Heat guns are useful tools to have around the house or a work site for handling very specific tasks. Heat guns can concentrate high temperatures on a particular surface, which other common household tools cannot do.

Heat guns are used for a variety of tasks big and small. Around the house, you can use a heat gun to remove old, rusty bolts, thaw frozen pipes, strip paint from walls, or manage shrink wrapping. Heat guns can be used to dry damp wood, mend plastic, or shrink tubing. The applications are specific, but also many.

There are all types of heat guns available on the market for regular homeowners that are affordablele. There are cheap heat guns and slightly more expensive ones depending on the usage. Pretty much all are suitable for tasks like shrink wrapping. Here is a list to make up your mind about the heat gun you want to purchase:

1. DEWALT D26960K Heavy-Duty Heat Gun

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Why we like it: This is a professional grade heat gun that can handle heavy-duty work that normal household heat guns cannot. There are many options and protections available.

If you want a heat gun that gets hot like a sidewalk in Nevada on a summer’s day, then you have found the right product. Technically, this heat gun can get a lot hotter, like over a 1,000 degrees, for all your heavy duty needs. This heat gun is suited for hardcore jobs like stripping off paint in your entire house, welding plastic, thawing frozen pipes, or even reworking circuitry. This is definitely not the product to mess with. If you are a casual DIYer, stay away. But if you want to heat it up for professional-level work, you will need a heat gun like this one.

The biggest perk we noticed with this heat gun is that it is so affordable. It’s suited for professional work, but this heat gun is surprisingly affordable for homeowners. It’s definitely high-tech too. It comes with an LCD display to get temperature readings. You get more settings to alter the heat output exactly as you desire in a 50-degree increase. So you get a wide range of temperatures to do just about anything a heat gun can do. There are more protections on hand as well because this is used for heavy-duty work. There’s overload protection and automatic shut off.

2. Wagner Power Products Heat Gun

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Why we like it: This is an awesomely well-designed heat gun that offers excellent value for the money. It’s great for both household and work site use.

This Wagner heat gun looks like a cute hair dryer, but it certainly doesn’t work like one. Unlike hair dryers, this little machine can emit steam hot enough to strip old paint right off the walls. This is the perfect device for certain household repair tasks such as repainting, shrink wrap packaging, and shrink tubing, among others. In fact, we would recommend this heat gun for certain professional jobs too. It’s small and compact enough to store around the house. It won’t take too much space in an overloaded equipment cabinet at a construction work site either.

What we liked most about this heat gun is how easy it is to use. Like most heat guns, this one is a bit heavy. However, holding the gun long enough to strip paint off a wall is not painful on the muscles. This is largely due to the ergonomic design of the handle. This heat gun is designed in a way that reduced the strain on the wrist during long tasks. Obviously, this is a major reason to purchase this product. True to the Wagner brand, this heat gun is exceptionally constructed. You can expect to use this device for years with minimal wear and tear.


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Why we like it: This heat gun offers numerous perks all the while remaining highly affordable even for budget users. You can get pro-level work done too.

This heat gun packs a major punch, so even the most skeptic can come to love this product. Let’s start with the best perks. This heat gun comes with a 1,500-watt motor, so you know this is really powerful. It’s great for all the shrinking and stripping DIY work you have in mind. Even professional construction workers will find a use for this heat gun. It comes with really useful features like a dial to control the temperature and a button to select dual fan speed. It even has a generously long 6ft cord that reduces the need for extension cords for most jobs.

If the above perks are not enough, know that this heat gun comes with a hands-free support stand. You can place the heat gun safely on the support stand in between jobs, You can even leave it on the support stand for jobs that require extreme stillness. There are certain accessories you can buy for this heat gun like a really cool grinder. While the benefits are numerous, this heat gun wouldn’t run you an arm and a leg. It’s surprisingly affordable even for budget households. It’s easy to use and pretty cool to have around the house.

4. Black & Decker Dual Temperature Heat Gun

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Why we like it: This ergonomically designed heat gun comes with two options for choosing the temperature, which is remarkable considering the affordability. Also, it’s very lightweight.

Black & Decker is always a trusted brand for household appliances, and this heat gun is no different. This heat gun is made with high-quality materials and meets all the necessary quality standards. What makes this heat gun stand out is that it comes with two options for choosing the temperature you need. Most heat guns do not have temperature control options. Therefore, this heat gun is better than most for using at home. Unlike most commercial projects, home DIY projects don’t require that much heat for shrinking or stripping. That’s where the heat options on this device come most useful.

We highly recommend this heat gun for general use. If you need a heat gun for some professional-grade work, then this would more than suffice as well It’s ergonomically designed so it’s easy to use even for those with little experience. The heat gun has a built-in stand to allow it to cool off for safe use. This product would last longer in the home. More importantly, it’s lightweight and very easy to use for hefty projects like stripping paint from walls of a whole room. You can expect heat up to 1,000 degrees with this wonderful heat gun.

5. Genesis Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

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Why we like it: This is a perfect heat gun that allows a lot of customization for use between small and large tasks. You can change power, heat, and the nozzles.

This is an excellent heat gun for use at home. We have noticed that most heat guns aim to get the highest temperature or power settings, which can be too much for home use. This is a low-key product that you can use with just 750 watts of power. In case you need to increase the power, this heat gun can go up to 1,500 watts. And that is only the first cool aspect of this product. This heat gun also comes with a temperature control setting. It’s designed to allow users to quickly toggle between desired temperatures.

If you want a heat gun for small tasks like loosening rusted bolts, softening adhesive material, making damp wood dry, or shrink wrapping something, then this is the heat gun you will love to have with you. With the temperature and power control settings, you can easily use this heat gun for a variety of things without worrying about safety. You can up the settings to handle tougher jobs like thawing pipes or stripping paint just like that when needed. The heat gun comes with a selection of nozzles too, so you can switch between large and small applications.

6. DEWALT D26950 Heat Gun

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Why we like it: This heat gun is intended for professional use but is so affordable even home users can buy it for tackling those heavy-duty tasks that cheap heat guns can’t handle.

Looking for a premium grade heat gun, but affordable for home use? You can come to the right product. This heat gun is superbly designed for handling a variety of tasks at home and at some work sites. It’s nearly professional leve///l but is rather affordable considering the features it offers. You won’t go broke buying this heat gun. Also, considering the long-lasting durability, this heat gun is practically a steal for the expense. This will be a must-have tool for DIY enthusiasts. It’s well built, wonderfully designed and will always be useful around the house.

This heat gun is safer compared to most others on the market, which is a feature that all homeowners can readily love. This heat gun comes with overload protection. It can automatically turn off the device when the heat settings are getting too high. These safety features will be necessary for amateur users. You can use this heat gun for a variety of tasks, and it is by no means is limited to professional use. You can use this for small things like loosening old bolts, or for tough jobs like remodeling. It can be useful for drying up wood or other material too.

7. Drill Master Dual Temperature Heat Gun

Why we like it: This is a handy heat gun that is well designed for household use and is affordable for home users.

We can confidently say that this is one of the best heat guns out there in terms of quality and adjustable settings. It’s small and isn’t expensive. Despite that, this heat gun is surprisingly powerful. It can work up to 1,500 watts and generate heat between 572 and 1,112 degrees. That’s a lot of heat. It’s a lot more than you will need for general household tasks like softening stuck glue or shrink wrapping small things. The heat output is just perfect on the other hand for tougher jobs like thawing frozen pipes or stripping paint.

You can easily adjust the temperature between the maximum and the minimum heat outputs. That means you can adjust the heat depending on the task at hand, which is a very useful feature most heat guns don’t offer. We also have to commend the very thoughtful design on this heat gun. It has an ergonomically designed handle that will fit any hand size. You can use this regardless of whether you are left handed or right handed. The design minimizes muscle strain and increases comfort dramatically. In other words, this is the perfect heat gun to have at home.

8. Kawasaki 10 Piece Heat Gun Kit

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Why we like it: This kit offers unbelievable value for the money. You get a top-notch Japanese-made heat gun plus 9 extra accessories that improve the functionality dramatically.

You know you can definitely rely on this Japanese-made heat gun. Quality wise, it’s off the charts. You can be assured that you have a well-built product that can last when you buy this heat gun. What really surprised us is the affordability. For a big branded product, this heat gun is surprisingly affordable. We highly recommend snatching one off the shelf while the budget is still low. We are talking about the expense for the whole kit. So not only do you get a great heat gun, you also get a number of highly useful accessories.

This heat gun, despite being cheap, offers desirable perks like the two options to adjust the temperature. The handle is ergonomically designed to be easy to use regardless of hand size or directional preference. You can toggle the operation using a rocker switch. It’s not hard to get used to this heat gun. Even someone who has never used a heat gun before can come to like this in a matter of hours. You will get additional 9 accessories with the kit, like nozzles and scraper heads, which improve the usability and versatility of the heat gun.

9. NTE HG-300D Mini Heat Gun

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Why we like it: This wonderful miniature heat gun comes without a handle and is perfect for strain-free handling of general heating tasks. It’s super cheap too.

Whoever’s heard of a mini heat gun? Not us, until we saw this amazing product. This is a wonderful little tool for casual use at home and for traveling. If you have small heat-related tasks to handle, this is a perfect choice. We highly recommend this heat gun for things like shrink wrapping that heavy heat guns are not always suited for. This is so mini it doesn’t even have a handle. You read that right: no handle. But that doesn’t make this heat gun difficult to use. In fact, the result can be opposite: more comfort.

Because this heat gun lacks a handle, you can hold it from the bottom part in any angle that you like. Shrink wrappers will really like this option. This heat gun is also amazingly lightweight so you will not strain your hand working with this tool for long. Another aspect we want to highlight is the quiet operation. You will barely hear that this heat gun is on. You can handle just about any general heating application with peace of mind when you have this product. This heat gun is also very easy on the wallet.

10. Wagner HT 400 650-Degree Heat Gun

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Why we like it: This is a truly exceptional heat gun designed to handle precision work like embossing and shrink wrapping. It’s a unique product that certain projects require.

This is a regular-sized heat gun that comes without a handle. It’s like a mini heat gun in this sense but is not necessarily smaller in size and application. The people who would benefit most from a heat gun like this are people who use heat guns mainly for things like shrink wrapping. If you need to hold the heat gun at a peculiar angle to get a job done, then this would be just the right product to own. It’s lightweight and is reasonably affordable for home users. You cannot go wrong with this heat gun.

This heat gun can reach 650 degrees, so it’s intended for small and very pointed tasks. This heat gun is perfect for focusing heat onto a small area, like a specific spot on a wall or a frozen plumbing system. Most heat guns have large nozzles to handle larger surface areas. This heat gun does just the opposite. If you have to do a lot of precision work for your project, like embossing, then this heat gun would be a necessity. It has a single heat setting so using is really simple and straightforward. The heat gun overall is very easy to hold for long periods of time.