is the better it is, especially with our relentless 21-century lives, and this kitchen scale by Zerla aims to offer us a helping hand with doing just that in its own little way. This scale is not only light and therefore easy to carry around with you, it can be used anywhere you want. From the kitchen to school and office, if you are on a strictly regimented calorie intake, you will find this to be a very useful buddy on your quest. Its compact design also means you can just pop it anywhere for convenience.

If you thought size had a direct impact on functionality though, you were mistaken. This is a highly precise and accurate kitchen scale, able to read results to the last gram. The tare button efficiently segregates and calculates the weight of the food for utmost efficiency, and to wrap it all off, there’s even a money-back guarantee. So if you for some reason think it’s not what you were looking for, you can send it back so long as you do it within 30 days.

8. GreaterGoods Digital Food Kitchen Scale

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Why we like it: No fuss, simple and streamlined.

Another very sophisticated contender, the GreaterGoods Digital kitchen scale is for those of you who like your appliances to be particularly streamlined. In fact, this doesn’t even look like a kitchen scale when you look at it. And at the low budget, this is definitely a bargain. Enjoy the smooth, durable, tempered glass surface that comes with highly sensitive touch buttons for easy operation, whilst the high precision sensors ensure minute accuracy every single time.

One thing that really gets our attention when we’re reviewing products, is the offering of a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, it’s also quite lightweight so it’s easily transportable, and the neutral colors mean you can use it to match with any type of kitchen décor. The food scale’s precision has also been hailed for use by diabetics, as they can watch what they eat more efficiently.

9. Toplus Digital Food Scale

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Why we like it: Our slickest and sleekest pick yet.

We’re not sure, but we could swear that each of the scales on the list so far have been growing steadily more chic and sophisticated. The Toplus Digital Food Scale pretty much takes the cake in this department, with it uber-cool stainless steel exterior. It’s designed in a way that you can put the food directly on it for weighing. No messing about with bowls and plates. What’s more, it also comes with anti-fingerprint technology which makes for super convenient cleaning, and it keeps your scale looking squeaky clean at all times.

This scale also includes a memory function, which means that it remembers the last setting you used on the scale. You can also switch between units as necessary, so you can get different measurements for one purpose. With a one-minute automatic shutoff, you needn’t worry about leaving it on accidentally and draining the battery as well. Make use of the tare function too, and just wipe clean when you’re done.

10. Taylor Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale

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Why we like it: It reminds us of a simpler time.

As for the antique at heart, we’ve located the perfect kitchen scale. Say hello to the Taylor Stainless Steel Analog Kitchen Scale. No not Taylor Swift, just Taylor. A scale to remind you of the good ol’ uncomplicated times of yore when a kitchen scale appeared to have escaped the clutches of technology. That said though, don’t be deceived by its looks because as unassuming as it might seem compared to its counterparts, it’s actually incredibly useful.

We thought the stainless steel finish was impeccable, and not only adds to its overall appearance but also assures you it’s sturdy. This scale is great for those who like to do things old-school style, without depending on tech-dominated items. There’s a 5” diameter dial to help read weight easily, with numbers that are analog, not digital. If you want to adjust the scale accordingly, all you have to do is just fiddle with the built-in knob. Plus, you can also remove the weighing bowl on top for washing and easy cleaning.