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If there is anything that can make you feel like you are on holiday in the comfort of your own home, it is a hot tub. There are not enough words to describe how relaxing it can be to sink into one of these especially after a long, hard day. Soaking in a hot tub has numerous mental and physical benefits on the body, which is why many spas include them as part of their services. Hydrotherapy is most commonly exercised with hot tubs and can be incredibly effective. What differentiates them from conventional bathtubs, is the fact that more than one person can fit into one. Plus, hot tubs can also be fitted outdoors not necessarily indoors. They require different cleaning methods and feature water jets and massage options that are truly exemplary. Add some character to your home with one of these options.

Home and Garden Spas with MP3 Auxiliary Hookup


This is a much, much more fancy option and will cost you a pretty penny too. At over $7,000, it is easy to see why. First of all, this is designed to fit 5 people and comes complete with a Lounger. It also includes a whopping 106 stainless steel jets that come with 4-7 jet massage inserts for added comfort and enhanced experience. Even more impressive, is the fact that you could probably have a little party in there thanks to its musical capabilities. Along with an outlet for your mp3 player, it also features 2 speakers and a subwoofer. It basically has everything you could ever want in a hot tub. The acrylic surface is also not only durable but anti-slip. It comes with easy-to-use controls for your convenience and is, therefore, uncomplicated. There are jets to target specific problem areas such as the neck, shoulders, calves and feet, offering you an all-around therapeutic experience.


Smart for Life Plug and Play 4 Person Spa


This one is cheaper than some of the other options on the market, although still considerably pricey at almost $2500. It can fit up to 4 people at a time and features a very hardy and tough sandstone which makes it incredibly strong and durable. There are 12 high therapy jets included, along with one waterfall for added enjoyment. The digital controls provided are advanced, yet simple to use and not complicated at all. The spa light which is 12 volts is also a useful addition to the setup. It’s compact shape and size means that you have flexibility in terms of where you want to fit it. Since it also comes with energy-saving insulation, you will be able to save on your bills. The open-seating design ensures that you will be able to lounge around quite comfortably without any hindrances. Enjoy a glass of wine perhaps with a good book or magazine after a hard day!

American Spas Jet Lounger Spa


This hot tub by American Spas will cost you around $4000, although their Sterling & Smoke is lesser than this one, which an exotic Tuscany Sun and Mahogany. Its key feature lies in its BHP jet pump which provides the power of two pumps at a single time. There are also 30 massage therapy jets, all stainless steel. It should also be noted that each of these jets can be individually controlled since they come with their own on/off functions. So basically, you can customize each of the jets to fit your requirements and to target specific problem areas in your body. The titanium heater is extremely quiet and heats quickly with just one push of the button so you need not wait for ages. Even better, this hot tub includes what is known as a ‘HydroClear Ozonator’ which is designed to purify the water. You will be able to enjoy your hot tub experience in sanitized, clean water at all times, also minimizing the cleaning routine once you are done.

Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub


First of all, you should know that hot tubs will set you back in your finances although different types come with various price tags. This one by Coleman, will cost you around $400. It comes with soothing bubble jets and incorporates an uncomplicated digital control panel. This allows you to adjust the settings accordingly, and customize the experience according to your needs. Furthermore, it also features an automatic start and stops heating system which is conveniently controlled by a timer. If you are looking for something a little big, this can accommodate anywhere between 4-6 people. The walls are also safe, comfortable and durable since they are made of TriTech material and inflated. Best of all, setup is a breeze and easy for anyone to do. All you need to use is the pump that is provided and nothing else. Definitely an option worth looking into especially if you are on the hunt for a hot tub.

Bestway SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Hot Tub


Say hello to this 6 people hot tub by SaluSpa. It is easy to both setup and store away seeing as how it is inflatable. Plus, you only need to use the pump provided with the hot tub so it is ridiculously convenient to get going even at a moment’s notice. This is also one of the cheaper options; though it does not feature any fancy controls, it pretty much gets the job done. It has a maximum heating capacity of 104°F and features both a rapid-heating system along with a water-filtration mechanism both of which are highly effective. The digital control provided is simple to operate and can be adjusted to fit according to your individual requirements. There is also an automatic start/stop heating system that is timer-controlled which is not only efficient but also safe. You can perch this up anywhere either inside or outside, although it would look great on a lawn if you have one.


Intex Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set


Capable of seating 4 people, this too is one of the most basic options which is why it is not all that expensive. However, this one also happens to be portable which is excellent news for anyone who is constantly traveling. You can choose from three types: the Deluxe Massage Spa Set, Massage Spa Set and the Jet and Massage Spa Set. This one is the regular Massage Spa Set. Interestingly, it comes with what it calls a built-in ‘hard water treatment system. It basically fixes the water so it is gentler and more comfortable on your skin. This hot tub has also been designed to prevent heat loss as much as possible thanks to its insulated cover and lock. As far as maintenance is concerned, it is quite simple; all you have to do is replace 2 filter cartridges so you can enjoy consistently clean water. Everything you need it included with this purchase including a carry bag for portability.

Comfort Line Products Portable Spa with Locking Cover


If you want a hot tub that is a statement piece as much as it is functional, then look no further than this one. Made out of real wood… yes, real wood (Florida Cypress with Redwood Stain), it is an absolute beauty to behold. The wood panels have been custom-built to give it a unique appearance. It comfortably heats up to 104 degrees so you can lay back and relax how you please. Best of all, it comes with over 100 micro-air jets which help in giving you a full-body massage. The water spurts are gentle and soothing, unlike most hot tubs which shoot them out painfully. The expansive and open seating area makes it possible for you to engage in water therapy and exercises which are great news for someone with injuries. All you have to do is plug into an 110v outlet since it does not need any special setup to get it going. Plus, you can also enjoy free lifetime technical support from the US.


Tub-A-Cabana Hot Tub and Spa Enclosure


Tub-A-Cabana presents something different to what we have seen so far, although interestingly, it is not too expensive either. Choose from two sizes either the 7’x7’ or 8’x8’ depending on your requirements. It is perfect for outdoor use since they have conveniently included two mesh panels that keep bugs away. Plus, the added privacy screen keeps you away from prying eyes allowing you to enjoy a truly indulgent, comfortable experience. The fiberglass poles include clips that make for an easy setup process so you need not spend hours fiddling about with it. Though the screen offers full privacy, it allows you to breathe well to thanks to the top air vent that is there. The ‘D-style’ door makes it easy for you to enter and exit as well. It also comes with a complete money-back guarantee so if at all you are dissatisfied, you can return it without a problem.

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