Best Hydroponic Systems

A hydroponic system is a technique that allows plants to grow without soil. Such a system is ideal for homes and apartments with limited to no garden areas for growing things. These systems vary from large to small. A small, compact hydroponic system can be set up on a balcony or a tiny kitchen. There are different types of hydroponic systems to choose from nowadays. Homeowners can choose plug-and-play hydroponic kits that are easy to handle and to care for.

Hydroponic systems offer many advantages. Since they require no soil, you won’t get pests or other problems associated with soil. The technique uses less water and pesticides than conventional plot farming. The best hydroponic system will allow your family to grow your own food. Hydroponic kits are the most convenient as they include all the tools you need for the task. Read ahead for a list of the best hydroponic systems you can buy online in 2017.

1. Back to the Roots Water Garden Fish Tank


This mini aquaponic tank is one of the top best hydroponic systems that your money can buy. It’s a closed-loop ecosystem where fish waste inseminates the plants. The plants in return clean the water for the fish to breathe. It’s highly sustainable and requires minimal care. You can have both the aesthetic appeal of having a fish tank in your home, and also grow useful edible plants to eat. This fish farm is definitely more advanced than your average hydroponic system. The water is nutrient rich for the plants to grow without harming the fish. Regular fish bowls require constant cleaning because the fish excrete ammonia, which can accumulate and become toxic. In this system, the ammonia waste end up in the grow bed, where the plants absorb the natural chemicals and grows. You can grow organic wheat grass, radish and similar plants in this tank. The tank in total can hold three gallons of water. You will get important educational material with the purchase.

2. AeroGarden Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit


You can grow vegetables, herbs and salad greens all year round with this hydroponic seed pod kit. The pods are, of course, soil free. According to the manufacturer, these seed pods can grow plants five times faster than regular soil in pots. This AeroGarden is powered by a 20-watt LED lights that provide warmth and synthetic sunlight for the plants. The high-performance lights are very energy-efficient when you try to grow plants indoors during months not in the summer. The seed pods are designed to be very compact as well. So you can fit them in a kitchen or a window sill without wasting too much space. Each seed pod comes with seeds for these herbs: mint, dill, chives, curly parsley, cilantro and Genovese basil. You will get three ounces of liquid plant food as well. All seeds are GMO free. The pods are easy to set up. You can do it in a matter of minutes without the need for tools.

3. Vertical Hydroponic Tower Garden System


If you are looking for the best hydroponic systems that stands vertically, then this is the one. This is an automatic irrigation system the does not require constant care or cleaning. You can basically set it up and then forget about it until the plants start to show fruit. The kit includes EcoPlus 396 GPH water pump, a pH kit, Titan Controls dual outlet digital timer, complete drip irrigation system with valve, 3 pound bag of Bio Nectar plant nutrient, and Organic Coco Coir and Perlite growing medium. The automatic watering system runs the pump according to the time during exact times. You can ensure consistent watering with it. You can even go on vacation with the system turned on and not worry about dead plants. This system is highly compact also, and ensures high productivity levels in limited growing space. You can grow many plants in this system, including herbs, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, peas, spinach, strawberries and even flowers if you prefer.

4. PowerGrow Systems DWC Hydroponic Bucket Kit


This is a highly affordable and easy to use kit. It’s a great choice if you are just getting introduced to hydroponic systems. This kit includes an FDA-approved 5-gallon bucket, a 6 inch basket lid, a 44 GPH air pump, air tubing, and air stone, starting plugs, a growing medium and Rockwool seeds. The system has a blue water level indicator for easy visibility. It comes with a convenient bucket drain system too. The kit essentially has everything you need, and you only need to take some time to set it up. The instructions manual provided is very clear so you are very unlikely to run into any trouble. The seeds included grow fast and in no time. It also includes GrowStones, which are usually not available with other kits. These stones will help plants grow faster. They hold lots of water and air to make sure no wilting occurs at any time.

5. Hydrofarm General Hydroponics WaterFarm


This is one of the most basic hydroponic farms your household can own. One of the biggest issues with many commercial water farms is that they are brittle and tend to leak. This water farm is made from high impact plastic that ensures a long lifespan and durability. The farm is designed in square modules that are closely packed together to save space. The squares essentially make up several large and high density installations for growing small, medium and even some larger plants. This system can hold up quite a large capacity of water. So, water requirement overall is minimum because of the better retention ability. It does not leak, unless you somehow damage the plastic. The compact design makes it suitable for indoor use as well. It also have no clog drip rings, a feature that makes low-quality water farms malfunction easily. The 2 gallon reservoir only needs to be filled every two or three days.

6. Hydrofarm Hydroponic Germination System


This innovative germination product is one of the best hydroponic systems for quick growth of plants. The system is CAEBB-12, which increases oxygen levels around the roots of the plants so they grow steadily. The system repeatedly floods and drains the cycles to ensure optimal growth. Each controller in this system can manage a minimal of 6 or a maximum of 48 plant sites. There is plenty of room for the plants to expand and grow liberally. You can control all levers and pumps using a single EBB-CTR controller. This germination system is “active,” meaning that plants can start to grow as soon as you plant the seeds. Nutrients and growth medium is already included so you don’t have to set it up. It’s optimized with the acclaimed Ebb & Gro system known to be quite versatile. This planter needs to be drained three to four times an day and otherwise it’s automatic.

7. HTG Supply 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System


This is a highly practical hydroponic system that’s almost professional-grade, but is easy enough to operate for home users. This system is based on a deep water culture. DWC systems are known for their simplicity. Anyone can grow plants using a system like this, regardless of whether they are gifted with a “green thumb” or not. The kit includes 6 space-efficient 3.5-gallon low-profile buckets, six 6-inch net pot lids, 951GPH commercial air pump with a 6-way divider, 2-inch large premium air stones, and a 50 inch roll of ¼-inch air tubing. The package also comes with a 10-liter bag of top-quality clay pebble growth medium. You will require an electrical air pump with 41 watts, .42 amps a 120v to operate the system. The product contains detailed assembly instructions. Once assembled, the buckets will measure at about 8 inches in height and 12 inches in width each. Compared to many other systems, this is quite compact for growing a larger garden.

8. General Hydroponics EcoGrower Hydroponic System


Most hydroponic systems are minimalist and are suitable only for growing small plants. If you are looking for a productive and efficient system for growing larger plants, the EcoGrower will be an excellent choice. It’s specifically designed to accommodate larger plant growth. The system is based on an air driven spider drip system that delivers enough sustenance and oxygen for larger plants. The product includes Flora nutrients. Setting the system up is quite easy thanks to the clear instructions provided. The growing medium must be thoroughly rinsed before being put in the system. This rinsing can take some time though. If you don’t rinse the growth medium, the dust or debris in it could block or restrict airflow to the tubes. The 17 gallon reservoir needs draining and replacing every week or fortnight depending on what you are growing. This system can be reused with new nutrients for as long as you like.

9. H2OtoGro DWC Self Watering Hydroponic System


This best hydroponic systems is the complete growing kit your home or apartment may need. The system is 100 percent self watering, so it’s ideal for extremely busy or somewhat lazy people who still want to grow their own food. The kit comes with starter packs of nutrients, growth medium, a customized reservoir plus lid, aeration kit with air pump, air stone and air line, and a water circulation kit with a pump, water lines and drippers. An instructions manual is provide with the product as well. Exact measurements of the system are 12.625″W x 18″L x 7.125″H. Once set up, the system will automatically replenish itself and grow plants. You only need to provide the sunshine as no lighting system is included. The slow drippers provide well oxygenated water to the plants from seed to natural death. The plants will also grow faster than on soil. The system is made from food grade Polyethylene.

10. General Hydroponics GH4720 Farm Controller


This is water farm system with a large, 13 gallon reservoir and an 8 gallon controller unit. It can be started with about 8 modules, but you can easily expand it to a maximum of 12 modules. All modules are connected to a single controller, which will keep each unit replenished with just the right amount of nutrients required for growth. This system is extremely low maintenance. The nutrient solution is auto circulated by the air pump provided with the kit. You do not require any additional hardware to get it running. You can use the provided Flora nutrients to start the first batch of seeds. This grower is suitable for any growing environment and many types of plants. You can grow larger plants using this growth medium. This system comes with pre-drilled holes for ease of use and setup. However, you may need to drill some holes during setup if the system already doesn’t have them.

11. Hydrofarm Root Spa Bucket System


This is an excellent starter system for people who have no experience with hydroponic systems. This system includes most of the items you need to start growing plants. It comes with an 8 inch bucket basket for growing plants ranging from medium to large. It’s disappointing that growing medium is not provided. The user is expected to buy a preferred growth medium to get the system working. The product comes with an air hose to deliver oxygen to the roots of the plants. Air has to be pumped from the bottom of the bucket. The package includes half an inch grommet fitting, quarter inch black tubing, and half an inch elbow fitting. The most suitable growth medium for this system is clay pebble, which is sold separately. About 4 or 5 pounds of growth medium is sufficient for most plants. You will have to buy seeds separately as well. You may required to drill quarter inch holes when setting this up.

12. TRUSOLV Eco Garden House Indoor Grow Room


This is a beginner’s hydroponic system that you can use to even educate kids about sustainable growth. This is a self-contained system that comes with lights, ventilation and a watering system. No need to provide sunlight. All accessories are provided, and you only need to buy the seeds separately. Climate control for the growth of plants is fully automated. The system is height adjustable for tall plants. Watering can be auto times so you don’t have to remember to add water. The water tanks are integrated and run on a drip irrigation system. There’s no need to connect extra water barrels. This design is highly energy efficient and only requires an 110v wall outlet. The base tray is completely waterproof and will not ruin counter tops or tables the garden is placed on. There are tiny windows on the system so you can peek in and see how the plants are growing.

13. Pathonor Indoor Hydroponics Grower Kit


This is a low-cost system that allows cloning roots. The water basin has a chug cylinder on each side. You can use it to pump in air bubbles to provide oxygen to the roots. You can then insert a tube or a plastic buoy to the hollow cylindrical hole to introduce nutrients as plants grow. Needless to say, this indoor growing system requires more work than most others. But the advantage is that you can control the growth of the plants. Also, it’s a good product to teach kids about growing plants. This indoor garden looks quite elegant too. So you can keep it in your kitchen or another living room and not worry about the garden being an eyesore. The water basin is also dark colored and coated to prevent algae growth when sunlight is minimal. So you can keep it in your home without worries of possible mold growth. Seeds are not provided and will have to be bought separately.

14. Viagrow Ebb & Flow Tray Hydroponic System


This complete kit comes with a flood and drains fitting kit, a 50-liter bag of grow rocks, ViaStone Viagrow 211GPH submersible pump, black poly tubing, 10 one-gallon nursery pots, grounded multi-pin timer, a 20-gallon water reservoir, and a black PVC tray stand. This is basically everything you need to set up your own hydroponic indoor gardening system. You can grow up to 10 plants in this kit. Also, the garden is very compact and will not take up much space in your home or apartment. You will have to provide sunlight for the seeds as they grow. If sunlight is limited, then you will have to buy a light system separately. This indoor garden uses the ebb and flow methods to deliver water, oxygen and nutrients to plants in the timely and consistent manner. You can expect high yields and rapid growth rates with this system. The accessories provided are also highly durable and can last several growth cycles.

15. Gowe NFT Hydroponics System


This is a massive, almost professional grade hydroponic system that comes with a whopping 36 pieces, including starter seeds. You will get a tube frame, 1.5m hose, a pump, foam cube, foam net, mechanical timer and net cups among other accessories. You will not need to buy any other hardware. You will need to buy growth medium and growth stones (if needed) separately. This system employs an innovative irrigation system to keep the plants hydrated and replenished. The feed cycle is continuous and is regulated by a timer, so you don’t need to manually handle watering. This system is suitable for growing vegetables, herbs or flowers. You can easily grow greens like lettuce in this system and expect to harvest as soon as in 4 weeks. The system is easy to assemble as well, despite having so many parts. The system is leak proof and will not create a mess at home.

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