Children don’t often like to study or read much nowadays, but it is important for parents and caregivers to promote these activities. It’s not easy to get a child interested in something that they don’t like or find difficult. This is why it can help to promote academics and learning in a positive and well-rounded way. One of the best ways to give children a healthy mindset about education is to help them create a special space for these academic activities. This space should speak to the things that they do like, be it a favorite color or a superhero theme. With your child, choose a good desk set and an area to set up this special corner, for starters. Here is a list of some of the best kids’ desk sets.

South Shore Axess Collection Desk

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You can get one of these sets for just a hundred bucks in a few different colors. It’s got a great modern look to it and has a lot of handy drawers and cabinets for your child. The compact design can accommodate smaller children and teenagers, so you can be sure you won’t need a new desk in the coming years. This set includes a drawer, an adjustable shelf, and a keyboard tray. This way you can set up a desktop and still have plenty of space for storing books and stationery. There’s also plenty more storage in the form of a low hutch. Your child will have enough space to keep their school supplies with room for their own decorating.

KidKraft Large Avalon Desk

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This desk comes in white or honey brown and is of sturdy wooden construction. It has a wide lower drawer which can accommodate stationery and other small items like crayons, pencils, and so on. It also has a hutch on top for additional storage. This kind of setup is best for smaller children, and isn’t really adjustable to grow with your child. However, it looks beautiful and will create a nice little study or reading corner for your young child.

Flash Furniture Adjustable Desk

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Similar to the VIVO desk, this set has an adjustable chair and an adjustable desk. This simple design is a good choice for children from elementary school age all the way up to high school. Though you won’t get a lot of storage, the desk does come with enough inner space to store textbooks and some supplies. It has a classroom appearance and feel to it, so it’s good for homeschooling and creating a classroom setting for homework and assignments. Creating a similar setting to the in-school environment can help children to make the correct associations with academic work and their own performance. This desk also has anti-slip floor caps to prevent slipping.

VIVO Adjustable Desk and Chair

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This kind of product is ideal for smaller children with basic needs but can be adjustable for a few years before the child would need to graduate to a bigger desk. It doesn’t allow for any storage, but it does have plenty of other features that are useful. This set is made with ergonomics in mind. This means you can adjust the seating and desk, including the angle of the writing surface to promote proper posture and writing habits. The only storage you’ll get is a pull out drawer, which should be enough for a bit of stationery and your child’s color pencils and other such items. You can get this in grey, blue, or pink.

Kings Brand Furniture Workstation

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This desk set is best as a computer table, but can be used as a writing desk or workstation of your choice. There is a handy keyboard tray which can double as writing space if your child has a laptop. A lower shelf can be used for a printer or for books or a CPU. Upper shelves can also store books and speaker sets. You will have to get a chair separately, however. This is ideal for a young child, but can be used by older children with minimal needs as well. If you’re looking for a basic workstation or computer desk setup, this will work well for your child.

Legare Kids’ Desk

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This set doesn’t come with a chair, and it is quite a simple setup, but it does cover the basics. It has two shelves for your child to keep their laptop and even a printer if they need it. The contemporary design is also compact and suitable for most small or larger rooms. It can also easily fit into a college student’s dorm room, so it is a good choice if you want something durable that will last your child’s academic lifetime. This desk is a good deal, and it comes in a couple of different colors to choose from.

Mainstays Basic Student Desk

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This easily affordable desk doesn’t come with its own chair. But you should be able to pick out a comfy chair to go with it for a low price. This desk is idea for older students but can accommodate younger children if you have an adjustable chair. The desk itself is not adjustable, but comes with side shelves to store books, a printer, or a computer CPU. There is enough space for a desktop or laptop computer plus for writing. You can also store books and binders in the two shelves. This is a good choice for teenagers and college students with very little room space.

Guidecraft Media Desk and Chair

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This desk and chair set is made of wood and corkboard and comes with just the basics for a study corner. There’s enough space to set up a laptop and store a few books and supplies, and the corkboard is handy for pictures and timetables. There are five small cubbies and a hutch for storage. This desk can’t be adjustable though, so it’s best used for younger children. It is recommended for children as young as 3 years of age and as old as 10 years of age. So if you want something that will grow with your child or something for a teenager, this isn’t it. But it is an excellent choice for a preschooler or elementary school student.