Breaking News: Formerly a hoity-toity toy of the rich and famous, hidden security cameras are now available to common folk like you and I! *Cue applause*

If you’re looking for a camera to handle some “top secret” work, consider getting a hidden camera. Hidden cameras are able to capture images and record footage of the area in which you place them. These nifty cameras take on different forms, big or small, and can range in appearance from an alarm clock to a wall charger; but they are very discreet and helpful in cases where you need information or even evidence! Because of the options, it can be rather difficult selecting the right one for you. Not to worry, cause we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of some of the best hidden cameras that you can get!

With a high quality yet affordable hidden camera, you can keep an eye on your home without your home even realizing it!

FREDI 1080P HD USB Wall Mini Camera

Why we like it: A spy camera with a pristine, HD resolution that allows you to view images in color and also within a field of view of 75 degrees.

We start off our list with a brand well known in the hidden camera industry. FREDI. FREDI is known for making high quality, hidden cameras and this product is no different! The FREDI Wall Mini Camera is disguised as a discreet wall charger and is packed with some great features. The hidden camera contains a 1920 x 1080P HD video resolution, allowing for pristine imagery. This usb wall charger camera features a concealed pinhole that captures high quality footage with a 75 degree field of view, allowing for a decent amount of coverage in areas around your home, office, business, or wherever you need your camera to be.

This nifty, hidden camera features loop recording and automatically overwrites the oldest files if the memory fills up. The hidden camera is also easy to operate with its simple plug and play feature. The camera also comes equipped with a built-in 128G memory card so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a separate SD card! In terms of video recording, the camera will save recorded video files every 3 minutes. The mini camera features motion detection and has the capacity to record up to approximately 16-24 hours with its 128G memory card. The camera has some difficulty connecting to WiFi. If you can work past that qualm, then this product (which does comes with a 1 year warranty) could be the one for you!

PANORAXY B100V.3 Mini WiFi Hidden Spy Nanny Camera

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Why we like it: This mini Panoraxy spy camera comes nestled secretly into an alarm clock and features a 100% invisible lens.

The PA-B100V.3 spy hidden clock camera ensures 100% security for your home or office without the target audience noticing. This is due to the amazing invisible lens which goes completely unnoticed. The camera works through WiFi and you can see what your camera sees anywhere using your iOS or Android devices.

The low-key design is a simple 3.1 inch cube block which is disguised as a simple, regular alarm clock. It will easily blend in well to a normal home or office environment. The embedded SD card slot means that this camera can be used with or without the need for WiFi. You can choose whether you wish to record entirely, or just when there is motion detected.

The amazing night vision feature on this hidden camera means that you can detect movement at any time of the day or night. It automatically changes to night vision when the camera detects that the lighting in the room is not good enough for quality footage.

Not only is this an amazing hidden camera, but the clock is fully functional. Choose whether to set your clock at 24-hour or 12-hour time. The brightness of the LED clock face light can be adjusted to your suiting, or if you’d prefer, you can completely turn off the clock LED setting.

Due to the amazing quality and stylish look of this hidden clock camera, we believe that it is definitely worth the buy!

FreedomFox Hidden Spy Camera Phone Charger

Why we like it: A high quality, hidden spy camera that is nicely disguised as a wall charger. This camera allows you to record both audio and video!

We make our way back to another hidden camera disguised as a wall charger, only this time, it’s by the brand FreedomFox. FreedomFox delivers a sleek (and updated) phone charger camera that we must say, is quite impressive. The FreedomFox Hidden Spy Camera Phone Charger is a product we’re sure you’ll love, not just for its look, but also for its features! The hidden camera records in 1080P HD at 30 frames per second for video playback that is smooth and not distorted. All video files are recorded in 5-minute segments so that you can easily find the footage you’re looking for. Besides adequately recording the footage you want, this camera can also function as a real phone charger!

Freedom Fox has truly upgraded this camera the right way, as it now has no indicator light that could alert someone that they are being recorded. Additionally, the new and improved camera allows for easy access to the memory card with its removable function. This allows for quick upgrades and even faster video downloads. The hidden camera also comes equipped with enhanced motion detection which enables video recording to start immediately after sensing motion. With this camera, you’ll get 32GB of removable memory, which we find to be a reasonable amount of storage. For its solid features and sleek build, we find this product to be worth it!

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Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector

Why we like it: This hidden spy camera is disguised as a smoke detector and comes equipped with loop recording, motion detection, and a 78 degree field of view.

So we’ve talked about cameras disguised as wall chargers, but what about a camera disguised as a smoke detector? The Littleadd brand delivers just that with their hidden camera disguised as a (you guessed it) smoke detector! The Littleadd Hidden Camera Detector nails its design as a smoke detector that would easily go undetected, but also nails its functionality as a camera. The hidden camera features a 1080P full HD image resolution to record videos with vivid detail. The hidden camera is also equipped with a 78 degree field of view, allowing for considerable coverage of any room it is placed in. This nifty camera detector contains a built-in webcam and is able to take photos.

The hidden camera supports motion detection, being able to sense movement which in turn, triggers the camera to record videos.The camera is also very convenient to use with its remote control that is able to control the camera, even from 15 meters away. The camera also supports timestamps which you can activated by syncing the video recording time with your PC to display the accurate time in the video. This reliable hidden camera supports 10 hrs of continuous video recording after fully charged, is energy efficient, and easy to charge when connected to your PC via a USB cable. Sadly, the camera doesn’t support night vision, but it does come with a decent 32GB micro SD card and supports loop recording.

SOOSPY 1080P HD Mini Pen Camera

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Why we like it: It’s a spy camera, disguised as a pen! Besides its cool design, this hidden camera comes with a quality photo resolution.

When it comes to making uniquely designed products, the brand SOOSPY is definitely dominating the game. SOOSPY clearly understands the definition of “hidden spy camera” with their product designed as a normal-looking pen. The SOOSPY Mini Pen Camera not only looks like an ordinary pen, it can also function as an ordinary pen, which makes this camera even more discreet! Besides its design, this camera has some pretty great features. First off, the camera records in HD 1920 x 1080P video resolution, and supports a 2560 x 1920P pixel snapshot image resolution. Additionally, this camera supports date stamps which can be added as a time reference on any of your recordings or images.

The camera is easy-to-use with its two modes you can select through a single switch. Simply press the button to start or stop recording. To view your images or recordings, all you have to do is plug the pen camera into your computer with its included USB cable. The camera does not support WiFi, but does support up to 32GB of memory. Unfortunately, the SD card isn’t included, so you’ll have to get one (bummer). With its built-in 200mAh lithium battery, the pen camera is mostly intended for brief usage as it can record continuous video for just 60 minutes (also bummer).This product comes with ink refills, so that you can also use it as a real pen! Being the #1 New Release on Amazon, we find the product worth recommending!

Antaivision WiFi IP Security Network Dome Camera

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Why we like it: This premium, hidden dome camera makes the perfect home surveillance with its Fisheye 360° field of view and night vision.

Looking for a more advanced home surveillance system? Antaivision has you covered. Antaivision brings forth a product that will not only record the footage you need, but will also protect your home if the occasion calls for it. The Antaivision IP Security Network Dome Camera is the ideal home surveillance camera for those looking for some home security. The camera is equipped with a 360° panoramic view angle with a fisheye lens. This leaves no blind areas, and allows the camera to see the entire room in HD video quality during the day or night. This intelligent camera supports advanced motion detection which will alert you via APP immediately in the event of suspicious activity.

This convenient camera is quite easy to install on either the ceiling or wall, and it comes with all of the necessary accessories you’ll need for setup. The camera is also very easy-to-use with its quick WiFi setup via an iOS or Android smartphone using the supplied APP. After setting up your camera, you will have remote access to it with your smartphone, and can view images in 1 minute through the cctv network camera. The image resolution stands at 960P, a bit lower than the aforementioned cameras, but you will still get clear images. You can install the camera yourself, of course, but if you prefer to have it professionally installed. With its premium features (and ability to support 2-way talking!), this is a product worth considering!

NexGadget Photo Frame Security Camera

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Why we like it: A hidden camera that is very much “hidden” inside a sleek photo frame. This hidden camera also provide full color, quality video recording.

We’re back on track with products that have clever designs with this hidden camera by NexGadget. If you thought it couldn’t get more creative than a pen or a smoke detector, think again with this product designed as a (*drumroll*) photoframe! The NexGadget Photo Frame Security Camera sports an innovative design and contains some pretty good features. The hidden camera supports motion detection and will record video automatically once it senses motion. The camera contains a 720P image resolution (yes, we know it’s quite lower than the previously mentioned cameras), but you will still be sure to get quality footage as it records in full color.

The camera also comes with a 65°wide angle field of view, which will allow for considerable coverage of the room it is placed in. The camera can also take pictures and supports real-time AV recording, once you insert a micro sd/TF card (up to a max of 32GB).The camera records color video up to 30 fps and features a battery capacity of 300mAh with a charging time of 2 hours. Unfortunately, the recording time of this camera isn’t very long, as it can only record video up to 50 minutes.

Yida Hidden Camera Water Bottle

Why we like it: This nifty, hidden camera features a crystal clear image resolution and a decent amount of storage. Not to mention, it’s disguised as a water bottle (clever)!

Okay, so we know we said the previous product was clever and innovative in design, but this product by Yida certainly knocks our socks off! Yida delivers a product that is truly excelling in design as a (*second drumroll*) water bottle! The Yida Hidden Camera Water Bottle is as discreet as hidden cameras get, and—brace yourself—it can actually be used as a real water bottle! The hidden camera features a 1080p, full HD video resolution up to 30fps, and comes with a reasonable 65° field of view. The manufacturer suggests recording within a distance of 32 feet /10 meters to achieve adequate video recording. This hidden camera also supports motion detection function and you can easily switch between motion detection and normal mode.

The convenient hidden camera is portable and can be taken on-the go, thanks to its clever water bottle design. The water bottle camera is also made of food-grade PET material and can withstand temperatures up to 140°F/60°C, making it safe to hold drinking water. The camera can shoot 170 minutes of continuous video and comes with a 16GB memory card, so you don’t have to go out and buy one. Nevertheless, you can replace the memory card with a larger capacity one if you need more recording time. The camera is very easy to operate and is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. Now for the downside: its price. For its superior design and features, we find the product worth its price.

ALON WIFI Hidden Spy Camera Clock

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Why we like it: A hidden spy camera that takes form in a discreet clock. This hidden camera also features motion detection and night vision.

We keep the list going with cleverly-disguised hidden cameras with this product by ALON. By now, you should know that hidden cameras can be disguised as almost anything, and ALON chose to smartly disguise their hidden camera as a clock. The ALON Hidden Spy Camera Clock will surely go undetected as a camera with this ingenious clock design that actually functions as a real clock. The hidden camera is also packed with some great features, starting with its 1920×1080 HD image resolution. The camera also sports a SONY 323 image sensor with an 8-layers glass lens, allowing for pristine imagery. The camera also comes with a 168 degree wide angle field of view and can provide clear images even in low light conditions.

As we said, the camera can function as a real clock and supports military time and 12 hours conversion depending on your preference. This convenient camera is compatible with an app called “Camwf,” which provides the user with the ability to: view live video, playback the video from a micro SD card, utilize the snapshot function, activate the motion detect alarm (only for Android), set time recording (only for iOS), auto circulate record, and modify their username and password. The camera supports a max 64GB micro SD card which is, unfortunately, not included. Once you insert a micro SD card into the camera, it will recorded automatically without a network. The camera also supports night vision with its 12pcs of invisible infrared lights.

Sappywoon Spy Hidden Camera Eyeglasses

Why we like it: A hidden spy camera that takes its form as a sleek-looking pair of glasses. This cool, hidden camera also features loop recording and footage timestamps.

The next hidden camera on our list is different than any of the others we mentioned in that you can wear it. Thanks to the brand Sappywoon, hidden cameras meet fashion with this hidden camera disguised as a sleek pair of glasses. Yup, you heard that right. The Sappywoon Hidden Camera Eyeglasses takes the sophisticated approach in terms of design and also comes with some appealing features. The hidden camera supports loop video recording, with the newest file overwriting the previous file to continue recording, and picture taking. The camera is also very portable (go figure) as you can wear the glasses on your face and record footage on-the-go.

This handy hidden camera supports timestamps in which you can easily sync the spy camera time with your computer time. This allows for you to know exactly when all of your footage took place. The camera is also easy to charge by simply connecting it to your PC or adapter. The camera also allows you to easily view footage with its simple plug and play function which allows you to plug it into your PC directly to view what you recorded. You’ll get a free 8GB Micro SD card with the camera for loop recording and it is good for storing 10h of continuous recording. Though the camera can support a max of 32GB, it unfortunately only works for 50min at a time.For its cool design and cool features, we are happy to recommend it!