Having your own generator to power up your house sounds a little too much but this is not just an idea in the modern world. With all the new technological inventions, a portable, domestic generator can be very useful. If you live in an area where blackouts happen more often because the power grid is unstable or, because the area is more susceptible to natural disasters, like storms, heavy wind etc., and a home generator that powers up the necessary home appliances is the right investment. Also having your own power supply will reduce the monthly consumption of regular electricity as well. However, choosing a generator is a complex process and there is a lot of things to consider, like the power output of the generator, the size of the machine, mobility and durability etc. following is a detailed and complete list of the best domestic/Home Generators in [year] that you can buy from the market.

1. WEN Gas Powered Portable Electric Start Generator

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This gas powered generator has a modern digital display that clearly notifies you of the oil level and other critical data and that helps you to understand the maintenance procedures and schedules accordingly. The machine is powered by a 23cc rated engine and it has the ability to provide 4750W as the surge power. When the machine is up and running, it supplies a continuous power of 3750 watts. The design of the portable generator is carried out including a wheel kit, together with a handle that is foldable and they ensure the increase the convenience of carrying the generator. The machine has an electrical start to make sure the engine can be started in cold weathers and also equipped with a voltage regulator to ensure the safety of both the user and the machine. This handy device has CARB and EPA III certification as well.

2. DuroStar Gas Powered Portable Generator

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DuroStar DS4000S is powered by a 7 horsepower DuroStar Engine with air cooled OHV feature and low oil shut off precaution. The frame is made out of heavy duty steel and the motor is mounted on four independent mounts to ensure a quiet and smooth operation. The power panel of the machine has a circuit breaker, power outlets, volt meter and a warning light to indicate the oil level. It has a surge wattage of 4000W and its continuous power output is rated to be 3300W. The portable generator is equipped with a gas tank that can store 4 gallons of fuel and the total run time of the generator is 8 hours, once the tank is filled. The starting of the machine is made easier with EZ-Pull recoil feature and the safety of the generator is assured with an automatic oil shut off when the oil level is low. This portable machine is approved by the EPA.

3. Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator

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When the power goes out for any reason, you understandably want a good reliable generator at the ready to turn the power back on. You may even want a generator that is portable. Well, the Champion 3500-Watt RV Ready Portable Generator has you covered. With the ability to be used to power your home and your RV, this generator can go anywhere and will provide up to 12 hours of use on a full tank of gasoline at 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts on the 196cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine, giving you the power and reliability you expect for the money. Designed for safety and convenience, the generator features a sensor that shuts the machine down when low oil is detected and a volt guard that prevents overloads and saves your appliances from power surges and includes a voltmeter so you can easily monitor the power output. Protected by a strong steel frame, this generator will even run after a cold start during the coldest winters so you never have to worry about heat after a power outage. To top it all off, the generator comes with a three year warranty and free technical support for as long as you own it.

4. SUAOKI Power House Portable Generator

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If you want to focus on green energy while consuming less money based on regular electricity, this is the inverter suitable for your needs. This machine has 2 power outlets to deliver 100V/110V AC current, 2 DC outlet ports, and 2 USB ports. This makes it easier to connect the portable generator with any of your home appliances easily. It has a capacity as high as 20,000mAh and it can power household electronics, including but not limited to, TVs, Laptops, Mini refrigerators etc. the machine has guaranteed safety because it uses the advanced Battery Management System and this system enhances the battery life and utilization. The inverter is powered by a high-density Li-ion battery and also with solar power as well.

5. Kalisaya Portable Solar Generator

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This is another portable generator that supplies AC power by charging its battery with solar power. The use of green energy makes it more user-friendly and efficient. It has several power outlet ports for your convenience. The generator is equipped with 2 12V DC power outlets that you can connect with the domestic lighting system and also it has 4 UDB outlet ports that can be used to charge your smartphone, laptops etc. simultaneously. The generator stored power in high capacity, durable Li-ion batteries and these are rated to be grade A. it has the feature that allows you to monitor its power levels using your smartphones as well/ the solar panel that charges the batteries is also included with the product. The generator is rated with a power output of 558-watt hours and the design of the machine ensures the mobility of the equipment as well.

6. Yamaha Gas Powered Portable Inverter

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When you are purchasing heavy machine equipment for your home, you expect it to make minimum noise. This home inverter uses an engine that varies the speed depending on the load using the smart throttle feature, and this helps to reduce the noise. The smart throttle technology also increases the fuel economy, making the machine more efficient. This generator is built with the Pulse Width Modulation or PWM control inverter system. It can produce a rated AC regular power output of 1600 watts and the maximum rated power output of the generator is 2000 watts. It is equal to a rated current flow of 13.3A and 16.7A at 120V. The machine is equipped with a spark arrestor that is approved by USFS and a high efficient muffler that reduces the noise to a level as low as 51.5 dBA at 25% of the load.

 7. Westinghouse Gas Powered Portable Generator

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This generator is designed to be used at places where the power requirement is moderate. It has a rated power output of 7500 watts and its surge wattage is 9000W. The generator has a fuel tank with a capacity of 6.6 gallons. It can run 11 hours straight at ¼ load. This is equipped with a 120/240VAC Twist Lock Power Outlet and four 120 VAC outlets to deliver power. The engine of the generator is a Westinghouse 420cc OHV 4 stroke engine and it has electric start to make the operation more convenient. The cylinder sleeves of the generator are long lasting iron to increase the durability and it needs minimal assembly once you purchase the machine. You receive a limited warranty for three years as well.

8. Generac Gas Powered Portable Inverter

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If you are looking for a generator with a good power output and also a lighter weight, then this is the ideal solution for you. Generac 5791 is a portable inverter that weighs 40% lighter than the other generators that produce the same wattage. It has the FlexPower feature to increase the efficiency of fuel consumption and also the machine produces a lesser noise. The electronic parts are designed to be safe and sensitive to load variations. The machine is equipped with a low fuel cutoff to ensure the protection. The control panel has bright LEDs to notify the user about the system status. The overload protection is also embedded in the system as an electronic circuit breaker.

9. Briggs & Stratton PowerSmart Series Generator

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This portable power generator is ideally designed to power up the laptops, TVs, and another consumer electrical equipment in an event of a blackout. The harmonic distortion it produces is less than 3% and this makes it the better option for houses. The generator is powered by an 111cc OHV engine that can produce a 2200W of surge power output and it offers 1700W of power when it is continuously running. The compact design of the machine makes it mobile and the operation is quite and steady as well. It has a fuel tank with one-gallon capacity. The generator has a USB outlet to charge your mobile devices while operating the machine. The operating sound intensity is about 59dB. If you require more power, you can easily connect another generator in parallel with this portable machine via a connector port.