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When it comes to styling your hair, there are plenty of products out there that you can choose from. Each product tends to suit a styling outcome, whether it is shine or hold that you want, or if you prefer a more matte look without a rock-hard hold. Ultimately it does come to preference and what sort of hairstyles you want to pull off. Hair wax is one of the best hair products you can use for everyday use especially due to it being quite light on your hair compared to gel or some of the other products. Most hair styling wax products tend to be able to add volumizing effects as well, which could be an additional benefit if you want to cover up a receding hairline or thinning hair. Here are some of the best hair wax products out there.

1. American Crew Liquid Wax


The American Crew Wax is quite different to most of the other hair wax products in that it comes in liquid form. This gives it a combination of styling properties of both hair wax and hair gel. Although this may not make it preferable to some, its unique properties make it one of the best hair wax products out there. The finishing look resembles that of hair wax rather than hair gel. The hold is not as strong as what you’d get with hair gel, but it still does have one of the strongest holds as far as hair wax goes. It should give you great flexibility in creating any hair style with ease. The price is on the average side as it costs just over $10 for a 5.1 fluid ounce bottle.

2. Maneuver Work Wax by Redken


The Maneuver Work Wax Unisex Wax by Redken is not one of the most popular products for hair wax but is certainly one of the best that you can get out there. The pricing may be a bit on the high side since a 3.4-ounce container will cost almost $15, however, you can be well assured that it will last you several applications before running out. The product can be used either with towel dried hair or wet hair with no problems. It does offer great styling options for all kinds of hair and hair sizes. If you are looking for a product that can offer great consistency and control, then this is one of the best products you can get.

3. TIGI Bed Head Wax For Men


If you are looking for an affordable hair wax product, then this is one of the better products out there since a 3oz container costs less than $10. What we liked about this product is that you get three different sizes that you can choose from, depending on your requirements. You have the option of selecting the two pack with Swago which costs around $20 or you can also choose just the two pack 3oz container which costs slightly less than $20 or simply go for the single pack. Just like the name suggests, this hair wax product is great for getting a bed head style which is still one of the trendy hairstyles out there. Apart from this it also gives great flexibility in creating various other hairstyles with ease and gives a signature matte finish that you get with wax.

4. Dashu for Men Super Mat Hair Wax


Hair wax is generally suited for medium to short length hair, which may be quite common to most men. However, the Dashu hair wax is exclusively suited for men as it allows for easy styling and great control with your hair. One of the notable properties of this hair wax is its stronghold, which is something you don’t find too common with hair wax. It offers a matte like finish when applied to your hair, as you would expect from hair wax. The wax is made in Korea, hence making it slightly expensive as it costs almost $15 for a 100ml container. If you prefer less chemical heavy products then this is one of the best for you as it contains argan oil and black bean extracts.

5. Schwarzkopf Osis Flexwax Cream Wax


This is another hair styling wax product which gave you some options in choosing the size that you want. The standard tub of hair wax contains 1.7oz of product and costs about $15. This makes it one of the more expensive hair wax products out there, but it certainly does give you your money’s worth in terms of quality. You can also go for the pack of two, which costs only about $20, thereby giving you increased savings. The specialty of this product is that it gives you an ultra-strong hold, which is not common with most of the hair wax products out there. It is also gluten free in its composition, so it is suitable to use if you tend to have an allergy to gluten.

6. Style Sexy Hair Control Maniac Wax


This is one of the cheapest hair wax products to be featured on our list, as the 1.8oz container costs only around $7. The product itself does offer you great shine and hold as it is rated 7 for shine and 7 for hold. Shine is not quite common when associated with hair wax, so this makes this product quite unique when compared to the other hair wax products. You will get extreme control with the product which gives you great flexibility in setting your hair in the style that you desire. Another great feature of this product is that it provides great definition and texture to your hair when applied. The drawback is that there is no size option that you can choose from. The product can be used by both men and women.

7. Got2b Glued Spiking Wax


The Got2b Glued hair product line has three different products. There is the hair gel product, the hair putty product and the hair wax. We reviewed the hair wax product in the series and were quite satisfied with the product. There are various sizes that you can choose from, which is always a positive when selecting hair products. The distinct property of this hair wax is that you can use it to create a messy look with your hair, which is quite a desirable style for men. You also get a reasonably strong hold when using the product. Another feature of this product is that it is resistant to water. This could be a good thig if you tend to engage in sports activities that have you sweating a lot and if you are exposed to the rain. However, this could also be a drawback as it is quite difficult to remove the product, even when you take a shower.

8. Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax


Gatsby has always been one of the top companies when it comes to hair products. The Moving Rubber is an interesting concept by Gatsby and is one of the top hair wax products by the company. The product is quite cheap to purchase as you will be able to get it for under $10 for the 2.8oz container. However, you do not get the option of varying the sizes so you can purchase the 2.8oz tub only. What we really liked about the product is the amount of control that it offers when setting your hair style, unlike some of the other products out there. It is recommended for short hair or very short hair only, which makes it more suitable for males. However, there are no restrictions for females with short hair in using it as well. The product does not give much shine, as the shine level is at 2 out of 10. This makes it quite a suitable product to use if you tend to prefer the matte look over the shine.

9. Paul Mitchell Dry Wax Firm Hold


This must be one of the most expensive hairs wax products on our list but is still one of the best out there. The product comes in a 1.8oz container which costs more than $20. However, the distinct property of this product is that it offers a very firm hold. The product can be used by both men and women so there is no restriction on the level of hair that it is suited to. You do not have the option of purchasing large sizes or of getting a discount if you go for the pack options. This is still one of the highly-recommended wax products if you are willing to spend around $20 on your hair styling product.

10. Gummy Wax Keratin


If all the other products on our list were a bit too expensive for you, then you should be more pleased with the Gummy Wax Keratin. This hair wax product costs just about $5, which makes it the cheapest on our list. It also gives you a reasonable quantity for the price as the tub contains 4.7 fluid ounces of hair wax. You do not get the option of choosing a larger size for the product. The wax does offer quite a strong hold and gives a matte look with its low shine. It is free of alcohol so you do not have to worry about your hair and scalp being damaged. There is also traces of Keratin added to the product which can help nourish your hair and scalp each time you use the product. The product is not restricted to men only, so it can be used by women as well.

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