We’ve all been there. Trying to maintain that hairstyle that’s been freshly done by a salon. We go to great lengths to get the perfect-looking hair. Still, it seems at times that no matter how hard we work to style our hair, nature is not our friend. You know how it is, when you’ve perfected that up-do, but mother nature wants to tear it down with harsh winds. Tragic.

Luckily, mother nature won’t get the best of your hair if you have hair wax by your side. Hair wax helps to shape and hold your hairstyle with its firming effects. Hair wax can be used by either men or women, but is most commonly used by those with medium to short hair lengths. With hair wax you can protect and even add shine to those spikes or that updo.

Choosing the right hair wax, however, can pose a problem. There are many different hair waxes out there, each offering different features and have various outcomes. Hair waxes also come in different brands, sizes, and of course, come at different budgets. That’s why we’re here to help. Take a look at our list of some of the best hair waxes out there!

1. American Crew Liquid Wax

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Why we like it: This liquid form wax contains the styling power of a hair gel and a hair wax and allows you to sculpt your hair as you please.

American Crew is known for producing top-notch hair products for men (though we’re sure women can use them too!). With this product, American Crew shows us that it knows how to make top-notch hair waxes as well! The American Crew Liquid Wax comes in a liquid form and allows customers to shape their hair however they want. This versatile hair wax gives you the ultimate flexibility in terms of styling while also providing a medium hold on your hair. This hair wax ensures that your hair will be able to move and not feel stiff. You’ll get a natural look and hair that stays in place, without the rock-hard feel.

The liquid wax functions like a hair wax but also contains the styling properties of a hair gel (hence why you’re able to manipulate your hair easily). The hair wax has also been noted to work well on many hair types and has even been stated to work well on short, thinning hair. One customer referred to this hair wax as “liquid gold,” saying it definitely helps to provide volume and texture to your hair. There are some customers, however, that said they wish the product’s hold was a bit stronger and another customer said their hair felt a bit dry after using the product (though we’re sure some conditioner can fix that!). Still, if you want a quality hair wax that gives you flexibility, we recommend checking out this product.

2. Dashu for Men Super Mat Hair Wax

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Why we like it: This strong hair wax allows you to achieve effortless styling and obtain great control with your hair, providing a matte finish.

The Dashu brand understands how important it is to have your hairstyle last throughout the day. With the Dashu Super Mat Hair Wax, customers can rest assured that their hairstyle will remain intact for the whole day. The hair wax, exclusively made for men (sorry ladies), works well with medium to short length hair types and provides a super strong hold on hair. In addition to its strong hold, the hair wax provides customers with a matte finish, so if you’re one who likes your hair to look natural and not very shiny, then this product will be good for you.

Although this hair wax has a powerful hold, you will still be able to style and manipulate your hair as you desire. The hair wax also contains natural and beneficial ingredients such as argan oil and black bean extract which can help to strengthen your hair as well. If you’re into waxes that have a scented smell, then unfortunately, you’ll be out of luck with this product. This product contains a neutral, organic smell due to the natural ingredients in it. The product is also made in Korea. If you want a hair wax that’s going to give you a lasting hold and a natural look, then look no further than this product!

3. Maneuver Work Wax by Redken

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Why we like it: This popular hair wax lets your work your hair freely and can be used on either wet hair or towel dried hair.

Next up on our list is Redken which is another top brand in the hair care industry. The Maneuver Work Wax by Redken is a product that makes it clear why this brand remains on top in the industry. The hair wax allows you to do exactly what its name states: maneuver your hair. With this wax, you can style your hair in any way you desire. The hair wax provides a medium hold on your hair and best of all, this hair wax can be used on many hair types and lengths! Just getting out of the shower and need to get your hair prepped for the day? Feel free to use this hair wax on wet hair or towel dried hair.

Here’s another great thing about this product: It can be used on men or women’s hair. That’s right. This reliable hair wax has no bias and can be used on anyone’s hair. Customers have praised this product for not being greasy and creating heavy buildup in your hair. As an added bonus, customers have also said that this product has a long-lasting shelf life. The product has also been said to feel light but provide a good hold, according to some customers. With its versatile features and great reviews, we find this product worth making our list.

4. TIGI Bed Head Wax For Men

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Why we like it: This hair wax lets you style your hair how you want and achieve a natural look. Not to mention, it’s pretty affordable!

TIGI is a brand known for making great pomades, hair roll-on sticks, and creams. With that said, it’s no surprise that TIGI would be great at making hair waxes too. The TIGI Bed Head Wax proves that bed head hair can be made to look stylish and cool. The hair wax gives customers the flexibility to style their hair any way they want. The hair wax also provides a distinct matte finish to your hair while giving your hair a natural look. Not looking to have overly shiny, hard to the touch hair? That won’t be a problem when you use this hair wax!

Although the hair wax gives you a very natural look, it has been said to have quite a strong hold on hair. The hair wax is also made with beeswax, cera carnauba and a blend of polymers to provide separation thus making this product pliable on hair. With its quality ingredients and superb hold, this hair wax is humidity resistant, meaning you don’t have to worry about those spikes falling flat due to hot weather! Customers have also noted how much they loves the smell of this product; but some others have stated that they wish the product provided more texture and a bit more gloss to their hair. Nevertheless, the TIGI hair wax contains some great features to give you a naturally-styled look, making it worth our list!

5. Challenger Blue Matte Styling Cream

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Why we like it: This versatile styling cream (yes, it’s still a type of wax) works on many hair lengths and provides an all day hold.

Next on our list is the brand, Challenger and we must say this brand is definitely a top contender in the hair care industry. The Challenger Blue Matte Styling Cream certainly makes its mark in the hair wax world with its superb features. The hair wax provides a medium-firm hold on your hair while holding its shape. This hair wax can easily be applied to damp or towel dried hair. A great feature of this product is that it does not leave flakes in your hair like some pomades do. Additionally, this hair wax doesn’t clump like a clay, meaning you won’t have any unwanted residue or buildup in your hair. This hair wax provides a natural, matte finish that is considered a popular look today. The product won’t make your hair shiny and it works well on short, medium, and some longer hair styles.

The hair wax has a clean, subtle scent that smells good, but is unnoticeable on your hair. If you’re the kind of person that likes their hair to smell like their product, then this product doesn’t do that. Nevertheless, the hair wax is water soluble and easy to wash out. Also note that you won’t have to use shampoo every time to rinse this product out (meaning you can save on shampoo). Due to its compact size, this hair wax is also travel friendly and is easy to carry around in a backpack, satchel, or suitcase! If you’re looking for a high-quality, versatile hair wax, this could be the one for you!

6. Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax

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Why we like it: A very affordable hair wax that provides a strong hold on hair and works very well on short hair styles.

Earlier on this list, we reviewed a great product from Korea. Now we move to another great product this time, made in Japan and by Gatsby, a leading hair care brand. The Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax shows us you can get a firm hold while also still having a great amount of control over your hair. The hair wax contains a very strong holding power, making it perfect to get spikes in your hair that will last all day. Even with its strong hold, the hair wax enhances movement in your hair, meaning your hair won’t feel rock-hard and stiff. The soft texture of the product blends easily throughout your hair and allows you to reshape your look as many times as needed (after applying the product once).

The hair wax is formulated with a smoothing polymer, that allows for a non-sticky, light, and natural finish. The hair wax contains a pleasant, mild green-apple fragrance that will not linger or compete with other applied fragrances. The product is nicely paraben-free and does not make your hair very shiny. The product itself, rates its styling power a 10 (out of 10) and its shine is a 2 (out of 10), meaning it doesn’t provide much shine at all. The only downside we can note is that this product works primarily for short to very short hair meaning it isn’t very compatible with longer hair styles. Nevertheless, if you have short hair and like this product’s quality features, then this product could be for you.

7. Style Sexy Hair Control Maniac Wax

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Why we like it: What’s not to like about a high-quality hair wax that gives you optimal control and flexibility in styling your hair?

The Sexy Hair company shows us that it’s dedicated to making their customers hair, well, sexy! The Style Sexy Hair Control Maniac Wax couldn’t have a better product name in which this hair wax is all about controlling even the most unruly hair and ensuring it looks “sexy” afterwards. The hair wax provides an extreme hold on your hair, but also allows you to style your hair any way you desire. This sleek hair wax also ensures maximum definition of your hair and works to preserve your hairstyle for the entire day. You won’t have to worry about a tilted mohawk during a very windy day, cause this hair wax has your back!

Unlike most other hair waxes, this hair wax provides you with both a firm, all-day hold and a visible shine. Even on the product’s bottle, it states how it provides a 7 (out of 10 we presume) shine and a 7 hold, meaning this product has a pretty strong hold and provides a good amount of shine on a scale of 1-10. The hair wax also helps your hair acquire texture. Customers have praised this product for controlling frizz and for not making your hair feel stiff after usage. Though you won’t get a huge amount of wax in your bottle, there are great things to be said about the amount of wax you do get, thus making this product worth our recommendation.

8. Gummy Wax Keratin

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Why we like it: This gummy wax is nicely infused with keratin and provides an extreme hold on your hair.

The Gummy brand shows that it’s all about giving you the perfect, “extreme” look and a lasting hold with this product. The Gummy Wax provides a maximum hold on hair without making your hair feel stiff. While customers will be able to have their hair stay in place with this product, they will also be able to freely style and shape their hair as they wish. The hair wax has been said to leave a softer, moveable hold and does not make your hair very shiny. A few customers have noted that when they used the product their hair was still able to “move with the wind.” One customer said that their hair shaped into a new, wind blown look (which, if you like that, should be okay with you).

Nevertheless, the product works with many hair types and has been said to work well with thick, wavy hair. Many customers have said that the hair wax also provides your hair with volume and feels lightweight on your hair (though, a few customers said it was too lightweight for them). The product is also water based, meaning it’s easy to wash out of your hair. Best of all, this product is infused with keratin which can help nourish your hair and scalp with each use. The product is also free of alcohol meaning you won’t have to worry about your hair or scalp drying out. If you want a product that holds your hair without damaging it or making it stiff, we recommend this product.

9. Schwarzkopf Osis Flexwax Cream Wax

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Why we like it: A quality hair wax that provides an ultra-strong hold over your hair and is also gluten-free for those allergic to gluten.

Next on our list is the brand Schwarzkopf. With a name like that, you can figure it’d be a memorable and well-known hair care brand… and it is! Known for making the Got2B hair care line, Schwarzkopf makes it clear that it knows how to make all types of hair products, and hair waxes are no different! The Schwarzkopf Osis Flexwax Cream Wax is a forced to be reckoned with for its ultra strong hold on hair. Though the product provides a very firm hold, it is in fact flexible and gives you the control to manipulate your hair how you want.

The cool thing about this hair wax is that it is gluten-free. That’s right. For all those allergic to gluten, there’s finally a hair wax out there for you to safely use. Another great thing, that many customers have noted, is that the hair wax is good on many hair types. One customer noted how they have thick hair and that most waxes didn’t work for them until they came across this one. With many great reviews about the product comes some not so good ones, however. A few customers have said that the product feels a bit greasy and tacky and isn’t the best for spiking hair. Many customers have said that the product is able to shape and mold hair well and it smells pleasant, making it suitable for our list.

10. Paul Mitchell Dry Wax Firm Hold

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Why we like it: This salon-quality, dry form hair wax provides a very firm hold and can be used by men or women and for many hair types.

It wouldn’t be a complete list if we didn’t feature the Paul Mitchell brand. Known for making salon-quality products, Paul Mitchell is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the hair care industry, and their hair wax only further proves our point. The Paul Mitchell Dry Wax Firm Hold is a quality product that can be used by both men and women. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the Paul Mitchell brand doesn’t discriminate! The hair wax provides a firm hold on your hair but also contains styling properties, making it easy for you to manipulate your hair how you want it.

The hair wax can be applied to either dampened or dry hair, so no matter if you like to style your hair right after a shower or when you’re about to head out, you can use this product anytime! As stated by customers, this hair wax has been praised for having a great smell. Customers have also praised the product for not feeling sticky and for not leaving residue. The hair wax can be used on many hair types as well, with some customers saying it even works well on wavy hair. For being a trusted hair care brand and for delivering a wax with great features, this product is worth our list.