Paper towel use in restrooms can be costly and polluting. Automatic hand dryers are a quick and effective alternative to buying thousands of dollars worth of paper towels each year.

Automatic hand dryers are also more hygienic. There are no buttons to push so there’s less risk of transmitting a nasty disease. These devices require less maintenance as well because there are no rolls of paper to remove every week.

Automatic hand dryers are convenient and cost-saving for restrooms that many people use. These gadgets are best suited for businesses, but homes can benefit as well. Most modern hand dryers are designed to consume less energy, so you are not adding to the energy bill where paper waste leaves off. Here is a list of the best hand dryers to buy for any purpose:

XLERATOR Automatic High-Speed Hand Dryer

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Why we like it: This stunningly white hand dryer is three times faster than conventional products! It also works quietly and is energy efficient.

This gorgeously white hand dryer is definitely the product you would want to have in your office, retail store, or even home. The hand dryer has a high-velocity nozzle that shoots out streams of gentle air. You can get your hands dry in 10 to 15 seconds. It’s super fast. Rather, this hand dryer is about three times faster than conventional hand dryers. Not only is this speedy, it works quietly as well. The one-piece kit is protected against common frustrations like rust, damage, and wear as well.

You know how some hand dryers can be really annoying and turn on when in close proximity to the sinks or the toilets? This hand dryer eliminates all such problems. It only works when hands are directly placed underneath, so you won’t have to worry about unprompted auto turn-ons. This hand dryer is surface mounted and works on only 5.5 amps at 277V! It’s highly energy-efficient and is very easy to install. It meets all the GreenSpec standards and has even won awards for reducing waste. Even someone without electrical experience can install this hand dryer.

Palmer Fixture Blue Storm High-Speed Hand Dryer

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Why we like it: As one of the most popular commercial hand dryers, Palmer Fixture Blue Storm offers excellent form factor and even better strength.

There’s no better hand dryer than Blue Storm to save up a ton of money on paper towels. This is one of the speediest hand dryers available on the market right now. It’s called Blue Storm because of the charming blue light that shows energy efficiency levels. Yes, it’s fast and it saves power. It’s hard to go wrong with this product. You can expect complete hand drying in 5 to 7 seconds. It eliminates the time people spend waving their hands under the dryer, so the device is working less. And voila, you save money on the energy bill.

The Blue Storm hand dryer comes in a sturdy steel housing that won’t rust or get damaged easily. The housing is quite well built, it won’t easily get scratched either. In other words, it’s the perfect hand dryer for crowded powder rooms. Install one of these in the office or business place bathroom, and it will instantly eliminate paper towel use and paper waste. You can save up thousands of dollars per year on paper towel use with this hand dryer. The Blue Storm is built exactly for heavy-duty use. It’s also compatible with all standard wall outlets.

AjAir® Heavy Duty Commercial 1800 Watts

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Why we like it: This heavy-duty hand dryer gets top marks for speedy but quiet operations. It comes with a noise-reduction nozzle that has an adjustable range of 5 inches.

This automatic hand dryer is one of the most powerful we have encountered. It functions at 1800 watts of power. If you imagine a super speedy and powerful hand dryer, you are right on the mark. This product is intended for commercial use. It can dry hands in a matter of seconds without wasting energy. This hand dryer is CE certified to be safe. It also has IPX1 waterproofing grade, so the dryer won’t get damaged by splatter near the sinks. It’s also one of the most user-friendly hand dryers we have seen. Just about anyone can use it.

The nozzle of the hand dryer operates at only 70 to 72 decibels. For non-audiophiles out there, that means quiet operation. The nozzle is designed with noise-reduction capacity, so it will not add much to the existing noises in busy powder rooms. The nozzle also has a really good range at 5 inches. What’s more, you can adjust the range if needed. This hand dryer, while speedy, has low energy-consumption levels. The design is not so bad either. The brushed stainless steel cover protects against wear, damage, and rust, of course. We highly recommend this product.

Dyson Hygienic and Efficient Hand Dryer

Why we like it: If you are sick and tired of bulky, gray conventional hand dryers, this Dyson’s V Slim Profile will come as a breath of fresh air. It’s chic and functions quite spectacularly too.

If you want a super stylish hand dryer in your powder room, then this Dyson hand dryer will be just the product you are looking for. It looks nothing like the boring conventional hand dryers. It has a very modern, sleek-looking cover. It’s slim, as opposed to rather bulky conventional hand dryers. It will stay mounted without taking up a lot of space. It has a cool, triangular-shaped nozzle to place hands under. Of course, looks alone don’t make a great hand dryer. So we are quite happy that this hand dryer also works speedily and efficiently.

The hand dryer is relatively speedy and can dry hands in 12 seconds or less. Everything is automatic and requires no touching of buttons, so it’s extremely hygienic to use. The dyer has Dyson’s acclaimed AirBlade technology inside. It increases the speed of operation without consuming too much power. It also keeps the device from being overwhelmed. If you want to save power, then this is one of the best currently available. The slim profile of the hand dryer is only 4 inches deep. That is designed in accordance with disabilities requirements too. The dyer only weighs 9 pounds and is super easy to install.

Dryfast HK-JA05 Hand Dryer

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Why we like it: It’s hard not to love this speedy and efficient hand dryer. It has a noise-reduction nozzle and a cool blue light that shines down when in use.

This hand dryer doesn’t pull any punches with its name. As claimed, this is one speedy device. There definitely won’t be a line in the powder room waiting to use the hand dryer. It works in less than 15 seconds. This dryer is actually really fun to use. When you place hands under the nozzle, a cool blue light shines on the hands. It’s quite cool to look at. Despite all these interesting features, the Dryfast hand dryer consumes energy only frugally. You won’t spend all the money saved on paper towels in turn on the energy bill.

We really liked that fact that the heating settings for the blower can be adjusted. So you can adjust the dryer to a low heat setting to save up on energy. You can also adjust the speed of dry time and noise level too. We have to say that though this hand dryer is “high speed” it works very quietly. The nozzle of the dryer is also oval shaped. It helps to stifle the noise of the motor. This hand dryer also comes with extra safety features like a thermostat and two ball bearings inside. You won’t be disappointed with this hand dryer.

NOVA 0833 Economical Hand Dryer

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Why we like it: This highly efficient hand dryer comes with an attached part to dispense hand sanitizer. Or it could also be a moisturizer, depending on your setting.

If efficiency and hygiene are what you are looking for, then you have found the exact product you want. This wall-mountable hand dryer comes with a hand sanitizer as well. Once hands are dried, users can squeeze on some hand sanitizer. Alternatively, you can fill the sanitizer bottle with moisturizer. Hand dryers can leave the skin dry and sand-like. You can quickly fix that problem with this hand dryer. We recommend using moisturizer for the home and sanitizer for offices and public restrooms. The machine is also fully automatic so there’s significantly lower risk of spreading disease.

This hand dryer is small and compact. But it comes with a 1000 watt motor. It’s powerful enough to dry even the wettest hands in less than 15 seconds. This hand dryer weighs less than 10 pounds, so it’s really lightweight. That makes installation, cleaning, and maintenance a lot easier. We are really impressed by the cover of the device too. It’s completely vandal-resistant. Also, it’s sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear associated with heavy use. The exterior is brushed stainless steel so it won’t rust or corrode either. This is a great hand dryer for homes and medium-traffic restrooms.

World Dryer Automatic Hand Dryer

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Why we like it: This ADA-compliant hand dryer has an infrared motion sensor and silver-infused plastic that prevents bacterial growth. The brushed chrome exterior keeps the machine from being damaged.

This is one of the best conventional hand dryers out there, in our opinion. There’s no flash or frills; it’s a sturdy and durable machine that works as advertised. Sometimes, we all just need practicality above everything else. This hand dryer has a cast alloy cover that just screams sturdy. It’s plated with brushed chrome. That makes the cover resistant to both corrosion and tampering. The screws are tamper-resistant as well. It has a security hex that protects the dryer from vandals. Obviously, this is the ideal hand dryer for public restrooms and outdoor areas.

Safety and sturdiness are not the only things to appreciate about this hand dryer. It has an infrared sensor that immediately turns off the dryer when the hands are removed. With most other dryers, the blowing is timed, not motion sensitive. This aspect makes this hand dryer more energy efficient than most. The interior of the hand dryer is made of plastic with silver infused to inhibit bacterial growth. So there’s no need for cleaning this dryer every month. This hand dryer is also wholly ADA compliant. It protrudes 4 inches from the wall without requiring a recess mount.

Bobrick Stainless Steel Automatic Hand Dryer

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Why we like it: This hand dryer sports a unique design that sends the drying air in swirls. It is also remarkably sturdy.

This hand dryer is so slim, it almost looks like a paper towel holder (the kind without the roll). It has a beautiful brushed chrome cover that looks rather chic in the restroom. This cover goes really well with new bathroom designs. The design of the hand dryer is quite unique. It has two air outlets. So when the blower works, air is sent swirling onto the hands, instead of squeezed out as with conventional hand dryers. So the feeling you get when using the hand dryer is really soothing. The hand dryer works decently fast and you can get your hands dry in a matter of seconds.

This hand dryer also comes with a universal type motor that has resilient mounting. At 1/7 HP, the motor is quite powerful for a hand dryer. The dryer has a sensor to stop working when the hands are pulled away. It’s not timed, which is what most people prefer anyway. Each of these hand dryers is protected by a 10-year warranty as well. The dyer is never loud, despite the way it works. It gentle and highly efficient, so we recommend this hand dryer to both home and business users.