When you think about it, you do wash your hands a great deal each day. This is why it is important for you to choose your hand soaps very carefully. Since they play such a vital role in hygiene and the state of your hands, you can’t take this decision too lightly.

Of course, when you actually head out to buy your hand soaps, you will be faced with the reality that there are a lot to choose from. Usually, they are only distinguishable by their pretty colors and fragrances. While this may seem pleasant, it certainly doesn’t give you a lot of information to go with. It can only add to the confusion you already feel.

So, to give you a break and make this decision process a lot less stressful, we have decided to take over for a while. In the list below, you will be able to see just which hand soaps you should be using and the various benefits of doing so:

1. Cucina Purifying Hand Wash

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Why we like it: The Cucina purifying hand wash is particularly useful in the kitchen due to its cleansing and healing properties.

Now, if there is one place in the house that you really need clean hands, it is the kitchen. Since you are cooking and handling food, you will need to make sure that your hands are as clean as possible. As a result, you are probably running your hands under the water a lot more than you usually do. Well, it is because of these specific factors that you should try out the Cucina hand wash. It is incredibly cleansing, leaving you with the cleanest hands possible.

The other benefit of this hand wash is that it also works to keep your hands moisturized and hydrated while you are cleaning them. So, even if you wash your hands several times within a short period of time, you can be certain that they are going to feel soft and smooth instead of dry. Now, common mishaps to occur while cooking are cuts, bruises and burns. To counteract this, this hand soap is made from natural, soothing ingredients that instantly offer relief to your hands.

2. Michel Design Works Foaming Hand Soap

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Why we like it: The Michel Design Works foaming hand soap is a luxurious hand wash that is cleansing, gentle and wonderfully fragrant.

There is no reason for your hand soap to be dowdy or basic in any way. If you are looking for something with a bit more character, then you should definitely choose this. Just by looking at it, you will be able tell that it is quite luxurious and that it will be quite an experience to use it. Well, you would be right. This hand soap really does lather up well and is smooth and soft on your hands.

This hand soap leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and not dried out at all. It has softening agents, which means that each time you use it, your hands become moisturized and look better than ever. This is definitely a hand soap that would work well in guest bathrooms. You will certainly get a lot of compliments on this wash because of its style as well as its cleaning properties. On top of all this, it also has an incredible, lingering fragrance.

3. Puracy Natural Hand Soap

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Why we like it: The Puracy natural hand soap is ideal for sensitive skin that require delicate cleansers that are gentle on your skin.

It is difficult to find a hand soap that is more natural than the Puracy hand wash. Interestingly enough, it contains a gentle coconut based cleanser. So, while you are able to get rid of dirt and bacteria, you are not harming your hands. This makes it the perfect hand wash to use on a regular basis, as it will not dry out your hands. In addition to this, the hand soap contains plenty of natural moisturizers. So, even as the water washes away natural oils, this hand wash helps to replenish them.

The hand soap is also filled with minerals and Dead Sea salts that ensure that the skin on your hands are never out of balance. This means that you will not have to experience itchiness or any other skin condition. Instead, you will be left with hands that are fully purified. This is the other great thing about this hand soap – how easily it is washed off. This means that it doesn’t leave behind any residue, actually thoroughly cleaning your hands.

4. Jergens Extra Moisturizing Hand Wash

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Why we like it: The Jergens Extra Moisturizing hand wash works to thoroughly get rid of dirt and germs while also keeping your hands moisturized.

Depending on where you are, you probably wash your hands quite a few times each day. After a while, you may begin to notice that the skin, particularly on the back of your hands, begin to look dry, dull, and poorly. This is because most of the moisture has been stripped from your skin. With the Jergens hand wash, though, you get to pump some of that moisture back in, every time you wash your hands. After only a little while, you will begin to notice how much better your hands look.

This isn’t a hand soap only meant for cosmetic purposes, though. No, this hand wash is actually able to cleanse your hands quite thoroughly. This is because it lathers up really well, dislodging any dirt or grime that may be on your hands or under your nails. This makes it a lot easier to wash these particles away, leaving your hands feeling clean and softer than ever. So, you get to take care of two issues with just one soap.

5. Everyone Hand Soap

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Why we like it: The Everyone hand soap is a gentle yet thorough cleanser that can be used by people with different skin types.

As the name suggests, this is a hand soap suitable for everyone. This is because it is made from natural ingredients that are actually quite gentle on the skin. Due to this, even those with relatively sensitive skin can use it without any negative reactions. In fact, you will be able to use it on a regular basis and still not suffer any side effects. So, if you are in a place that requires you to clean your hands often, then this should be the soap you use.

This soap also has a lot of natural essential oils. This helps to keep your hands soft and hydrated even as you clean them. It ensures that it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils, thus avoiding dry skin or similar skin issues. Now, while this hand soap may be gentle on your skin, it is excellent at getting rid of dirt and grime. It uses natural cleansers to get rid of any bacteria that may linger on your hands, regardless of what you do.

6. Method Foam Wash

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Why we like it: The Method foaming hand wash uses naturally derived ingredients to keep your hands clean and smelling great.

What really stands out about this Method foam wash is that the ingredients are natural and have been used in a way that is safe for the environment. The components are biodegradable and the bottle is completely recyclable. In that sense, it really is a guilt-free hand wash. Of course, these aren’t necessarily things that you look for in hand washes. However, this foam wash is also incredibly gentle and nurturing on your skin. It works well as a cleanser that can be used on a regular basis.

It also creates a foam that contains enough active ingredients to cover your hands and get them nice and clean. The soap washes off easily so that your hands can feel squeaky clean afterwards. What’s interesting about this hand wash is that it has an amazing scent– it smells like sea minerals. So, every time you use this foam wash, you can get a whiff of the ocean. What could be better than that?

7. Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap

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Why we like it: The Softsoap liquid hand soap is an effective cleaner that lathers well. It is also accompanied by an amazing aroma.

There are certain substances that stick to your skin, especially your hands. Because of this, it can be quite difficult to wash them away without some serious intervention. This is where the Softsoap hand soap comes in. It lathers up really well, making it easy to coat your hands with entirely. So, you can get rid of any substance still clinging to them with ease. This soap works just as well when you are trying to get rid of microscopic germs that you can’t see.

What really stands out about this soap is the amazing scent that is immediately apparent when you squeeze even the tiniest drop out. This scent alone can make washing your hands a much more pleasant activity. In addition to this, the fragrance also overpowers any strong food or product smell that you may have. If you are looking to freshen up quickly, this is the hand soap that you should turn to. It also comes in a pack so that you can get a better deal.

8. Dial Liquid Hand Soap

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Why we like it: The Dial Liquid antibacterial hand soap helps eliminate most of the germs that can find their way on to your hands.

Did you know that one of the easiest ways for germs to get inside your body is through your hands? Although you may not be conscious of it, you use your hands to touch your eyes, nose and mouth numerous times a day. This is why it is so easy for the flu and other diseases to get transferred so quickly between people. To stop this type of bacteria in its tracks, you need a strong hand soap with antibacterial properties, much like this one.

The great thing about this Dial hand soap is that although it is capable of killing essentially most types of bacteria, it is not harsh on your skin. So, you can use it on a regular basis and not fear that the skin on your hands will dry out. This hand soap also has a mild scent that is just enough to be pleasant but doesn’t overpower the senses in any way. This will work great at home, at work, or anywhere that you want a clean environment.

9. J.R. Watkins Natural Foaming Hand Soap

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Why we like it: The J.R. Watkins natural foaming hand soap is a cost-effective soap that cleans your hands gently and leaves behind a pleasing scent.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, more environment-friendly alternative to liquid soap without losing any of the benefits, then this may be a good fit for you. This hand soap pumps out foamed soap, which means that you get a measured amount each time you use it. As a result, you are only getting exactly what you need, which means that it is easier to make the quantity last for longer. Also, you will not be wasting soap unnecessarily.

This foaming soap will also be a lot gentler on your hands and skin. It is unlikely to dry out your hands, so you can use it as many times as you need to. This is because it uses mild, botanical-based cleansers. Despite this, the hand soap is just as effective as those that are purely chemical based. It works to thoroughly clean your hands so that no dirt or grime remains. It really is a great option for daily use.

10. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap, Basil

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Why we like it: The Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap is perfect for sensitive hands that require milder cleansers that are still effective.

One of the best hand soaps that have taken the world by storm comes from the popular Mrs. Meyer’s brand. The Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Soap With the Basil infusion offers users an incredible experience every single time they go to wash their hands. This hard working soap is specially formulated so that it does not dry out your hands. Instead, it will leave them feeling soft and supple. If you are someone who is constantly scrubbing, cleaning, or wiping with harsh chemicals then this hand soap will how come the handy as it works to hydrate and restore the softness of your hand. Among some of its relaxing ingredients, you will find a variety of essential oils that helped to restore your skin’s natural texture. In addition to this, you will find that the olive oil in this hand soap helps to nourish and leave your skin feeling softer than ever. You’ll never have to worry about your skin being irritated either thanks to the soothing aloe vera that was designed specifically to calm hands that are easily irritated. With the Mrs. Meyer’s brand specifically, you never have to worry about harmful chemicals, ingredients, artificial dyes, or parabens used in your hand soap. Instead, with this specific soap, you can look forward to a refreshing infusion of garden fresh basil. Not only does it work to keep your hands clean, but the scent will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.