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Herb Grinders are the most commonly used gadgets which are used to grind all kinds of herbs. It is commonly used in grinding tobacco or marijuana, depending on whether it is legalized or not. The device tends to be quite simplistic in design and usually consists of two cylindrical components which can grind the herbs that are added. Apart from just used in grinding the herb, some of them may have a large enough storage compartment so that you can actually store the ground product as well. These herb grinders tend to come in two common build materials. There are the metal and plastic versions, with the metal version offering the most quality build. We have made a list of some of the best herb grinders that are out there. When rating these grinders, we have looked at the customers’ general feedback on it and also its value based on build quality.

Platinum Grinders with Pollen Catcher


The Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher is another one of the premium looking herb grinders that are out there. This features a similar black design as the Zip Grinders grinder, however, there are no see-through compartments on it. The grinder is made of high-quality Aluminum which gives it a great durability and looks. The teeth are also quite sharp as they are in a diamond shape for extra efficiency when grinding your herb. There are also stainless steel mesh filters on the grinder with a separate compartment to catch the ground herb. The grinder comes with a pollen scraper as well so you don’t have to purchase this separately. Though it provides all this, it is priced as affordable as the Zip Grinders model and there is very little difference between the two. Furthermore, Platinum Grinders also provides a lifetime warranty with the product so you really don’t have to hesitate when purchasing this.

Golden Bell 4 Piece Spice Herb Grinder


If the appearance of your grinder is the topmost priority to you, then the Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder is probably one of the best options that are out there. There are nine different colors that you can choose from, so you can pick the color that suits your personal taste. The grinder is constructed of a heavy duty zinc alloy and it consists of three chambers. The grinder contains a mesh filter which is able to filter out well-grinded pollen. The grinder also comes with a pollen scraper tool which lets you scrape off the pollen from the mesh. The lid is magnetized in order to reduce the chances of spilling the contents. The grinder is quite cheap and even cheaper than the other two that we have listed so far. Another very good reason to purchase this grinder is due to the fact that you will get a money back guarantee with the product without any questions asked if you aren’t satisfied with it.


Pokemon Poke-ball Herb Spice Grinder


With Pokemon Go still being one of the most hyped games that are played, Pokemon has risen to popularity again. This grinder is designed similar to a Pokemon Poke ball. This is one of the cheaper grinders on our list but is also on the smaller side as it is only 1.5” in diameter. You can choose between the single quantity option or the double quantity option if you wish to have more storage compartments. The latter is quite expensive, however, so may not be preferable to some. The build quality is also quite good as it is made of an Aluminum material. The main drawback of this grinder is that it only has a single storage compartment. However, if you are a Pokemon fan then you will definitely like this grinder. This also makes it suitable to give as a gift as it also comes with a hard gift box when you purchase it.


Zip Grinders – Large Herb Grinder


The Zip Grinders – Large Herb Grinder was the best herb grinder that we were able to find, due to its good value for the price. What we liked about this grinder is its premium build quality which makes it stand out from some of the other herb grinders out there. The grinder is made of aluminum and is painted in black to give it a classy look. The grinder is 2.5” in diameter which is on the larger side as far as herb grinders go. There is a clear chamber which can store the ground herb so you don’t have to look for a different container to store it. When looking for a good grinder, the ease in which it grinds is also important, and the Zip Grinders grinder is no exception to this as it features 49 razor sharp teeth. You will get a pollen scraper tool and box with the grinder, giving it extra value for its affordable price.

K-brand Spice Tobacco & Herb Grinder


This is another uniquely designed grinder that also offers a very good build quality. There is also the option of selecting between two different colors. You can either go for the dark black colored model or the silver colored model, both of which have a very shiny appearance. This is another four-piece grinder to be featured on our list as there is a separate pollen catcher on it. The storage chamber is quite big so you can use it to store quite a lot of ground herb. Its design and build ensure very good efficiency compared to some of the other grinders that are out there. The diameter of the grinder is 2.5” which is on the larger side. It is constructed of a zinc alloy just like some of the other premium quality grinders on our list. You will also get a money back guarantee with the product, so if you aren’t satisfied with the product you will get a full refund.


Chromium Crusher Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder


We decided to feature another grinder by Chromium Crusher, this time with the much smaller, 1.6-inch model. Though it is small in diameter it is still great if you want to spend less on your grinder and doesn’t really require a large grinder. This model also consists of four pieces of which three of them are chambers and the other piece is the lid. However, unlike the 2.5-inch model, you don’t get as many options when it comes to color selection. There are five different color options that you can choose from, compared to the nine which is available in the previous model. The build quality is identical to the larger model, as it is also made of a durable aluminum body. The grinder uses a ring-like design in order to make it a lot more efficient at grinding the herb. You will also get a pollen scraper with the product so you can scrape off the pollen that is stuck on the mesh.

Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch


The Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch Herb Grinder is another grinder on our list which offers you the option of customizing it to your preference. This grinder also offers nine different colors that you can choose from for the grinder. Chromium crusher also gives a lifetime warranty on the product so you really can’t go wrong with this product. The diameter of the grinder is 2.5” which is on the larger side as far as grinders go. It is constructed of four pieces, of which three of them can act as chambers. It has a very fine mesh screen for filtering the grounded pollen and a separate chamber to store the finely ground pollen. This grinder is also quite cheap considering its very good build quality. The grinder is constructed of a very high-quality metal so you can expect it to be quite durable and also resistant to scratch.

Grinder Kingz Aluminum Herb Grinder


Aluminum grinders tend to be slightly more expensive than the Zinc Grinders, hence why they are priced more expensive. The Grinder Kingz Aluminum 2.5 Inch 4-Piece Herb Grinder is made of Aluminum but is still quite cheap. This is another four-piece grinder to be featured on our list so it offers you great versatility in using it as a storage compartment as well. The grinder uses a diamond shaped razor sharp teeth which are able to grind up the herb quite efficiently. The teeth are made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about it starting to rust with long term usage. There is a pollen catcher that comes included so you can have a separate storage compartment for the finely ground herb. This grinder is 2.5 inches in diameter and is also quite small in size so you can easily fit it in your pocket. The only real drawback is that it only comes in the black color and there are no other color choices.

Nordic Grinders Death Star Grinder


If you like your grinder to look quite different to the generic grinder shapes that are out there, then you can go for the Death Star Grinder. Just as its name suggests, this grinder is shaped like a Death Star, which all the Star Wars fanatics would already know what it is. The grinder is a little bit on the smaller side, as it is only 1.9 inches in diameter. It also uses a three-piece design, so you will get only two chambers with it. It is quite effective in grinding as it has very sharp teeth to help with efficiently grinding your herb. The grinder is made of Zinc alloy and comes in a dark chrome finish. Its custom design makes it a great option to give as a gift as well. The drawback is that the grinder is quite expensive but Nordic Grinders gives you a lifetime warranty with the product.

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