Best Kids Bath Accessories

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Bath time for our young ones requires oodles of energy on our part. If your little one does not like having a bath, it is a task to get them to even so much as open their mouth to brush their teeth. Or if he does, then to contain them in the bath area is a whole different exercise routine. When a kid goes for a bath, so does a whole load of his entourage that consists of anti-slip mats, bath toys, attention-grabbing accessories and also utilities to help you keep things sorted and out of reach from your little trouble maker.

Boon DIVE Bath Tub Appliques


These are smart toys from Boon DIVE. They are made from PVC plastic and they float in the bath tub. When they are wet they stick to the wall. So you can say that these toys clear up after a bath. When in bath your child plays with these floating appliques, and when done these toys can be stuck onto the wall and you have a no mess bathroom all nice and clean for you to use.

MelonBoat Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser


Your child’s toothpaste rube has never seen more than a week. When your child squeezes some onto his toothbrush, a lot actually falls down. This causes wastage and sticky dirty bathroom floors. MelonBoat has introduced a toothpaste dispenser where the toothpaste will squeeze out the right way, Will squeeze the right amount and will last longer all by just a press of a button. Once you have installed the toothpaste tube into the dispenser, your child just has to press the button for the toothpaste to come out. No more toothpaste on the floor.


Carter’s Hooded Bath Towel


To make your precious look even more precious and keep him wrapped up in soft warm coziness until he is ready to get dressed, Carter brings a hooded bath towel which is ideal to wrap your kid in after his bath. The towel is made of soft terry cotton and safe and comfortable against the skin. The hood comes in an animal stuffy shape to add that extra bit of cuteness to little ones.


Despicable Me Shower Curtain Hooks


These are not a must in your kid’s bathrooms, but they are simply adorable to have. These are minions shower curtain hooks that accessorizes your child’s bathroom in the sweetest way. If your kid happens to be a minion fan, then this is just the right kind of thing to decorate a themed bathroom. The hooks are made of steel allow which will not catch rust or mold. They fit on to any curtain rail. The hooks are a combination of different characters from minion to add the extra touch of detail to the bathroom.


Ceramic Soap Dish


If you are planning on decorating your child’s bathroom on a Disney theme then this soap dish from Westland Giftware is a must have. The soap dish is made of ceramic and is an officially licensed Disney product. It comes with a Minnie themed dish with Minnie herself sitting on top if the dish. Your child will never cringe to use that soap to wash hands anymore. You might be in danger of running out of soap very fast though. Since the soap dish is made of ceramic, it is recommended that you don’t use it for very small kids. Pre-teens and teens are ideal.

BrushyBall – The Toothbrush Timer and Training Coach


The Brushyball is an ideal accessory for toddler parents who are having a hard time getting their kids to brush their teeth. They either bring the roof down or when you want them to brush; you just can’t be sure how thorough they are being. This Brushyball is a timer and a brushing coach. It times teeth brushing at 2 minute and helps your child navigate his brush around by lighting up different sections of the mouth. By following this BrushyBall, your child is sure going to have fun seeing how the ball lights up and find it interesting enough to pick the brush up and brush his teeth. Since the Brushy ball guides the child on where, how and how long to brush, parents can rest easy without worrying about the child missing a spot. The Brushy ball can speak 2 different languages or you can just set it to play music while you brush.

Bath Toy Organizer


There is nothing more annoying than stepping on one of your child’s bath toys when you finally find yourself some private time and step into the bathroom for a much needed bath. Apart from having them lying around waiting to stepped on, they also collecting soap scum and what not on the bathroom floor. These toys can now be organized in a bath toy organizer that gets sucked onto a wall. The one from KidZone comes in various fun shapes like the shark or the polar bear, Walrus, Owl or even the fox. These organizers are made of quick drying, non-woven material to keep the toys away from any mildew or wet stench. The storage unit is equipped with an expandable mesh which stretched to accommodate as many toys as possible. These organizers will ensure your bathroom stays clean and free of stray toys.

Drhob 1 PC Creative Toothbrush Holder


This one is funky and cute. It is a holder for your child’s tooth brush and toothpaste. It comes in the shape of a ladybug and hangs on the bathroom wall by help of a suction cup. All you have to do is stick it on and organize your bathroom to make it look bigger and clean.

NOMEE’s Natural Rubber Bathtub Mat


Let’s start with the absolute basics. A rubber mat is of utmost importance in your bath area. The bath area tends to be wet and gets extra slippery during the bath time with all the soap and shampoo getting on the floor. Among this all, your little one decides to dance to his jingle, this is the exact time your heart skips a beat when you prevent him from slipping off. This is where a rubber mat comes into play. This one from Nomee is much loved by all who have used it and is top rated by the users. It is made of environmentally-friendly non-toxic material which makes it a good buy for your little ones feet. The mat is made for heavy duty use and has a strong grip on the floor. It features anti-bacterial and mold protection which makes it longer lasting and easy to clean and maintain.

Disney Wastebasket


A kid’s bathroom is never complete without a waste basket. If the waste basket is of Disney characters, then it is an added plus which would make the bathroom all the more adorable and kidzy. Having an interesting waste basket will also encourage your child to use it and give him the drive to keep his bathroom clean. This waste basket comes with a Minnie mouse and Mickey Mouse print to make the bathroom look brighter and adorable.

Emoji Hanging Cosmetic


This is not so much as a bath accessory but it serves the purpose really well. The id ideal for small bathrooms where bathroom furniture is minimal and there is no space for cabinets to store everyday utilities. The cosmetic bag can be hung on a small hook on the wall and opens out into a full-fledged storage unit. When not in use you can fold it back up and zip it and let it hang or store it away from your child’s reach. The bag is portable so it would make a perfect vanity case for traveling where all your utilities can be stored and transported safely. Once at your destination, you don’t have to worry about removing any of your stuff and forgetting. You can just this bag onto a towel hook and open to hang it. This is ideal when you are traveling with kids where you can not only store their bath things but also their toys and nappies. This keeps dry and is easily washable.