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If you are someone who has engaged in bodybuilding, then you will be aware of how important your forearms are. Your forearms are used in pretty much all exercises, with very few exceptions. For this reason, it is important to build strong forearms, if you are liking to increase your strength in the other exercises that you do. Although most exercises do work your forearms as a secondary muscle group, performing isolated exercises on it could help increase your forearm strength much more significantly. For this reason, you could use special mechanical devices called forearm Strengtheners to help you provide your forearms with regular exercise. These devices usually use the process of squeezing a machine that has a spring which can provide the necessary resistant to working out your forearms. Here are some of the best forearm Strengtheners that we were able to find.

Captains of Crush Hand Gripper


If you are an advanced weight lifter, then the products listed above may not be sufficient for effective strength development. If this is the case, then you could go for the Captains of Crush Hand Gripper which is one of the top quality hand strengtheners out there. This also makes it the most expensive product on our list, but this is due to its superior build quality and resistance levels. There are 11 different resistance levels that you can choose from, however, these are all purchased separately, so you cannot vary it. The maximum resistance model is the 365 pounds’ resistance model, which is only suitable for the experienced weight lifters. If you are just beginning, or have very weak forearms then you could go for a different product on our list or go for the 60-pound model. The build quality is another thing that makes this product stand out as it is made of aluminum and alloy steel construction.

Fitness Master Hand Grip Strengthener


This is another one of our top picks when it comes to forearm strengtheners. The only real drawback of this is that it is a bit on the expensive side unless you are able to purchase it when there is a deal being offered. However, it does offer more resistance than the previous product that we listed since it can give you a resistance of around 20 to 90 pounds. This makes it ideal to be used if you want to use it for fitness training or even if you engage in sports activities that involving using your forearms such as tennis and golf. Apart from this, it is also suitable for use by musicians such as guitarists and violinists. Its wide diversity in resistance levels makes it ideal for use by all people, including kids and women, regardless of their fitness experience. Construction is another important factor when choosing a good forearm strengthener and this machine is built to last for a very long time.


Outdoor Sport Hand Grip Strengthener


This Hand Grip Strengthener is the best that we were able to find, due to its cheap price and effectivity. The forearm strengthener costs just around $10 which makes it one of the cheapest products that are out there for exercising your forearms. The machine is ideal for using by musicians if you want to improve the strength of your fingers and also for athletes and body builders. There are four different resistance settings for the machine, which can vary the level of resistance that you will get. To put this in terms of weight, it can give you about 22 to 80 pounds of resistance. Another thing to like about the product is its high-quality build which is guaranteed to last for quite some time. Another thing to like about the product is that it is not limited to just being used by men, as it can be used by women as well.

Sportgrips SideWinder Pro


The SideWinder Pro is another product that we have featured which is quite different to the others that we have mentioned. This machine uses the act of pulling, rather than squeezing, to strengthen your forearms. The size of the machine is still compact, however not as small as some of the others on our list so you might have a hard time fitting it in your pocket. You can set the tension to your preferred level, based on your strength or the amount of resistance that you’d like. There are various settings that suit both the beginner and also advanced trainers. The build quality of the product is another aspect of it that makes it really good. It is manufactured using metallic parts, with aluminum and neoprene used for the handles. The only drawback of this machine, however, is its significantly higher price than the other machines. The machine costs over $100 but is definitely worth it if you can afford it.


Gripmaster Hand Exerciser


The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is quite different to the other machines that we have listed so far. This machine can not only work out your forearms but also your fingers. This makes it ideal to use if you engage in sports like basketball or baseball, which tends to use your fingers. There are five different color choices to choose from, which is the first product on our list that does offer you a choice in colors. The machine is quite cheap as it costs only around $10, which makes it one of the cheaper products on our list. It offers around 9 pounds of resistance for each of your fingers. The machine has a very sturdy build quality as it uses stainless steel springs that are quite strong and will not break. There is also an exercise program that comes with the machine which can help you with using the machine a lot more effectively.

Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener


The Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener is another one of the more affordable hand strengtheners that are out there. The machine costs less than $10 but is still one of our top picks with respect to its price. This hand grip strengthener is great for exercising your forearms and wrists. This can be used by athletes, body builders and also musicians. Apart from this, it is also good as a recovery exercise if you are suffering from illnesses such as carpel tunnel syndrome or various other illnesses. Though it is cheap, it does offer a very good build quality as you will be able to use it for several years without it getting damaged. The springs used are made of stainless steel so that they do not rust over time. You get various resistance levels that you can choose from, ranging from 22 pounds to 88 pounds. The handles have a soft and comfortable grip so that you won’t feel any discomfort when using the machine.

Norse Strengths Hand Gripper Strengthener


This is another machine that is quite similar to the typical hand strengtheners that we have featured on our list. The machine is ideal for strengthening your wrists, forearms and also wrists. You can use this if you are looking to build up your forearm muscles for boosting your strength for all the exercises that you perform. The machine comes in a very ergonomic design and size which lets you carry it around easily in your pocket. There is also the ability to adjust the resistance of the gripper as you can set the tension between 22 pounds to 88 pounds. But what we really liked about this gripper is that you will get more than just the gripper in the box. There are also two rubber rings in the box which offer a resistance of 40 and 60 pounds respectively. You also get an exercise plan which can help you make the most out of the machine. If all this wasn’t enough reason to get this, then the five-year manufacturer warranty that it offers makes it hard to turn down.


Amazing Core Fitness Hand Grip Strengthener


The ACF Hand Grip Strengthener is another great exercising machine to use for strengthening your forearms and improving your grip. This can be used by musicians, body builders and also if you are engaging in sports activities that rely on forearm strength. The machine is designed to ensure very good durability as it uses stainless steel springs that will not rust over time. Another good feature is that it has a dial which lets you adjust the resistance settings to your preference. You can adjust the resistance from 22 pounds to 88 pounds, which is similar to the previous machines that we have listed as well. But what makes this hand grip strengthener even more special is that it comes with a lifetime warranty which is covered by Amazing Core Fitness. The handles of the machine are covered by a soft and comfortable foam which makes it really comfortable to use, even if you are using it extensively.

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