Dressing up for parties and functions is always fun, if not stressful. The stress comes when you have to decide what you are going to wear, and more importantly what jewelry will match it. Decisions, decisions.

While there is only so much that can be done to help you with the agony, one very good way to manage it is by keeping your jewelry nice and organized so that you can draw comparisons and save time choosing which one you are going to wear today. That means that you will need a jewelry organizer, something to keep the precious stuff in a state of order from which its owner can then make selections without staring at a messed-up kaleidoscope of colors. So which organizer can do it best for you?

You can never really know until you have spent some time with one. First off, it will help to list off what your expectations are and see what the closest match is. Finding the best jewelry organizer is mostly a matter of personal taste, but some of it has to do with a few universal prerequisites. So to help you get a grip on the current market, we have compiled this list of the 10 best jewelry organizers that we selected after finding great deals or through research and reviews. It’s a list in which there is something for everyone and we believe what you are looking for is down there somewhere waiting to be discovered.

Misslo Hanging Jewelry Organizer

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While it is all well getting an organizer that accommodates your jewelry nice and tidily, it is really no good if the organizer itself is crappy with its own placement. The Misslo hanging jewelry organizer can be suspended from anywhere you want. On one side, there are many pockets in which you can systematically place your precious jewelry. On the other side, there are hooks from which to hang your necklaces and chains. You simply have to loop your necklaces through the tabs for safe and secure storage.

IIt is also a great way of making sure that your necklaces do not get all tangled up in each other. There will be at least 18 of these tabs for you to use. Small solutions like this will really help save a lot of space as well access and evaluate the kind of jewelry you want to wear so much easier than you otherwise would.

SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with 6 Drawers

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If you have a lot of jewelry, then it is important to have the right place to put it all. The SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire is one of the best ways to house your jewelry so that it stays nice and neat and safe. The SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire features a 4.9 inch deep jewelry cabinet that gives you a large space. The space is large enough to hold at least 80 earrings, 60 rings, and 24 necklaces. If you want a little bit more space to organize other items away from your general collection, then there are six drawers that you can use to do so.

These doors can also come in handy for storing other accessories like sunglasses and hair accessories. With the earring shelf, you’ll find a 60 degree slanted shelf that will allow you too quickly plug and unplug your earrings. This slanted shelf design is very different from the traditional styles you see with many other jewelry cabinets. If you have longer earrings that dangle, then there is a four earring rod that will allow you to display your dangly earrings with ease. To make sure that you are storing your jewelry properly, there are four LED lights that allow you to see exactly what you’re doing when you open the jewelry cabinet. 

When you are ready to close your jewelry cabinet, there is a convenient lock that will allow little kids to stay out of your SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire. There is also a sleek mirror that not only enhances the overall look of your jewelry cabinet, but it provides you with a quick and easy way to try out your jewelry before you select it. When you are setting up your SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire, you have the choice between mounting it on a door or mounting it on a wall. Either way, you can look forward to in easy setup so that you can get started with your jewelry cabinet as quickly as possible.

Closet Complete Jewelry Organizer

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It may look disturbingly flimsy, but is actually anything but. It is made from a cotton canvas that makes it feel tender in your hand but also resilient against wear and tear. It is lined with rows and rows of transparent, pretty looking pockets, 80 in total with 40 on each side. You have got to love a jewelry organizer that keeps your shiny things on full display for you to refer to easily and decide which you will wear tonight.

The majority of users certainly think so and have given this organizer high praise because of it. It will accommodate anything from bracelets to brooches, necklaces, scarves, hair clips as well as ribbon, scissors, and thread spools so you can perform some quick touch-ups wherever necessary. Despite the fact that it can accommodate all these items, it manages to occupy a minimum amount of space which is always good in any situation.

The Jewelry Valet

Some say that the Jewelry Valet is simply the best jewelry organizer there is, and while that is not a claim that we would substantiate, it is not one that we would vehemently disagree with either. You can use this organizer to store literally hundreds of pieces of jewelry. It is fashioned out of coated wire and is designed for placement over the door or even a wall. Assembling it carries a moderate level of difficulty but once you are done, you will not regret the result.

Even if this organizer is not the easiest thing in the world to set up, it still manages to receive high critical acclaim and that speaks volumes about the rest of its capabilities. It has a seemingly uncountable number of different places from which you can hang your jewelry. The earring rack on top can store a sizeable collection of earrings. Underneath are several hooks from which the rest of your jewelry can be stored in plain sight.

Mango Steam Panel Organizer

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The first priority with selecting a jewelry organizer is that it actually functions properly as a jewelry organizer. But the mark of a really good product of any kind is that it goes the extra mile to afford you benefits that were not really asking for. Consider the Mango Steam Panel organizer. It is perfectly designed to store whatever great-looking jewelry pieces you have. But as a jewelry panel, there is no denying that it has a presence of its own.

Perhaps it is the overall blackness or the scarcity of its appearance… or both, it works, it just does. The organizer consists of three panels, one of which can be used to hang your longer-than-usual necklaces. All you have to do is fasten the chains to the bar to avoid any tangling. The mid panel is where you can store your earrings. You will be able to store at least 40 pairs. The last panel is for bracelets, rings, and other small pieces.

Donna Walsh Jewelry Scroll

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Few things can be more romantic than having your jewelry handed to you from a scroll. The Donna Walsh jewelry scroll will give you that fix every single time. With up to 42 pockets and 27 hooks, you are likely to have more than enough space to safely store all your pieces. There are also loop fasteners capable of storing dozens of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings. That is well over 150 jewelry pieces. Spoilt for choice, are we yet?

Each loop can support a few pieces together. Although being able to cluster such a large number of pieces of jewelry, the patented design affords you tangle-free access. Plus, it is easily portable as it can be rolled up and neatly stored away in a tight spot. And when it is time to have it on full display, it hangs easily onto the wall or over the door with its own hooks. Finally, the polyester blend material will ensure that it will stay with you for a long time.

Simplify Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer

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One very real benefit you get out of jewelry organizers, in general, is that there is plenty of variety in terms of aesthetics. They come in all shapes and sizes and are proper creative exercises for the people that design them. Having your own inimitable style of doing things is one of your strongest assets for ensuring the success of your product in the market. Clearly, the designers of the Simplify Wall Mount jewelry organizer took note.

Do not think about taking it anywhere with you, this organizer is more a permanent addition to the room. Made from steel, it is guaranteed to last you several years and support quite a bit of weight too. There are several holes and hooks designed to hold specific kinds of jewelry. There is room for your cosmetics as well. The organizer itself is a work of art. Any jewelry you put on it is simply is merely complimentary.

My Gift Tabletop Organizer

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We spoke earlier of how different designs get integrated all the time into the market for jewelry organizers. The My Gift Tabletop organizer draws inspiration from trees because why not? It is made entirely from strong metal and is finished in black so it can do no wrong to whatever colored table it is on. It has 3 upright poles, each supporting a single horizontal bar with a ball cap at each end, perfect for safely storing and displaying items like bracelets or necklaces.

The tray located at the base can be used for storing smaller jewelry items as well as cosmetics. With the tangle-happy stuff suspended above, you will not have any trouble mixing them up. Plus, we do think its color and earthy feel add some natural prestige to it. It looks minimalistic but elegant all the same, and once the jewelry goes on it, it is still going to be a very pretty sight. In fact, it will match any environment from home to even a professional jeweler’s store.

SoCal Buttercup Rustic Wooden Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer

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What could be described as the ultimate jewelry hanger? Perhaps one that combines a gorgeous sense of style with plenty of space for its precious occupants, in which case the SoCal Buttercup jewelry organize is for the win! With the capacity to store literally hundreds of jewelry pieces, it also looks simply amazing. There is absolutely no excess about it. It brings a lovely rustic aesthetic to the room thanks to its high-quality hardwood construction and rural design policy.

There is no real assembly to be done with it. All you have to do is screw it into the wall, easy. Right after that, you will be ready to place your jewelry on it, all the while contemplating what the end result is going to look like. All we can say for now is that it will be quite something. The design is focused on the organization as well as aesthetics. Your jewelry items can be placed on it without getting all tangled up and difficult to undo.

Sodynee Jewelry Organizer Box

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Some of us like a jewelry organize to stand out as we enter the room. Some of us prefer it to be more discreet. The Sodynee jewelry organizer box prefers discretion. It is a classy looking thing, compact and easily placed on top of any table. It also happens to be easily portable so now you can keep your jewelry nice and organized without any tangling even if the party might require you to take an overnight road trip. There is even room for your watches.

Your earrings will be stored inside a couple of pullout panels, one on each side. The lid contains a small mirror on the underside so you can always do a last minute check on your appearance before showtime. The box itself is available either in black or brown. Both are attractive shades to have. Being a portable organizer, it also comes with a locking mechanism so only you can access it on the move. Any problems with it will entitle you to a full refund by the manufacturer.