Tending to your garden is quite engaging and meaningful but it does require commitment and efficiency to get right. Of course, not all of it can be handled by your bare hands so inevitably, your gardening tools will be used to help out. When it comes to keeping plant growth in line, your go-to mechanism will be a hedge trimmer.

Not just any hedge trimmer, but one that you can rely on to do its job for your garden for a long period of time and cancels out a lot of the physical stress that comes with maintaining your garden. What a hedge trimmer is at its core is a pair of enormous scissors but of course, the modern range is going to be dripping with all sorts of other technological developments.

To zero in on which garden trimmers do it better than others, we have studied the market, and after an extensive process of elimination, brought the list down to just 9 of the best hedge trimmers that are currently on sale. All of these trimmers exceed or at the very least, live up to modern industrial standards.

Tanaka TCH22EBP2

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Why We Like It: With a design that beautifully balances raw power and ergonomic compatibility, this has proven to be one of the best hedge trimmers you can buy.

The Tanaka TCH22EBP2 is a hedge trimmer worthy of praise even from a professional standpoint. In fact, it is designed particularly to be used by professionals. Power comes from a Pure Fire 2-cycle engine which produces 21.1 cc and only weighs 10.3 pounds. At the business end are triple sided and double reciprocating 24-inch high-quality cutting blades. And to make sure you exploit the immense cutting technology as much as possible, there are also some handy ergonomic features in the design.

Starting it up is easy thanks to a purge bulb and S-Start which effectively reduces the amount of force required by as much as half. There is also a 5-position rear handle to make it easier to work with. The exhaust faces forwards to avoid burning any part of the hedge as you go along. Commercial warranty on this hedge trimmer is for 2 years but consumer warranty goes all the way up to 7. It really does make a delicious recipe out of tremendous cutting power and simple usability.


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Why We Like It: Electrically powered, weighs well under 10 pounds and cuts your hedge with laser-like precision.

This hedge trimmer is not only very powerful in the way it lays waste to unwanted parts of your hedge, it is also rather precise and surgical about it. So, good news for those consumers who have pretty bad OCD on that subject. The DCHT uses harder-than-normal steel blades that cut fast and cut clean through anything thick up to 3 quarters of an inch and within its 22-inch range. The blades are arranged in a menacing hooked tooth design.

Thankfully, there is no price to pay for all that power in the weight department. The DCHT tips the scales at a mere 7 and a half pounds, which means you can use it to go harder for longer when necessary. Dewalt uses a 5 Ah lithium-ion battery to power this trimmer which we thought was a very forward-looking and efficient feature in the design. There are certainly no questions being asked about its output, it is more than enough to do what it is meant to.

Makita XHU02Z 18V LXT

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Why We Like It: Lightweight frame combined with ergonomic features will get any trimming job done before you know it.

When you have a powerful motor attached to your hedge trimmer, you are going to feel your arms shaking and shuddering that might require some getting used to. Not with the Makita XHU02Z as it turns out. It uses cushions to absorb the tremors of its motor for an altogether more pleasant user experience. The motor itself is electric and runs on lithium-ion battery power. Another benefit of it is that it is not too loud to work with, producing just 87 dB.

You can use this hedge trimmer for about an hour and 15 minutes on a single charge, plenty of time to trim a good sized hedge and then some. Another reason why you can use up the full duration of the battery is that the whole thing weighs a convenient 7.4 pounds. You will still need both hands to operate it properly, but that is ok because holding it feels quite nice. A soft, rubberized grip tells you all you need to know there.


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Why We Like It: Affords plenty of options with how you would like to trim your garden thanks to an extending pole and versatile handle.

The Garcare GPHT06 is just as happy trimming hedges as it is with trimming shrubs and bushes. It has a pole that exceeds 9 feet in length, so unwanted growth in the garden is too far out of reach. Power comes from a reliable 4.8A motor and is applied with a counter-rotating, double-edged trimming blade that effectively allows cutting from the right or left side. That makes the work so much simpler and easier for you and spares you from the excess vibration.

The laser cutting blade has a cutting range of up to 20 inches and slices through a 3 quarter-inch thickness quite cleanly. A hardened stainless steel build ensures that it is up to the task and can carry on for a long time without any problem. The handle is worth talking about as well. It is of a 5-position rotary design which enables you to take liberties with the kind of shapes that you would want to trim your hedge in.

Earthwise CVPH41018

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Why We Like It: Get two tools for the price of one with this spectacularly capable hedge trimmer.

Can a hedge trimmer have dual sense of purpose? As it turns out, this certainly can. The Earthwise CVPH41018 has a long and uninteresting name but it is a hedge trimmer with a convertible pole that can extend to over 6 feet when necessary. You can also adjust it to 6 different cutting positions. The cutting blade it uses measures 18 inches. The fact that it does the work of two separate tools is due to the extended pole design.

You can extend the trimmer whenever you need to do pruning and trimming of the taller plants and branches. But at the click of a button, it will fold back into your regular handheld trimmer with a killer 18-inch blade. Even those hard to reach areas are not so hard to reach with this trimmer because it has a head that rotates 150 degrees and can be set to 6 positions. It is simply a must-have if you are a DIY gardener who likes to get creative.

Kobalt 40-Volt Max 24-in Dual Cordless Hedge Trimmer

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Why We Like It: An obvious bestseller thanks to its exquisite properties and benefits made available at a very reasonable cost.

With this Kobalt dual cordless hedge trimmer, you can make your shrubs and bushes look exactly the way you want. Its 24-in dual-action coated steel blades provide a 3/4-in thick cutting capacity that delivers exceptional results. Powered by a reliable 40 Volt max Li-ion battery, this tool delivers cutting speeds up to 3,000-SPM to get your work done faster. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, this high-powered hedge trimmer starts in seconds without the hassle of tangled extension cords. Is easy to start at the push of a button, Kobalt 40-volt cordless hedge trimmer provides the power you need with up to 50 minutes runtime on a fully charged 2.5 AH battery.
All compatible with Kobalt 40-Volt MAX family of products.
The 2.5 battery and charger included with 5-year limited warranty.

Remington RM5124TH

Why We Like It: Electrically powered and well-engineered to afford maximum dexterity and longevity for the gardener.

Electric power is the future for many motorized tools and accessories, and the Remington RM5124TH is very definitely on the side of progress there. Here the size of the cutting blade goes up to 24 inches and spares not even the most stubborn hedges. That claim is further reinforced when you consider that its double action blades are coated in titanium so that they kill the competition from 4 directions: strength, precision, durability, and convenience. They will go through any branch up to 3 quarters of an inch thick.

And that is not the end of the story. The blade is also rotational to 180 degrees, making it even more precise and convenient for you. The grip is comfortable to hold and the start is a lot easier than it would be if it were gas-powered. Aside from a highly regarded design and build quality, you are likely to use this trimmer for a long time because it is backed by a couple years warranty

Sun Joe HJ22HTE

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Why We Like It: This hedge trimmer is a triple threat for when the garden needs some grooming.

The Sun Joe HJ22HTE is a sleek, lightweight, and ergonomically well-suited tool to use in your garden. Weighing in at a mere 5 pounds, it is only just heavy enough for you to notice that it is in your hand. And it is not shy of thick hedges or scrubs. It will cut right through them with stainless steel blades measuring 22 inches and powered by a 3.5-amp motor. Electric power not only makes this trimmer more convenient in some ways but also environmentally friendly.

Any trimmer that is gas powered is going to release toxic emissions into the surrounding atmosphere. Electric power effectively reduces those emissions to naught, something you want with any device that you are using in the garden. The results speak for themselves. But of course, a good gardening tool cares for the gardener as it does for the garden. You get this trimmer with a full wrap handle and a couple years of warranty.

GreenWorks 22102

Why We Like It: Doing its bit to save polar bears in the North Pole while proving to be a fantastic hedge trimming device.

The GreenWorks 22102 is appropriately named as it leaves behind no carbon footprint whatsoever, and this also applies to every other product released under the same name. It is still very much up there in industrial standard. Quality is a hugely important factor in what makes any gardening tool a good purchase that can be enjoyed by gardeners for years on end. The GreenWorks is dripping with high build quality and durability. And at 4 years, the warranty is double that of most other candidates on the list.

At the business end of this hedge trimmer is a double-action stainless steel blade measuring 18 inches and can go through a maximum thickness of 3/8 inches. The whole frame is quite light and easy to maneuver. Because it does not depend on gas to run, it also turns out to be a lot easier to maintain at home. So never mind the clumsiness and harmful emissions that come out of other trimmers, GreenWorks is definitely embracing the way forward.