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Prepare for Winter early this year by checking out the best kids snow boots for boys and girls to see what boots to buy for your children.With winter nearly being over with, it's hard to want to think about preparing for next winter when most of us are looking forward to spring and summer.

However, despite how far away winter may seem now, the fact of the matter is that you want to prepare for getting the best snow boots for your children before it is too late.

In his article, we'll be taking a look at our top choices in the best kids snow boots for boys and girls that will not only keep your children warm for the winter but also look cute while they're wearing them.

How We Chose Our Ratings

for Best Kids Snow Boots


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While we look for the best products available to make our list, we also rely on several factors that rate each item to rank them appropriately.

Cost: Your child will likely outgrow their snow boots once the next year comes so having a pair that does the job without breaking the bank. 

Quality: Quality is going to be one of the significant factors that we utilized to determine whether or not they make the top of our list.

Customer Reviews: Our customer reviews are going to be the staple in determining which of these products will ultimately be the best for your purchase.

The Best Kids Snow Boots For Boys And Girls

Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega

With the Sorel Snow Commander , one of best best kids snow boots, you'll get the choice between seven different color choices to choose. These colors include:

  •   Tropic pink
  •  1Black charcoal
  •   Black and super blue
  •   Black and haute pink
  • 2Black
  •   Deep blush
  •   Quarry and cyber green

As of the time that we’ve written this article, the Quarry and Cyber Green selection were currently only available in specific sizes and may not be available in the measurement that your child needs.

These shoes fit children from one to four years of age in the toddler sizes up from four to eight years in the little kid section. 

According to Amazon's listing page, 88 percent of parents who are looking at the shoes for their children said that the shoe fit as expected when they received the item.

There's also a sizing chart available that should be put to use when you're trying to determine what size your child wears.

These shoes come made from a synthetic fabric with a rubber sole and faux fur lining. The materials formed together to create a sturdy pair of boots that keep the feet warm and dry even in more challenging winter conditions. 

There are over 200 grams of insulation that gets implemented in the shoe design.

Combined that feature with a waterproof rubber shell and a pull tab at the top meant to keep out the elements, you have yourself a fully functional winter boot that will keep your kids warm while they play.

You’ll be able to find the Sorel Snow Commander snow boots on Amazon ranging between $22.46 to $114.47



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Nova Mountain Kids Snow Boots

Nova Mountain Little Kid's Winter Snow Boots,NF NFWBN01 Black 12
  • Heavy duty and all weather protection
  • Temperature rating: -25°F/-32°C
  • Waterproof synthetic and facbric upper

The Nova Mountain , one of best best kids snow boots, are a fashionable way for your kids to stay warm this winter. With 12 different color options, your children won’t have difficulty choosing a pair that they’ll love and want to wear every time they go outside when the weather is cold. 

Additionally, 86 percent of parents agreed that the boots they got for their children fit as they expected which means that you will have a better chance that you'll find the right boot size the first time rather than fighting with the wrong size shoe and mailing them back for a refund. 

The boots come made out of a synthetic material which helps keep them waterproof and durable, even against some of the worst weather conditions that nature can throw at you.

The boots are lined with fleece on the inside of the boot which gives the shoes a temperature reading of -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lining and the insole are both insulated to help keep your children’s feet warm in the worst of conditions and thanks to the gusseted tongue design that comes with these boots. 

You can be confident that your children’s feet will stay dry and protected from snow that wants to try to get in your children’s boots.

The Nova Mountain boots also feature deep traction ridges along the outer sole with additional traction pads located at the heel and the upper foot pad which gives your children the friction needed to grip the ground they walk on.

These snow boots do well with people who are avid skiers as well. 

If these boots sound like what you’re looking for in your child’s next pair of snow boots, you can find them on Amazon ranging between $19.99 to $29.99 depending on the sizes you select.



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Dream Pairs Insulated Winter Boots

DREAM PAIRS Little Kid Knorth Navy Grey Orange Isulated Fur Winter...
  • FITTING TIPS: Full Size Only, Order Half Size Up For Loose Fit!
  • Cold-weather boot featuring waterproof shell bottom unit, 200g Thermolite insulation rated to -25F, and one pull bungee...
  • Waterproof shell bottom unit, 200g Thermolite insulation rated to -25F

With the Dream Pairs,  one of best best kids snow boots, brand insulated winter boots, your child, no matter their color preferences, will have a comfortable and well-insulated snow boot to enjoy the winter weather.

Eighty-two percent of parents that purchased these boots found that they fit as expected according to the size chart that comes provided on the site listing. 

Additionally, the company itself recommended ordering a half size up if you’re hoping for a looser fit. Make sure to account for thicker socks that your children may wear while they’re in their snow boots.

Regardless of fit, you’ll be able to enjoy a large selection of colors and designs for this brand’s lineup and with 15 different color and design options to fit your children’s taste. 

The shell bottom unit is completely waterproof with a shaft height with the heel extending to about nine inches.

There are 200 grams of thermolite insulation that gets injected into these shoes which have been tested to withstand cold temperatures to - 25 degrees Fahrenheit with a single pull bungee lacing system that keeps snow and water out of the boot. 

The sole itself has specially designed traction that keeps your child on their feet and prevents them from falling by increasing the friction between their shoes and the ground that they’re playing.

These boots come designed for toddlers up to bigger kids. Parents need to make sure that they follow the sizing chart for the best fit. 

If these boots sound like what you’re looking for, you can purchase them on Amazon ranging between $23.99 to $30.99.



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Northside Insulated Kids Snow Boots

Northside Boy Girls Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid Frosty Insulated Winter...
  • Insulated snow boot with waterproof upper featuring hook-and-loop strap and bungee-cord closure at topline
  • keep kids toes toasty down to a chilly -25 degrees Fahrenheit

The Northside insulated kids snow boots are an Amazon's choice item for children's snow boots. The company sells sizes that range from toddlers to 12-year-old children.

You'll have over 35 different design options for your child to choose from Arch increases the chances that they'll find a design that they'll like the best.

Their shoes come made out of 100 percent nylon and futura synthetic sole that provides excellent waterproofing to keep your children's feet and socks dry while they're outside playing.  

Northside goes further and providing waterproofing features for their shoes thanks to the bungee cord closure that rest at the top line of the boot. 

All you have to do is pull it closed, and you won't have to worry about snow getting inside your child's feet.

They've even implemented a reflective pull-tab that not only helps your child get the boot on and off, but also provides additional safety so cars can see your child running around well they're caught up in their play. 

These boots also come with a comfortable on-and-off strap what you hook across the ankle to help keep your child's boots on securely while they're playing.

The shaft of the boot itself measures approximately seven and a half inches from the arch and heel raises to about an inch.

The outsole is durable and lightweight, but it provides multi-directional lugs that ensure the best traction and shock absorption and ice or snow. These are a great shoe if your family are Avid skiers, as the boats will provide comfort for your child all day. 

If these boots sound like something that you would want for your family, you can find them on Amazon ranging between $17.93 to $59.00 depending on the style and the fit of your choice. 



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Gubarun Kids Snow Boots

GUBARUN Boys Snow Boots Winter Waterproof Slip Resistant Cold Weather...
  • Textured outsole offer perfect slip resistance.
  • Hook-and-loop closure fits snug on calf and is convenient for kids to get on/off.
  • Waterproof uppers, do not worry the wetness while enjoying the snow.

With over ten different designs that your child can choose from,  You can be confident that either your son or daughter won't have a problem finding something that they like.

These boots are made out of both fabric and leather and provide a durable rubber sole that has non-slip traction lugs to keep them safe while they're outside in the cold weather. 

The waterproof upper is designed to help keep kids feet dry and comfortable throughout the day, While the soft faux fur interior helps keep their feet warm an insulated even during the worst weather conditions. 

Gubarun also features a design Known as the hook and loop closure in their boots that allows snow to stay out of the food itself; this design feature allows your children to adjust it as needed for both their comfort and functionality. 

Eighty-seven percent of parents who purchase these boots for their children found that the shoes fit as expected as long as they followed the sizing chart that came provided on the listing page.

If you think these boots are an excellent fit for your child, you can find them on Amazon ranging in price between $21.99 to $26.99. 



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Cior Fantiny Winter Boots

CIOR Winter Snow Boots for Boy and Girl Outdoor Waterproof with Fur...
  • Bungee-cord closure at topline helps seal out all cold air,fur lined to provide unrelenting warmth when temperature...
  • Waterproof oxford upper keeps wind and snow at bay,high-heeled design allows your kid to have a blast the whole winter.
  • Easy-to-wear hoop-and-loop closure lets your kid customize the fit.

Cior Fantiny winter snow boots are a highly attractive and functional snow boot that comes in 29 different designs and colors to make it easy for your child to choose which they like.

They all feature bungee cord closure at the top line which helps heal how any cold air or snow from getting into their boots.

To ensure that they stay warm, they also provide extra insulation thanks to the faux fur lining near the top line. 

These boots are even waterproof on the uppers what helps keep wind and snow from chilling your child's feet, and the high heeled sole design gives them extra stability while they're running around on uneven and unpredictable terrain.

Thanks to the hoop and loop closure featured on these boots, your child won't have any difficulty getting their shoes to fit snuggly on their feet which ultimately improves their stability while they're running around.

There's also reflective piping along the back shaft to help improve visibility in the dark so drivers can see your children while they're playing.

The outer sole is made of rubber and features non-slip. Star-shaped lugs provide extra traction on snowy and icy ground to help keep your child safe.

If the Cior Fantiny winter snow boots sound ideal for your children, you can find them on Amazon ranging from $14.71 to $24.99 depending on the size and fit that you choose. 

best kids snow boots baby-winter-frost-snow-story-

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IceFace Kids Winter Boots

ICEFACE Kids Winter Snow Boots Waterproof and Insulated for Girls and...
  • Waterproof: Rubber sole and Oxford cloth upper, protect your children from getting wet in most cases on rainy and snowy...
  • Insulated and Comfortable: Fixed fur lining all the way to toes, providing kids warmth and coziness in cold winter...
  • Convenient and Stylish Design: One-pull bungee lacing system, easy to get on and off; Faux fur top and suitable color...

With the IceFace kid's winter boots, you have five different options that cater to the interests of both boys and girls. The color options that you get to choose from are all unique and appealing. You can choose from any of the following: 

  • Purple
  • Pink and black
  • Black
  • Grey and pink
  • Blue and red
  • Black

These boots are highly fashionable and also fit higher than most normal snow boots in an attempt to cater to individuals who live in places where the snow piles up higher.

These boots provide to 13 different sizes ranging from toddlers to big kids and youths, and even some smaller-footed adults.

Parents found that 79 percent of the time fit as expected for their child, though it got noted in the comments that if your child wears a half size, you should get up it to the nearest whole measurement. 

These best kids snow boots are insulated with faux-fur along the top line to help keep the snow out of your shoes and shield against the cold air, and this insulation carries out throughout the entire boot to keep your feet nice and warm.

They also feature bungee cord lacing that you can tighten to fit snugly and to add an extra layer of protection against snow buildup on your child’s shoes. 

The outer sole features slip resistant rubber bugs that are deep-set for extra traction and stability while your child is walking. The outside upper is also waterproof,  which allows your child to play outside for longer that makes them ideal for skiing boots. 

If These Boots sound like something that you would like to get for your child, you can find them on Amazon in prices ranging from $26.99 up to $42.66. 



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